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Scientists 'astonished' as colossal squid found to have 'clocking device'
date added: 2008-05-04  source:

11 inches: Scientists say 'medium sized' colossal squid has largest eye ever seen
date added: 2008-05-03  source:

Colossal squid thawing; hints at even bigger beasts
date added: 2008-05-02  source:

Source: Seaworld flying dolphin tragedy caught on tape
date added: 2008-05-02  source:

colossalsquidColossal squid goes under the knife in New Zealand
date added: 2008-05-01   source:

Authorities begin trapping dam salmon-eating sea lions; notorious 'C309' snared
date added: 2008-05-01  source:

weddellsealtaggedTagged seals shed light on Antarctic deep; 'king of their little domain'
date added: 2008-05-01   source:

Kiwis pull giant squid out of the freezer, put it under the knife
date added: 2008-04-30  source:

How Pierre the penguin got back in the swim again
date added: 2008-04-29  source:

Mexican national sentenced for smuggling sea turtle products; prison time 'should serve as a warning'
date added: 2008-04-28  source:

Lock 'em up: Federal court blocks killing dam salmon-eating sea lions, agrees to trapping
date added: 2008-04-27  source:

Washed-up sea snake rescued in New Zealand; 'The trick's not to get bitten'
date added: 2008-04-27  source:

Study: Last River Porpoises Dying in Polluted Yangtze
date added: 2008-04-25  source:

Pacific corals on the brink of annual mass spawning
date added: 2008-04-22  source:

Canadian Seal Hunt Unpopular; Protests Even Less Popular
date added: 2008-04-22  source:

Canada deports jailed sealing protesters back to Europe; 'It's all about silencing any sort of dissent'
date added: 2008-04-21  source:

drunkendavedolphinDrunken Brit pair fined 750 for 'recklessly disturbing' celebrity dolphin 'Dave'
date added: 2008-04-21   source:
colossalsquidGlobal interest expected in defrosting of 'T-Rex' squid
date added: 2008-04-20   source:
hakapikLeaders of 2 Canadian territories call to ban use of spiked club in seal hunt
date added: 2008-04-18   source:
Swinhoessoft-shellturtleZoo Researchers Find 'Extinct' Giant Turtle in Vietnam; 'Every One Counts'
date added: 2008-04-18   source:
paulwatsonSea Shepherd bails out crew with bag of 'pirate' coins
date added: 2008-04-16   source:

Report: Fijian coast villagers ripped off by coral trade's 'peanuts'
date added: 2008-04-16  source:

To Protect And Seal: Canadian Officials Board, Seize Sea Shepherd Vessel; 'An Act of War'
date added: 2008-04-14  source:

Imported aquacultured reef clams found to have foreign disease; 'you can't avoid it'
date added: 2008-04-09  source:

Survivors of doomed Canadian sealing boat recount their escape; 'not time for you to die'
date added: 2008-04-07  source:

Minister says Canadian seal hunt protesters will be charged; group denies allegations
date added: 2008-04-07  source:

eaglerayfloridaleapwomandeathExperts: Ray's Dangerous Reputation Overstated; 'They Do Not Attack People'
date added: 2008-04-05   source:
sealclubsmallActivists threaten seal pup hunters; 'perverse abomination'
date added: 2008-04-01   source:
chestermonksealhawaiiCelebrity Hawaiian monk seal 'Chester' found dead on island
date added: 2008-03-31   source:

'Slow start' as thick ice hinders Canada's controversial seal hunt
date added: 2008-03-31  source:

ribbonsealU.S. Studies Protection For Little-Known Ribbon Seal
date added: 2008-03-30   source:
canadasealcullCanada Defiant Over Annual Seal Pup Cull; 'Humane, Sustainable and Responsible'
date added: 2008-03-27   source:

Giant sea creatures discovered in Antarctica; 'sea spiders the size of dinner plates'
date added: 2008-03-25  source:

Sea Shepherd Sends Vessel To Monitor Canadian Seal Hunt
date added: 2008-03-24  source:

