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Research: Tiny 'housekeeper' crab keeps coral healthy; 'we do know that they are 'picky''
date added: 2006-10-29  source:

Sea Lions Becoming 'Nightmare' for U.S. Northwest Fishers
date added: 2006-10-27  source:

Manatee, Far From Home, Dips Its Toes in Cape Cod; 'Northernmost Sighting Ever Documented'
date added: 2006-10-25  source:

Walrus in sediment wins wildlife photo of the year; 'It's got everything'
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Surgeon: Irwin Might Have Survived; Removal of Barb 'Final Event for Steve'
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Tale of lifeguards' rescue by dolphins inspires BBC film
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Congressmen: Sea Lion Hunt Necessary; 'Bellied Up To An Endangered Salmon Buffet'
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Tennessee Farm Field Yields Puzzling Remains of Ocean Creature; 'Don't Throw That Out; That's History'
date added: 2006-10-18  source:

NOAA report: Decreased levels of toxins in mollusks; 'good news'
date added: 2006-10-17  source:

Environmentalists: Malaysian Turtle Egg Plan 'Crazy'; Licensed Egg Collectors Scheme 'Not Thought Through'
date added: 2006-10-17  source:

NOAA: Record Number of Florida Angler's Hooks Killing Dolphins; 'It's a Horrible Way to Die'
date added: 2006-10-16  source:

oscareltonsettesmNW Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Biodiversity Census Begins; 'We Don't Know What We Have'
date added: 2006-10-13   source:

Mystery Seal Mortality Along Namibian Coastline; Starvation Suspected Amid Protests Over Gov't Cull
date added: 2006-10-13  source:

Irwin Death Impacts on Cayman's Stingray City Tourism; 40% Drop
date added: 2006-10-11  source:

Brit tourists warned after seahorse smuggling arrests; 'one of the most serious global problems'
date added: 2006-10-08  source:

dolphinbritConservationists: Brit dolphin may become 'tame' because of public attention
date added: 2006-10-08   source:

Kiwi project to unveil stingray secrets; 'Rays are benign gentle giants'
date added: 2006-10-06  source:

graysealsmFishermen: Seal numbers out of control; 'a really tricky line that we walk'
date added: 2006-10-03   source:

Greenpeace: European eels contaminated with 'reproductive toxins, endocrine-disrupting chemicals'
date added: 2006-10-01  source:

Scientist: Barnacle's Sticky Secret Decoded; Settlement Keyed to 'Chemical Signal'
date added: 2006-09-30  source:

Study: Squid are masters of disguise; pigmented skin cells sending 'concealed polarized signals'
date added: 2006-09-30  source:

Kiwi Crayfish Diver Survives Stingray Attack; 'Dead Leg with a Bee Sting on Top of It'
date added: 2006-09-28  source:

bigsquid'Squid vicious' star of new Kiwi aquarium show; 'I live, eat and breathe squid'
date added: 2006-09-27   source:

Think tank: Great Barrier Reef on the danger list; climate change and too many visitors
date added: 2006-09-26  source:

Oregon, Washington State draft plan to kill fish-gorging sea lions at dam
date added: 2006-09-26  source:

Study: Tiny Krill Key to Ocean Mixing; 'The Animals are Doing a Little Farming'
date added: 2006-09-24  source:

Official: Over 80% of coral reefs in Philippine's Davao Gulf degraded
date added: 2006-09-23  source:

whiteclawBrits find endangered crayfish colony; 'We will be improving their habitat'
date added: 2006-09-21   source:

Scientists seek how crabs find their way back home; 'they seem to sense the need to get back'
date added: 2006-09-17  source:

Study: Ingredient in Prozac Increases Risk of Extinction for Freshwater Mussels
date added: 2006-09-14  source:

Philippines oil slick spares 4,700 hectares of corals
date added: 2006-09-13  source:

Back and Breeding: Rare Fur Seals Return to California; Animals Fled 1834 Slaughter
date added: 2006-09-13  source:

Study: Female seahorses are more promiscuous
date added: 2006-09-05  source:

Tourism minister: Cayman's environment won't be impacted by captive dolphin facilities
date added: 2006-09-04  source:

Scientists: New cyanobacteria adapted to coastal choppy, polluted waters
date added: 2006-09-04  source:

Researcher: Manatee Pelvic Bones Provide Key Evolution Insight; Same Gene Key to Leglessness Across Animals
date added: 2006-09-03  source:

dugongsmAussie Researchers: Eating Dugongs May Harm Kidneys; Cadmium Levels 'Well Above' Normal
date added: 2006-08-31   source:
dungenesscrabScientists fret over Dungeness crab caught in unfamiliar waters; 'I thought it was a joke'
date added: 2006-08-24   source:

'Red Devil' Squid, Jellyfish Point to Ocean Disruptions; 'Good for Some People and Bad for Others'
date added: 2006-08-24  source:

Half-cooked Amazonian snails poison diners in Beijing; meningitis cases could climb
date added: 2006-08-23  source:

Lurking at the aquarium, brilliant Houdinis of the deep; 'Look at that! Look at that!'
date added: 2006-08-19  source:

Malaysian Official: Leatherback Turtle Population Down, But Not Extinct; 'We Have Found Five Nesting Places'
date added: 2006-08-14  source:

Mediterranean put on jellyfish alert; 30,000 stung this summer
date added: 2006-08-12  source:

Scot jet-skier faces charges after encountering dolphins
date added: 2006-08-12  source:

norwaycrabNorway Fears Giant Crab Invasion; 'We May Be In for a Nasty Surprise'
date added: 2006-08-12   source:

Jellyfish plague blamed on climate change; 'there is practically nowhere without jellyfish'
date added: 2006-08-11  source:

Report: Leatherback Turtles Virtually Extinct in Malaysia; Numbers Down Worldwide
date added: 2006-08-10  source:

Researcher: Rare bottom-breathing turtles can stay submerged up to a week
date added: 2006-08-08  source:

rustycrayfishScientists wage war on the rusty crayfish; 'the aquatic plants are back'
date added: 2006-08-06   source:

Study: Caribbean Sea Turtle Assessments Are Too Optimistic; 99% Drop in Population
date added: 2006-08-03  source:

Tons of sugar dumped on coral as ship hits reef off Papua New Guinea; 'it was necessary'
date added: 2006-07-30  source:

Scientists: Warming waters may be drawing in whales and dolphins to Scottish waters
date added: 2006-07-29  source:

Research: Antarctic Krill Provide Potent Carbon Sink in Southern Ocean; Counteracts 35 million Cars
date added: 2006-07-24  source:

Study: Pollution Threatens Coral Health by Preventing Lesions from Healing
date added: 2006-07-21  source:

World's first fish-eating dinosaur discovered by Brit plumber
date added: 2006-07-20  source:

morayeelJapanese Chemists Synthesize Ciguatoxin from Scratch, Sparing Tons of Moray Eels
date added: 2006-07-19   source:

Namibian minister: Massive seal cull conforms to 'international conservation principles and practices
date added: 2006-07-16  source:

Marine snail venom painkiller launched in the U.K.
date added: 2006-07-13  source:

Singapore authorities rescue turtles from becoming soup
date added: 2006-07-10  source:

Research: Some Corals Able to Switch Skeleton Material as Seawater Changes; 'Evolutionary Advantage'
date added: 2006-07-10  source:

San Francisco restaurants boycotting Canadian seafood over seal hunt
date added: 2006-07-08  source:

Protests as Namibia Plans to Cull 60,000 Cape Fur Seal Pups; Second Largest Harvest in the World
date added: 2006-07-08  source:

Jellyfish-like 'salps' may play major role in fate of carbon dioxide in the ocean
date added: 2006-07-06  source:

17 Left: Plan Developed to Save the Yangtze River Dolphin, World's Most Endangered Mammal
date added: 2006-07-01  source:

Researchers: Plankton, Krill Scarce Off California Coast for Second Year in a Row; 'Real Consequences'
date added: 2006-06-27  source:

Burma Establishes Protection for Unique Human, Dolphin Partnership Site; 'Benefits Both'
date added: 2006-06-26  source:

Report: Coral gathering unabated in the southern Philippines despite ban; 'what the sea has belongs to us'
date added: 2006-06-18  source:

sealionpupReport: Gathering crowds cause sea lion to abandon pup
date added: 2006-06-18   source:
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