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The Soviet Union Killed Tens of Thousands of Whales for Virtually No Reason
date added: 2017-03-15  source:

Vancouver Aquarium 'deeply disappointed' with park board vote to ban cetaceans
date added: 2017-03-14  source:

Brit public advised to keep distance from dead fin whale
date added: 2017-03-14  source:

Activists' fury over Norway hunt of pregnant whales
date added: 2017-03-14  source:

Mystery as huge white whale washes up on sharp rocks of Devon shore
date added: 2017-03-13  source:

Video: SeaWorld's announces last orca whale to be born in captivity expected next month
date added: 2017-03-13  source:

Virginia: Could whale deaths have been prevented?
date added: 2017-03-13  source:

Nothing to See: Routine inspection of Marineland finds no issues, despite 11 cruelty charges
date added: 2017-03-11  source:

Whale lifts kayakers out of the water on its back
date added: 2017-03-10  source:

Killer whales in once-icy Arctic waters are scaring away narwhals
date added: 2017-03-08  source:

Luxury living for retired whales: The Whale Sanctuary Project wants to build an ocean home for captive killer whales.
date added: 2017-03-07  source:

whalebirdWhen mammals took to water they needed a few tricks to eat their underwater prey
date added: 2017-03-07   source:

Blackfish Redux: As countries move to ban orca captivity, China opens its first killer-whale breeding center
date added: 2017-03-07  source:

Playful killer whales go cruising with jet ski riders off New Zealand
date added: 2017-03-06  source:

One ocean, many killer whale cultures: Iceland's killer whale society is more fluid than that of their northeast Pacific peers.
date added: 2017-03-06  source:

The bounty of the bone pile butchered; whales lure polar bears and tourists to a coastal Alaskan town. So far, so good. Sort of.
date added: 2017-03-04  source:

Blackfish China: First Chinese killer whale holding facility opened
date added: 2017-03-04  source:

New Zealand: Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin docks in Dunedin after taking on whaling fleet
date added: 2017-03-02  source:

floatingleviathanFloating with leviathans in the South Pacific
date added: 2017-03-01   source:

Survey finds some whale species abundant in Gulf of Alaska, while others remain elusive
date added: 2017-03-01  source:

China's first killer whale breeding base put into operation in Guandong
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

Humpback whale pictured 'in trouble' in waters off Devon coast
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

rightwhaleDeclining birth rate signals uncertain future for right whales
date added: 2017-02-28   source:

They're here: Massive blue whale population found in proposed seabed mining area
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

Video: Indonesian fishermen jump in to rescue tangled orca
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

Humpback whale douses boaters off Virginia coast
date added: 2017-02-27  source:

'Scared to death:' Study finds Arctic killer whales intimidate narwhal
date added: 2017-02-27  source:

salmonsealStudy says seals eat more Chinook than Southern resident orcas
date added: 2017-02-25   source:

How Hawaii Is Saving Whales From Fishermen And Tourists
date added: 2017-02-25  source:

Saving the whales: 19th-century hunting techniques now used to help, not kill humpbacks
date added: 2017-02-24  source:

The Kiwi beach that became a whale grave
date added: 2017-02-24  source:

7 injured after passenger vessel apparently hits whale off Nagasaki
date added: 2017-02-24  source:

56 dolphins and whales have washed up on Irish beaches so far this year
date added: 2017-02-23  source:

Tourism boosts Iceland's whaling industry
date added: 2017-02-22  source:

Did seismic tests kill Kiwi pilot whales?
date added: 2017-02-22  source:

Video: Kiwi diver comes face to face with killer whale; 'It felt like forever'
date added: 2017-02-21  source:

Hawaii: Whales finding safer passage; fewer entanglements with debris, fewer boat strikes have been reported this season
date added: 2017-02-21  source:

Researchers: North Atlantic right whale births in decline
date added: 2017-02-21  source:

Drop in whale entanglements, scientists investigating cause; 'We're gonna take that as a win in our book'
date added: 2017-02-21  source:

Why researchers are hunting killer whales in the Antarctic
date added: 2017-02-20  source:

SeaWorld critics want further details about orca's death
date added: 2017-02-19  source:

Understanding the UK's last killer whales: no calve for 25 years – and no one knows why
date added: 2017-02-19  source:

Surviving beached whales refloated as rescue volunteers scramble to prevent another stranding at Farewell Spit
date added: 2017-02-18  source:

Report: Hawaiian Marine Park 'Hiding' wild False Killer Whale For More Than a Year In Substandard Tank
date added: 2017-02-18  source:

New tool from NOAA makes scanning for blue whales in the ocean just got a lot easier
date added: 2017-02-17  source:

humanchainWatch: Hundreds of volunteers form human chain to prevent whales from beaching
date added: 2017-02-17   source:

Kiwi digger to dispose of dead whales in private burial away from public beach
date added: 2017-02-16  source:

whalestrandMore whales strand in New Zealand, bringing total to 650
date added: 2017-02-16   source:

Warning Issued over 100s of 'Exploding Whales' on Kiwi Beach; 'Gut Bomb' In Your Face
date added: 2017-02-16  source:

What?! Norwegian Government Increases Minke Whaling Quota as Demand for Meat Drops
date added: 2017-02-13  source:

Second dead whale in a week washes up on Virginia beach
date added: 2017-02-12  source:

Behind the scenes of a whale necropsy; 'we have an excavator'
date added: 2017-02-12  source:

NOAA admits feds unprepared to handle stranded whale; 'incompetence and red tape'
date added: 2017-02-11  source:

'Pregnant PETA Protesters' demand SeaWorld free killer whales
date added: 2017-02-11  source:

Spectacular drone footage captures gray whales mating off the California coast
date added: 2017-02-11  source:

sand)whaleBeached whales: Vancouver man sculpts life-size orcas of sand and snow
date added: 2017-02-11   source:

Tilikum: SeaWorld's famous orca that killed trainer died from bacterial pneumonia
date added: 2017-02-10  source:

Maui kayakers have close encounter with mother and baby whales
date added: 2017-02-09  source:

vawhaleHere's how Virginia scientists perform autopsies on whales
date added: 2017-02-08   source:

Are solar storms causing whales and dolphins to swim aground in their hundreds? Nasa study investigates the mysterious phenomenon
date added: 2017-02-08  source:

Why whales leap Into the air: After hundreds of hours of observations, we now know breaching humpback whales are yelling
date added: 2017-02-08  source:

A whale is found dead with more than 30 plastic bags in its stomach – and experts say it's 'not surprising'
date added: 2017-02-07  source:

Public invited to tribute honoring orca whale known as Granny
date added: 2017-02-07  source:

Northern Ireland scientists to monitor whale songs and dolphin chatter
date added: 2017-02-06  source:

orcasalmonSouthern Resident killer whale population is running out of salmon, running out of time
date added: 2017-02-06   source:

Rescuers save desperate whale trapped in massive fishing net (VIDEO)
date added: 2017-02-03  source:

The Loneliest Whale in the World? An obscure scientific brief and a mass audience wanting to believe
date added: 2017-02-02  source:

For Scientists, Chunks of Whale Earwax Can Be Biological Treasure Troves
date added: 2017-02-01  source:

Power to the people? Potential beluga ban at Vancouver Aquarium on Park Board agenda
date added: 2017-01-30  source:

whaletrapCourageous rescue of killer whales trapped among ice floes in Russia
date added: 2017-01-30   source:
scrubberdiverUK scientists bid to solve mystery deaths of hundreds of baby southern right whales
date added: 2017-01-27   source:
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