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Millions of 'mauve stinger' jellyfish set to invade the Mediterranean
date added: 2008-03-03  source:

dolphindeadcorwallSpate of Dolphin Deaths Hit Cornwall Coast; 'Signs of Bycatch'
date added: 2008-03-03   source:

200 lbs. of live lobsters stolen from Orlando restaurant
date added: 2008-02-27  source:

Study: 'Reefs without people' were healthier than populated reefs
date added: 2008-02-27  source:

Corals begin arriving at world's largest reef tank; 'corals can be very aggressive'
date added: 2008-02-26  source:

Dead dolphin was near site of U.S. Navy sonar tests; 'perplexing'
date added: 2008-02-25  source:

New expedition to study mysterious deep-sea corals; 'a lot of vulnerable habitats'
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

Singapore market eyed as Solomon Islands dolphin exporter readies 'catch'
date added: 2008-02-21  source:

freshwaterstingrayGiant freshwater stingray caught in Thailand
date added: 2008-02-20   source:

Researcher: Small sea creatures may be the 'canaries in the coal mine' of climate change
date added: 2008-02-20  source:

Octopus 'Delores' feeling the love at Seattle Aquarium; 'They'll eat anything they can get their tentacles on'
date added: 2008-02-19  source:

Dolphin slaughter brings charges from both sides; 'It's absolutely barbaric'
date added: 2008-02-14  source:

Sixth defendant pleads guilty in connection with illegal sea turtle smuggling
date added: 2008-02-12  source:

jellyfishsmResearcher: New guidelines needed on jellyfish sting treatment
date added: 2008-02-09   source:
napierdolphinLone dolphin helps Kiwi aquarium stay afloat; 'She's about 150'
date added: 2008-02-07   source:

Invasive jellyfish increase pressure on cod stock in Baltic Sea
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Study: Swimmers' Sunscreen Killing Off Coral; Chemicals Found to Awaken Dormant Viruses
date added: 2008-02-04  source:

Bangladesh fishermen beat rare river dolphin to death; 'creature' never seen before
date added: 2008-02-03  source:

mccartneyMcCartney urges end to seal hunt; 'A seal pup makes a great photo op'
date added: 2008-02-03   source:

Report: Kiwi paua poacher described as arrogant, determined
date added: 2008-02-01  source:

Over 50 sea lions found massacred in Galapagos Islands
date added: 2008-02-01  source:

Landmark Dolphin Agreement Reaches 10-Year Mark; 'Governments Should Be Commended'
date added: 2008-02-01  source:

riverdolphinbangladeshBangladesh's majestic dolphins at risk; 'isolated'
date added: 2008-01-31   source:

Humans join hunt for Antarctica's 'pink gold'; krill 'a keystone species'
date added: 2008-01-31  source:

Leatherback Turtle Migrates 12,774 Miles; Satellite Tracks Journey From Indonesia To Oregon
date added: 2008-01-31  source:

seaturtlecubaCuba Bans Harvesting of Endangered Sea Turtle; 'Cuba is to be Commended'
date added: 2008-01-30   source:
magnussealBrit seal 'Magnus' marks 40th with fishy cake
date added: 2008-01-28   source:

Researchers: Corals thought to be pristine facing threats, to be examined by UAV's
date added: 2008-01-28  source:

Should Every Stranded Dolphin or Seal Be Saved? Experts Propose Guidelines For Difficult Decision
date added: 2008-01-28  source:

Conservationists: Harvesting Ban May Push Abalone to Extinction Off South Africa Coast
date added: 2008-01-27  source:

Michigan man shares his love of diving the open sea; 'Octopuses are my favorite animals'
date added: 2008-01-26  source:

Cuba bans marine turtle hunt in bow to conservation
date added: 2008-01-24  source:

Brits pressure EU to reduce dolphin deaths from trawlers
date added: 2008-01-23  source:

Toxic algae forces Uruguay to ban mollusk consumption
date added: 2008-01-19  source:

GymnothoraxBaranesiSurprise As New Species of Moray Eel Discovered in the Red Sea
date added: 2008-01-19   source:

Sea otter study reveals striking variability in diets and feeding strategies
date added: 2008-01-17  source:

