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Moray eel evolution baffles scientists; 'species don't do that'
date added: 2010-04-16  source:

Crittercam Octopus vs. Sea Lion -- First Ever Video
date added: 2010-04-16  source:

Groups: Taiwan is the 4th largest importer of seal oil
date added: 2010-04-15  source:

New mathematical model shows how heat gives coral diseases an upper hand; 'there's a lag'
date added: 2010-04-15  source:

ctenopeltasmResearch: Long-distance larvae speed to new undersea vent homes; 'we got a surprise'
date added: 2010-04-15   source:

Canada pledges to help 'Mr. Stinky,' other sea life
date added: 2010-04-14  source:

Billions of deadly jellyfish invade British waters
date added: 2010-04-14  source:

Japan Succeeds In World's First Complete Cultivation Of Eels
date added: 2010-04-13  source:

littlegraysealMystery orphan seal from 'London Zoo' washed up on Irish shores
date added: 2010-04-12   source:

Aussie turtle slaughter raises questions; 'traditional hunting methods' cruel?
date added: 2010-04-12  source:

Scientists: Tiny Jellyfish First Oxygen-free Animals Found; 'We Thought Only Bacteria Could Do This'
date added: 2010-04-12  source:

humboltsquidHumboldt Squid Seem To Be Thriving--Thanks To Ocean Dead Zones
date added: 2010-04-12   source:

Large stingray barbs Aussie fisherman; 'he was in significant pain'
date added: 2010-04-11  source:

Dwindling Demand, Disappearing Markets: Few Fishermen Expected To Participate In Canadian Seal Hunt
date added: 2010-04-11  source:

NOAA admits skate 'concern' was off base; peer review process 'has totally failed'
date added: 2010-04-09  source:

Oregon Aquarium Sea Lion Caught In Drain Suction, Dies in Freak Drowning; 'A Particularly Difficult Time' For Staff
date added: 2010-04-09  source:

leopardSealPhotographer waits two hours in freezing water to capture leopard seal
date added: 2010-04-08   source:
scotsealsFreedom: Seal Swept From Scot Aquarium Into Sea
date added: 2010-04-05   source:
floridamanateeswimFlorida environmental group vows suit to stop swimming with manatees
date added: 2010-04-01   source:

U.S.: Mexican Shrimp Trawlers Killing Sea Turtles
date added: 2010-03-31  source:

Brits concerned as rare mussel not breeding in the River Wye; 'the adults may have given up trying'
date added: 2010-03-30  source:

Ice blamed as Canada's seal hunt gets off to slow start
date added: 2010-03-30  source:

Aussie southern coast braces for marine 'cane toad' invasion
date added: 2010-03-29  source:

Florida's record cold leads to record number of manatee deaths; 'of great concern'
date added: 2010-03-26  source:

Suit filed to protect habitat for California's endangered black abalone; 'on the cusp of extinction'
date added: 2010-03-26  source:

Scientists Amazed As Landlubber Caterpillars Take to the Water; 'These Guys Don't Care'
date added: 2010-03-26  source:

Researchers: Increased human population is leading to sick turtles
date added: 2010-03-24  source:

U.S. Federal Agencies Honored for Smashing Sea Turtle Smuggling Rings
date added: 2010-03-24  source:

Kauai shrimp farm wants to dump up to 30 million gallons of waste a day waste in ocean; 'The ocean is not a dump'
date added: 2010-03-23  source:

starfishbeachThousands of dead starfish blight Devon beach; expert: 'tired out' from reproduction
date added: 2010-03-23   source:

Is it wrong to swim with dolphins? 'They have an effect on the human psyche'
date added: 2010-03-22  source:

Turkish dolphinarium plans create major protests; 'hole of shame'
date added: 2010-03-21  source:

Less than three months in, 2010 manatee deaths set annual record for Florida
date added: 2010-03-16  source:

Starving sea lions wash ashore in California; 'They're just skin and bones'
date added: 2010-03-15  source:

U.S. Set To Declare Loggerhead Turtles Endangered Species; 'Overwhelming Evidence' Links Fishing To Decline
date added: 2010-03-15  source:

Open Season: Officials Kill Sixth Dam Salmon-eating Sea Lion; 'Repeat Offenders' Targeted
date added: 2010-03-15  source:

Suit filed to save penguins at risk from global warming and fisheries; 'our government is dragging its feet'
date added: 2010-03-14  source:

Underwater footage key to 'Cove'; filmmakers hid cameras in faux rocks
date added: 2010-03-14  source:

yellowseahorseIndian lab successfully breeds endangered yellow seahorses
date added: 2010-03-12   source:

Paul Watson spices up Canada seal hunt fight with $50,000 cod bet
date added: 2010-03-12  source:

californiaseahorsePhotog captures rare pictures of seahorse off Southern California coast
date added: 2010-03-11   source:

Maine lobsterman on trial for shooting fellow fisherman
date added: 2010-03-10  source:

boxjellyfishstingSwedish girl almost killed by jellyfish in Thailand
date added: 2010-03-10   source:

Florida busts black-market shrimp dealer; 'this product was not stored or handled according to state law'
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

Canadian politician urges ban on European alcohol over seal-hunt protest
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

Open Season: Oregon Kills First Dam Salmon-eating Sea Lion Of The Year; Activists Mourn 'Lionel'
date added: 2010-03-08  source:

Canadian senator's seal lunch another tacky effort to support hunt
date added: 2010-03-07  source:

bobtailsquidsmResearch: Squid's glowing relationship with bacteria highlights immune system function
date added: 2010-03-06   source:

American eel said to be caught in perfect storm of extinction; Iroquois 'Powerbar'
date added: 2010-03-06  source:

U.S. set to embargo Mexican wild shrimp over turtle protection issues
date added: 2010-03-05  source:

Oystermen to move 6 million pounds of oysters to Alabama reef
date added: 2010-03-05  source:

fisherstevensFisher Stevens: Captured dolphins aren't smiling
date added: 2010-03-05   source:

Report: PCB pollution threatening dolphins; 'There is potential for people to be exposed'
date added: 2010-03-04  source:

Again: Sea Lion 'Tasco' Attacks Aussie Zoo Keeper; 'Probably Acting Defensively Towards His Space'
date added: 2010-03-04  source:

whitestingrayRare white stingray gifted to Kiwi aquarium; 'It's a genetic thing'
date added: 2010-03-02   source:
manateehaircutManatee gets 'haircut' from gill fish
date added: 2010-03-01   source:

Ways to help manatees survive a unusually harsh Florida winter
date added: 2010-03-01  source:

SeaWorld Curator: Ponytail Likely Caused Fatal Killer Whale Attack; 'He Grabbed Her By The Hair'
date added: 2010-03-01  source:

Field study exposes how sea turtle hatchlings use their flippers to move quickly on sand
date added: 2010-02-28  source:

ghostpipefishsydneyExotic immigrant brings rare color to the Sydney harbor
date added: 2010-02-26   source:

Snub EU: Canadian Parliament Restaurant To Serve Seal Meat
date added: 2010-02-26  source:

bullyturtleBad-tempered turtle moved to solitary confinement after bullying behavior
date added: 2010-02-24   source:
dolphinDolphin therapy is booming despite concerns about efficacy and animal cruelty
date added: 2010-02-24   source:

Professor presents case for dolphins as nonhuman persons; 'they have a sense of choice and will'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

dolphinsurferDolphins send Aussie surfers' hearts racing; 'they're familiar with people'
date added: 2010-02-24   source:

Conger eel's last journey: Brit zoo to the Caribbean; 'There's got to be a good reason why they migrate so far'
date added: 2010-02-23  source:

Pod of dolphins spotted 12 miles up New Jersey river; 'They belong in the ocean, not the Hackensack'
date added: 2010-02-22  source:

Research: Dolphins' health shed light on human and ocean health; an important 'sentinel species'
date added: 2010-02-22  source:

Every Dolphin's Gone Surfin'! Stunning Pictures As Hundreds Play Among Some Monster Waves
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

Seahorses lead the charge in a teeming Thames; 'We're not quite sure why they're here'
date added: 2010-02-20  source:

Jersey fishermen fight ray catching ban; 'it's unfair'
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

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