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Geoduck: Chinese mafia rakes in millions from 'Puget Sound gold'
date added: 2011-03-02  source:

Seal pup saved after horror injury as litter fears worsen; 'lucky to have his head still on'
date added: 2011-03-02  source:

Flippin' clever: Emergency rescuers use life jacket ... as a stretcher to save a porpoise
date added: 2011-03-02  source:

Scottish government sanctions cull of over 1,000 seals; 'three seals shot every single day is too high a price'
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

Sea lions feast on sturgeon at Bonneville Dam; 'they're adaptive, they're predators, they're smart'
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

Navigational 'Magic' of Sea Turtles Explained
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

Tiny water flea has large effect on Lake Huron; 'a key predator on zooplankton'
date added: 2011-02-25  source:

Chicago aquarium dolphin returns from holiday pregnant
date added: 2011-02-25  source:

Two Teens Stung by Same Irukandji Off Aussie Island; 'Both Were Wearing Stinger Suits'
date added: 2011-02-25  source:

Florida: Man captures video of manatee's death; 'Oh, don't die, manatee. Don't die'
date added: 2011-02-24  source:

Researcher: Small-caliber bullets could kill seals faster; 'will remove the danger of ricochet'
date added: 2011-02-23  source:

They've really clicked! Dolphins and scientists talk to each other using shared primitive language
date added: 2011-02-20  source:

weddingturtleHe's a turtle maniac: Giant of the seas takes exception to an underwater wedding
date added: 2011-02-18   source:

Nova Scotia grey seal hunt set to begin; 1900 targeted
date added: 2011-02-18  source:

Cold-stunned sea turtles returning to wild off South Texas Coast after freeze; 'we saved these turtles’ lives'
date added: 2011-02-14  source:

kingcrabsmShell Crushing King Crabs Move Into Antarctica Peninsula Warming Waters
date added: 2011-02-13   source:

London Zoo Plans Largest Ever Penguin Pool
date added: 2011-02-13  source:

Why leatherback turtles linger in South Pacific Gyre, and why it matters; 'feeding behavior'
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

Rowdy residents warn crustaceans away from perilous reefs; 'clicks, pops, chirps and scrapes'
date added: 2011-02-10  source:

25 fishermen arrested for intruding in Indian turtle marine sanctuary
date added: 2011-02-10  source:

turtleblastSea turtle wounded by shotgun fire being treated at SeaWorld in San Diego
date added: 2011-02-08   source:

Portuguese man-of-war sting hundreds, pile up on Florida beaches
date added: 2011-02-08  source:

Aussie stingray feeding attraction plan raises safety concerns; 'There's not a hell of a lot known about black rays'
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

Lawsuit seeks year-round rope protection for La Jolla seals
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

Ready to acquire a taste for the 'vacuum cleaners of the sea'?
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

For New Year, Chinese shell out big for tribes' supersize clams
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

How squid hear: It's all in the motion of the ocean
date added: 2011-02-05  source:

Hawaii: Massive release of 1,200 seaweed-eating sea urchins planned
date added: 2011-02-05  source:

Mystery Solved As Eel Eggs Found For First Time in the Wild
date added: 2011-02-05  source:

NOAA attempts to charge Oceana 16k for release of sea turtle records; 'it is unconscionable'
date added: 2011-02-04  source:

Lab report: 'Indus dolphins died of poisonous substance used by fishermen'
date added: 2011-02-03  source:

Favorable weather leads to high manatee count in Florida; 'the relatively high counts this year are encouraging'
date added: 2011-02-02  source:

Man spots seal in Connecticut; 'came out of the water with a fish and proceeded to eat it'
date added: 2011-01-30  source:

seahorsesWhy do seahorses resemble horses?
date added: 2011-01-29   source:

Aussie teen in hospital after irukandji sting
date added: 2011-01-28  source:

Kiwis: Attacked fur seal may lose sight in left eye; 'He's making progress'
date added: 2011-01-28  source:

Baby fur seal found badly beaten in west Auckland
date added: 2011-01-26  source:

seaturltlestrandingBermuda: 'Highly unusual' influx of baby sea turtle strandings
date added: 2011-01-26   source:

Porpoises off Northern California coast for first time in 60 years; 'they are always on the move'
date added: 2011-01-26  source:

jumpingwhitedolphinsChinese white dolphins become Xiamen's new attraction for tourists
date added: 2011-01-25   source:
blinddolphinStudy explores how blindfolded dolphins can 'see'
date added: 2011-01-25   source:

Study: Corals around Japan are fleeing northwards with 'stunning' speed
date added: 2011-01-25  source:

Gimme Shelter: Record number of manatees crowd refuge at Florida springs
date added: 2011-01-24  source:

Researchers: Monk seal and hump-backed dolphin are threatened by fishing activities off coast of mauritania
date added: 2011-01-24  source:

giantoctopusConcern as octopus remains wash ashore in Bermuda; 'it could have been between 20-30 feet long'
date added: 2011-01-24   source:

Alabama volunteers to start building 100 miles of oyster reefs, 1,000 acres of marsh
date added: 2011-01-24  source:

blinddolphinindusEnvironmental challenges endangering blind Indus Dolphin
date added: 2011-01-24   source:
PolitolanasanchezismNew species of crustacean discovered in the El Cachucho marine protected area
date added: 2011-01-23   source:

Mourning dolphin carries dead calf around harbor; 'it's their emotional side coming out'
date added: 2011-01-19  source:

New rules may separate ships, Alaska seals
date added: 2011-01-18  source:

Stingray stabs Kiwi fisher through leg; 'something got me'
date added: 2011-01-18  source:

sealattackKiwi lifeguards, beachgoers on seal alert; 'you're not going to get attacked'
date added: 2011-01-17   source:
sealchinafoodKung Po: China to Allow Imports of Edible Seal Products From Canada
date added: 2011-01-16   source:

Toxic sea slug fever for Kiwi scholarship student; 'you develop an attachment'
date added: 2011-01-15  source:

Study: 'Unethical' flipper tags are damaging to penguins
date added: 2011-01-15  source:

Environmental Lawyers: Misleading 'Dolphin Friendly' Claims Could Be Illegal
date added: 2011-01-15  source:

Most ocean species still unknown after census; 'This really is a major frontier'
date added: 2011-01-13  source:

Foreign fishers eyed as low squid haul worries Argentina's fishing industry
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

Walrus babies the goal of new scientific research
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

The Cove: Dolphin Slaughter Resumes After Long Lull at Taiji, Japan; 'Horrific'
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

Peru seizes vast haul of sea horses, shark fins headed for Japan
date added: 2011-01-10  source:

Kiwis: Sea lion decoys distract frisky males from public
date added: 2011-01-10  source:

Plea for help over seal bodies found on Norfolk beaches
date added: 2011-01-09  source:

dolphinprotestArmenian Dolphinarium Opens Amid Protests; 'They Should Not be Kept in These Cages'
date added: 2011-01-09   source:

For The First Time, Secret Voyages of Leatherback Turtles Revealed Using Satellite Transmitters
date added: 2011-01-07  source:

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