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Video: Stingray swims onto ramp for a treat
date added: 2014-09-30  source:

Eight Armed Buffet: Octopus Cannibalism Captured On VIdeo for First Time
date added: 2014-09-30  source:

Sea lion enters shark-diving cage; needs help with exit
date added: 2014-09-29  source:

Canadian fisherman nets swimming bald eagle
date added: 2014-09-29  source:

Alaska: Persistent beavers frustrate county workers; 'It's all about public safety'
date added: 2014-09-28  source:

Texas: Man arrested for possession, eating threatened alligator snapping turtle
date added: 2014-09-28  source:

narwhaltuskSize Matters: Narwhals With Longer Tusks Have Bigger Testicles
date added: 2014-09-26   source:

Man gets 4-month sentence for poaching geoducks
date added: 2014-09-25  source:

siliconebearPolar bears chew through silicone in Winnipeg zoo's underwater tunnel
date added: 2014-09-25   source:

Official: Even 2% increased mortality can lead to extinction of dolphins
date added: 2014-09-25  source:

hydromedusRare Bizarre-Looking Creature Spotted by Underwater Researchers
date added: 2014-09-25   source:

Queensland: Authorities targeting crown-of-thorns starfish 'seeding areas'
date added: 2014-09-23  source:

sicksealionVancouver Aquarium: Rescued seal pup's condition deteriorates
date added: 2014-09-23   source:

So what might Scottish independence mean for marine conservation?
date added: 2014-09-23  source:

Kiwi scientists set to examine intact colossal squid; 'definitely very interesting'
date added: 2014-09-20  source:

A porpoise is ensnared by criminals and nets
date added: 2014-09-18  source:

dingledolphinFungi the Dingle dolphin set to be joined by 'unfriendly' mate
date added: 2014-09-18   source:

Activists demand stepped up Florida manatee protection
date added: 2014-09-18  source:

deadsquidDead Giant Squid Found by Fisherman Off Texas Coast
date added: 2014-09-17   source:
razorclamsForeign gangs make millions from black market shellfish
date added: 2014-09-15   source:

Marineland, FWC investigating recent dolphin deaths in Northeast Florida
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

toothydolphinAncient 'toothy' dolphin fossils found in Peru desert
date added: 2014-09-15   source:

Fisherman Recovers Giant Squid Off Texas Coast; 'It's crazy what's out there in the ocean with you'
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

Research: Pacific walrus decline may have halved population between 1981 and 1999
date added: 2014-09-14  source:

Mexico: Gray whales approach tourists for affection
date added: 2014-09-12  source:

White and Blue: 2 of rarest of all lobsters caught 5 days apart
date added: 2014-09-11  source:

Florida: Scientist Criticizes Aquarium Over 'Dolphin tale's' Living Conditions; Winter's 'Life Is Absolutely Miserable'
date added: 2014-09-11  source:

Butter Believe It: Florida fisherman reels in massive 18-inch crustacean
date added: 2014-09-10  source:

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians set for a fifth season at notorious Taiji killing cove
date added: 2014-09-09  source:

mushroomcreatureDeep-sea creature shaped like a mushroom may be in a phylum all its own
date added: 2014-09-09   source:

Angry beaver attacks man on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

No animal shows planned for redesigned facility at Florida aquarium featured in 'Dolphin Tale'
date added: 2014-09-06  source:

New sea spider species found on Dutch coast
date added: 2014-09-06  source:

deadsealkiwiNew Zealand: Seal pup dies after 'hours in fishing net'
date added: 2014-09-04   source:
sealampreyRiver Monsters: Sea lamprey killing planned for Muskegon River
date added: 2014-09-04   source:
womandolphinWoman struck by encounter with stranded dolphin
date added: 2014-09-04   source:

Stingrays in the Gulf of Mexico are more common than you think: See the underwater footage
date added: 2014-09-03  source:

Ludo the grey seal back in Cornish waters after 1,000 mile trek to Portugal
date added: 2014-09-02  source:

Thousands of dolphins dive through sparkling clear waters as they migrate along the coast of South Africa
date added: 2014-09-02  source:

Owners of new San Antonio aquarium under investigation After Animal deaths; 'It's Defamatory'
date added: 2014-09-02  source:

Watch: dolphin trapped in net seeks diver's help
date added: 2014-09-02  source:

Aussie fishers claim voracious seals making 'a diabolical financial impact'
date added: 2014-09-01  source:

Bangkok: French boy's death prompts Thai warning on box jellyfish
date added: 2014-08-30  source:

jellystingJellyfish sting 406 swimmers off Florida beach
date added: 2014-08-29   source:
manowarDeadly Beauty: Portrait Of The Portuguese Man Of war
date added: 2014-08-28   source:

Forget Walking On Water, South African Daredevil Will walk Underwater; 'We’re not worried about sharks'
date added: 2014-08-28  source:

Florida marine park welcomes captive seal to training regimen: 'He's actually learning to eat whole fish'
date added: 2014-08-27  source:

Wisconsin residents report rise in fish-eating spiders
date added: 2014-08-27  source:

Florida inspectors say Miami port dredging hurts sea life
date added: 2014-08-26  source:

adoptionAbandoned baby dolphin is adopted by a female from a completely different species
date added: 2014-08-26   source:

Video: Killer whale flips 'sea lion' into air; 'They are ferocious predators'
date added: 2014-08-26  source:

Florida: Poacher arrested for stealing 299 sea turtle eggs
date added: 2014-08-25  source:

Catching some rays: Underwater photographer is warmed by hundreds of mobula rays when huge school streams past him
date added: 2014-08-24  source:

Scientists capture jellyfish sting in slow-motion; 'We've never seen that before'
date added: 2014-08-23  source:

terrorwormThis Ocean Worm is Truly, Deeply Terrifying
date added: 2014-08-22   source:
sealrescueVancouver Aquarium rescues 100th seal pup this year
date added: 2014-08-20   source:
killurchinsDivers hammer thousands of urchins to save kelp forests off Southern California coast
date added: 2014-08-19   source:

Researchers urge Australians to consume sea urchins
date added: 2014-08-18  source:

Study: Dolphins Squeal with Delight Because They Are Happy
date added: 2014-08-18  source:

Otter attacks 12-year-old girl swimming in Wisconsin lake; 'they're mean'
date added: 2014-08-17  source:

Animal trainer gets Masters degree for her research into how sea lion whiskers work
date added: 2014-08-17  source:

Otter suspected of attacks is trapped and killed 'quickly and quietly'
date added: 2014-08-15  source:

twoheadeddolphinSiamese fins! Body of Two-headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkish Beach
date added: 2014-08-15   source:

Louisiana: Mischievous dolphin causes splash as residents say dolphin has biting problem
date added: 2014-08-14  source:

Video: Watch Sammy the Seal jump into fisherman's boat and take a mackerel from his hand
date added: 2014-08-14  source:

Swedish eel slithers its last after 155 years; eel found dead in family well thought to be the world's oldest
date added: 2014-08-13  source:

Viral Video: Webster mink steals fish from fisherman
date added: 2014-08-12  source:

bigjellyGiant jellyfish spotted in the Adriatic for first time since Second World War
date added: 2014-08-12   source:

Woman sneaks into Berlin Zoo seal pool for swim
date added: 2014-08-11  source:

Jellyfish Uses Supercomputing Strategy to Find Food
date added: 2014-08-11  source:

sealriderSeal surprise for kayaker: A free rider
date added: 2014-08-10   source:

Celebrities unite to stop ‘savage’ dolphin hunt
date added: 2014-08-09  source:

Celebrities unite to stop ‘savage’ dolphin hunt
date added: 2014-08-08  source:

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