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Viral Video: Whale lifts kayakers out of the water
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

'They're dying:' Another whale washes up on Nova Scotia shoreline
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

The real reason why you're suddenly seeing whales in New Jersey and New York waters
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Stranded humpback whale that was heard crying by locals meets its fate; 'Why can't anyone help?'
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Could 'Whale poo diplomacy' help bring an end to whaling?
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

damagedtailResearchers fear B.C. coast becoming dangerous for returning whales
date added: 2016-11-29   source:

Photo of whales surfing Pipeline goes viral, drone video released
date added: 2016-11-28  source:

Aussie Reef named after late scientist who discovered dwarf minke whales
date added: 2016-11-28  source:

belugamouthLast Rites: Health of Vancouver Aquarium's lone beluga whale deteriorates
date added: 2016-11-28   source:

Dead humpback whale found tangled in defunct fish farm in B.C.
date added: 2016-11-26  source:

Ailing beluga whale at Vancouver Aquarium showing signs of recovery
date added: 2016-11-25  source:

arcticwhaleiceHow do Arctic sea ice changes affect whales?
date added: 2016-11-25   source:

Whale captivity debate resurfaces as beluga clings to life at Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2016-11-24  source:

This whale has made it farther up the Hudson than any other because ... 'just chasing fish'
date added: 2016-11-24  source:

Whale wars: Japan vessels leave for whaling in Antarctic through March
date added: 2016-11-24  source:

Nature strikes: Whale seen near Statue of Liberty, prompting Coast Guard to warn boaters
date added: 2016-11-23  source:

Underwater listening station detects the calls of rare whales
date added: 2016-11-22  source:

whalediverVideo: Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Diver in Barents Sea
date added: 2016-11-22   source:

World's first captive whale retirement home could be in Nova Scotia or B.C.
date added: 2016-11-22  source:

Experts: Japan's whaling plan will harm China's interests
date added: 2016-11-21  source:

Researchers: 4,000 Years Ago, Ancient Greenlanders Ate Bowhead Whales
date added: 2016-11-19  source:

Argh! Whale rams into side of New Jersey man's boat
date added: 2016-11-19  source:

Researcher: Puget Sound orca population at risk
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

Japan plans to hike Northwest Pacific research whaling haul to 314
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

Stunning aerial footage shows humpback whale 'gulping' entire bait ball
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

In ancient trash heaps, a whale hunting puzzle emerges
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

narwhalNarwhals, Tusked Whales of the Arctic, See With Sound. Really Well.
date added: 2016-11-16   source:

Japan plans to up Northwest Pacific research whaling haul to 314
date added: 2016-11-14  source:

Feds request authority to disregard the obstruction in Lolita's tank
date added: 2016-11-14  source:

SeaWorld announces cost-cutting strategy after 33% decline in profits
date added: 2016-11-14  source:

With a less confrontational approach to whaling, more whales could be saved
date added: 2016-11-11  source:

California Coastal Commission approves remodeled orca attraction at Sea World
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

chilewhaleBeached whale pulled back into the ocean by rescuers in Chile
date added: 2016-11-09   source:

Coast Guard releases video of pygmy killer whales being returned to the water
date added: 2016-11-09  source:

Born Free: Ontario activists want province to include 'Kiska' in orca ban
date added: 2016-11-07  source:

Dead whale had fishing gear caught in throat, report says
date added: 2016-11-07  source:

orphanorcaSad drama in Puget Sound: Another orca dies, hope dims for her calf
date added: 2016-11-06   source:

International Whaling Commission Trying to Save the Vaquita
date added: 2016-11-05  source:

IWC moves to curb Japan's 'scientific' whaling but critics say effort toothless
date added: 2016-11-04  source:

Researchers: Breach dams to save starving Puget Sound orcas
date added: 2016-11-04  source:

Smelly Whale Meat Leaves Indigenous Community Hungry; 'Even the dogs don't eat this meat'
date added: 2016-11-04  source:

Mother of baby-boom orca dies after months of weight loss
date added: 2016-11-03  source:

Japan, West clash at IWC meet over coastal whale hunts
date added: 2016-10-31  source:

pilotwhaleswim'Talking' pilot whale visits boater off northern Norway coast
date added: 2016-10-31   source:
harpoonMuseum's barbarously beautiful whaling gun goes on display
date added: 2016-10-30   source:

Chinese villagers join forces to save a beached whale before sending it back to the ocean
date added: 2016-10-30  source:

Stunning video captures whale feeding frenzy in Juneau as seagulls try to get in on the action too
date added: 2016-10-30  source:

Japan and South Atlantic sanctuary main contentions at the Whaling Commission meeting
date added: 2016-10-30  source:

Post mortem reveals fin whale washed up on Norfolk beach died of starvation
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Japan, allies block proposal for South Atlantic whale sanctuary
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Drones reveal rare Bowhead whale in Arctic
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Australia Wants 'Scientific Whaling' Ended
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Mystery of 40ft Whale Found on Norfolk Beach as Experts Say It Is 'Rare' to Find Species in North Sea
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

Rescuers free humpback whale calf from shark net in Australia
date added: 2016-10-26  source:

Video: Nine-strong orca whale pod stuns onlookers in Kiwi harbor
date added: 2016-10-24  source:

IWC meeting expected to be stormy over Japan's restart of whaling in Antarctic
date added: 2016-10-23  source:

Video: Watch this mamma whale help rescuers free her calf from shark nets
date added: 2016-10-23  source:

Taiwan: Whale deaths could be related to decompression sickness
date added: 2016-10-22  source:

Whales' dung is the real reason we need to stop hunting them
date added: 2016-10-22  source:

California: Entangled whale off Newport Beach eludes rescue efforts
date added: 2016-10-20  source:

Video shows blue whale nursing its calf just off Dana Point, a behavior rarely seen
date added: 2016-10-20  source:

smithwhaleThe bones in the Smithsonian's 'whale warehouse' are relics of a lost world
date added: 2016-10-19   source:

Silent poison making whaling a political hot potato in the Faroe Islands
date added: 2016-10-19  source:

Gray whale surprises kayakers off the coast of Oregon
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

Blackfish: Girl's dream becomes reality with rare sighting of orcas in Hawaii
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

dronewhaleDrones monitor 'dramatic' weight loss of southern right whales during calving season
date added: 2016-10-17   source:

Protesters Demand SeaWorld San Diego 'Send Corky Home'
date added: 2016-10-17  source:

Fishermen shocked when surfacing whale turns out to be nuclear sub
date added: 2016-10-14  source:

What's the best way to save the whales?
date added: 2016-10-13  source:

Snorkeler captures amazing footage of humpback whale breaching just feet away
date added: 2016-10-12  source:

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