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Gray whale 'success story' questioned as pre-hunting numbers said much higher
date added: 2007-09-13  source:

Researchers seek explanation for underweight gray whales
date added: 2007-09-05  source:

Little Studied Whale Shark A Delicate Feeder; 'Science Takes A Lot of Time'
date added: 2007-09-04  source:

NOAA: 'Megapclicks' recorded for the first time from feeding humpback whales
date added: 2007-09-02  source:

Research: Ability to echolocate allowed whales to dive deep
date added: 2007-08-19  source:

Scientists checking if oil testing, drilling off Alaska would disturb right whale habitat
date added: 2007-08-18  source:

Group: 262 of 505 Whales Killed By Japan Were Pregnant; 'These Are Gruesome Statistics'
date added: 2007-07-27  source:

Japan: Killing Pregnant Whales Is 'Good News', Indicates Population Is 'Increasing Rapidly'
date added: 2007-07-27  source:

'Blunt Force' Injury Suspected in Death of Swollen-Tongued Whale
date added: 2007-07-19  source:

Humpback whale with hugely deformed tongue found dead on Alaskan beach
date added: 2007-07-17  source:

Report: Skinny gray whales swimming along the Pacific Coast; 'the ocean is changing on them'
date added: 2007-07-10  source:

Indonesia's stone-age whale hunters who kill with their bare hands
date added: 2007-07-08  source:

Scientists can't figure out how whales catch squid; unfazed by sound waves
date added: 2007-07-03  source:

migalooArgh! White Whale Prompts Aussie Military To Consider Training Site Move
date added: 2007-07-02   source:

Steve Irwin's whale watching dream is born
date added: 2007-06-28  source:

Study helps preserve arctic whale, Eskimo subsistence hunt; 'science was on our side'
date added: 2007-06-17  source:

Taxpayer bill for California whale rescue effort will likely hit six figures
date added: 2007-06-12  source:

Japan's effort to relax whaling restrictions rebuffed; 'a one-two punch for the whales'
date added: 2007-06-11  source:

Dead Whale Reported Near the Golden Gate Bridge; Is It One of the Wayward Humpbacks?
date added: 2007-06-04  source:

Report: Whales Face Threat From Energy Exploration; 'Quite a Heavy-duty Thing'
date added: 2007-06-04  source:

Oregon police looking for those taking dead whale parts
date added: 2007-06-01  source:

Wayward Whales Treated for Antibiotics As Ordeal Extends Into Third Week
date added: 2007-05-30  source:

Scientist: Firehoses Next Up for Wayward Whales; 'No One Has Done This Before'
date added: 2007-05-29  source:

Did Greens Help Kill the Whale? Total Ban 'Irrational'
date added: 2007-05-29  source:

Kiwis to Japan: Stop whale kill program as 'gesture of goodwill'
date added: 2007-05-27  source:

Report: Changes in sea temperature, declining salinity 'final nail in the coffin' for whales
date added: 2007-05-26  source:

Mexico, U.S. in 'tug of love' over newborn killer whale found on beach
date added: 2007-05-22  source:

Thousands Flock to See Wayward Whales in California Delta; 'What an Experience'
date added: 2007-05-22  source:

Group sues U.S. Navy to prevent anti-submarine exercises off Hawaii
date added: 2007-05-20  source:

Sea Shepard activists prepare to take 'whale wars' crusade to Iceland
date added: 2007-05-18  source:

Schoolgirls off to Alaska to fight Japanese whaling
date added: 2007-05-15  source:

Whaling opponents: Tourism dies with whales; 'hunting will put them in serious jeopardy'
date added: 2007-05-14  source:

Hold the Harpoon: Leading Fishery Scientist Disputes Japan's Humpback Whaling Rationale
date added: 2007-04-17  source:

Radical Proposal to Save the Whales: Life Commercial Whaling Ban
date added: 2007-04-17  source:

Major U.S. Sushi Supplier Linked to Japan's Whale Hunts; 'U.S. Shoppers Will Be Shocked'
date added: 2007-04-15  source:

Researchers: Humpback Whale Completes World Record 8000 km Migration--Longest for Any Mammal
date added: 2007-04-07  source:

Despite Ban, Norway Set to Begin Minke Whale Hunt; Quota Increased to 1000
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Charity Offers 'Life Size' Virtual Blue Whale on Web
date added: 2007-03-25  source:

fishingboatwhaleattackRaw Video: Argh! Fisherman Killed as Angry Sperm Whale Attacks Boat
date added: 2007-03-18   source:

Scientists: First Simultaneous Tagging Study of a Sperm Whale, Jumbo Squid Conducted
date added: 2007-03-13  source:

Man Whacked by Whale Vows to Continue to Dive; Incident 'Freak Accident'
date added: 2007-03-13  source:

Legal action threatened against U.S. Navy for sonar testing; 'appropriate action to stop it'
date added: 2007-03-12  source:

Argh! Dominican Republic tourists recovering from injuries after whale tail lashing
date added: 2007-03-07  source:

Studies shed new light on blue whale calls and associated behavior
date added: 2007-03-04  source:

Research vessel specially designed to tune into the song of the whale
date added: 2007-03-02  source:

Aussie Court Case Against Japanese Whaling Firm to Proceed
date added: 2007-03-01  source:

Whaler-hunters claim victory as their ship limps into port
date added: 2007-02-22  source:

Sailor missing as fire rages on Japanese whaling ship
date added: 2007-02-18  source:

Fisheries official: Japan trying to prevent accidental gray whale deaths
date added: 2007-02-12  source:

Anti-whaling 'pirates' found after going missing in the fog; 'back to business'
date added: 2007-02-12  source:

Kiwi Diver Witnesses Killer Whales Ripping Apart, Eating Stingrays; 'I Froze'
date added: 2007-02-11  source:

Killer whale found snacking on another whale off Barbados; 'unusual'
date added: 2007-02-07  source:

Brits urge nations to back its anti-whaling plea; 'whale-watching is the only use of whales'
date added: 2007-02-05  source:

$32,000 reward offered for Japan whalers' location; 'We're here to stop them'
date added: 2007-02-01  source:

Greenpeace: Iceland leaves slaughtered whales to rot
date added: 2007-01-30  source:

Science or Butchery? Kiwi Gov't Releases Footage of Japanese Whale Slaughter
date added: 2007-01-30  source:

Indian spiritual guru’s word saves hundreds of whale sharks
date added: 2007-01-26  source:

Anti-whalers planning 'can opener' attack on Japanese fleet
date added: 2007-01-24  source:

Thames whale skeleton goes on display; 'extraordinary amount of information'
date added: 2007-01-24  source:

Chinese Vets Stumped, Ask for Help as Captive Beluga Whale 'Tina' Suffers from Pus-filled Lumps, Lacerated Tail
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Commission imposes strict rules for Navy's use of sonar off California coast
date added: 2007-01-16  source:

Anti-whaling 'pirates' get more muscle for Antarctic skirmish; hydraulic 'can opener'
date added: 2007-01-14  source:

Report: Less Lobster Traps and Less Time Means More Money and More Right Whales
date added: 2007-01-11  source:

Kiwi Yacht Sunk By Humpback Whale; 'You Could Hear Them All Talking or Clicking'
date added: 2007-01-11  source:

Activists: Six Whales Killed During Ship Canal Project Off Indian Coast
date added: 2007-01-07  source:

Right Whale Carcass off Georgia Coast Brings 2006 Death Toll to Six
date added: 2007-01-05  source:

whalescarPhotographer captures graphic evidence of whale's near miss with trawler
date added: 2007-01-02   source:

Sea Shepherd Plans to Attack Japanese Whaling Vessels with Fouling Gear, 'Safety Rules'
date added: 2006-12-30  source:

Expedition films rare Arnoux's Beaked Whale pod; scars draw attention of scientists
date added: 2006-12-27  source:

Challenge to Puget Sound orca protection denied; 'the orcas have hope'
date added: 2006-12-22  source:

Greenpeace, Sea Shepard Race to Confront Japanese Whalers
date added: 2006-12-17  source:

Japan's Whaling Program Put to Science Review
date added: 2006-12-11  source:

Scientists: Attacking Seagulls Eating Whales Alive off Argentine Coast
date added: 2006-12-07  source:

Investigation Ordered into SeaWorld Orca Attack; 'You Don't Know What They're Thinking'
date added: 2006-12-04  source:

Recovery plan for Puget Sound orcas: $50M, 30 years; 'We don't have a smoking gun'
date added: 2006-12-03  source:

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