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spermwhaleFact-checking Moby Dick: Can whale foreheads sink ships?
date added: 2016-04-13   source:

Whale watching survivors file lawsuit against captain who 'fled' scene
date added: 2016-04-12  source:

Scientists Bemoan SeaWorld Decision to Stop Breeding Orcas; 'There's a loss of this resource to society and science'
date added: 2016-04-12  source:

Some Whales Like Global Warming Just Fine; Humpbacks and bowheads are benefiting
date added: 2016-04-12  source:

Spanish Man Claims He Was Swallowed By A Whale, But Is It Really Possible?
date added: 2016-04-11  source:

orcawhaleattackClash of the Titans: Rare Whale and Orca Attack in Puget Sound
date added: 2016-04-08   source:

Norway producer of animal feed buys whale meat on a large-scale
date added: 2016-04-06  source:

killerhungryHungry killer whales waiting for Columbia River salmon
date added: 2016-04-05   source:

SeaWorld CEO: Breeding ban was difficult decision
date added: 2016-04-05  source:

Southern resident killer whales to get personalized health records
date added: 2016-04-04  source:

selfiePhotographer profile: Craig Parry, The man who took a selfie with a whale
date added: 2016-04-04   source:

Whales are starving – their stomachs full of our plastic waste
date added: 2016-04-03  source:

B.C. researchers test underwater glider to help limit whale-ship collisions
date added: 2016-04-03  source:

Orcas put on show for Abel Tasman tourists
date added: 2016-04-02  source:

marinelandActivists launch legal action against French marine park over orcas
date added: 2016-04-01   source:

A fishing net, part of a car engine and plastic buckets are found in the stomachs of 13 sperm whales which washed up on German beach
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Dead killer whale calf found floating off Vancouver Island
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Japanese court: Australian had right to enter whale museum
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Scientific Research: Japanese fleet kills 333 whales in Antarctic hunt
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Report: Japanese 'Research' Whalers Intentionally Targeting Pregnant Females
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Scientists have finally worked out what a Narwhal’s tusk is for
date added: 2016-03-30  source:

We forced SeaWorld into the orca U-turn. What shall we do next?
date added: 2016-03-25  source:

SeaWorld Orlando's Tilikum improving; PETA says orcas should be placed in sea sanctuaries
date added: 2016-03-24  source:

Former trainer
date added: 2016-03-24  source:

Tenerife water park with SeaWorld's killer whales defends right to breed; 'Goes Against The Very Cycle of Life'
date added: 2016-03-24  source:

Puget Sound orca advocates hail SeaWorld’s decision to stop breeding killer whales
date added: 2016-03-23  source:

Winning entry in Japanese photo competition shows man standing on a beached whale
date added: 2016-03-23  source:

Blackfish director talks SeaWorld’s “paradigm shifting” move to end orca breeding
date added: 2016-03-22  source:

California lawmakers support bill to ban captive orca breeding
date added: 2016-03-22  source:

whaletailstumpWhale missing tail fins spotted off New Zealand
date added: 2016-03-22   source:

Free Willy: Turns out some cetaceans just can’t keep their flippers to themselves
date added: 2016-03-22  source:

rightwhalekiwiKiwi southern right whale population crashed from around to 30,000 to just 110
date added: 2016-03-22   source:
standedwhaleRescuers help guide trapped whale off Pacific reef
date added: 2016-03-18   source:

Aussie researchers: Whale and dolphin deaths a 'worrying mystery'
date added: 2016-03-18  source:

Crowds gather by dead sperm whale on Bali beach to say prayers, take selfies and leave fruit so it won’t go hungry in the afterlife
date added: 2016-03-18  source:

Mexico: Beached 'Sea Monster' Just a Whale's Head
date added: 2016-03-18  source:

Rare right whales feeding in Cape Cod Bay in ‘mind-blowing’ numbers
date added: 2016-03-17  source:

Maps reveal how whales and dolphins have spread along Atlantic, Gulf coastlines since 1993
date added: 2016-03-15  source:

Why was a humpback whale caught in a headstand?
date added: 2016-03-15  source:

DawnBrancheauTilikumSeaWorldOrlandosmDeathwatch: SeaWorld's killer Killer whale Tilikum may be dying
date added: 2016-03-15   source:

The Art of bones: Reconstructing a blue whale skeleton is an art form--so is keeping it clean.
date added: 2016-03-10  source:

Majestic white whale appears off Mexico coast
date added: 2016-03-10  source:

albinowhaleRare albino whale spotted off Mexico's coast
date added: 2016-03-09   source:

Huge population of rare whales found off Madagascar
date added: 2016-03-09  source:

Exclusive video may be first to show blue whale calf nursing
date added: 2016-03-08  source:

Study: 'Whaling does not significantly harm Iceland'
date added: 2016-03-07  source:

San Diego: Lifeguards want permission to rescue entangled whales
date added: 2016-03-07  source:

False killer whale befriends 10-year-old boy; 'I think of him as my best friend'
date added: 2016-03-07  source:

Whale algorithm could unlock secrets of their many dialects
date added: 2016-03-06  source:

Killer-whale calf born in endangered B.C. population believed to be dead
date added: 2016-03-04  source:

rightwhaleThey're here: North Atlantic right whales arriving off Massachusetts coast
date added: 2016-03-02   source:

No fin whales to be hunted in Iceland this summer; Export Problems With Japan Cited
date added: 2016-03-02  source:

seaworldorcaSinking: SeaWorld admits its employees spied on PETA
date added: 2016-03-02   source:
netwhaleHumpback whale freed from illegal net in Mexico
date added: 2016-03-01   source:

What Whales Do at Night: New technology helps researchers make better nighttime observations and devise conservation plans
date added: 2016-03-01  source:

Why are gray whales moving to the ocean next door?
date added: 2016-02-29  source:

Underwater video, pics of gray whales in Puget Sound published
date added: 2016-02-29  source:

Hog-tied juvenile humpback saved from drowning off Southern California coast; 'So many are entangled'
date added: 2016-02-29  source:

Dead whale a tourist magnet in northern Denmark; 'It Looks Emaciated'
date added: 2016-02-29  source:

iceAlaska: Researchers find belugas show preference for less ice
date added: 2016-02-28   source:

Indian Scientists Call for Study on 'Very Unusual' Whale Deaths
date added: 2016-02-27  source:

SeaWorld announces new multi-million-dollar ride and aquariums in ongoing bid to rebuild its image after Blackfish backlash
date added: 2016-02-24  source:

China: Two massive sperm whales beach themselves on Jiangsu coast within two days of each other
date added: 2016-02-23  source:

cuvierwhaleCuvier's beaked whale discovered for first time in Nova Scotia
date added: 2016-02-23   source:

Banned pollutant PCB threatens Europe's whales
date added: 2016-02-22  source:

Whale CSI: Scientists investigate why sperm whales are washing up dead on British shores
date added: 2016-02-22  source:

belugabubbleWhy Do Beluga Whales Blow Bubbles? 'Makes its own toys'
date added: 2016-02-22   source:

Argh! Florida man says whale crashed into boat in Ponce Inlet
date added: 2016-02-20  source:

Sea Shepherd struggling to find Japan's whaling fleet; Australia, New Zealand fail to share coordinates
date added: 2016-02-20  source:

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