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Turtle tagged in 1977 still providing scientific feedback
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

Florida considers eliminating 90,000 lobster traps
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

coralspermCanadian Scientist Helps Create Coral Sperm Bank; 'An Insurance Policy'
date added: 2008-11-24   source:

Florida wildlife groups want more protection for turtles
date added: 2008-11-22  source:

'Jelly balls' Appearing Off Aussie Coast May Slow Global Warming; 'Can Double Their Numbers Several Times A Day'
date added: 2008-11-20  source:

Scientists: Urgent action needed on international coral reef crisis; 'the need for region-wide action is paramount'
date added: 2008-11-14  source:

A monster's tale: Ancient and unloved, sea lampreys plaguing Lake Champlain
date added: 2008-11-12  source:

slimysnaillocomotionScientists figure out puzzling secrets of a slimy snails unique propulsion system
date added: 2008-11-06   source:

Cayman's stingray found slashed by boat prop; 'No one's willing to go into the water to stitch up a stingray'
date added: 2008-11-03  source:

Canada, Mexico and the United States push for vaquita conservation plan; 'the world's most-endangered marine mammal'
date added: 2008-11-01  source:

Scientists: Warmer seas mean cod, eels, salmon could become rare sight in Irish waters
date added: 2008-11-01  source:

Sea urchin yields a key secret of biomineralization; 'nature's bottom-up nanofabrication'
date added: 2008-10-31  source:

Stingray brings Kiwi diver's holiday to painful end; 'it was just bad luck'
date added: 2008-10-30  source:

Researchers: Shipping off Aussie coast jetty 'threatens cuttlefish breeding'
date added: 2008-10-29  source:

seaturtleReport: Longlines kill endangered loggerhead sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2008-10-29   source:

Experts: Climate change could stop dolphins visiting Scottish waters
date added: 2008-10-29  source:

seaturtleskullgraveyardResearchers Identify Largest Sea Turtle Graveyard In World
date added: 2008-10-26   source:

Group: Scottish Seal Populations Plummet; 'It's Quite A Frightening Decline'
date added: 2008-10-23  source:

Scientists call for protected 'swimways' for the endangered leatherback sea turtle
date added: 2008-10-21  source:

Abandoned fishing gear has killed more than 30,000 Puget Sound animals
date added: 2008-10-21  source:

The Turtle Trainer: He lured the ocean's premier coal-mine canary into captivity
date added: 2008-10-20  source:

greenseaturtlesmNew study reveals the evolutionary history of threatened sea turtles
date added: 2008-10-20   source:

Necropsy: 'Rescued' manatee died from disease brought on by cold water
date added: 2008-10-19  source:

Study: Brainy genes, not brawn, key to success on mussel beach; baked and bathed 'day-in, day-out'
date added: 2008-10-14  source:

Scientists eye marine mollusks for new drugs, biofuels in tropical seas; 'a truly unique effort'
date added: 2008-10-12  source:

Research: Models of eel cells suggest electrifying possibilities of optimizing Mother Nature
date added: 2008-10-10  source:

sealReport: Bycatch Impacting 79% Of Marine Mammals
date added: 2008-10-10   source:

Last Of The Yangtze Giant Soft-Shells: Bid To Save World's Rarest Turtles Fails As 80-yr-old's Eggs Fails To Hatch
date added: 2008-10-09  source:

brazilbeachpenguinBrazilian Air Force Enlisted To Fly Lost Penguins South
date added: 2008-10-08   source:

Sea creatures bound for freedom after time at aquarium; 'the iconic event for us'
date added: 2008-10-06  source:

Brit military: Major exercise staged days before 26 dolphins died
date added: 2008-10-05  source:

Aussie expert warns of more deadly stingers; 'You over-fish something a little bit, jellyfish love it'
date added: 2008-10-04  source:

Japan park puts dolphins on weight-loss plan; 'we noticed they looked rounder'
date added: 2008-10-03  source:

jellyfishinvasionirelandHow the jellyfish got its sting; from a bacterium, surprisingly
date added: 2008-10-01   source:

Scot plans to reintroduce beavers after 400 years halted; 'destructive nocturnal rats'
date added: 2008-09-29  source:

Researchers: Neanderthals Ate Seals and Dolphins
date added: 2008-09-28  source:

Greenland's Inuits Blast EU Plans To Ban Seal Skin Sales
date added: 2008-09-28  source:

Man First In UK To Get Fine For 'Unprecedented Damage' To Mussel Habitat
date added: 2008-09-26  source:

Face-to-face with world's rarest otter in southern Vietnam; 'We could not believe our eyes'
date added: 2008-09-23  source:

New marine mammal center formed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
date added: 2008-09-23  source:

Hundreds Of New Aquatic Species Discovered Off Aussie Coast
date added: 2008-09-23  source:

dugongAbu Dhabi tries to save the dumpy 'lady of the sea'
date added: 2008-09-22   source:

Aussie divers urged to follow Tassie lead and ban recreational diving to control abalone virus
date added: 2008-09-20  source:

Hawaiian snorkel company fined $400,000 for sunken boat that damaged reef
date added: 2008-09-18  source:

Kiwi rangers trap dogs responsible for seal killings
date added: 2008-09-11  source:

nudedolphinStranded dolphin saved by naked German and clothed Polish tourists
date added: 2008-09-10   source:

Planners: Puget Sound geoduck farming may harm marine life
date added: 2008-09-10  source:

Bottlenose Dolphins May Be Attacking Other Species Over Food Shortages
date added: 2008-09-08  source:

SeaWorld: Sick dolphin attacked by sharks off Florida coast
date added: 2008-09-07  source:

dolphinbirthPictures Capture Moment A Dolphin Gave Birth; 'I Was Very Lucky'
date added: 2008-09-07   source:
mantaYap establishes manta ray sanctuary, first in the western Pacific
date added: 2008-09-03   source:

New details shed little light on dam sea lion deaths
date added: 2008-09-02  source:

New giant clam species offers window into human past; 'earliest example of marine overexploitation'
date added: 2008-08-31  source:

Canadian dig uncovers 80-million-year-old sea creature
date added: 2008-08-30  source:

georgiaaquariumnandiGeorgia Aquarium welcomes manta ray 'Nandi', first ever displayed at U.S. Aquarium
date added: 2008-08-30   source:

Researchers: Shipwreck Fuels Invasion Of Unwanted Species
date added: 2008-08-23  source:

Scientists: Worrying invasive snail found in Lake Michigan; 'what we can do is limit their expansion'
date added: 2008-08-20  source:

sealtrouteatingBrit photographer captures grey seal taking sea trout
date added: 2008-08-19   source:

Research: Plastics suspect in lobster disease; breakdown of may be interfering with molt
date added: 2008-08-18  source:

Chinese fisherman reel in 'record' 3,300-pound 'stingray'
date added: 2008-08-16  source:

Why sea turtles plumb the depths: they're on reconnaissance
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

Experts: Research needed as mysterious jellyfish swarms seen in Europe, U.S.
date added: 2008-08-13  source:

sealduckSeal plays cat and mouse with a duck - then eats it
date added: 2008-08-12   source:
turkishcrayfishHundreds of invasive crayfish killed by disease in Brit river
date added: 2008-08-11   source:

Shellfish may invade North Atlantic as ice melts
date added: 2008-08-11  source:

Sea lion invades family's boat off Washington State coast; 'It was the strangest thing'
date added: 2008-08-10  source:

Captive dolphins seen playing with bubbles in Florida
date added: 2008-08-09  source:

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