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28 whales die after stranding on Kiwi beach
date added: 2010-02-17  source:

The Grand Bargain: Japan To Propose Scaling Down Antarctic 'Scientific' Whaling
date added: 2010-02-15  source:

SteveIrwinfiresrocketlaunchersmWhale Wars: Three Japanese Sailors Injured By Sea Shepherd 'Piracy'
date added: 2010-02-15   source:

Ride Of The Valkyries: Japanese Whalers Claim Sea Shepherd Harasses The Nisshin Maru With Classical Music
date added: 2010-02-14  source:

paulwatsonseashepherdWatson To Whalers: We Will Never Retreat Or Surrender
date added: 2010-02-13   source:

Greenpeace's 'Tokyo Two' prepare for trial over smuggled whale meat
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Sea Shepherd: Bob Barker Intentionally Rammed By Illegal Whalers; 'Who Knows What The Whalers Will Do Next'
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Whale Wars: New Tactics As Sea Shepherd, Japanese Whalers Exchange Water Canon Fire
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Aussie Green Leader: People May Die In Whale Clashes
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

Scientist: Whales use 'Killer' technique for hunting fish
date added: 2010-02-06  source:

spermwhaledominicaDiving guide's special bond with sperm whale captured on camera
date added: 2010-02-05   source:

Japan's whalers are at sea again, harvesting meat that few will eat
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

Conservation groups sue U.S. Navy to halt training near endangered whales; 'playing Russian roulette'
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

whaleteethScavengers warned not to take beached whale's teeth; 'that's an offence'
date added: 2010-01-29   source:

Japanese whalers: Sixty-year-old Bob Barker attacks whaling ship Shonan Maru No. 2
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

Feds move to protect false killer whales from Hawaii longliners
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Whaling Row Could Put Japan-Australia Defense Accord At Risk
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Japanese businessman warns whaling war hurting relations with Australia
date added: 2010-01-19  source:

whaleleapTourists get a shock as grey whale bursts from the ocean just yards from their boat
date added: 2010-01-18   source:

Study: Minke whales are not preventing recovery of larger whales; population 'roughly similar' to prior whaling
date added: 2010-01-18  source:

Sea Shepherd: Japanese Dumped Fuel In Ocean In Contamination Conspiracy
date added: 2010-01-16  source:

Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd's Watson threatens citizen arrests, says donations pouring in
date added: 2010-01-14  source:

Kiwi police drawn into whaling scrap; 'It's a New Zealand registered vessel'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Sea Shepherd seeks attempted murder charges; 'there's got to be some sort of legal redress'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Just who is telling tall tales of whales: Fleet Ady Gil or lumbering Japanese whalers
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd Lodges Piracy Charge Against Japanese Whalers; 'Violence On The High Seas'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

How Bob Barker joined Sea Shepherd Paul Watson and the whale wars
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

Terri Irwin: Halt the hunt, by any means; 'not all protest can be non-violent'
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

IsabelLucasAdy oil slick war continues as star Isabel Lucas defends Sea Shepherd
date added: 2010-01-11   source:

Aussie gov't: No guarantee of legal action against whaling
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

Anti-whaling campaigner: Do whales need this war?
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

Sea Shepherd: Crushed Anti-whaling Ship Ady Gil Sinks; Japanese 'Offered No Assistance'
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

CSI whales: She investigates why dolphins and whales die
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

Sea Shepherd press release: Japanese whalers ram Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil; 'a substantial loss'
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

killerwhalesResearchers: Killer whales on the cusp of splitting into two species
date added: 2010-01-10   source:

Kiwi government has not received a 'stern' complaint over whale boat clash
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

Expert: Sea Shepherd 'operating at edge of the law'
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

Earlier... Paul Watson Predicted Loss Of Vessel, Lives; Collision 'Bound To Happen'
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

Raw Video: Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil collides with Japan's Shonan Maru No. 2 (5.2MB)
date added: 2010-01-09  source:

Japanese IRC press release: New Zealand watercraft collides with the Shonan Maru no. 2
date added: 2010-01-09  source:

'Looking Death In The Eye': Ady Gil Sailor Tells Of Terror Of Collision Aboard The Anti-whaling Vessel
date added: 2010-01-09  source:

Japanese whalers send spy flights to track Sea Shepherd; 'It's totally back to front'
date added: 2010-01-08  source:

Baby sperm whale washes up on Oregon coast; 'something traumatic occurred'
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

Sea Shepherd puts secret ship on trail of Japanese whaling fleet
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

New Zealand, Australia join forces for Antarctic 'non-lethal' whale study
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

Astonishing pictures show how a Brit kayaker got up close and personal with a humpback whale feeding frenzy
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

Sea Shepherd Shakes Japanese Tail; 'They Have No Idea Where We Are'
date added: 2010-01-06  source:

Aussie opposition: Prosecute Japanese whalers; 'in breach of its international legal obligations'
date added: 2010-01-01  source:

More than 100 whales die in strandings along Kiwi coast
date added: 2009-12-31  source:

Weekend Toll: 125 Pilot Whales Die On Kiwi Beaches, 43 Saved; 'You Could See The Pain And Suffering In Their Eyes'
date added: 2009-12-31  source:

Killer whale drowns trainer at Spanish zoo during practice for Christmas show
date added: 2009-12-29  source:

greenlaserWhale Wars: 'Acid', Cannons, Green Lasers Used In Antarctic Whale Battle
date added: 2009-12-28   source:

Japanese minders fire new shot in whaling war as tactics change
date added: 2009-12-27  source:

Australian fossil unlocks secrets to the origin of whales; 'a bottom-feeding mud-sucker'
date added: 2009-12-26  source:

Beached whales killed by ingesting plastic 'mistaken for squid'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

Aussie surfers watch killer whales attack dolphins; 'it was just chaos really'
date added: 2009-12-20  source:

Animal Planet's Whale Wars leaves port for new season Of Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling campaign
date added: 2009-12-19  source:

Japan's PM tells Aussies to rein in whale hunt activists
date added: 2009-12-18  source:

Aussie Greens: Whaling Threats To Japanese 'Laughable'
date added: 2009-12-16  source:

Scientists: Whale Songs Get Quieter As Numbers Increase
date added: 2009-12-15  source:

Kiwis, Netherlands protest start of whaling season; 'resolute in our opposition'
date added: 2009-12-11  source:

Aussies Angered As Norway Raises Whale Kill Quota; 'International Legal Action' Threatened
date added: 2009-12-10  source:

Alaska businesses fret beluga protections; 'a step toward making the whole state a national park'
date added: 2009-12-07  source:

'Hundreds of feet of line' taken from entangled whale off Maui; 'a little more optimistic'
date added: 2009-12-07  source:

NOAA proposes to protect 3,000 square miles as critical habitat for endangered whales
date added: 2009-12-04  source:

whalesongartWhale song transformed into art; 'Something was going on with this sound'
date added: 2009-12-03   source:

2 stranded whales near death on Bali beach; 'They are in critical condition'
date added: 2009-12-02  source:

Wail for whales: Stealth boat to blast Japanese
date added: 2009-12-02  source:

Rescued sailor plans to continue solo quest after hitting whale; 'It was like hitting a wall'
date added: 2009-11-30  source:

New Japanese Prime Minister Urged To Recall Whaling Fleet, 'Chart A New Course For 21st Century'
date added: 2009-11-25  source:

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