Researcher: Unusual fish-eating dinosaur had crocodile-like skull
date added: 2008-01-16  source:

A New Shell Game: Endangered in the Wild, Farmed Abalone Proves to be Delicious
date added: 2008-01-16  source:

dolphinaccidentSmack: Accident at Dolphin Academy in Curacao captured on video
date added: 2008-01-13   source:

Brit waterways are being invaded by alien mussels; 'it is very hard to eradicate them'
date added: 2008-01-13  source:

Canadian company convicted of smuggling conch, hit with record $78,000 fine
date added: 2008-01-13  source:

Chillin' in the bachelor pod - life as a dolphin
date added: 2008-01-10  source:

Population explosion: Record number of baby gray seals on German island
date added: 2008-01-10  source:

Dolphins play with robotic seaplane; 'We studied seabirds seriously'
date added: 2008-01-08  source:

Clues to Waterproof Glue Found in Antarctic Creature
date added: 2008-01-07  source:

Research Gone Awry Strangles Hawaii Reefs; Urchins Recruited to Eat Carrageenan Experiment
date added: 2008-01-06  source:

Freak 'Leucistic' Penguin Found in Antarctica
date added: 2008-01-04  source:

Study: Deep-sea species' loss could lead to oceans' collapse; 'consequences could be unprecedented'
date added: 2008-01-03  source:

Patients Warned Against Opting for Dolphin 'Therapy' to Treat Any Disorder
date added: 2007-12-27  source:

Aussie gramps recovering from stingray attack; 'I thought a shark had me'
date added: 2007-12-24  source:

Mystery over mass deaths of rare croc in India; 'liver cirrhosis'
date added: 2007-12-18  source:

slenderseahorseBreeding woes for lonely seahorse; 'even in wild, only a few would survive'
date added: 2007-12-13   source:

Scientists Trying to Save Coral Triangle; 'The Center of World Marine Diversity'
date added: 2007-12-09  source:

Cambodia, UN launch project to save Irrawady dolphins
date added: 2007-12-07  source:

Study: 'Tough love' from seasonal seas save corals; 'some corals and reefs will survive'
date added: 2007-12-06  source:

Japan's export of 'The Taiji Twelve' dolphins to the Dominican Republic stopped
date added: 2007-11-30  source:

Shooting Spree Leaves 9 Endangered Seals Dead In Australia
date added: 2007-11-30  source:

hawaiimonksealUndersea Camera Reveals: Fish Steal Food From Rare Seals; 'Big Trouble'
date added: 2007-11-29   source:

Canadian fish farm pays up to save sea lions; 'We had to take steps'
date added: 2007-11-27  source:

Pacific loggerheads inch closer to 'endangered' as activists appeal for added protection
date added: 2007-11-23  source:

sanctuarysamsm'Sanctuary Sam' debuts as NOAA's new national ocean awareness campaign 'spokes-sea lion'
date added: 2007-11-23   source:

Experts: Off-course seal may have chased a fish
date added: 2007-11-21  source:

littlestrawberrynudibrachsmMarine researcher discovers new species of sea slug off Taiwan coast; 'little strawberry'
date added: 2007-11-19   source:

Rare 'pearl string' jellyfish spotted off Brit coast
date added: 2007-11-15  source:

Seahorses released in Sydney Harbor to save their species
date added: 2007-11-15  source:

New Species of Dwarf Manatee Discovered in the Brazilian Amazon
date added: 2007-11-14  source:

Florida necropsy lab one of handful tracking oceans' health through denizens' deaths
date added: 2007-11-13  source:

Monster squid captured on video; could be '50 to 100 feet long'
date added: 2007-11-12  source:

Scientists to clean up home of Hanoi's giant turtle
date added: 2007-11-11  source:

Passion versus greed in perlemoen war; 'you're talking huge amounts of money'
date added: 2007-11-11  source:

Experts: South Africa Abalone May Be Lost Forever; 'Casts a Shadow'
date added: 2007-11-08  source:

Thar she blows: Frigate scuttled off Kiwi coast makes new artificial reef
date added: 2007-11-06  source:

Study: Fossil Record Reveals Jellyfish More Than 500 Million Years Old
date added: 2007-11-01  source:

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