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Research: Elephant seals help uncover slower-than-expected Antarctic melting
date added: 2012-06-27  source:

damsealionsmU.S. House Passes Bill To Make Killing Salmon-eating Sea Lions Easier
date added: 2012-06-26   source:

Minnesota: Seal, other animals escape, killed by flood at zoo; 'our entire staff is devastated'
date added: 2012-06-25  source:

naughtyoctopus'Naughty Octopus' Teaches Dolphin A Painful Lesson
date added: 2012-06-22   source:
bluelobstermdRare blue lobster caught off Maryland coast; donated to D.C. aquarium
date added: 2012-06-21   source:

Single parent beaver gives a dam; 'Dad's transition to single parent was a seamless one'
date added: 2012-06-20  source:

Mythbusting: Nobody Got Pregnant From Eating Squid
date added: 2012-06-20  source:

Hawaii: Fine, community service form convicted of throwing rocks at monk seal
date added: 2012-06-19  source:

Third harbor seal bound for St. Louis zoo dies; 'we did everything we possibly could'
date added: 2012-06-15  source:

Up, pup and away: The moment firefighters braved stormy waves to rescue an orphaned seal
date added: 2012-06-14  source:

They Didn't Make It: 'Distressed' Seals Die En Route To St. Louis Zoo
date added: 2012-06-14  source:

Bangladesh: Endangered turtle bred on artificial beach
date added: 2012-06-13  source:

Do homemade remedies for jellyfish stings work? Science says no
date added: 2012-06-11  source:

bloodyheadsIreland: Bloodied heads of young seals nailed to entrance of sanctuary
date added: 2012-06-10   source:

Research: Grazing sea snails key to controlling seaweed along rocky seashores
date added: 2012-06-05  source:

Wolphin: False killer whale, dolphin hybrid dies shortly after birth
date added: 2012-06-04  source:

Hawaii: Environmental group pushes for dolphin to be on endangered list
date added: 2012-06-03  source:

Double: 70,000 Harp Seals Killed In Canada, Twice Last Years Take
date added: 2012-06-01  source:

squidinkResearchers: Squid ink unchanged in 160 million years
date added: 2012-05-31   source:

Fiji: 'Fearful looking' stingray spooks villagers
date added: 2012-05-30  source:

squidinkResearchers: Squid ink unchanged in 160 million years
date added: 2012-05-30   source:

Aussie Researchers: Freshwater Turtles May Hold The Key To Anti-aging; 'There's No Sign Of Menopause'
date added: 2012-05-26  source:

Philippines goes after sea turtle restaurants
date added: 2012-05-24  source:

Independent Assessment: Solomon Islands Dolphin Exports Unsustainable
date added: 2012-05-24  source:

finlessporpoiseChina feeds fish to finless porpoises to save them from starvation
date added: 2012-05-23   source:
elephantsealtrackingsmElephant seal tracking reveals hidden lives of deep-diving animals; drawn to gyres
date added: 2012-05-21   source:

Porpoise deaths raise alarms about health of Puget Sound
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

deepdiviingsubJapanese researchers: Deep-diving sub will hunt for spawning eels
date added: 2012-05-21   source:

Researchers: Jellyfish Key To Pacific Leatherback Turtle Survival; 'It's Constantly In Search Of Food'
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

Group Asks Judge To Halt Killings Of Dam Salmon-eating Sea Lions
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

Scientists: Dinosaur-like sea reptile suffered from arthritis
date added: 2012-05-20  source:

Elephant seal tracking reveals hidden lives of deep-diving animals
date added: 2012-05-17  source:

Bugs: California man gets 7 days jail, fined more than $20,000 for poaching lobsters
date added: 2012-05-17  source:

Turkey: After years in captivity, dolphins released
date added: 2012-05-16  source:

Deepstaria Enigmatica: Mystery Solved As Curious Blob Filmed In The Deep Revealed To Be A Giant Jellyfish
date added: 2012-05-16  source:

Canada: No sea ice for seals? They'll adapt and go elsewhere, feds says
date added: 2012-05-15  source:

Campaigners condemn Scottish government's complacency as seven months of seal killings remain unreported
date added: 2012-05-12  source:

dolphinspeakesmScientists: 'Dolphin speaker' to enhance study of dolphin vocalizations and acoustics
date added: 2012-05-11   source:

Canada: Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Re-starting Traditional Seal Hunt; 'A Lot Of Young People Don't Go Out Sealing'
date added: 2012-05-10  source:

seasnakeMarine biologists: Australia's sea snakes 'at risk of extinction'
date added: 2012-05-09   source:

Kangaroo Island may cull New Zealand fur seals to save penguins
date added: 2012-05-09  source:

dwarfseahorseprotectionUS considers protection for dwarf seahorse
date added: 2012-05-08   source:

Canadian Senator: Bid To End Seal Hunt Dead In The Water; 'Wasting Taxpayers Money Discussing These Things
date added: 2012-05-08  source:

cuttlefishcamoScientist craft artificial muscles that mimic squid's camouflage ability
date added: 2012-05-06   source:

Puget Sound: Rampant poaching puts region's geoduck populations at risk
date added: 2012-05-05  source:

octopuscanPhilippines: Octopus has his own mobile home - a tin can
date added: 2012-05-05   source:

Study: Unusual Alliance Noted As Bottlenose Dolphins Seen Cooperating With Fishermen
date added: 2012-05-05  source:

First Seal Lions, Then They Come For Birds: Oregon Seeks Permission To Kill Salmon-eating Cormorants
date added: 2012-05-02  source:

salpsblackJellyfish-Like Organisms Shut Down California Power Plant
date added: 2012-05-02   source:

Rise in Asian Tiger Shrimp Sightings Prompts Scientific Look At Invasion Concerns
date added: 2012-05-01  source:

Officials probe fourth Hawaiian monk seal death
date added: 2012-04-29  source:

sealioneatingsalmonsmTribal Group Claims Sea Lions Munch More Salmon Than Previously Thought
date added: 2012-04-28   source:
riverpigChina 'river pig' deaths raise extinction concerns
date added: 2012-04-27   source:

Mekong losing its Irrawaddy dolphin as conservationists fail to agree on how to save it
date added: 2012-04-27  source:

Fishermen Nearly Pulled Overboard By Hungry Sea Lion
date added: 2012-04-27  source:

Video: Deep Sea World seal Heather to be Japan TV star
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

Branded, hazed and killed for eating fish: The tragic life of sea lion C779
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

Canada: Seal Hunt Advocates Protest Anti-seal Hunt School Assembly; 'A Whole Campaign Of Misinformation'
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

deformedshrimpDeformities In Gulf Seafood Found After BP Oil Spill
date added: 2012-04-23   source:

Lawsuit seeks protections for sea turtles, polar bears, other rare wildlife from oil-spill dispersants
date added: 2012-04-20  source:

Experts: Sonar Link To 3,000 Dolphins Stranding In Peru
date added: 2012-04-19  source:

Study: Manatee hearing good despite background noise
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Fishermen net gold in silvery eels sold to Asia; 'It's not very sophisticated at all'
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Sarah McLachlan Asks Stephen Harper To End Seal Hunt; Industry 'Lucrative As An Eight-track Tape Factory'
date added: 2012-04-16  source:

Darden plans to build world's largest lobster farm in Malaysia; 'it increases the supply of lobster'
date added: 2012-04-13  source:

Largest ice-seal count ever about to begin in Arctic
date added: 2012-04-12  source:

sealentertainmentSanctuary staff use toys to entertain seals; 'even the penguins enjoy it'
date added: 2012-04-11   source:

WWF Malaysia urges government to ban eating of turtle eggs
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

Stimulus: Newfoundland government makes loan to boost seal hunt
date added: 2012-04-10  source:

Brit Scientist: Dinosaurs Lived Underwater; Dry Land 'Makes No Sense'
date added: 2012-04-10  source:

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