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Blackfish backlash: Trisha Yearwood cancels SeaWorld Orlando appearance 'in light of recent concerns'
date added: 2013-12-16  source:

Blackfish backlash: Lessons learned from SeaWorld's PR predicament
date added: 2013-12-16  source:

Whale Wars: Australia to send ship to monitor Japan’s whaling activity in Southern Ocean
date added: 2013-12-13  source:

Kiwi boy, 12, in bid to save whales from the Japanese
date added: 2013-12-13  source:

NOAA: 11 beached whales in Florida suffered from malnutrition
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

Whale Wars: Japan's research whaling fleet leaves for Antarctic
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

Scientists asks public to help find missing whales off Florida coast
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

I ain't going to play SeaWorld: Heart drops out after Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson ditch Orlando festival
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

After nixing show, Willie Nelson says: 'What they do at SeaWorld is not OK'
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

How whales lose their way: Toxins, tides and other troubles
date added: 2013-12-09  source:

Dutch court reserves orca release decision; 'We are all physically and emotionally drained'
date added: 2013-12-08  source:

Study: Seals looking for love in B.C. waters may end up lunch for transient killer whales
date added: 2013-12-07  source:

South Korea develops new shark-repelling device
date added: 2013-12-07  source:

Mysterious Deaths Threaten a Population of Southern Right Whales; 'Mass mortality' Event mystify scientists
date added: 2013-12-05  source:

Watch: Humpback whale delights whale watchers with up-close-and-personal encounter; 'oh my gosh, it’s here'
date added: 2013-12-04  source:

belugaCanada: St. Lawrence belugas threatened by pipeline plans
date added: 2013-12-04   source:
DawnBrancheauTilikumSeaWorldOrlandosmSerial Killer Whale 'Tilikum' Might be Released off Iceland’s Shores
date added: 2013-12-03   source:

Biologist: Exploding stranded whales often only 'humane' option
date added: 2013-12-02  source:

Scientist: Divers don't let grey nurse sharks get a good day's sleep
date added: 2013-12-02  source:

Third minke whale found dead on UK shores; 'well fed and otherwise healthy'
date added: 2013-12-02  source:

California: Daring rescue of whale off Farallones; humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines
date added: 2013-12-01  source:

Graphic content warning: Sperm whale explodes in Faroe Islands
date added: 2013-12-01  source:

Scientists unraveling mystery of orcas in race to save them
date added: 2013-11-28  source:

Brussels loophole lets whale meat through UK ports
date added: 2013-11-27  source:

New app unveiled to help report whales, dolphins In need, especially In Florida
date added: 2013-11-25  source:

SeaWorld whale that ‘Killed’ three still being used to breed, former worker claims
date added: 2013-11-22  source:

Dead whale found on Poland's Baltic Sea beach; 'explorers by nature'
date added: 2013-11-21  source:

Entangled whale freed off New Jersey coast
date added: 2013-11-19  source:

First World Problem: Yoga with whales at Vancouver Aquarium sparks yoga protest; 'It’s just such a disconnect'
date added: 2013-11-19  source:

'It Just Went Mad': Brit fisherman describes close encounter with Norfolk whale 'Scroby Dick'
date added: 2013-11-15  source:

Understanding the narwhal: What happens next
date added: 2013-11-14  source:

Whale Wars: Series Returns To Animal Planet, With 'Leaderless' Sea Shepherds At The Crossroads
date added: 2013-11-12  source:

Whale, sea lion feeding frenzy filmed off California's central coast
date added: 2013-11-11  source:

Green groups concerned over Ghana whale deaths mystery
date added: 2013-11-10  source:

whalefishAlaska fishermen rescue killer whale stuck on rocks
date added: 2013-11-10   source:

Photographers capture rare footage of killer whales in Hawaiian waters
date added: 2013-11-09  source:

Activists: Wild killer whales captured in Russia for oversea marine parks
date added: 2013-11-09  source:

Bodies of five gray whales wash ashore on Russian coast
date added: 2013-11-08  source:

childbelugaVideo: Beluga make child cry
date added: 2013-11-06   source:

'Astonishing' North Pacific right whale sighting is only the second in 62 years off British Columbia
date added: 2013-11-06  source:

speiden80-year-old Puget Sound orca 'Speiden' missing, presumed dead
date added: 2013-11-05   source:

India: 4 whale sharks found dead on Gujarat coast; poaching ruled out
date added: 2013-11-05  source:

Group: Japan's coastal sea hunts an extinction risk for Whales, Dolphins
date added: 2013-11-05  source:

Federal strategy for endangered humpbacks recognizes spill, tanker threats
date added: 2013-11-01  source:

explodingwhaleMan behind the exploding whale debacle dies at 84
date added: 2013-11-01   source:

Searching for the 'mysteriously quiet' killer whales off B.C. coast; 'They weren't vocalizing'
date added: 2013-11-01  source:

SeaWorld appeals case could forever change its popular orca shows after trainer's death
date added: 2013-11-01  source:

Whale pod feeding frenzies caught on camera
date added: 2013-10-30  source:

'Blackfish' concerns aside, animal parks still good for kids
date added: 2013-10-30  source:

Researcher: High death rate, 'puzzling' behavior in B.C. orcas
date added: 2013-10-29  source:

Searching for the 'mysteriously quiet' killer whales off B.C. coast; 'They weren't vocalizing'
date added: 2013-10-29  source:

Video: Humpback whale smacks cameraman
date added: 2013-10-28  source:

Alarming research shows Orca population in Puget Sound is dwindling; 'They're Not Recovering'
date added: 2013-10-28  source:

Cacophony of Shipping Noise Found in Humpback, Killer Whale Habitat; 'Acoustic Spaces' Reduced '50 percent or 80 percent'
date added: 2013-10-28  source:

Free Keiko: Can captive killer whales be freed?
date added: 2013-10-27  source:

Spokesman: 'Blackfish' film ignores SeaWorld's benefits to conservation, research
date added: 2013-10-25  source:

Francisco Mayoral, defender of Mexico's gray whales, dies at 72
date added: 2013-10-24  source:

The secrets behind the songs of humpback whales; 'like taking a balloon full of air and going --'
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

sabertoothRare saber-toothed whale washes ashore along California coast
date added: 2013-10-21   source:

Research: Killer whales may have menopause so grandma can look after the kids
date added: 2013-10-20  source:

fooliesAustralia: Fools ski close to distressed humpback whales near Newcastle
date added: 2013-10-20   source:
whaleholeThe Nose Knows: Whales Don’t Spray Water Out of Their Blowholes
date added: 2013-10-20   source:

Hawaii: Government shutdown blamed on slow response to whale stranding
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

Philippines: Poaching suspected as sperm whale beaches
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

Experts Baffled As Right Whales Go Missing From The Bay of Fundy; We don’t know where they are'
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

jean-michelcousteausmJean-Michel Cousteau hands over $30,000 boat to to settle whale chumming case
date added: 2013-10-10   source:

Norwegian whale hunters satisfied with increased catch; 'We notice a growing interest for whale meat'
date added: 2013-10-08  source:

BrydeswhalednasmGenetics used to sort out poorly known -- and hunted -- whale species
date added: 2013-10-07   source:

Whaling Season Concludes in Iceland, 134 Fin Whales Caught; 'Demand for minke whale meat from restaurants is constantly increasing'
date added: 2013-10-05  source:

Canada: Rescuers save humpback from a tangle of ropes
date added: 2013-10-04  source:

Georgia Aquarium heads to court to get wild-caught beluga whales sought by SeaWorld
date added: 2013-10-03  source:

whalebottomrollfeedingsmResearch reveals bottom side-roll feeding techniques of tagged humpback whales
date added: 2013-09-30   source:

20 Years After 'Free Willy,' Was It Right to Free Keiko the Killer Whale?
date added: 2013-09-30  source:

belugawinterScientists: Winter study of beluga whales difficult
date added: 2013-09-29   source:

Sonar used by oil company caused mass whale stranding in Madagascar
date added: 2013-09-28  source:

Blue whale 'blows by' spear fisherman; 'I wasn't scared. It was exhilarating'
date added: 2013-09-28  source:

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