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candystripeCandy-striped hermit crab discovered in Caribbean
date added: 2017-02-01   source:

Coins, rocks found in stomachs of Sea Lion Cove animals at Fresno zoo
date added: 2017-02-01  source:

sealnapSea lion climbs atop car in Washington state, takes a nap
date added: 2017-01-31   source:

Australia: South Coast abalone and shark fin seizure worth more than $57,000
date added: 2017-01-30  source:

Hundreds Of Dolphins Are Waiting To Die Right Now In Infamous Cove
date added: 2017-01-26  source:

The other red meat: Vancouver restaurant dines out on seal meat controversy
date added: 2017-01-26  source:

'World's bravest duck' swims with Sumatran tiger at Australian zoo
date added: 2017-01-25  source:

Scientists tackle mystery of mass dolphin stranding
date added: 2017-01-24  source:

whiskersResearch: Super-sensitive seal whiskers pinpoint fish breath
date added: 2017-01-24   source:

Couple spot pair of swimming dolphins from their back garden - 15 miles away from the sea
date added: 2017-01-23  source:

Going: Myanmar's 'smiling' Irrawaddy dolphins on brink of extinction
date added: 2017-01-22  source:

What drove almost a hundred dolphins to their death off Florida? Ninety-five mammals wash up dead in mystery mass stranding in the Everglades
date added: 2017-01-22  source:

cornwaldolphindeathAlarm after ten dead dolphins are washed up on British beaches in just a few days
date added: 2017-01-19   source:

Watch him go: Wayward harbor Seal swims miles, crosses road in Delaware
date added: 2017-01-18  source:

sealUrgent air mission for Kiwi woman after sea lion bite
date added: 2017-01-17   source:

Watch: Dolphin causing a splash among nature lovers as it makes its way up River Wear
date added: 2017-01-16  source:

Mmm Mmm Good: Vancouver eatery serves up controversy with Newfoundland seal dish
date added: 2017-01-15  source:

Wounded Warriors swim with dolphins: 'They accept you for who you are'
date added: 2017-01-14  source:

Florida: Clearwater dolphin correctly predicts College Football Playoff champion
date added: 2017-01-13  source:

Dolphins held in captivity escape from Japanese tourist attraction; 'Heinous act'
date added: 2017-01-11  source:

Kenya: Lobster scarcity forces fisherman to become a reef ranger
date added: 2017-01-10  source:

brokenbeakSouth Carolina: Dolphin found stranded on Isle of Palms
date added: 2017-01-09   source:
dolphinsharkBachelor contestant wears a shark costume and calls it a dolphin costume
date added: 2017-01-09   source:

Warmer waters have more bottlenose dolphins turning up in San Francisco Bay
date added: 2017-01-09  source:

Racehorse swims with dolphins in remarkable footage recorded by British ex-pat in Australia
date added: 2017-01-06  source:

whalewaveAmazing photographs capture a pod of dolphins frolicking in the waves off Cornwall
date added: 2017-01-05   source:

U.S. Navy dolphins' mission: Help locate rare vaquita porpoises
date added: 2017-01-05  source:

Mexico Makes A 'Risky' Last-Ditch Attempt To Save The Vaquita, The World's Smallest Porpoise
date added: 2017-01-05  source:

irrawaddyIn Cambodia, some hope for the Irrawaddy dolphin
date added: 2017-01-03   source:
sealwanderTerror from the sea: Giant Seal smashes cars in Australian neighborhood
date added: 2017-01-03   source:

Penguins feed on jellyfish with prominent sex organs, underwater footage shows
date added: 2017-01-02  source:

Florida: Dolphin tangled in crab pot line freed, but still wrapped up
date added: 2017-01-02  source:

Sea otter healed by Monterey Bay Aquarium returns to the wild
date added: 2017-01-01  source:

Florida: Curious manatee curls up to a transparent canoe
date added: 2016-12-29  source:

Mysterious dolphin die-off in South Australian waters in 2013 caused by virus related to measles
date added: 2016-12-29  source:

Leopard seal lurking in Auckland Harbour five months after first spotted
date added: 2016-12-28  source:

dolphinbornMale dolphin calf born at Gold Coast's Sea World, first in nine years
date added: 2016-12-28   source:

Sea Lion Culls May Not Be Enough to Protect Endangered Salmon
date added: 2016-12-26  source:

New York: Third sea lion in Four months dies at Seneca Park Zoo; 'Very tragic, unanticipated and unfortunate event'
date added: 2016-12-26  source:

Sri Lanka: Mother dolphin wails as its young one dies
date added: 2016-12-24  source:

Sea lion pup recovering after being rescued on Santa Barbara street
date added: 2016-12-23  source:

Curious mammal hitches a ride on a man's board as he waits for waves
date added: 2016-12-23  source:

Going... Mexico plans to catch, protect last few vaquita porpoises
date added: 2016-12-22  source:

Fishing companies' plan to protect Maui's dolphins criticized
date added: 2016-12-21  source:

New Zealand: Angry seal attacks German tourist in Abel Tasman
date added: 2016-12-18  source:

Canada: Protest against seal hunt draws 'hundreds' to shop at Natural Boutique sealskin store
date added: 2016-12-18  source:

Tagging study of gray seals could cost a half million dollars; 'an expensive number to get'
date added: 2016-12-15  source:

Sea Shepherd Dolphin Activist Detained in Japan
date added: 2016-12-15  source:

emmaNew Orleans: Beloved Aquarium sea otter, Emma, dies at 19
date added: 2016-12-14   source:

Jellyfish fisheries are booming, but we still don't know if they're a good idea
date added: 2016-12-14  source:

manateeiinteractionFlorida: Manatee numbers up, and record number killed by boats in 2016
date added: 2016-12-14   source:
whiteporpIncredibly rare all-white porpoise spotted off the coast of Britain
date added: 2016-12-09   source:

Playful sea lion pup chews on scuba diver's flippers
date added: 2016-12-08  source:

Sharks, jellyfish slow British man's attempt to swim Atlantic
date added: 2016-12-08  source:

Massive sea otter jumps into California man's kayak on his birthday
date added: 2016-12-07  source:

seaplantBees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants
date added: 2016-12-07   source:
veganlobsterVegan buys giant, 23-pound Bay of Fundy lobster, returns it to underwater home
date added: 2016-12-06   source:

Bottlenose dolphins found with record-high levels of mercury
date added: 2016-12-06  source:

'We're filling up!' Desperate plea from Brit seal sanctuary
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

Australia: Pregnant dolphin caught in drum line released into ocean after treatment at Sea World
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

California: Mysterious jelly creatures invade Huntington Beach shores; 'like turtle eggs without a shell'
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

Aussie researchers: Dugongs could be caught in NSW shark nets
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

Pregnant dolphin released after hook removal surgery in Australia
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

Cause of deaths of two beluga whales at Vancouver Aquarium remains a mystery
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

New Zealand: Kaikoura's paua relocated after earthquake 'doing well'
date added: 2016-12-02  source:

He didn't make it: Seal pup Muddy cared for by Cornish Seal Sanctuary dies after straying 3,000 miles from home
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Brazilian beach-goers rescue dolphin stranded in shallow water
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

Visit to the dentist ends tooth torment for seal pup Gemini
date added: 2016-11-28  source:

date added: 2016-11-25  source:

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