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dolphinbirthPictures Capture Moment A Dolphin Gave Birth; 'I Was Very Lucky'
date added: 2008-09-07   source:
mantaYap establishes manta ray sanctuary, first in the western Pacific
date added: 2008-09-03   source:

New details shed little light on dam sea lion deaths
date added: 2008-09-02  source:

New giant clam species offers window into human past; 'earliest example of marine overexploitation'
date added: 2008-08-31  source:

Canadian dig uncovers 80-million-year-old sea creature
date added: 2008-08-30  source:

georgiaaquariumnandiGeorgia Aquarium welcomes manta ray 'Nandi', first ever displayed at U.S. Aquarium
date added: 2008-08-30   source:

Researchers: Shipwreck Fuels Invasion Of Unwanted Species
date added: 2008-08-23  source:

Scientists: Worrying invasive snail found in Lake Michigan; 'what we can do is limit their expansion'
date added: 2008-08-20  source:

sealtrouteatingBrit photographer captures grey seal taking sea trout
date added: 2008-08-19   source:

Research: Plastics suspect in lobster disease; breakdown of may be interfering with molt
date added: 2008-08-18  source:

Chinese fisherman reel in 'record' 3,300-pound 'stingray'
date added: 2008-08-16  source:

Why sea turtles plumb the depths: they're on reconnaissance
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

Experts: Research needed as mysterious jellyfish swarms seen in Europe, U.S.
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

sealduckSeal plays cat and mouse with a duck - then eats it
date added: 2008-08-12   source:
turkishcrayfishHundreds of invasive crayfish killed by disease in Brit river
date added: 2008-08-11   source:

Shellfish may invade North Atlantic as ice melts
date added: 2008-08-11  source:

Sea lion invades family's boat off Washington State coast; 'It was the strangest thing'
date added: 2008-08-10  source:

Captive dolphins seen playing with bubbles in Florida
date added: 2008-08-09  source:

The clam detective: Aquatic bloodhounds unleashed in pollution research
date added: 2008-08-08  source:

26th rare loggerhead turtle found washed up on Brit beach; 'She was motionless'
date added: 2008-08-07  source:

7 Arrested In Mexico For Possessing 9,000 Sea Turtle Eggs
date added: 2008-08-07  source:

Scientists: Hungry Seals 'Steer By The Stars'
date added: 2008-08-05  source:

Researchers tag first-ever free-swimming leatherback turtles in New England; 'it's leatherback craziness this year'
date added: 2008-08-04  source:

Research: Mussels used to determine track level of pollution in ports
date added: 2008-08-04  source:

Research: Squid shows how symbiotic microbes induce profound genetic changes in their hosts
date added: 2008-08-03  source:

Research: Acidification of the sea hampers reproduction of marine species; 'a 25 percent drop in fertility'
date added: 2008-08-02  source:

Study: Reefs come 'unglued' in oceans with high carbon dioxide
date added: 2008-07-31  source:

shortsnoutseahorseRare seahorses born at Brit aquarium; 'we're keeping our fingers crossed'
date added: 2008-07-30   source:

Primitive 'Dinosaur Eel' Could Inspire Future Body Armor
date added: 2008-07-30  source:

Invasion of the jellyfish: Mediterranean on alert as hundreds suffer from stings
date added: 2008-07-28  source:

migratorymantaray'Migratory' Manta Ray Declared New Species
date added: 2008-07-28   source:

Grazing sea urchins create ambient underwater noise on rocky reefs
date added: 2008-07-26  source:

Researchers: Crown-of-thorn starfish less prominent in Aussie reef 'green zones'
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Global Warming Forces Innovative Sea Turtle Protection; 'We Can't Expect The Turtles To Adjust'
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

EU To Ban Trade In Cruelly Obtained Seal Products
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Annual underwater love affair set for Florida Keys coral as full moon to trigger synchronized spawning
date added: 2008-07-24  source:

Aussie fisheries net 10,000 abalone in poaching crackdown; 'organized syndicates'
date added: 2008-07-24  source:

Is Mankind Killing Penguins Washing Ashore On Brazil's Coast? 'Not Finding Fish'
date added: 2008-07-24  source:

turtlerecordoklahoma103-pound turtle record may be record breaker, but experts have doubts
date added: 2008-07-23   source:

Suspect sought as mutilated turtle found on Hawaii beach; 'a very violent act'
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Study: Antarctic worms, sea spiders, urchins pounded by icebergs; marine life could suffer 'severe effects'
date added: 2008-07-22  source:

Hundreds gather to watch giant squid dissection; stuff of 'myth and legend'
date added: 2008-07-21  source:

chinesecrabGlobal warming leaves the River Thames facing attack of the alien crabs
date added: 2008-07-19   source:

Newly discovered leatherback turtle migration route may be roadmap to salvation
date added: 2008-07-18  source:

Aussie scientists set to dissect giant squid; 'sharp teeth that's like the tip of a chainsaw'
date added: 2008-07-18  source:

Jellyfish and chips may soon be on the menu for Brits
date added: 2008-07-15  source:

Canadian province calls for 'timely action' over EU sealing sanctions
date added: 2008-07-14  source:

Unlucky 13: Dolphin 'Sage' dies at Mirage habitat
date added: 2008-07-11  source:

survivorturtlemauiMaui's three-flippered turtle 'Survivor' lives up to its name
date added: 2008-07-11   source:
octopusrubikscubeRubik's Cube Used To Get On Right Side Of Octopuses
date added: 2008-07-10   source:

Research: Ancient marine invertebrate diversity less explosive than thought
date added: 2008-07-08  source:

cuttlefishBlue bloods, sex romps and a robot: it's a different kettle of fish
date added: 2008-07-08   source:
spookgraysealMeet 'Spook', world's oldest gray seal; marine 'model'
date added: 2008-07-06   source:
mccartneyMcCartney Urges EU Ban On Seal Products; 'Stain' On Canada's Image
date added: 2008-07-05   source:

Loggerhead turtles washed up on Brit coast returned to Gran Canaria
date added: 2008-07-04  source:

Australia scientists: Mercury link to dolphin deaths; 'quite severe neurological effects'
date added: 2008-07-03  source:

Study: Rhode Island bay's squid, lobster numbers rise as fish fall due to warming
date added: 2008-07-03  source:

crabdiverBrit Diver Pinches 50-year-old Crab, Companion; 'It Would Be Wrong To Eat Him'
date added: 2008-07-02   source:

Sea Change: U.S. Shrimpers Go Green to Compete; 'We Don't Have To Go Across The World'
date added: 2008-07-02  source:

86,000 Seals, 149 Jobs: Namibia's Seal Cull On Schedule For Tuesday Start
date added: 2008-07-02  source:

Giant squid found off California coast dissected by researchers; 'pretty rare'
date added: 2008-07-01  source:

giantsquidcaliforniaResearchers Find Remains of Rare Giant Squid Off California's Monterey Bay
date added: 2008-06-30   source:

How smart is the octopus? 'Conscious' moving rock
date added: 2008-06-27  source:

War in the time of dolphins: Supreme Court to hear battle over sonar
date added: 2008-06-25  source:

Giant clams released into the wild in the Philippines
date added: 2008-06-23  source:

'Dara', world's only captive hairy-nosed otter, gets new home; search for 'wife' starts
date added: 2008-06-23  source:

electricraybritainScientists: Global Warming Brings Mass Invasion Of Killer Stingrays in Brit Waters
date added: 2008-06-22   source:
seadragonweedyRare pregnancy of weedy sea dragon at U.S. aquarium
date added: 2008-06-17   source:
babywalrussmFirst birthday of captive baby walrus 'Akituusaq' celebrated at aquarium
date added: 2008-06-17   source:

Expert: Dolphins beached on Brit coast 'committed suicide'
date added: 2008-06-16  source:

Bacteria Targeting Pacific Northwest's Prized Oysters; 'We're In A State of Panic'
date added: 2008-06-16  source:

royalnavysubmarinesuicidedolphinRoyal Navy Submarine Implicated In 'Suicide' of 26 Dolphins
date added: 2008-06-16   source:
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