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The terror and joy of swimming with killer whales
date added: 2013-08-22  source:

whalecarvingFisherman's Day marked in Faroe Islands; children taught to butcher a whale
date added: 2013-08-22   source:

Call to cut military sonar near humpback whales on Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2013-08-21  source:

Argh! Whale Drags Down Boat With 12 Traditional Hunters on Board in Eastern Indonesia
date added: 2013-08-20  source:

orcakissChad Johnson explains his orca obsession, kisses Lolita at Miami Seaquarium
date added: 2013-08-19   source:
pygmyWorld-first study tracks dwarf minke whales
date added: 2013-08-19   source:

Gray whale baby boom holding strong despite persistent sea ice in 2012
date added: 2013-08-18  source:

Mystery Over Pristine Shipwrecks, Dead Whales Solved; 'The least explored ecosystems on Earth'
date added: 2013-08-17  source:

Third whale caught in shark nets off Queensland
date added: 2013-08-15  source:

Chile: Rare albino baby whale filmed by surfers; 'It was just too amazing'
date added: 2013-08-14  source:

migaloofrolicMigaloo caught on camera frolicking with dolphins off Green Island in north Queensland
date added: 2013-08-12   source:
butcherbowheadAlianait! Nunavut bowhead hunters land their whale
date added: 2013-08-10   source:

Feds deny bid by SeaWorld, other aquariums to import wild-caught beluga whales; 'the tide is turning'
date added: 2013-08-10  source:

Ocean Alliance: Gulf of Mexico sperm whales may be most polluted in the world
date added: 2013-08-09  source:

Video: Shark attacks diver trying to free it from entanglement
date added: 2013-08-08  source:

Washington state to hire cop to protect killer whales
date added: 2013-08-05  source:

Dead southern right whale excites Aussie scientists; 'did it die from the shark bites?'
date added: 2013-08-04  source:

swellingwhaleAustralia: Strange swelling on humpback whale's side being investigated
date added: 2013-08-02   source:

Philippines: Climate change seen in drop in whale shark sightings
date added: 2013-07-27  source:

Divers nearly swallowed by humpback whales off California coast
date added: 2013-07-25  source:

Whale meat ship returns to Iceland: 'No one wants it'
date added: 2013-07-24  source:

Study: Majority of whale deaths since 1970s caused by humans
date added: 2013-07-23  source:

'Dishonest' and 'Misleading' Blackfish director undaunted by SeaWorld’s toothy attack
date added: 2013-07-23  source:

Japan Gives Vigorous Defense of Whaling; Aussie Accusations 'An affront to the dignity of a nation'
date added: 2013-07-22  source:

Civil War whaling ship launching in US after US$7 million overhaul
date added: 2013-07-18  source:

Minke whale washes beaches after it is thought to have got tangled on lobster pot ropes off the Yorkshire coast
date added: 2013-07-17  source:

52 Hertz: There Is One Whale That Zero Other Whales Can Hear And It’s Very Alone
date added: 2013-07-15  source:

Australia expects Japan to accept ICJ whale ruling
date added: 2013-07-14  source:

View To A Krill: Military Underwater Sonar Systems Can Make The World's Largest Whale Miss Meals
date added: 2013-07-11  source:

kiwisurferArgh! Kiwi Surfer Knocked Out By Whale
date added: 2013-07-11   source:

Understanding the narwhal: tusk mysteries
date added: 2013-07-09  source:

How finding sperm whale poop can help you retire
date added: 2013-07-07  source:

Maine homeowners make the best of a whale of a problem; 'chunks of beautiful meat'
date added: 2013-07-06  source:

The Birds: Seagulls May Be Killing Dozens of Baby Whales Off the Coast of Argentina
date added: 2013-07-06  source:

Canada: Beloved fin whale goes missing, stymying efforts to free her from dangerous crab trap
date added: 2013-06-30  source:

Aussie lawyers argue ‘Japan’s whale hunt a sham’ at international tribune
date added: 2013-06-28  source:

