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'We kill whales because its communal, natural and sustainable' say Faroe Islands officials
date added: 2015-08-24  source:

Canada: Seal jumps on B.C. couple’s dinghy to avoid being eaten by orca
date added: 2015-08-22  source:

Canada: Whale watching tour accused of getting too close to orca pod
date added: 2015-08-21  source:

Sea Shepherd: Five anti-whaling activists barred from Denmark’s Faroe islands
date added: 2015-08-21  source:

Egypt: The whales' graveyard, where fossilized remains of nature's gentle giants lie on the floor of a long lost ocean
date added: 2015-08-20  source:

Georgia Aquarium: Feds fixing data to show whales would be harmed
date added: 2015-08-19  source:

playfuldogPlayful orcas visit dog in a 'once-in-a-lifetime' encounter off Washington
date added: 2015-08-19   source:

Whale freed after being wedged in dock in Monterey
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

Beluga whales filmed 'grooving' to cello music
date added: 2015-08-17  source:

Aussie fisherman, helps remove fishing line from whale's mouth; 'I sorta just reached out'
date added: 2015-08-17  source:

New Zealand diver records orca pod close encounter
date added: 2015-08-17  source:

From feeding grounds to killing fields: How shipping is threatening the blue whale
date added: 2015-08-17  source:

Free Lolita: Miami business leaders want killer whale released
date added: 2015-08-14  source:

whalegraveyardPhotos: Rare whale graveyard site off the California coast
date added: 2015-08-13   source:

Anti-zoo activists unveil plans to build their own version of SeaWorld
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

Canada: Fourteen pilot whales in Nova Scotia helped back out to sea after second mass stranding in two days
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

Canada: Dozens try to save beached whales in Cape Breton
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

Has America’s Disgust at SeaWorld Already Peaked?
date added: 2015-08-10  source:

orcalureOrca found with salmon lure stuck inside mouth
date added: 2015-08-09   source:

SeaWorld researchers looking at captive orca heart health
date added: 2015-08-08  source:

orcasharkDeath by orca? Great white shark found dead on Nova Scotia shore
date added: 2015-08-05   source:
belugaharborCanada: Beluga whale spending summer in Liverpool Harbor
date added: 2015-08-05   source:

California: Before whale watching at Port San Luis, there was whale killing
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

Sir Patrick Stewart reveals he wants to collect whale snot with drones
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

diversharkWatch terrifying moment diver attacked by 20 foot Great White Shark
date added: 2015-08-03   source:

Scientists: Whale deaths off Alaska island remains mystery
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

Australian actor portrays the death of a whale in graphic campaign for Sea Shepherd
date added: 2015-08-02  source:

humpbackkayakThe moment a kayaker was nearly hump-smacked by a 40-tonne whale on California coast
date added: 2015-08-02   source:

Cat parasite found in western Arctic belugas; 'Ice is a major eco-barrier for pathogens'
date added: 2015-07-31  source:

Massive operation to free whale in Cape Town a success
date added: 2015-07-30  source:

faroewhaleSee Red: 250 Whales massacred In Faroe Islands Beach Bloodbath
date added: 2015-07-30   source:

Scientists Want To Use Drones To Capture Whale Snot
date added: 2015-07-28  source:

Whales caught sleep swimming: Dozy giants so relaxed by warm currents they nod off and become trapped
date added: 2015-07-25  source:

Technology used in hunt of a different kind for North Atlantic right whales who have not been showing up in their usual habitats
date added: 2015-07-24  source:

leapingorcaNew photos show orca pods, baby ‘leaping for joy’
date added: 2015-07-23   source:

Whale hunting in Alaska: Point Hope, the village caught between tradition and climate change
date added: 2015-07-23  source:

Whale-watching crews say Salish Sea’s orca calves are doing well
date added: 2015-07-23  source:

Canada: Marineland threatens action over billboard; 'They belong in the wild…not a theme park'
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

Black Eye: SeaWorld suspends employee accused of infiltrating animal rights group
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

If you see this whale, call this number
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

SeaWorld Fights Back after criticism from One Direction singer Harry Styles
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

Rare Pilot whale sighting off San Diego coast
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

Double Down: SeaWorld seeks support for killer whale project
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

Japan reinstated in zoo world body after suspension over Taiji dolphins
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

Orca’s aerial show hides nature’s brutal truth: Attack on humpback whale baby
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

Watch: Humpback whales talk to wannabe Dr Doolittle underwater
date added: 2015-07-15  source:

'Rise' in humpback whale sightings off western Scotland
date added: 2015-07-15  source:

fundyhumpHumpback whale rescue underway on Bay of Fundy
date added: 2015-07-15   source:

Researchers studying contaminants in whale's milk
date added: 2015-07-15  source:

Drone captures mesmerizing footage of humpback whale spraying a rainbow from its blow hole
date added: 2015-07-14  source:

Video: Whales breach surface and scare sailor into uncontrollable laughter
date added: 2015-07-13  source:

Female whale shark gets male companion at Osaka aquarium
date added: 2015-07-13  source:

Wildlife officers try to save rare whale stranded in lagoon on Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2015-07-13  source:

Four killer whales born off BC coast celebrate milestone
date added: 2015-07-09  source:

Hard to port: Conservation group kicks off anti-whaling campaign in iceland
date added: 2015-07-07  source:

orcahunterPhotog captures image of Orca teaching calf to hunt
date added: 2015-07-07   source:

Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Massacre Photos 2015: Animal Rights Group Condemns Controversial 'Grindadráp' Ritual
date added: 2015-07-06  source:

Canada: Three entangled whales rescued in one week
date added: 2015-07-04  source:

Iceland: Anti-Whaling Petition Approaches One Million Goal
date added: 2015-07-04  source:

Canada: Three entangled whales rescued in one week
date added: 2015-07-03  source:

Are killer whales persons?: The more we learn about orcas, the more our assumption of innate superiority looks like a presumption
date added: 2015-07-02  source:

Humpback whale entanglement an international problem; 'It's the animals curiosity, especially juveniles'
date added: 2015-07-02  source:

Vancouver Aquarium: Chester the false killer whale introduced to a new female friend
date added: 2015-07-01  source:

Sea Shepherd activists launch anti-whaling action in Faroes
date added: 2015-06-29  source:

Royal Navy bombs may have caused mass whale deaths
date added: 2015-06-29  source:

'It was basically hog-tied': Rescuers free whale entangled off B.C.
date added: 2015-06-29  source:

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