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Researchers: Ship likely killed gray whale in Puget Sound
date added: 2009-05-04  source:

carvedwhaleskullCarved whale skull could be 1,200 years old
date added: 2009-05-01   source:

NOAA Whale Protection Research Boat Hits Endangered Whale; 'It Can Happen To Anybody'
date added: 2009-04-26  source:

Japan 'Research' Mission to Hunt 60 Minke Whales; 'It's Too Many'
date added: 2009-04-25  source:

Animal Planet plans 'Whale' of a PR strategy; 'we're trying to delve deeper into their personalities'
date added: 2009-04-23  source:

Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd eco-warrior fighting to stop whaling and seal hunts
date added: 2009-04-21  source:

Sea Shepherd Society welcomes whale kill figures; 'we've been successful'
date added: 2009-04-18  source:

Rat poison ruled out of mysterious whale strandings in Hawaii
date added: 2009-04-17  source:

seashepherlogosmAnimal Planet's Controversial 'WHALE WARS' Embarks On Another Season Of Antarctic Drama
date added: 2009-04-13   source:

Biologists use DNA to study migration of threatened whale sharks; 'the only real threat is us'
date added: 2009-04-11  source:

Study: False killer whales declining off Hawaii
date added: 2009-04-07  source:

California city ponders how to remove whale carcass; 'It could explode; due to expanding gases'
date added: 2009-04-06  source:

Harpoon-hurling whalers once made a good living in San Diego
date added: 2009-04-05  source:

whalerescuetrainingTraining session a whale of a time for Brit wildlife hospital staff
date added: 2009-04-02   source:

Sick beluga whale puzzles Tacoma aquarium experts
date added: 2009-03-30  source:

Brit Animal Welfare Groups: Stranded Whales Should Be Killed, Not Rescued; 'Little Or No Chance Of Survival'
date added: 2009-03-27  source:

Minkes in the Antarctic: Infra-red casts light on elusive whale count
date added: 2009-03-25  source:

Humpback Whale Spotted In Hong Kong Waters For The First Time
date added: 2009-03-22  source:

Conservation groups sue to protect false killer whales in Hawaii; longline fishery slaughter cited
date added: 2009-03-21  source:

LEISELJONESAussie swimming star calls for saving whales; 'I love all animals in general'
date added: 2009-03-19   source:

Video: Pod of orcas attack one-ton sea lion
date added: 2009-03-19  source:

Aussie Greens: Whale Kill Tapes Must Be Made Public; 'Bloody Business'
date added: 2009-03-19  source:

Sedation Used For First Time To Free Entangled Right Whale; 'New Tool In The Large Whale Disentanglement Toolbox'
date added: 2009-03-16  source:

Aussie whale shooting 'humane' says marine biologist; 'a sick whale of questionable maturity'
date added: 2009-03-10  source:

bluewhalebirthFirst As Newborn Blue Whale Caught on Film; 'It Caught Us By Surprise'
date added: 2009-03-09   source:
whalestrandingaustraliaRescuers attempt to save lone remaining beached whale along Aussie coast
date added: 2009-03-06   source:

Japan to receive Norwegian whale meat for first time in 20 years
date added: 2009-03-04  source:

Canada boosts protection for killer whales after being sued
date added: 2009-03-02  source:

Green reef turtle decline worries Great Barrier Reef researchers
date added: 2009-02-19  source:

Expert: Ships' Orca Signals Blamed For Scaring Whales
date added: 2009-02-18  source:

Researchers: Fishermen - Not Whales As Claimed By Japan - Are The Cause Of Fisheries Depletion
date added: 2009-02-17  source:

Sea Shepherd protesters retreat from Southern Ocean; 'we're outnumbered'
date added: 2009-02-13  source:

seashepherdwhalewarsWhale Wars: British man needed five stitches after whaling clash
date added: 2009-02-11   source:

Whale Wars: Blubber Flies As Sea Shepherd Ship Collides With Japanese Whaler; 'Very, Very Chaotic And Very Aggressive'
date added: 2009-02-10  source:

Japan: No Compromise On Research Whaling; Coastal Whaling Deal Unlikely
date added: 2009-02-07  source:

Japan denies using sonic weapons against whale-hunt protesters
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Study: Older Killer Whales Make The Best Mothers; 'Maternal Experience' Leads To More Effort
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Group: Secret U.S. plan to expand whaling released; 'a bad deal for whales'
date added: 2009-02-05  source:

