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Puget Sound: Rampant poaching puts region's geoduck populations at risk
date added: 2012-05-05  source:

octopuscanPhilippines: Octopus has his own mobile home - a tin can
date added: 2012-05-05   source:

Study: Unusual Alliance Noted As Bottlenose Dolphins Seen Cooperating With Fishermen
date added: 2012-05-05  source:

First Seal Lions, Then They Come For Birds: Oregon Seeks Permission To Kill Salmon-eating Cormorants
date added: 2012-05-02  source:

salpsblackJellyfish-Like Organisms Shut Down California Power Plant
date added: 2012-05-02   source:

Rise in Asian Tiger Shrimp Sightings Prompts Scientific Look At Invasion Concerns
date added: 2012-05-01  source:

Officials probe fourth Hawaiian monk seal death
date added: 2012-04-29  source:

sealioneatingsalmonsmTribal Group Claims Sea Lions Munch More Salmon Than Previously Thought
date added: 2012-04-28   source:
riverpigChina 'river pig' deaths raise extinction concerns
date added: 2012-04-27   source:

Mekong losing its Irrawaddy dolphin as conservationists fail to agree on how to save it
date added: 2012-04-27  source:

Fishermen Nearly Pulled Overboard By Hungry Sea Lion
date added: 2012-04-27  source:

Video: Deep Sea World seal Heather to be Japan TV star
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

Branded, hazed and killed for eating fish: The tragic life of sea lion C779
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

Canada: Seal Hunt Advocates Protest Anti-seal Hunt School Assembly; 'A Whole Campaign Of Misinformation'
date added: 2012-04-24  source:

deformedshrimpDeformities In Gulf Seafood Found After BP Oil Spill
date added: 2012-04-23   source:

Lawsuit seeks protections for sea turtles, polar bears, other rare wildlife from oil-spill dispersants
date added: 2012-04-20  source:

Experts: Sonar Link To 3,000 Dolphins Stranding In Peru
date added: 2012-04-19  source:

Study: Manatee hearing good despite background noise
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Fishermen net gold in silvery eels sold to Asia; 'It's not very sophisticated at all'
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Sarah McLachlan Asks Stephen Harper To End Seal Hunt; Industry 'Lucrative As An Eight-track Tape Factory'
date added: 2012-04-16  source:

Darden plans to build world's largest lobster farm in Malaysia; 'it increases the supply of lobster'
date added: 2012-04-13  source:

Largest ice-seal count ever about to begin in Arctic
date added: 2012-04-12  source:

sealentertainmentSanctuary staff use toys to entertain seals; 'even the penguins enjoy it'
date added: 2012-04-11   source:

WWF Malaysia urges government to ban eating of turtle eggs
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

Stimulus: Newfoundland government makes loan to boost seal hunt
date added: 2012-04-10  source:

Brit Scientist: Dinosaurs Lived Underwater; Dry Land 'Makes No Sense'
date added: 2012-04-10  source:

dolphinjumpCould Humans Have Evolved From Dolphins? 'Aquatic Apes'
date added: 2012-04-10   source:

Paleontologists sink aquatic dinosaur nonsense; 'a glorified amateur playing with his toy dinosaurs'
date added: 2012-04-08  source:

Paleontologists sink aquatic dinosaur nonsense; 'a glorified amateur playing with his toy dinosaurs'
date added: 2012-04-07  source:

Research: Baltic Gray Seals Consume As Much Fish As The Fishing Industry Catches; 'Competition'
date added: 2012-04-05  source:

Canada Defends Seal Hunt Quota As Population Hits All-time High
date added: 2012-04-03  source:

Researchers: Bottlenose Dolphins: 'Gangs' Run Society; 'Driven By Complex Social Relationships'
date added: 2012-04-01  source:

A Clockwork Orange: Violent Hawaiian monk seal heads to California research lab for 'study'
date added: 2012-03-28  source:

robotjellyfish'First' as scientists develop self-powered robot jellyfish
date added: 2012-03-27   source:

