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Book review: Are Dolphins Really Smart?
date added: 2014-02-03  source:

Sea Shepherd footage shows hunters hauling four dolphins from water at Taiji, Japan; 'We hope you will understand this'
date added: 2014-02-01  source:

Alaska: Fishing crew member attacked by sea lion on dock
date added: 2014-01-30  source:

Singapore: Zookeeper loses fingertip as sea lion mistakes it for food
date added: 2014-01-30  source:

California: Woman dubbed 'Dolphin Whisperer' after amazing encounter off Dana Point
date added: 2014-01-29  source:

Keith the seal has a new friend - a one-eyed otter
date added: 2014-01-28  source:

Brit skippers admit reckless behavior after rare dolphin death
date added: 2014-01-28  source:

skinnycatVideo: Cat loses weight on underwater treadmill
date added: 2014-01-26   source:

Kiwi scientists: Ancient fossil shows new link in dolphin evolution
date added: 2014-01-24  source:

Brit scientist ponders the mystery of 'extinct' river otter beaver sightings
date added: 2014-01-23  source:

Japan defends dolphin hunt after U.S. criticism; 'a form of traditional fishing in our country'
date added: 2014-01-23  source:

Decimation At The Cove: Japanese Fishermen Pick 25 Dolphins for Aquarium Life From a Captive Pod of 250; Remainder Face 'Mass Slaughter'
date added: 2014-01-23  source:

Ric O'Barry: Taiji dolphin drive hunts are not a tradition
date added: 2014-01-22  source:

whitedolphinAlbino Dolphin Among the 250 Held Captive By Japanese In The Cove
date added: 2014-01-22   source:

250 dolphins rounded up in Japan's Taiji cove, To Be Eaten Or Taken Captive
date added: 2014-01-21  source:

Canada meets with agency to create 'unique and compelling' national lobster brand
date added: 2014-01-19  source:

How dolphins see the world: A comparison with chimpanzees and humans
date added: 2014-01-19  source:

keithtauntCatch Me If You Can: Keith The Seal 'Taunts' Fishing Enemies
date added: 2014-01-18   source:

Otters take on urchins in underwater climate-change drama
date added: 2014-01-17  source:

Scientists find rare hybrid of two other dolphin species
date added: 2014-01-16  source:

Orca predation study suggests the squeaky seal gets the grief
date added: 2014-01-16  source:

Pam Anderson’s $1-million buyout offer only riles Canadian seal hunters
date added: 2014-01-16  source:

Welsh man finds rare whale vomit 'worth thousands' on beach
date added: 2014-01-16  source:

fakesquid160-Foot Giant Squid Hoax: How Big Do They Really Get?
date added: 2014-01-15   source:
babydolphinmomResearchers closely watching relationship between baby dolphin, mom at Six Flags
date added: 2014-01-14   source:
blindshotShotgun blues: Blind sea otter finds new home at Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2014-01-13   source:

Underwater video shows crabs warring over bait in net
date added: 2014-01-11  source:

False killer whales and bottlenose dolphins swim together for years
date added: 2014-01-10  source:

First time in the country: Russian marine animals make way to Karachi
date added: 2014-01-09  source:

octopuseatingResearchers: Octopuses make food for weird critters
date added: 2014-01-07   source:
sealpuoTidal surge-hit Norfolk seal pup donations top £90,000
date added: 2014-01-06   source:

Dolphin megapod of thousands of spinner dolphins seen underwater for first time
date added: 2014-01-04  source:

Scientist: Starfish Wasting Disease Outbreak Could Be Due To Radiation
date added: 2014-01-03  source:

Florida: Dolphin 'patrolling' behavior disturbing
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

San Diego citizens sue to get sea lion poop cleaned up
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

harborsealHarbor seals become favorite of scientists Live close to humans, eat same fish
date added: 2013-12-31   source:

No end in sight: Virus Kills over 1,000 Bottlenose Dolphins along U.S. East Coast
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

Scientists ponder the fate of eels; 'some details of the life cycle are still unknown'
date added: 2013-12-30  source:

Geoduck harvesters see money slipping through their fingers
date added: 2013-12-28  source:

vampiresquidDeep-sea photos: Vampire squid, bubblegum coral found off Monterey Bay
date added: 2013-12-27   source:

Did you know vampire squid are actually vegetarians?
date added: 2013-12-27  source:

Boneless, brainless and heartless jellyfish a popular draw at Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2013-12-27  source:

Florida manatees hire a lawyer; 'We want enforcement'
date added: 2013-12-26  source:

keithsealeaterPlans to trap 'Rogue' River Severn seal revived
date added: 2013-12-26   source:

Otter breaks into fish store at Plymouth quay, eats catch
date added: 2013-12-24  source:

manateecountFlorida: Number of manatees dead in one year tops 800, a record
date added: 2013-12-24   source:

Seal protests increase sales, says St. John's fur seller
date added: 2013-12-23  source:

Documents: Aussie public not told about young river dolphin deaths
date added: 2013-12-23  source:

Wally the otter finally gets his appetite back after being shot in the face and flippers
date added: 2013-12-23  source:

Louisiana: Report ties dolphin illness to Deepwater Horizon oil spill
date added: 2013-12-22  source:

pamandersonCanada: Pamela Anderson gets cold shoulder in St. John's, N.L., over seal hunt
date added: 2013-12-21   source:

Experts: Too late to save maui dolphin; 'It's not the fishermen, it's the government'
date added: 2013-12-20  source:

seahorseescortDolphins and seal eye sea horses; 'It was pretty amazing'
date added: 2013-12-18   source:

Video: Brit Rescue center overrun by adorable seal pups in wake of record flood surge
date added: 2013-12-16  source:

American Samoa bans sea cucumber fishing for first time
date added: 2013-12-14  source:

After tiger escapes, Montgomery Zoo works to fix underwater breach in fencing
date added: 2013-12-13  source:

Alabama man charged in Mississippi with shooting dolphin with shotgun
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

The Other Red Meat: Government to fund development of seal products for Canadian grocery stores
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

Norfolk seals 'Fared better than feared' in storm surge
date added: 2013-12-12  source:

Seal falls asleep in boat and traps U.K. couple on island
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

Hundreds of seal pups missing after storm hits England
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

Tidal surge pushes dolphin up Thames into heart of London
date added: 2013-12-11  source:

bafflecreatureBiologists Baffled: Mysterious Glowing 'Alien-like creature' seen in Bristol harbor
date added: 2013-12-11   source:

Canada: Seal Meat to be Processed for Asian Markets; 'Future Of The Industry'
date added: 2013-12-10  source:

Newlyweds trapped on remote island after seal sets up home in their boat
date added: 2013-12-09  source:

Watch underwater video of sea stars dying off Puget Sound
date added: 2013-12-08  source:

walterSea otter shot in face out of critical condition, eating
date added: 2013-12-08   source:

WWF considering challenge to Kiwi dolphin rules
date added: 2013-12-03  source:

Diseased dolphins bad sign for humans; 'We eat lot of the same things dolphins are feeding on'
date added: 2013-12-03  source:

robotturtlesearchRobot turtle to help underwater archaeologists to inspect shipwrecks
date added: 2013-12-02   source:
sealtentVideo: Watch four tonne elephant seals destroy cameraman's tent
date added: 2013-12-02   source:
clubsealcanadaEU ban on seal trade upheld on 'Moral' grounds
date added: 2013-12-02   source:

Shell game: The long, dramatic story of OD, Mandalay Bay’s green sea turtle
date added: 2013-12-01  source:

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