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Reef divers rescue endangered turtle off Florida coast; 'something just is not quite right'
date added: 2011-07-09  source:

Burma: Irrawaddy dolphins triple in protected area
date added: 2011-07-08  source:

Sea turtle smugglers hooked in Bali; 'We suspect the turtles were headed for restaurants'
date added: 2011-07-07  source:

Eel is always served cooked. Why is that?
date added: 2011-07-06  source:

Namibia Sets Seal Cull at 86,000 to Protect Fishing
date added: 2011-07-06  source:

Scotland: Nuclear plant shut down after 'high volumes' of jellyfish clog filters
date added: 2011-07-03  source:

Researchers: Sea urchins see with their entire body; 'a huge compound eye'
date added: 2011-07-03  source:

Aussie reef taskforce urged to tackle starfish damage
date added: 2011-07-03  source:

mantarayOpen ... wide: The astonishing gathering of manta rays to feast on plankton
date added: 2011-07-02   source:
turtleBrainscanRelief at Brit aquarium as loggerhead turtle's brain scan result 'good'
date added: 2011-07-02   source:
waywardpenguinNew Zealand: Humans will help lost penguin start long swim home
date added: 2011-07-01   source:

Photographer captures vivid swarm of squid
date added: 2011-07-01  source:

Shock as Second Dolphin Calf Dies in a Week at Baltimore Aquarium; 'We're All Exhausted and Emotionally Spent'
date added: 2011-07-01  source:

Kiwi fishers: Bashing seal pup over head 'only option'
date added: 2011-06-28  source:

New Zealand: Wayward Antarctic penguin takes turn for the worse, eats sand
date added: 2011-06-26  source:

Swiss activists step up campaign to ban seal products; 'We want Canada to end commercial seal hunting'
date added: 2011-06-24  source:

Penguin takes wrong turn, ends up in New Zealand; 'it's a very long way from its usual range'
date added: 2011-06-24  source:

Diver captures Seattle octopus hatching 50,000 babies
date added: 2011-06-23  source:

Seal rescued from Brit nuclear power station water intake; 'no hurry to leave as there were plenty of fish'
date added: 2011-06-21  source:

$10,000 reward offered for Cape Cod seal killers; 'the ultimate act of cowardice'
date added: 2011-06-20  source:

aussiedugongScientists To Study Mysterious Dugong, Dolphin and Turtle Deaths Along Queensland Coast
date added: 2011-06-20   source:

Viral video: Seal pups kiss as they are released into the wild
date added: 2011-06-19  source:

How large can lobsters grow? Big! But no one knows how big
date added: 2011-06-19  source:

India: Spawning success stories with backyard aquaculture; 'I sold around 5,000 post larvae prawns in the first stage'
date added: 2011-06-19  source:

coralrubbleProgram 'regrows' damaged Indonesian reefs; 'speeding up' the process
date added: 2011-06-19   source:

Passing the sniff test: How the government decides Gulf shrimp Is oil-free enough to eat
date added: 2011-06-18  source:

'Poopologist' secures grant funds to study monk seal feces
date added: 2011-06-15  source:

For some crustaceans in polluted waters, it could be worse: They could have healthy predators
date added: 2011-06-14  source:

leatherbackturtleShock as leatherback turtle seen in northern Scotland
date added: 2011-06-13   source:

My, what big teeth you have, leopard seal. All the better to eat krill
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Aussie authorities: Clues emerge in 'cement shoes' dolphin deaths investigation
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Record Levels of Deadly Toxin Found in Alaska Shellfish; Single Mussel 'Enough to Kill Several People'
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Canadian seal hunt under fire again at European Parliament
date added: 2011-06-11  source:

tinylobsterBehemoth 22.3 Pound Lobster Named 'Tiny' Caught in Bay of Fundy
date added: 2011-06-11   source:
JosefinStarkhammarsmResearchers: Dolphins use double sonar; 'we humans have a lot to learn from dolphins'
date added: 2011-06-10   source:

Oregon House OKs Hazing 'Non-native' Sea Lions Seven Days a Week; 'The California Sea Lion is Not Even an Oregon Sea Lion'
date added: 2011-06-10  source:

Study: Ciguatoxin discovered in critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal
date added: 2011-06-09  source:

fluffybluelobster'Fluffy' the blue lobster headed to museum
date added: 2011-06-08   source:

Study: Jellyfish blooms shunt food energy from fish to bacteria; 'voracious predators'
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Expert: Yangtze River dolphins to decrease 80% in 30 years
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

The Real Navy Seals -- and Sea Lions and Dolphins and Whales
date added: 2011-06-04  source:

russiansealRussian veterinarian becomes impromptu seal expert; 'one seal a year'
date added: 2011-06-03   source:

Australia: Pygmy seahorse and corals found at new depths
date added: 2011-06-02  source:

Officials: 1,600-plus Florida beachgoers stung by jellyfish in a week
date added: 2011-06-02  source:

Researchers to trace the narwhals' Arctic journey; 'We're trying to fill in research gaps'
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Aussie aquarium diver hospitalized after stingray strikes; '10-out-of-10 pain'
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Scientist: Gulf Dolphins Impacted by BP Oil Spill; Dispersants, Oil, Cold 'A Perfect Storm'
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

Ouch! 400 jellyfish stings reported on 1 day along Florida beach
date added: 2011-05-29  source:

anomalocarididssuperpredatorsmNo Shrimp: Cambrian Super-Predators Grew Large In Arms Race; 'Fierce Horrible Predators'
date added: 2011-05-29   source:

Study: Marine mammals infected with two parasites normally found in land animals
date added: 2011-05-27  source:

Video: What it's like to swim in 'Jellyfish Lake'
date added: 2011-05-26  source:

hydroeelExperts hope to save eels from Ontario hydro dams
date added: 2011-05-26   source:

1000-yr-old mystery solved: Researcher says Narwhal tusk perfectly built; 'a silent and efficient killer'
date added: 2011-05-25  source:

Florida man frees 'best friend' from jaws of alligator; 'Doogie in his mouth'
date added: 2011-05-25  source:

Humane Society challenges dam salmon-eating sea lion killing
date added: 2011-05-23  source:

caymansturtlepoacherCaymans: Endangered green turtle slaughtered with speargun
date added: 2011-05-20   source:

Russian environmental watchdog denies media reports, says no dead dolphins in Black Sea
date added: 2011-05-20  source:

Aquarium of Pacific mourns sudden death of Odin the sea lion
date added: 2011-05-19  source:

China to build underwater cultural heritage protection bases in Xiamen
date added: 2011-05-19  source:

Vets: Water on brain likely killed wild porpoise; 'we wanted things to work out differently'
date added: 2011-05-19  source:

Researchers: How can a colorblind animal change its colors to blend into the background?
date added: 2011-05-18  source:

Disaster As Australian Fur Seals Suffer Hair Loss, Threatening Health And Survival
date added: 2011-05-18  source:

sealwhiskersSeal Whiskers More Sensitive Than Previously Thought
date added: 2011-05-17   source:

Architeuthis on Ice: Discovering The Giant Squid
date added: 2011-05-16  source:

Research: Bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales feeding in urbanized areas accumulate more chemical pollutants
date added: 2011-05-13  source:

Growing seal 'hooligan' population threatens small-scale fishing; 'it is only certain seals who are responsible for the damage'
date added: 2011-05-13  source:

Kazakh ecologists investigate Caspian seal deaths
date added: 2011-05-12  source:

Researcher: Rocking urchins provide the soundwaves
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

Japan: Taiji Dolphin hunt extended by one month
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

Blind sea lions to debut at San Francisco Zoo
date added: 2011-05-10  source:

tigerrayPotamotrygon tigrina: New species of tiger stingray named
date added: 2011-05-10   source:
krillgenomeLandmark study to reveal krill genome; 'This is a dream project for me'
date added: 2011-05-09   source:

Dolphin defenders celebrate closing of Turkish dolphinarium
date added: 2011-05-09  source:

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