Iceland: 11 fin whales landed in one week; 'It’s going fantastically well'
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

Orca whales imitate each other and people -- scientists correlate imitation with intelligence
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

Conservationists claim fight against Japanese whaling comes at the expense of bluefin tuna
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

Australia Makes Final Bid To Stop Japan Whaling; 'We Want Commercial Whaling To Stop'
date added: 2013-06-27  source:

'Miracle' whale leaves scientists elated – and relieved
date added: 2013-06-25  source:

Scientist worries ship traffic could be deadly for thriving whales
date added: 2013-06-25  source:

Aussie surfer swims with whales off Gold Coast
date added: 2013-06-23  source:

Iceland Resumes Controversial Whale Hunt; 154 Fin Whales Targeted
date added: 2013-06-21  source:

orcascaptivityResearchers: Killer Whales In Captivity Become Ferocious
date added: 2013-06-21   source:

Philippines: Officials want whale shark feeding halted tours in jeopardy
date added: 2013-06-19  source:

Video: Humpback whale breaches within inches of San Diego boat
date added: 2013-06-19  source:

Washington State: Whale-watchers report huge spike in local humpback sightings
date added: 2013-06-17  source:

Repeat Offender: OSHA Fines SeaWorld $38,500 For Safety Violation; Workplace Can 'Cause Death Or Serious Physical Harm To Employees'
date added: 2013-06-16  source:

A monster from the deep: Huge humpback whale caught on camera during close encounter with divers
date added: 2013-06-14  source:

Russian Military Beluga Whale Goes AWOL Again
date added: 2013-06-14  source:

Increasing numbers of humpbacks getting tangled up off Western Australia coast
date added: 2013-06-13  source:

Kayaker keeps his cool to capture the moment a 20ft minke whale swam beneath his boat in the Antarctic
date added: 2013-06-11  source:

humpbackjawFour dead whales baffle Kiwi expert; 'it may just be coincidence'
date added: 2013-06-11   source:

Iceland whale meat blocked from Dutch ports; not 'business as usual'
date added: 2013-06-11  source:

Japan Spring 'Scientific' Whaling Haul At Record Low; 'The Weather Was Very Bad This Year'
date added: 2013-06-10  source:

Officials confirm months later: Two young beluga whales die at Marineland
date added: 2013-06-07  source:

Scientists investigating whale deaths off Argentina
date added: 2013-06-07  source:

U.S. anti-whalers appeal to President of Iceland; 'worth far more alive than dead'
date added: 2013-06-07  source:

marinelandbelugaTwo More Beluga Whale Deaths At Marineland, Canada?
date added: 2013-06-04   source:

Japanese Company Agrees To Stop Selling Dog Snacks That Were Made From Fin Whales After Public Outcry
date added: 2013-06-04  source:

The whale that changed the world's view of marine mammals
date added: 2013-06-03  source:

Boaters spot humpback whale in Boston Harbor; 'it could be a sign it might be unhealthy'
date added: 2013-05-31  source:

Iceland to kill rare fin whales for dog food
date added: 2013-05-29  source:

Video: Stranded Orca Rescued From Sandbank; 'Hats Off To The Fishermen'
date added: 2013-05-29  source:

7 reasons killer whales are evil geniuses; eating baby seals is only the beginning
date added: 2013-05-28  source:

Understanding the narwhal: A species at the crossroads
date added: 2013-05-27  source:

Study reveals how fishing gear can cause slow death of whales; 'added buoyancy, added drag, and reduced swimming speed'
date added: 2013-05-25  source:

Argh! Man injured when whale, boat collide; 'they seem to be oblivious to boats'
date added: 2013-05-24  source:

Canada: Protest makes waves at Marineland; 'orcas need to be with their families'
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

Argh! Man Undergoes Facial Surgery After Humpback Whale Breaches, Collides With His Boat
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

greywhaleeyeGood Or Bad News? Scientists Spot First Gray Whale South Of Equator
date added: 2013-05-19   source:
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