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canadasealsBrothers In Arms: Canada Keeping Tabs On EU's Plan To Cull Seal Population
date added: 2012-10-12   source:

Sneezing sea lion dies after treatment at NY zoo
date added: 2012-10-09  source:

Giant fish-eating spiders reintroduced to British countryside
date added: 2012-10-09  source:

robotcargoComing Soon: Robot Sea Turtles That Carry Cargo in Their Shells
date added: 2012-10-09   source:

Endangered sea turtle saved from 'pirate fishermen'
date added: 2012-10-08  source:

Study: Key Environmental Factors, Moon Seen Influencing Manta Ray Behavior
date added: 2012-10-08  source:

Video shows octopus untying knots, stealing bait
date added: 2012-10-06  source:

Study: Manatees reflect quality of health in marine ecosystems; 'canaries in the mineshaft'
date added: 2012-10-05  source:

Chinese groups want export of seal products stopped
date added: 2012-10-05  source:

stingrayphotoStingray photobombs unsuspecting tourists
date added: 2012-10-03   source:

Look away: Brits urged to leave seals alone as pupping season begins
date added: 2012-10-03  source:

Shia LaBeouf rescues sea lion being terrorized by teens
date added: 2012-10-03  source:

Octopuses Outsmart Marine Scientists; 'We Were Flummoxed By How Clever They Are'
date added: 2012-10-03  source:

californiamarinereptilesmCalifornia names leatherback sea turtle as official state marine reptile
date added: 2012-10-01   source:
vampiresquidStudy: Vampire squid thrive on feces and ocean debris
date added: 2012-10-01   source:

Swedish Lobsters Sell For Record $7,062 Per Pound
date added: 2012-10-01  source:

Animal activists: Turtle, dugong cruelty probe 'biggest waste' of money
date added: 2012-09-27  source:

Canada forges on against EU seal ban; 'It's a colossal waste of taxpayers' dollars'
date added: 2012-09-27  source:

Canada: Lobster fishermen quit over low prices
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

Pig saves goat whose foot was stuck underwater
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

Scarred For Life: British Mother Tells Of Horrific Jellyfish Stings In Thailand; Like 'A Hundred Razors' Dug Through Skin
date added: 2012-09-25  source:

Danish baby seal set to fly 800 miles to be reunited with family in Scotland
date added: 2012-09-23  source:

Florida Keys: Two men exceed lobster quota by 320
date added: 2012-09-22  source:

Licensed to kill: Campaigners condemn increase in Scottish seal killings
date added: 2012-09-20  source:

Loss of sea ice threatens arctic seals; 'It's an absolute condition they need'
date added: 2012-09-20  source:

Otter pup is first in California born to previously oiled sea otter
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

Ransom: Aquarium Needs $75K Not To Kill 'Hostage' Seals
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

Otter pup is first in California born to previously oiled sea otter
date added: 2012-09-18  source:

Group asks for mandatory deadline to list bearded, ringed seals as endangered
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Chelsea Handler Attacked By A Sea Lion
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Florida: Third Year Of Record Number Of Sea Turtles Nests
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

Boston: Sea turtle's tank undergoes $17 million reconstruction
date added: 2012-09-16  source:

sealionlookingSea lion stops to admire his reflection in photographer's camera
date added: 2012-09-15   source:

Canada: Aquarium's Two Harp Seal Pups Scheduled To Be Destroyed At End Of Tourist Season
date added: 2012-09-14  source:

Czechs Fit Eels With Transmitters To Monitor Them; 'The Numbers Continue Decreasing'
date added: 2012-09-14  source:

deep-seacrabsmResearchers: Deep-sea crabs seek food using ultraviolet vision
date added: 2012-09-12   source:

To The Zoo: Lost Seal Stops Traffic In Australia
date added: 2012-09-12  source:

The Doctor Dolittle of dolphins: Leina, 26, develops strong bond with water mammals after spending eight years swimming with them
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Hurricane Isaac washes up nearly 18,000 dead swamp rats on Mississippi Coast
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Endangered sea turtle lays 6 eggs at Florida hospital
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Over 200 million sea turtle hatchlings released by Mexico
date added: 2012-09-10  source:

U.S. Virgin Islands sea turtle flown to Florida for emergency care
date added: 2012-09-05  source:

New Hampshire man to wear armored 'lobster trap' for ocean swim
date added: 2012-09-04  source:

Researchers: Seals May Let Bioluminescent Fish Lead Them To Prey In Dark
date added: 2012-09-04  source:

U. K.: Public Asked 'Not To Panic' If They See Grey Seals On Beach
date added: 2012-09-04  source:

New York: Man catches 30-pound loggerhead turtle off Brooklyn pier
date added: 2012-09-03  source:

Video: Amorous dolphin leaps out of the water... and gets frisky with a female tourist
date added: 2012-09-03  source:

Kiwi fishermen are right – no Maui’s dolphins to be found off Taranaki
date added: 2012-08-31  source:

yellowtangturtleThe real-life turtle wax: Fish offer sea creatures a swim-through valet service
date added: 2012-08-31   source:

Tassie government using pepper spray, darts, bean bags to scare seals away from salmon farms
date added: 2012-08-31  source:

hippopoolSouth Africa: Rescue effort fails, young hippo dies after falling in swimming pool
date added: 2012-08-30   source:
bottlenosedolphinscarsScars of human folly show on Florida's bottlenose dolphins
date added: 2012-08-29   source:

Playful seal sparks rescue effort off Brit coast
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

Sea lion survives two shootings, comes to Indianapolis Zoo
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

Swamp People: Reality Shows Add To Increase In Gator Violations
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

Cambodia creates safe zones for dolphins
date added: 2012-08-28  source:

Aussie research boat to keep watch on reef turtles
date added: 2012-08-26  source:

Dolphins return to New Jersey river, fate uncertain; 'there's a ton of bait in the water'
date added: 2012-08-26  source:

greencrabInvasive green crab could be fish food
date added: 2012-08-24   source:

Seal population seen 'exploding' on Nantucket; 'There'll be no fishermen here'
date added: 2012-08-23  source:

New Zealand: Out-of-control dog kills seal on beach
date added: 2012-08-21  source:

dolphinpodIs viral dolphin pod video a hoax?
date added: 2012-08-21   source:
bottlenosedolphinsNOAA: U.S. Navy Testing Of Sonar System In Gulf Won't Harm Dolphins or Whales
date added: 2012-08-21   source:

Record-breaking python found in Florida Everglades with 87 eggs; 'This thing is monstrous'
date added: 2012-08-18  source:

dolphinpodAnglers' catch of the day is strikingly vivid dolphin footage
date added: 2012-08-16   source:

Marine biologist calls for protocols to deal with dead seals; 'it's dangerous'
date added: 2012-08-15  source:

otterattackidahoOtters On The Attack On Idaho Lake; 'They're Not Real Big, But They're Fast'
date added: 2012-08-15   source:
g-stringseal'G-string' Found On Seal Now Raising Money
date added: 2012-08-11   source:

299 sea turtles die in mishap at government-funded lab in the Cayman Islands
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

Swedes urged to leave baby seals alone; 'People don't understand that mamma seal is out fishing'
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

New Zealand: Survival of New Zealand sea lions in jeopardy; squid fishers to claim 68
date added: 2012-08-07  source:

Northern fur seal travels thousands of kilometers to Hawaii from waters around California
date added: 2012-08-05  source:

Canada: Cheap U.S. lobster spark fishermen's anger
date added: 2012-08-04  source:

Tourists mistreat Europe's most endangered marine mammal
date added: 2012-08-02  source:

Scientists warn new seal flu virus could be threat to human health
date added: 2012-08-01  source:

New Zealand: Seal tangled in g-string at Lovers Leap; 'We got it early enough'
date added: 2012-08-01  source:

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