Research: Evidence of Seal-clubbing In Ancient Wales
date added: 2008-03-22  source:

Kiwi minister slams dolphin haul during fishing expedition; 'it is quite shocking'
date added: 2008-03-20  source:

Rare leatherback turtles gain protection in Costa Rica; 'We must save every single nest'
date added: 2008-03-20  source:

South Seas dolphins face slaughter for their teeth - or life in captivity; 'we cut them like this'
date added: 2008-03-18  source:

Biologists: Sand dollar larvae use cloning to 'make change,' confound predators
date added: 2008-03-17  source:

Worms return to Wales to build coast reef after 60 year break
date added: 2008-03-13  source:

IFAW: Slaughter of 275,000 harp seal pups 'completely indefensible' in face of international outcry and dwindling markets
date added: 2008-03-13  source:

hexapusGroup calls for 'hexapus' freedom; 'exceedingly cruel...side-show freak'
date added: 2008-03-12   source:

Canada Adopts New Seal Kill Rules To Ensure 'More Certainty Around Humaneness'
date added: 2008-03-12  source:

sealclubsmallCanada: 275,000 Seals Can Be Killed This Year; Herd 'Healthy and Abundant'
date added: 2008-03-12   source:

Concern as baby dolphin health declines in Cambodia; 'global warming' suspected
date added: 2008-03-10  source:

Tiny polyps need 2 kinds of carbon to survive coral bleaching; photosynthesis vs. zooplankton
date added: 2008-03-07  source:

hexapusHexapus: World's first six-legged octopus discovered; 'That's just how he is'
date added: 2008-03-07   source:
giantsquidfishmongerBrit fishmonger is squids in with this monster from the deep; 'it's huge!'
date added: 2008-03-07   source:

Millions of 'mauve stinger' jellyfish set to invade the Mediterranean
date added: 2008-03-03  source:

dolphindeadcorwallSpate of Dolphin Deaths Hit Cornwall Coast; 'Signs of Bycatch'
date added: 2008-03-03   source:

200 lbs. of live lobsters stolen from Orlando restaurant
date added: 2008-02-27  source:

Study: 'Reefs without people' were healthier than populated reefs
date added: 2008-02-27  source:

Corals begin arriving at world's largest reef tank; 'corals can be very aggressive'
date added: 2008-02-26  source:

Dead dolphin was near site of U.S. Navy sonar tests; 'perplexing'
date added: 2008-02-25  source:

New expedition to study mysterious deep-sea corals; 'a lot of vulnerable habitats'
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

Singapore market eyed as Solomon Islands dolphin exporter readies 'catch'
date added: 2008-02-21  source:

freshwaterstingrayGiant freshwater stingray caught in Thailand
date added: 2008-02-20   source:

Researcher: Small sea creatures may be the 'canaries in the coal mine' of climate change
date added: 2008-02-20  source:

Octopus 'Delores' feeling the love at Seattle Aquarium; 'They'll eat anything they can get their tentacles on'
date added: 2008-02-19  source:

Dolphin slaughter brings charges from both sides; 'It's absolutely barbaric'
date added: 2008-02-14  source:

Sixth defendant pleads guilty in connection with illegal sea turtle smuggling
date added: 2008-02-12  source:

jellyfishsmResearcher: New guidelines needed on jellyfish sting treatment
date added: 2008-02-09   source:
napierdolphinLone dolphin helps Kiwi aquarium stay afloat; 'She's about 150'
date added: 2008-02-07   source:

Invasive jellyfish increase pressure on cod stock in Baltic Sea
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Study: Swimmers' Sunscreen Killing Off Coral; Chemicals Found to Awaken Dormant Viruses
date added: 2008-02-04  source:

Bangladesh fishermen beat rare river dolphin to death; 'creature' never seen before
date added: 2008-02-03  source:

mccartneyMcCartney urges end to seal hunt; 'A seal pup makes a great photo op'
date added: 2008-02-03   source:

Report: Kiwi paua poacher described as arrogant, determined
date added: 2008-02-01  source:

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