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Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson on a mission to save whales from hunting
date added: 2015-12-07  source:

Pod of orcas stun rush-hour motorists; 'we saw about six go past'
date added: 2015-12-07  source:

Sea Shepherd warns Japan against resuming whaling; 'Criminal Act'
date added: 2015-12-07  source:

Japan to Relaunch Whale Hunts Tomorrow, Still Insists It’s For ‘Research’
date added: 2015-12-07  source:

Saving whales and catching pirate ships: The life of Sea Shepherd Siddharth Chakravarty
date added: 2015-12-04  source:

Kiwis may take legal action over whaling
date added: 2015-12-04  source:

At sea, there's a troubling rise in entangled whales
date added: 2015-12-03  source:

Australia slams Japan’s decision to resume Antarctic whaling; 'We Are Back where We Started'
date added: 2015-12-03  source:

anonymousAnonymous: Hackers target Iceland sites over whaling
date added: 2015-12-02   source:

Good news: Killer whale entangled in rope and float 3 weeks ago seen as clear and free now
date added: 2015-12-02  source:

Hole In One: Two whales killed by sole fish stuck in their blowholes
date added: 2015-12-02  source:

Slaughter Horror: Moment petrified whale throws himself against rocks to escape hunters
date added: 2015-12-02  source:

Japan to resume research whaling by end of year at earliest
date added: 2015-12-01  source:

seagullThe Birds: Seagulls seen eating baby whales alive
date added: 2015-12-01   source:

Calgary man 'has lost a lot of sleep' since surviving Tofino tour boat sinking
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Scientist: Whales make mysterious visits to underwater mountains, and no one knows why
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Entangled whale spotted, believed heading toward San Diego waters
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Zoo Expert: Sea Pens For Whales Not Ideal Solution For 'Released' Orcas
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

It Is Not Written: Minke whale frees itself after several hours beached
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Zoo Expert: Sea Pens For Whales Not Ideal Solution For 'Released' Orcas
date added: 2015-11-29  source:

Southeast Alaska humpbacks tagged for annual migration
date added: 2015-11-27  source:

Truth squad: Blackfish scientists get schooled over 'bad science'
date added: 2015-11-27  source:

paulwatsonwhalewarsSea Shepherd's Paul Watson files human rights lawsuit against Costa Rica
date added: 2015-11-27   source:

Georgia Aquarium will not appeal decision to block import of beluga whales
date added: 2015-11-25  source:

Spectacular aerial footage captures more than 60 humpback whales feeding off South African coast
date added: 2015-11-24  source:

whalepotFishermen rescue humpback whale off Skye
date added: 2015-11-22   source:

Scientists learn to spot—and tag—the ocean’s elusive beaked whale
date added: 2015-11-21  source:

shakeltonwhaleShackleton whale bone sold in Devon for £1,200
date added: 2015-11-21   source:

Activists: Orca capture trade has moved to Russia, China
date added: 2015-11-19  source:

US Navy gets OK exercises off West Coast, says no major impacts to orcas, other marine mammals
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

Humpback heaven: Whale story is one of the great environmental success stories of our time
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

steveoSteve-O Rejects SeaWorld whale show 'stunt'
date added: 2015-11-16   source:

Scientists investigate false killer whale carcass found on Hawaii Island
date added: 2015-11-16  source:

Australia’s right whales are recovering after whaling bans, but there are still worrying signs
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

'Blackfish' director says SeaWorld's new orca experience doesn't 'change anything for the animals'
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

Couple posing for photos on whale watching cruise miss the incredible moment a humpback surfaces and waves at them
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

New research shows migratory behavior of southern right whales; 'the calf is always accompanying its mother'
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

Over: SeaWorld ends orca whale shows After 'Blackfish' Tilikum animal cruelty protests
date added: 2015-11-15  source:

New Zealand: 29 whales die after becoming stranded on remote island
date added: 2015-11-12  source:

California congressman plans law to end killer whale captivity
date added: 2015-11-11  source:

minkestrandingDo whales commit suicide? Mysterious Calais stranding raises questions
date added: 2015-11-11   source:

SeaWorld rescuers cut fishing nets wrapped around whale's tail
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

Revealed: The number of whales, dolphins and porpoises reported washed up on Northern Ireland's beaches in four years
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

Argh! Did a whale sink Canadian whale-watching boat Leviathan II?
date added: 2015-11-09  source:

North Korea condemns Japan's 'black-hearted' whaling industry
date added: 2015-11-07  source:

Western Australia's Ningaloo Marine Park to trial swimming with humpback whales
date added: 2015-11-07  source:

orcajumpMighty killer whale caught on film in a stunning display of power off Britain
date added: 2015-11-06   source:
omurawhaleOmura: Watch the First Footage of the Planet’s Most Elusive Whale
date added: 2015-11-06   source:

California: Entanglement experts arrive to try to free humpback whale caught in netting off Newport Beach coast
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Right whale sightings still on the decline in Bay of Fundy
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

Research: Lost poop disrupts the earth; whale's 'focculent, liquidy cloud' drive nutrient movement
date added: 2015-11-02  source:

CSI Cetacean: We think we know what’s killing these baby Southern Right Whales
date added: 2015-11-01  source:

whitedLost in Guangzhou: Race to save white dolphin who swam upstream
date added: 2015-11-01   source:

Boomerang: Humpback with grá for Irish waters may have found a mate
date added: 2015-10-31  source:

British Columbia: Orca tosses seal in rare mid-hunt sighting; 'He just chucked that little guy way up in the air'
date added: 2015-10-31  source:

Noisy humpback whales make strange sounds in Queensland, Australia
date added: 2015-10-31  source:

aussiedrongAussie drone: Mother and baby whale swim with mother and baby dolphin
date added: 2015-10-29   source:

Leading Whale Activists Make Wild Accusation Against SeaWorld, Fail Spectacularly; 'Resting Behavior'
date added: 2015-10-29  source:

First field observations of elusive Omura's whales
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

SeaWorld Gets Super Defensive Over 'Depressed' Mother Orca Footage
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

marisbelugaGone: Georgia Aquarium beluga whale, Maris, dies suddenly; 'inspired millions'
date added: 2015-10-26   source:

Claim: SeaWorld Killer Whale is 'Too Depressed to Feed Her Calf' at San Diego Amusement Park
date added: 2015-10-26  source:

What Now: Australia seeks legal advice over Japan’s decision to defy ICJ and continue whaling in Southern Ocean
date added: 2015-10-24  source:

Florida fires employee for scrubbing SeaWorld from website
date added: 2015-10-23  source:

Scientists aim to unlock the mysteries of the beluga whale: Where do they spend winter months?
date added: 2015-10-22  source:

Killer whales use beach pebbles to massage themselves and scratch those annoying itches
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

Spectacular video shows 30 killer whales frolicking around ship in North Sea
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

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