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New Zealand: International expert flown in to help young orphan orca; 'It's metabolizing it's blubber supply'
date added: 2016-08-01  source:

Discovery of new, very rare whale species ‘really a big deal’
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

The whale guardians of San Francisco Bay
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

Colorado man suffers 'vicious' croc attack at Costa Rica beach resort
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

VIdeo: Peruvian fishermen rescue baby whale from net
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

The Heartbreaking Way Whales and Dolphins Grieve: Mothers Hold 'Vigils' and Carry Dead Offspring's Bodies Above the Water For Days
date added: 2016-07-29  source:

Video: Chilean Navy saves entangled whale
date added: 2016-07-26  source:

Photo shows tourists missing amazing moment a giant humpback bursts from the water right next to their boat... because they're all looking the wrong way
date added: 2016-07-24  source:

whaletangleLike helping a buddy: men rescue whale on Digby waterfront
date added: 2016-07-24   source:

New sighting of entangled humpback whale off eastern Newfoundland; 'sometimes you just don't get the animal'
date added: 2016-07-24  source:

He's back: Wayward whale carcass 'Wally' returns to California
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

Woah! Whale bumps paddle boarder in Half Moon Bay
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

When Whales Started Living Large; A New Study Tracks 'The Rise of Ocean Giants'
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

Why a federal court ruled against the US Navy, in favor of whales
date added: 2016-07-21  source:

whalerescueQueensland adventurer rescues humpback whale; 'It was trying to show us something'
date added: 2016-07-21   source:
brydeswhaleStunning aerial footage reveals rare whale species off Southern California
date added: 2016-07-19   source:

Why are humpback whales making a comeback in the Salish Sea?
date added: 2016-07-19  source:

No Seal: Shetland swimmer has close encounter with bull orca
date added: 2016-07-19  source:

bluewhaleboatMassive blue whale makes rare appearance next to tourist boat
date added: 2016-07-18   source:

‘I was scared’: Killer whale swarm attacks fishing boat with father, daughter off Newfoundland coast
date added: 2016-07-18  source:

tailwhaleExperts: Tail-less dead whale may have been left behind by pod
date added: 2016-07-17   source:

Female sperm whale dies after becoming the seventh giant creature to wash up on British shores this year
date added: 2016-07-16  source:

rottingwhaleLos Angeles: Lifeguards tow away, and tow away, and tow away dead, rotting whale
date added: 2016-07-15   source:

Whale earwax could tell us more about carbon dioxide in our oceans
date added: 2016-07-15  source:

whaleselfieWhale pops up for a selfie or two with jetskiiers
date added: 2016-07-14   source:
migloowhiteAustralia: No sight of Migaloo in whale migration
date added: 2016-07-14   source:

How to safely untangle massive, aggressive whales from fishing gear: Five things to know
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

Caught on camera: Humpback whales play with dolphins off Hawaii
date added: 2016-07-12  source:

Entangled humpback whale spotted dragging fishing gear off Newfoundland
date added: 2016-07-12  source:

Humpbacks get up close with Australian whale watchers
date added: 2016-07-11  source:

Drone captures amazing footage of blue whale off Icelandic coast
date added: 2016-07-11  source:

Lawsuit over cruelty to endangered orca at seaquarium to return to court
date added: 2016-07-09  source:

Worry: Large whale entangled in ‘heavy’ fishing gear off southeast Newfoundland
date added: 2016-07-08  source:

Scientists struggling to find out what killed humpback whale that washed ashore in New Hampshire
date added: 2016-07-08  source:

Anglers' plan to feed endangered B.C. orcas given green light, but met with some criticism
date added: 2016-07-07  source:

orphanwhaleOrphaned baby beluga needs new mom in St. Lawrence River
date added: 2016-07-06   source:
orcajohncoleAhoy! Killer whale known as ‘John Coe’ spotted off Kerry coast
date added: 2016-07-06   source:
whalelistenerUnderwater video captures humpback whale sleeping upright
date added: 2016-07-06   source:

Whale-apalooza off San Francisco! Unprecedented numbers of humpbacks
date added: 2016-07-05  source:

starveorcaEat less fish to help save west coast’s orcas?
date added: 2016-07-05   source:

Drone video shows rescue attempt to free entangled blue whale
date added: 2016-07-05  source:

Researcher: Right whale poop impacts Bay of Fundy's ecosystem
date added: 2016-07-03  source:

Humpback whale documented for more than 40 years found dead in Southeast Alaska
date added: 2016-07-03  source:

WATCH: Whale gives fishermen the fright of their life
date added: 2016-07-02  source:

Conservation workers race to save whale tangled in rope, buoys
date added: 2016-07-01  source:

Pod of orca whales spotted off Oregon coast
date added: 2016-06-30  source:

carllumCan this man save SeaWorld San Antonio? 'We’re never going to please PETA'
date added: 2016-06-30   source:

Bowhead Whale Calves Stop Growing Lengthwise for 5 Years To Make Room For Big Head
date added: 2016-06-29  source:

Korean institute: Fishing nets kill six whales a day
date added: 2016-06-28  source:

whalesharkswimFrighteningly beautiful: Where to swim with whale sharks around the world
date added: 2016-06-27   source:

Conservation workers race to save whale tangled in rope, buoys
date added: 2016-06-26  source:

SeaWorld CEO addresses sanctuaries at shareholder meeting; 'Our friends at PETA'
date added: 2016-06-26  source:

bumperYoung orca greets boaters with an adorably loud hello
date added: 2016-06-23   source:

South Korea: How Whales Are Deliberately Hunted by 'Accident'
date added: 2016-06-23  source:

spermwhaleeveNew research reveals that every sperm whale in the world descended from a single female
date added: 2016-06-22   source:

'Concrete prison' SeaWorld park shows off its happy cetaceans as it denies 'miserable' killer whale tried to kill herself
date added: 2016-06-17  source:

Paddleboarders visited by curious humpback whales off California coast
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

Officials: Skeleton of blue whale at Natural History Museum was held by newspaper
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

bubblesBeloved pilot whale ‘Bubbles’ dead after 30 years at SeaWorld
date added: 2016-06-16   source:

Study: Sperm Whales in Caribbean Have Distinct Culture
date added: 2016-06-16  source:

Why did whales return to the sea? To make a living
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

PETA protests SeaWorld in downtown Orlando by putting orca-woman in tiny water tank
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Activists Say Officials Arbitrarily Enforce the Law on Lolita the Orca's Tank
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Rescuers Free Whale Sharks Trapped In Tiny Underwater Cages
date added: 2016-06-15  source:

Drone videos endangered Bryde whale feeding in research first
date added: 2016-06-14  source:

Orcas surprise some B.C. children playing at the beach
date added: 2016-06-13  source:

NOAA still chasing entangled whale in Southeast
date added: 2016-06-13  source:

seaworldorcanoseSeaworld Orca's 'Unnatural Behavior' Has Experts Worried
date added: 2016-06-13   source:
beachedwhale24 beached pilot whales die in Gulf of California despite rescue effort
date added: 2016-06-12   source:

SeaWorld Spain: Orca whale behaves strangely and lies motionless out of water
date added: 2016-06-10  source:

How One Man's Obsessive Orca Hunt Left A Legacy Of Controversy And Conservation
date added: 2016-06-10  source:

Scientists perform a seaside post-mortem on a 22 ft long dead minke whale on a Scottish beach
date added: 2016-06-09  source:

orcalawsuitJudge Dismisses Lawsuit to Free Lolita the Orca
date added: 2016-06-09   source:

Underwater video captures rare killer whale sighting off Oahu; 'made my day'
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

NOAA is searching for an entangled humpback whale near Juneau
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

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