Group: Closed-door Meeting Could Lift Whaling Ban
date added: 2009-01-30  source:

whalestrandingtasmaniaOnly One Whale Survives Mass Stranding Off Tassie Coast
date added: 2009-01-29   source:

Aussie Scientists: High Winds Lured Sperm Whales To 'Death Trap'
date added: 2009-01-28  source:

Argh! Whale wrecks Scot rower's attempt to cross the Atlantic
date added: 2009-01-26  source:

Fifty Whales Beach On Tassie Coast, Only Two Survive; 'They Are Big Animals'
date added: 2009-01-26  source:

Sea Shepherd offers deal to tone down tactics if Aussies or Kiwis sue whalers
date added: 2009-01-22  source:

Report: Japan's whalers actions 'inconsistent with the Antarctic legal regime'
date added: 2009-01-22  source:

'White powder' scare for Sea Shepherd skipper at Aussie port
date added: 2009-01-21  source:

CaptainPaulWatsonsmThe whale war of words: Commentary by Captain Paul Watson on board the Steve Irwin
date added: 2009-01-20   source:
strandedwhaleirelandWhale stranded on Irish beach dies as rescuers struggle to save it
date added: 2009-01-20   source:

U.S. Navy Allowed to Kill Whales in Hawaii During Sonar Training
date added: 2009-01-17  source:

Whale hunts by Japan: Is the tide finally turning against them?
date added: 2009-01-12  source:

Study: Hawaii's pygmy killer whales stay close to islands, away from open ocean
date added: 2009-01-05  source:

rightwhalesU.S. researchers find wintering ground for rare right whales: Gulf of Maine
date added: 2009-01-04   source:

Whale hunt, Sea Shepherd saga and debate continue
date added: 2009-01-02  source:

Both sides claim victory as U.S. Navy settles whale sonar suit
date added: 2009-01-01  source:

Japanese Whalers: Sea Shepherd Vessel Rammed Us; 'Their Activity Threatens The Safety Of Our Crews'
date added: 2008-12-31  source:

Sea Shepherd calls for Christmas reprieve for whales; 'I think it will just be a normal day'
date added: 2008-12-27  source:

Sea Shepherd: Japanese whalers 'hunt' in Australian whale sanctuary; 'We've got them on the run'
date added: 2008-12-27  source:

Humpback Whale rescued From Net Off Mexico; 'It Complained And Cried In Desperation'
date added: 2008-12-23  source:

Can whales forgive and forget? Aussies wonder if traumatic memories of whaling has faded
date added: 2008-12-21  source:

Aussie environment minister: Government hasn't broken whaling vow
date added: 2008-12-21  source:

Man recalls Canadian orca's capture in 1969; 'Corky's' fate 'a sad tale and sorry commentary'
date added: 2008-12-17  source:

Study: Beaked whales' tusks evolved through sexual selection process; 'most bizarre whales in the ocean'
date added: 2008-12-16  source:

NOAA: Ships must slow down to protect North Atlantic right whales
date added: 2008-12-10  source:

Shipping lanes may shift to help right whales; Coast Guard agrees to evaluate options
date added: 2008-12-09  source:

Aussie opposition calls for national whale rescue teams
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

About 80 whales stranded on rocks off Tasmanian coast
date added: 2008-12-03  source:

Canada Files $487,000 Storage Claim Against Seized Sea Shepherd Vessel
date added: 2008-12-03  source:

Bloodbath: Whale Death Toll Reaches 150 In Tassie Stranding
date added: 2008-12-03  source:

Study reveals humpback whales' dining habits -- and costs; 'enormous energy costs'
date added: 2008-12-02  source:

Report: Compromise Sought As Global Whaling Body To Begin Talks In December
date added: 2008-12-02  source:

U.S. Navy agrees to limit underwater explosions in Puget Sound
date added: 2008-11-23  source:

Iceland ecstatic as whale meat approved for export to Japan; 'Sustainable hunting'
date added: 2008-11-23  source:

dogorcascatSniff Test: With Dog's Help, Clues To Orcas' Decline Found In Whale Scat
date added: 2008-11-23   source:

Controversy buoys 'Whale Wars'; hit show's extreme tactics come under fire
date added: 2008-11-21  source:

Japan approves whale meat import from Norway and Iceland
date added: 2008-11-20  source:

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