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whalesharkswimFrighteningly beautiful: Where to swim with whale sharks around the world
date added: 2016-06-27   source:

Conservation workers race to save whale tangled in rope, buoys
date added: 2016-06-26  source:

SeaWorld CEO addresses sanctuaries at shareholder meeting; 'Our friends at PETA'
date added: 2016-06-26  source:

bumperYoung orca greets boaters with an adorably loud hello
date added: 2016-06-23   source:

South Korea: How Whales Are Deliberately Hunted by 'Accident'
date added: 2016-06-23  source:

spermwhaleeveNew research reveals that every sperm whale in the world descended from a single female
date added: 2016-06-22   source:

'Concrete prison' SeaWorld park shows off its happy cetaceans as it denies 'miserable' killer whale tried to kill herself
date added: 2016-06-17  source:

Paddleboarders visited by curious humpback whales off California coast
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

Officials: Skeleton of blue whale at Natural History Museum was held by newspaper
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

bubblesBeloved pilot whale ‘Bubbles’ dead after 30 years at SeaWorld
date added: 2016-06-16   source:

Study: Sperm Whales in Caribbean Have Distinct Culture
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

Why did whales return to the sea? To make a living
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

PETA protests SeaWorld in downtown Orlando by putting orca-woman in tiny water tank
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Activists Say Officials Arbitrarily Enforce the Law on Lolita the Orca's Tank
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Rescuers Free Whale Sharks Trapped In Tiny Underwater Cages
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Drone videos endangered Bryde whale feeding in research first
date added: 2016-06-14  source:

Orcas surprise some B.C. children playing at the beach
date added: 2016-06-13  source:

NOAA still chasing entangled whale in Southeast
date added: 2016-06-13  source:

seaworldorcanoseSeaworld Orca's 'Unnatural Behavior' Has Experts Worried
date added: 2016-06-13   source:
beachedwhale24 beached pilot whales die in Gulf of California despite rescue effort
date added: 2016-06-12   source:

SeaWorld Spain: Orca whale behaves strangely and lies motionless out of water
date added: 2016-06-10  source:

How One Man's Obsessive Orca Hunt Left A Legacy Of Controversy And Conservation
date added: 2016-06-10  source:

Scientists perform a seaside post-mortem on a 22 ft long dead minke whale on a Scottish beach
date added: 2016-06-09  source:

orcalawsuitJudge Dismisses Lawsuit to Free Lolita the Orca
date added: 2016-06-09   source:

Underwater video captures rare killer whale sighting off Oahu; 'made my day'
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

NOAA is searching for an entangled humpback whale near Juneau
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

Carolina beach goers witness grounded humpback free itself
date added: 2016-06-07  source:

Arctic whale spotted off Irish coast for first time
date added: 2016-06-07  source:

Killer whale spectacle thrills tourists off coast in Hokkaido
date added: 2016-06-06  source:

orcacultureOrcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture
date added: 2016-06-06   source:

Endangered whale found dead on bow of cruise ship entering Alaska port
date added: 2016-06-03  source:

Monterey Bay crabbers asked to pull pots early to help whales
date added: 2016-06-01  source:

Fishermen free humpback whale from tangled net off New Jersey
date added: 2016-06-01  source:

Amazing Group of People Rally Together to Rescue 50-Foot Whale Stranded in Vietnam
date added: 2016-06-01  source:

No-Show Pacific Ocean Humpbacks Stump Scientists
date added: 2016-05-31  source:

‘Killer whales’ spotted near fishing boat in Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

On the trail of whales: shore-based whale watching takes off
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

SeaWorld criticizes Express-News investigation as ‘biased’
date added: 2016-05-28  source:

Massachusetts: Foggy the whale entangled yet again. Can this danger be prevented?
date added: 2016-05-26  source:

PETA, animal groups sue USDA over Seaquarium’s killer whale Lolita
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

Western Alaska hunters may be in trouble after landing off-limits humpback whale
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

'It's pretty rare', says DFO scientist of humpback whale in St. John's harbor
date added: 2016-05-24  source:

Video: Killer whales attack gray whale calf off Sonoma coast as mother tries to defend it
date added: 2016-05-24  source:

Researchers use a drone called Snot Bot to collect mucus from blowing whales
date added: 2016-05-24  source:

beakedwhalebeachedRare beaked whale with 2 extra teeth baffles scientists in Australia
date added: 2016-05-23   source:

24 Pilot Whales Die After Beaching In Baja California
date added: 2016-05-23  source:

Rare arctic bowhead whale seen off Cornwall; 'part of a trend?'
date added: 2016-05-21  source:

Biologists report increase in whale entanglements in Monterey Bay; 'never this prevalent'
date added: 2016-05-21  source:

Exam: Gray whale found dead in Seattle had air in chest that likely prevented it from diving
date added: 2016-05-19  source:

Chilean Navy rescues humpback whale tangled in fishing equipment
date added: 2016-05-19  source:

Humpback whale sightings in bay thrill boaters, alarm biologists
date added: 2016-05-18  source:

Japanese 'Research' whaling fleet sets off for northwestern Pacific
date added: 2016-05-18  source:

Unusual number of migrating humpback whales seen in San Francisco Bay
date added: 2016-05-17  source:

Baby whale washes up on to beach alive but instead of racing to help the beast, locals eat it
date added: 2016-05-17  source:

sharkhuntRare video shows false killer whales hunting down a shark
date added: 2016-05-15   source:
rightwhaledeadNorth Atlantic right whale calf found dead off Chatham
date added: 2016-05-12   source:
tourdroneTour Operators: Drones Becoming 'A Real Threat' to B.C.'s Whales
date added: 2016-05-12   source:

Retirement Planning: New sanctuary for SeaWorld’s killer whales and dolphins under construction
date added: 2016-05-12  source:

Farewell, Shamu: Can SeaWorld reinvent itself in time without prancing orcas?
date added: 2016-05-11  source:

Rare footage of humpback whales using bubble nets to catch fish
date added: 2016-05-10  source:

whalejawNew Zealand: Dead sperm whale's jawbone hacked off with chainsaw
date added: 2016-05-10   source:

Humpback whale's dramatic entrance captured on video
date added: 2016-05-09  source:

Researchers: 'Eve’ and descendants shape global sperm whale population structure
date added: 2016-05-09  source:

Fewer humpback whales made journey to Hawaiian waters this year
date added: 2016-05-09  source:

Where dead whales go to live: Take a peek behind the scenes at the Smithsonian Institution’s marine mammal warehouses
date added: 2016-05-07  source:

Researchers: Finding starved whale dead off Seattle coast was ‘normal occurrence’
date added: 2016-05-03  source:

Monterey Bay humpback whale freed while orcas feed, frolic; 'the whale would have died'
date added: 2016-05-01  source:

Activists fight to free Lolita the whale after 46 years of captivity
date added: 2016-04-29  source:

Gnarly: Decomposing whale carcass threatens to draw sharks to popular surfing area
date added: 2016-04-29  source:

Entangled whale saved in Monterey Bay by rescue team and fisherman
date added: 2016-04-29  source:

whalevomitBrit ‘Whale Vomit’ Finds Are on the Increase
date added: 2016-04-29   source:
surferwhaleSurfers Hear Baby Whale Crying And Come Running To Help Her
date added: 2016-04-28   source:
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