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Disgust At 'Abhorrent' New Zealand Seal Slaughter; 'Quite Premeditated'
date added: 2010-12-09  source:

Twenty-three seals clubbed to death along Kiwi coast; 'a callous and cowardly attack'
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

Gently does it: Aussie seahorses take a bath in their new home
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

Florida Utility Installs $4.5M Water Heater For Cold Manatees; 'Everybody is Going to Have to Pay For It'
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

Aussie beach under monster stinger threat; 'there are boxies in the water'
date added: 2010-12-06  source:

Abalone poachers arrested in Australia after raids; 'a strong message'
date added: 2010-12-05  source:

Experts: Florida Otter Attacks May be Result of Humans Feeding Otters; 'It's A Mystery'
date added: 2010-12-03  source:

Kiwi eel expert to join research project in Sargasso Sea
date added: 2010-12-02  source:

killershrimpInvasive 'killer' shrimp found at two sites in Wales
date added: 2010-12-01   source:

Paua poaching cases bring Kiwi ministry pledge to stop 'blatant plunder'
date added: 2010-12-01  source:

NOAA Closes 4,213 Square Miles of Gulf of Mexico Waters After Shrimper Lands Tar Balls; 'Precautionary Measure'
date added: 2010-11-30  source:

Court Stays Killing Dam Fish-eating Seal Lions; 'Obviously, We're Disappointed'
date added: 2010-11-29  source:

Aggressive otter bites third victim in Florida
date added: 2010-11-27  source:

Shining symbiosis: Bobtail squid and their bacteria buddies
date added: 2010-11-27  source:

preservedshrimpPravda: 'Remarkably Preserved' Shrimp Said To Be 350 Million Years Old?
date added: 2010-11-27   source:
mauidolphinsmSurvey of Maui's dolphins off New Zealand finds genetic surprise: Hector's dolphins
date added: 2010-11-26   source:

Stingray attacks man at Adelaide beach
date added: 2010-11-25  source:

Russia may ban crocodiles, penguins as pets
date added: 2010-11-24  source:

manateefloatnoaasmFlorida wildlife officials install live manatee cam to stem harassment; 'many complaints'
date added: 2010-11-22   source:

Seeing through the bubbles: Scientists develop new 'TWIPS' sonar inspired by dolphins
date added: 2010-11-20  source:

Diver casts doubt over Aussie cuttlefish protection
date added: 2010-11-20  source:

seaharesKiwis find beach flotsam 'horrible' but harmless; sea hares 'excreting purple liquid'
date added: 2010-11-18   source:
newSquidNew Large Species of Squid Found in The Southern Indian Ocean
date added: 2010-11-18   source:

Kiwis condemn repeated attacks on sea wildlife
date added: 2010-11-17  source:

Study: Thousands of Marine Turtles Slaughtered in Madagascar For Food
date added: 2010-11-17  source:

How diving leatherback turtles regulate buoyancy: by holding their breath
date added: 2010-11-16  source:

islemansealcolonyPolice issue warning after Isle of Man seal colony 'disturbed'
date added: 2010-11-15   source:

Task force recommends killing more dam sea lions to protect endangered species at 'Bonneville buffet'
date added: 2010-11-15  source:

Kiwi stabbed in the chest with stingray barb
date added: 2010-11-15  source:

Sea Lions Surprise Scientists by Adopting Orphaned Pups; 'We Didn't Think It Happened'
date added: 2010-11-15  source:

Maldives government determined to save the manta rays; 'We need a patrol boat or a ranger'
date added: 2010-11-14  source:

Oregon experiencing spike of leptospirosis, sea lion deaths; 'these are very sick animals'
date added: 2010-11-13  source:

New Orleans family oyster company devises new business model to stay alive
date added: 2010-11-12  source:

Pelican rescued from oil found to be full of fish hooks; 'He's pretty lucky to be alive now'
date added: 2010-11-12  source:

Sea Turtle Herpes Tumors Linked to Sewage? Study Finds Pollution Causes Seaweed Boom That Triggers Herpes Virus
date added: 2010-11-12  source:

Report: Oysters could disappear in next 100 years due to 'acidic oceans'
date added: 2010-11-09  source:

Aussie man survives bite from deadly sea snake; 'Mortality is 10 per cent without the anti-venom'
date added: 2010-11-09  source:

Researchers test new commercial squid fishing nets designed to reduce bycatch; 'the season is open all year'
date added: 2010-11-08  source:

Taking Clues From Cajuns, Wisconsin Crayfish Hunters Eat Their Fill Of What They Kill; 'The Rusty Crayfish Were Our Adversaries'
date added: 2010-11-07  source:

balloonheaddolphin'Balloon head' dolphin discovered
date added: 2010-11-04   source:

Atlantic City man catches 'world record' 13.5-pound American eel
date added: 2010-11-04  source:

dolphinbabyhuntNew BBC film shows dolphins teaching younger animals how to hunt for the first time
date added: 2010-11-04   source:
kingcrabsmKing crab distributions limited by temperature 'thermal barrier' in the Southern Ocean
date added: 2010-11-03   source:

Spike in Florida Dolphin Deaths Officially An 'Unusual Mortality Event'
date added: 2010-11-01  source:

ringedsealsDiscovering the secrets of the master divers: ringed seals
date added: 2010-10-30   source:

Cone of poison: The secret behind the cone snail's venom pump
date added: 2010-10-30  source:

Dolphin activists to meet Japan's 'Cove' mayor
date added: 2010-10-28  source:

Kiwi diver airlifted following stingray attack; 'It was like a lightning bolt'
date added: 2010-10-28  source:

Baby seals saved, returned to wild -- then what? Scientists now track them
date added: 2010-10-28  source:

Who Needs A Trainer? Wild Dolphins Show They Can Do Exactly The Same Tricks As Their Captive Cousins
date added: 2010-10-26  source:

Thinking Like An Octopus: Summer Swims Prompt Researcher To Probe Unusual Intelligence; Consciousness 'A Unifying Tool'
date added: 2010-10-25  source:

Good Vs. Evil: Jellyfish Swarms Spark Debate; Are They A Menace To The Environment, Or Just Misunderstood?
date added: 2010-10-24  source:

hagfishGrampa Hagfish: say hello to your greatest uncle
date added: 2010-10-22   source:

Aussies Escort Dolphins, Dugongs From War Games Zone; 'Faintly Ridiculous'
date added: 2010-10-22  source:

Oceanographers: Elephant Seals Improve Maps Of Antarctic Seafloor
date added: 2010-10-22  source:

Ireland: Rescued Seal Found Stabbed To Death; 'A Person Is Responsible'
date added: 2010-10-22  source:

albinosealRare Albino Seal Found, Hospitalized In Netherlands
date added: 2010-10-22   source:

California Fisherman Gets Jail Time for Shooting Sea Lion
date added: 2010-10-20  source:

Scientists uses dolphins to research effects of Gulf oil spill; 'We are what we eat'
date added: 2010-10-18  source:

sealiongaffSea lion impaled with fishing gaff set for release after recovery
date added: 2010-10-18   source:

Grant helps researchers carry on 23-year search for elusive bog turtle
date added: 2010-10-18  source:

Kiwi university rowing crew attacked by sea lion; 'he didn't like us being there'
date added: 2010-10-17  source:

Japanese Fishermen Ignore Protests As Dolphin Hunting Season Opens; 'Cute' And 'Young' Freed
date added: 2010-10-16  source:

Bureaucrats wade into online debate about Canada's seal hunt
date added: 2010-10-14  source:

exoticlobstersRare, dazzling lobsters go on display at Connecticut aquarium
date added: 2010-10-14   source:

Welsh angler expresses anger after porpoises are killed in net; 'It disgusted me'
date added: 2010-10-11  source:

Moving sea turtle eggs away from Gulf oil spill proving to be a success
date added: 2010-10-11  source:

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