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Aussie Minister Blasts Acid Attack On Whaling Ship
date added: 2008-03-05  source:

Aussie Government Official: Japan Whaling Footage Horrifying; 'The Australian People Don't Like It'
date added: 2008-02-29  source:

Aussie authorities outraged as giant green turtle dies from plastic bag
date added: 2008-02-29  source:

babyhumpbackwhalesharksmauiAttacking sharks beach baby humpback whale; 'it couldn't fight them anymore'
date added: 2008-02-28   source:

Protestors: Japanese Whaling Ship Bugged With Transmitter; 'They're Not Going to Find It'
date added: 2008-02-26  source:

Scientists capture images of sleeping whales for the first time
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

Studies: Killer Whales Loaded With Fire Retardant; 'This is a Major Concern'
date added: 2008-02-12  source:

whalebreachAmazing picture of humpback having whale of a time breaching Alaskan waters
date added: 2008-02-11   source:

U.S. Navy ordered to establish sonar-free zones to protect whales, dolphins
date added: 2008-02-11  source:

Canadian government: Annual seal hunt misinformation campaign starts again
date added: 2008-02-10  source:

Norway Plans to Kill 1052 Minke Whales in 2008
date added: 2008-02-10  source:

US judge reinstates sonar curbs; 'no reason' for Navy exemption
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Aussie oil survey explosions a threat to sick whales
date added: 2008-02-05  source:

Greenpeace ship, low on fuel, quits whaling chase
date added: 2008-01-30  source:

Research to target humanity's effect on whales
date added: 2008-01-30  source:

Kiwi PM warns Japan's whalers to stay away; military plans patrolling waters
date added: 2008-01-29  source:

Japanese PM defends Antarctic whaling, calls for calm discussions
date added: 2008-01-28  source:

Japan Urges Aussies To Take Legal Action Against Anti-whaling Activists
date added: 2008-01-25  source:

Understanding Japan's whale ethics; 'what about lambs'
date added: 2008-01-24  source:

Japan to resume 'investigative whaling' as soon as possible
date added: 2008-01-23  source:

Anti-whaling protester 'feared being thrown overboard'
date added: 2008-01-22  source:

Activists using 'stink bombs' to harass Japanese whalers
date added: 2008-01-22  source:

Sea Shepherd Slams Greenpeace For Refusing To Cooperate; 'Greenpeace Needs Kill Footage and Images'
date added: 2008-01-22  source:

Japanese Whalers Holding Two Protestors as Hostages, Issue Demands
date added: 2008-01-19  source:

Court: Japanese Whaling Illegal In Sanctuary
date added: 2008-01-17  source:

Official: South Korean Police Seize Tons of Whale Meat
date added: 2008-01-15  source:

Greenpeace in High Speed Chase with Japanese Whalers
date added: 2008-01-14  source:

Follow that whale, Greenpeace protest ship 'told'
date added: 2008-01-13  source:

Australia Whale Monitors Set Off To Shadow Japanese
date added: 2008-01-11  source:

Aussies draft expert to consider court case against Japanese whalers
date added: 2008-01-07  source:

Judge restricts Navy's use of sonar near California coast, cites harm to whales
date added: 2008-01-06  source:

whalecarcassMan caught stealing from whale carcass on Oregon coast; 'a crime was committed'
date added: 2008-01-06   source:

Ferry speed called key to collisions with whales off Hawaii
date added: 2007-12-28  source:

Greenpeace: Japan's Whale Backdown 'Significant'
date added: 2007-12-27  source:

Whaling: The Japanese position; 'part of Japanese culture'
date added: 2007-12-26  source:

Japan to Spare Humpbacks from Antarctic Whale Hunt; Minke, Fin Whales Still Targeted
date added: 2007-12-26  source:

Aussies to seek CITES complaint over humpback hunt plans
date added: 2007-12-25  source:

Annual survey shows increase in Cook Inlet belugas; 'we are encouraged'
date added: 2007-12-24  source:

Study: Why diving marine mammals resist brain damage while holding their breath
date added: 2007-12-24  source:

Japan 'On Verge' of Dropping Humpback Hunt; 900 Minkes Still In Sights
date added: 2007-12-21  source:

Expert: Japan might send Navy to counter anti-whaling plan
date added: 2007-12-20  source:

Blame General MacArthur for whaling row; 'most of that is nonsense'
date added: 2007-12-20  source:

Clash of wills puts Japan and Australia on collision course over whaling
date added: 2007-12-20  source:

Photographer: Orcas practice hunting on sea ducks
date added: 2007-12-19  source:

Researcher backs Aussie navy action on Japan whaling
date added: 2007-12-15  source:

Aussie TV station joins protest against 'barbaric' Japanese whalers
date added: 2007-12-14  source:

whaleeyeWhale series shows mother and calf bond
date added: 2007-12-12   source:

Do humpbacks sing for GPS, not love? 'sort of like the telephone game'
date added: 2007-12-07  source:

Scientists: Baleen Whales Able To Swallow Busload Of Water In a Single Gulp; Scale 'Defies Imagination'
date added: 2007-11-29  source:

Aussie researcher: Government could have prevented Japan's whale hunt
date added: 2007-11-26  source:

Japan Stands By Its Renewed 'Scientific' Whale Slaughter
date added: 2007-11-26  source:

U.S. appeals Japan to refrain from whale hunting, urges 'restraint' from protestors
date added: 2007-11-23  source:

Minke Whale Dies in Brazil's Amazon Forest
date added: 2007-11-22  source:

Report: Harpooned, machine gunned whale killed by tribe took 10 hours to die
date added: 2007-11-20  source:

1,000 Whales: Japan Sets Sights On Humpbacks As Largest-ever Whaling Mission to Depart
date added: 2007-11-20  source:

Aussie opposition party: 'We'd deploy military to stop Japan whaling'
date added: 2007-11-19  source:

Group: Japan's Scientific Whale Kill 'Misleading', Violates International Wildlife Trade Law
date added: 2007-11-17  source:

Japan wants Aussie protection from 'environmental terrorism' during humpback kill
date added: 2007-11-14  source:

torpedoMaui dive boat spots 'torpedo' in whale sanctuary
date added: 2007-11-12   source:

Research: Effects on reproduction feared as high chromium levels found in right whales
date added: 2007-11-06  source:

Officials struggle with the right way to save whales; 'It looks like an economic decision'
date added: 2007-10-24  source:

Whalers plead not guilty to harpooning, shooting whale; 'I have a treaty right'
date added: 2007-10-16  source:

Ships asked to avoid right whale route off Canadian coast
date added: 2007-10-15  source:

Greenpeace Launches New Website to Track Whales; 'Great Whale Trail'
date added: 2007-10-14  source:

Scientists: Orcas So Full of Pollutants, It's Enough To Sicken Them
date added: 2007-10-14  source:

Aussie government moves Japanese whaling battle to YouTube
date added: 2007-10-13  source:

Grand jury indicts 5 in illegal whale hunt; charges 'the most serious available'
date added: 2007-10-09  source:

Baby whale dies tangled in sharks nets off South Africa; 'too deep for too long'
date added: 2007-10-03  source:

3rd Blue Whale Death In 2 Weeks Puzzles California Scientists; 'Something a Little Different Going On'
date added: 2007-09-25  source:

Scientists: Ancient whale fall off California island one of youngest, most complete known
date added: 2007-09-19  source:

Gray whale 'success story' questioned as pre-hunting numbers said much higher
date added: 2007-09-13  source:

Researchers seek explanation for underweight gray whales
date added: 2007-09-05  source:

Little Studied Whale Shark A Delicate Feeder; 'Science Takes A Lot of Time'
date added: 2007-09-04  source:

NOAA: 'Megapclicks' recorded for the first time from feeding humpback whales
date added: 2007-09-02  source:

Research: Ability to echolocate allowed whales to dive deep
date added: 2007-08-19  source:

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