Canada: Animal-rights Groups Decry Decision To Match Record Harp-seal Quota; 'Political Decisions Are Trumping Conservation'
date added: 2012-03-24  source:

Humane Society lawsuit delays killing of dam salmon-eating sea lions
date added: 2012-03-23  source:

Antarctic seal pups face challenges from climate change
date added: 2012-03-23  source:

Canada: Seal hunt protest fizzles out on Parliament Hill
date added: 2012-03-22  source:

Australia: Abalone Trafficker Jailed For 12 Months, Fined $75,000
date added: 2012-03-22  source:

americancrayfishsmClash of the crayfish: Why the Americans are winning
date added: 2012-03-20   source:

Philippines: Starfish attack corals in Southern Leyte
date added: 2012-03-20  source:

Australia: 'Unbalanced And Emotive' Turtle And Dugong Hunting Footage Causes Controversy
date added: 2012-03-20  source:

Norway's ambassador lends support to Canadian seal hunt; 'I had hoped to buy seal meat'
date added: 2012-03-19  source:

mantaanchorNigeria: Giant Manta Hauled Up On Ship's Anchor
date added: 2012-03-19   source:

Bust: Canada's gray seal hunt yields just 8; 'we can't get the product into the marketplace'
date added: 2012-03-18  source:

Pop Singer Ke$ha Joins Seal Hunt Protest; 'Boycott Canadian Seafood'
date added: 2012-03-15  source:

Australia: Dugong, turtle poaching claims to be probed; 'I was disturbed when I saw the footage'
date added: 2012-03-11  source:

Alaska: Mystery Seal Disease Appears To Be Spreading; 'Total Hair Loss, Ulcerated Scabbed Skin'
date added: 2012-03-11  source:

Canada: Shrinking demand, bans leave seal hunt in limbo; 'a question of economics'
date added: 2012-03-09  source:

Race to save the leatherback turtle from extinction
date added: 2012-03-06  source:

Sea lion wound suggest sharks in Puget Sound
date added: 2012-03-05  source:

dolphinStampedeCalifornia 'dolphin stampede' video stirs up lots of unfounded criticism
date added: 2012-03-05   source:

Unlocking the secrets of sea turtle migration; 'Bermuda is a place where young turtles go to grow up'
date added: 2012-03-05  source:

Cambodia Set to Regulate Fishing to Save Dolphins; Gill Nets Banned
date added: 2012-03-05  source:

Ukrainian government shows a heart for dolphins; 'I am the friend No. 1 for the dolphins'
date added: 2012-03-02  source:

Scientists: 'Radical Proposal' Will Save Ocean Life; 'Mobile Marine Reserves'
date added: 2012-03-01  source:

Video: Dolphins 'stampede' by the thousands off California coast
date added: 2012-02-28  source:

Researchers: Even in winter, life persists in Arctic seas; 'the zooplankton community seemed to be quite active'
date added: 2012-02-26  source:

Flying squids: the rocket science behind cephalopods
date added: 2012-02-24  source:

Climate change study warns against one-off experiments; warming may produce more copepods
date added: 2012-02-24  source:

stellersealionsmResearchers: Iconic marine mammals are 'swimming in sick seas' of terrestrial pathogens
date added: 2012-02-23   source:
shrimpfootprintResearch Reveals The Carbon Footprint Of A Shrimp Cocktail: It's Jumbo
date added: 2012-02-23   source:
stellersealionsmResearchers: Iconic marine mammals are 'swimming in sick seas' of terrestrial pathogens
date added: 2012-02-22   source:
motherofpearlnacresmScientists: Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth
date added: 2012-02-21   source:
captivedolphinWild dolphins: Captives for traveling circus in Indonesia
date added: 2012-02-20   source:

Canada: Researchers train seals to help study their own decline
date added: 2012-02-20  source:

California's sea otters facing increasing threat from shark attacks
date added: 2012-02-20  source:

San Diego: Rescued sea lion undergoes surgery for bullet wound; 'a very lucky sea lion'
date added: 2012-02-19  source:

Shocking video shows effects of marine debris on sea lions in Alaska
date added: 2012-02-18  source:

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