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No ordinary lobster: Fossil fragments reveal 500-million-year-old monster predator with 'large carapace'
date added: 2009-03-23  source:

Researcher: Hippos more closely related to whales, not pigs
date added: 2009-03-22  source:

Canadian bus driver investigated after clubbing fake seal
date added: 2009-03-19  source:

nudeprotestspaincanadasealhunt100 Nude Activists Protest Canadian Seal Hunt in Spain
date added: 2009-03-19   source:

Goo gives eels just the right buoyancy; Scientists survey the specific gravity of 25 marine critters
date added: 2009-03-17  source:

Florida proposes the country's strongest conservation measures for freshwater turtles
date added: 2009-03-17  source:

NOAA public service announcement: 'don't feed wild dolphins'
date added: 2009-03-16  source:

walrussleepWalruses are world's most unusual snoozers; can sleep anywhere -- or not at all
date added: 2009-03-14   source:

Researcher Disputes Weight Of Massive Stingray Catch; Never Weighed
date added: 2009-03-14  source:

Lobster traps going high tech; eMOLT sensor 'provides a lot of data at a reasonable cost'
date added: 2009-03-12  source:

Lisa-annGershwinjellyfishAussie scientist stumbles on new jellyfish species
date added: 2009-03-12   source:

Scientists to study impact of tidal turbines on sea life
date added: 2009-03-11  source:

Research: Algae 'soap' stripped birds of waterproofing; 'combination of red tide, birds, and big storm waves'
date added: 2009-03-07  source:

Conservationists: Humans May Be Behind Mass Beaching Off Australian Coast; 'More Than One Species Is Unusual'
date added: 2009-03-07  source:

Dam salmon-eating sea lions face cages or sharpshooters
date added: 2009-03-04  source:

Abandoned baby otter mistakes harmonica player for its mother
date added: 2009-03-03  source:

Kiwi study: Scat and regurgitate reveal seals eating fish with little or no commercial value
date added: 2009-03-02  source:

SeaWorld Orlando releases largest manatee ever under its care: 12-foot-long, 3,000-pound female
date added: 2009-03-02  source:

Groups want monitoring of turtle, shark 'by-catch' in the fishing industry
date added: 2009-03-01  source:

British Angler Lands Monster Stingray In Thailand; 'Biggest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught With A Rod and Line'
date added: 2009-02-28  source:

CorrugatedCrabRare crab spotted in British waters for just third time in century
date added: 2009-02-26   source:

Seal populations continue to explode off New England
date added: 2009-02-26  source:

seaotteroregonFirst Sea Otter Spotted On Oregon Coast in 103 Years
date added: 2009-02-26   source:

Japanese corals change sexes on the sea floor; 'males are less expensive to maintain'
date added: 2009-02-25  source:

Dolphins Stuck In Ice Off Newfoundland, Can Be Heard 'Crying All Night Long'
date added: 2009-02-24  source:

whaledragginglobsterropeCanada ponders banning lobster gear to save whales
date added: 2009-02-23   source:

Mayor appeals for dolphins trapped in ice; 'This is a really serious issue'
date added: 2009-02-23  source:

Mauled dolphin 'Nari' should make full recovery after undergoing surgery
date added: 2009-02-20  source:

German National Charged In U.S. Federal Court With Smuggling 40 Tons Of Coral From The Philippines
date added: 2009-02-19  source:

The Dolphins Of War: U.S. Navy Puget Sound Patrol Proposal Angers Activists
date added: 2009-02-18  source:

Wipeout: Europe's first artificial surf reef needs cash infusion
date added: 2009-02-16  source:

Dynamite use eyed in Philippines dolphin stranding
date added: 2009-02-16  source:

Research: Seamounts may serve as refuges for deep-sea animals that struggle to survive elsewhere
date added: 2009-02-14  source:

Study: Fundamentals of biochemistry challenged as Sargasso Sea phytoplankton found phosphate free
date added: 2009-02-12  source:

Investigation: Humans Not Involved In Dam Salmon-eating Sea Lion Deaths; Stress, Heat Exhaustion Likely Culprit
date added: 2009-02-09  source:

pygmyseahorsediscoveryFive New Pygmy Seahorse Species Found
date added: 2009-02-08   source:

Scientists: 'Seuss-like' sea creatures discovered; 'new things, magical things'
date added: 2009-02-08  source:

Study: Long-term recovery of reefs from bleaching requires local action to increase resilience
date added: 2009-02-08  source:

What's killing the coral? DNA array sheds light on coral disease
date added: 2009-02-08  source:

Scientist: Warming Waters And Predatory Crabs Threaten Antarctic Sealife; 'A Sadder, Duller Place'
date added: 2009-02-08  source:

jellyfishlaboratoryScientists create jellyfish in the laboratory; 'These things have to find food'
date added: 2009-02-07   source:

Aussies seek funds to study deadly irukandji jellyfish migration
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Geologists: Ancient turtle migrated from Asia to America over a tropical Arctic; C02 fueled polar heat?
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Report: Arctic region underprepared for maritime accidents; more 'disaster scenarios'
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Calgary Zoo: Lack Of Oxygen Killed Stingrays; 'Our Main Expertise Is Not In Fish'
date added: 2009-02-06  source:

Mystery as hundreds of conchs make surprise landing on Florida beach
date added: 2009-02-05  source:

'Unlucky' Father-of-two Dies After Stubbing His Toe On Coral At Florida Theme Park
date added: 2009-02-03  source:

Dolphin 'Chef' Follows Cuttlefish Recipe; 'Quite Sophisticated Behavior'
date added: 2009-02-02  source:

Scientists: Good weather conditions cited as record number of manatees counted in latest florida survey
date added: 2009-02-01  source:

TurritopsisNutricula'Immortal' jellyfish swarming across the world
date added: 2009-01-30   source:
emperorpenguinsmEmperor Penguins March Toward Extinction? 'They Adapt Slowly'
date added: 2009-01-30   source:

Whistles with dolphins: Diana Reiss uses science to fight for dolphin welfare
date added: 2009-01-29  source:

stingrayThree Aussie swimmers stung by stingrays; 'rare'
date added: 2009-01-29   source:

NOAA gives Navy marine mammal protection measures for sonar training off Hawaii
date added: 2009-01-27  source:

Study: Food choices and location influence California sea otter exposure to disease
date added: 2009-01-25  source:

Chemical come-on successfully lures love-sick lampreys to traps; 'it's very potent'
date added: 2009-01-23  source:

Officials Point Fingers As Fears Grow That Wayward New Jersey Dolphins Froze To Death
date added: 2009-01-22  source:

Florida fisherman pleads guilty to bombing fish-eating dolphins
date added: 2009-01-21  source:

mokodolphinnewzealand'Moko' the dolphin fails to show stranded whale way to safety
date added: 2009-01-17   source:

Sea turtle nesting in Florida down by 41% in 10 years
date added: 2009-01-09  source:

Florida: 337 document manatee deaths in 2008, slightly lower than 5-year average
date added: 2009-01-08  source:

Kiwi girl survives stingray attack; 'We were just trying to keep her awake'
date added: 2009-01-07  source:

Officials: Inuit seal hunters exempt from proposed new rules
date added: 2009-01-04  source:

Call For Common Seal Shooting Ban Over 'Alarming' Drop In Their Population
date added: 2009-01-02  source:

Researchers delve into the health benefits of sea cucumbers; 'full of glucosamine and chondroitin'
date added: 2008-12-31  source:

Kiwi minister: Fishing-related sea lion death toll not to exceed 113; 'dual obligations'
date added: 2008-12-30  source:

Rescued monk seal pup thrives after being released into the wild; 'never been done before'
date added: 2008-12-29  source:

dancingsealsPictured: 'Dancing Seals' A Hit At North Carolina Zoo
date added: 2008-12-29   source:
sealkelpcaliforniaAdvocate: Southern California marine-life contaminant levels 'terrifyingly high'
date added: 2008-12-28   source:
ceasefiresealssmBrit group, MPs lobby Prime Minister for a seal cease fire; 'the government must act'
date added: 2008-12-22   source:

Stingray brings Kiwi surf lesson to traumatic end; 'the most painful thing I've ever endured'
date added: 2008-12-22  source:

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