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chillin#help: Beachgoers use social media to save starving sea lion pups
date added: 2015-03-25   source:
humpbackaussieHumpback whales double in numbers off Australian East Coast
date added: 2015-03-24   source:

Two seal pups nearly decapitated by discarded fishing nets are released into wild after being nursed back to health by medics
date added: 2015-03-23  source:

Mexico gets serious about saving endangered porpoise
date added: 2015-03-22  source:

Alabama's first-ever successfully rescued manatee rehabilitated, released in Florida
date added: 2015-03-22  source:

'The size of a whale,' Aussie UFC fighter Richie Vas forced from surf by monster shark
date added: 2015-03-20  source:

Florida: Biologists tally record manatee count; 'near-optimal conditions for our survey this year'
date added: 2015-03-19  source:

giantStingrayJeff Corwin Catches 'World Record' 14-foot stingray in Thailand
date added: 2015-03-19   source:

Environmentalists: End swimming with manatees; 'Way too much to take away'
date added: 2015-03-18  source:

cletsolitaryVIDEO: Clet the famous lone dolphin spotted on Dorset coast
date added: 2015-03-17   source:

Giant leatherback sea turtle stranded in South Carolina after eating plastic is set to be released
date added: 2015-03-17  source:

Fossil: 7-foot-long 'sea monster' was ancestor of shrimp
date added: 2015-03-17  source:

Thousands of seals and sea lions stand in way of migrating Columbia River spring chinook
date added: 2015-03-16  source:

Sea Shepherd launches legal division to protect sealife; 'It is time to get serious about wildlife crime'
date added: 2015-03-16  source:

Antarctic Octopus Is a True Blue Blood; 'This Is Important'
date added: 2015-03-16  source:

Giant stingray in the Northern Territory comes out of the water to feed on fish
date added: 2015-03-15  source:

Photographers capture orcas taking whale calf, and grieving mother
date added: 2015-03-15  source:

dolphin-TangleFlorida: Baby dolphin tangled in fishing line rescued off Fort Pierce
date added: 2015-03-14   source:
harborsealhearSmart seals are hiding from killer whales in noisy fjords
date added: 2015-03-14   source:
dolphin-TangleFlorida: Baby dolphin tangled in fishing line rescued off Fort Pierce
date added: 2015-03-13   source:

Georgia Aquarium's Alleged abusive dolphin trainer found dead in Spain; Activists 'Hasty to charge and indict'
date added: 2015-03-13  source:

stellersocalKing of sea lions spotted in Southern California waters
date added: 2015-03-12   source:

Amid reports of dolphin abuse, Georgia Aquarium trainer disappears
date added: 2015-03-12  source:

SeaWorld not making changes in light of circus decision to remove elephants from show
date added: 2015-03-11  source:

Mexico: Lifeline extended for critically endangered porpoise
date added: 2015-03-10  source:

WATCH: Discovery special captures dolphins getting stoned on pufferfish toxins
date added: 2015-03-10  source:

balancesealBalancing on kayak is too tricky for this seal
date added: 2015-03-10   source:

Attempted suicide bridge jumper says sea lion saved his life
date added: 2015-03-10  source:

Scientists Warn Sound Blasting for Oil Threatens Atlantic Whales, Fish
date added: 2015-03-10  source:

VIDEO: Octopus almost escapes from tank at Seattle Aquarium
date added: 2015-03-09  source:

Why Don’t Birds Break Their Necks On Deepwater Dives?
date added: 2015-03-09  source:

Vancouver Aquarium dissects 'Sea Monsters' in new display
date added: 2015-03-08  source:

Experts disagree on species of large squid found on Maui shore; 'beautiful, so purple-ish'
date added: 2015-03-06  source:

Giant glowing worm recorded by divers was 'a colony'
date added: 2015-03-06  source:

charlesbradleyWatch: Moray eel has showdown with shark and ends up almost eating it whole
date added: 2015-03-06   source:

Study shines light on leatherback turtle thanks to camera strapped to shell
date added: 2015-03-05  source:

frozenshipsThe day after tomorrow is today: Lobster boats frozen in New England harbor
date added: 2015-03-03   source:

Maine officials say lobstermen recorded another year of high lobster catch in 2014
date added: 2015-03-03  source:

Deep-sea hug: Giant octopus wraps around diver's face near Vancouver Island
date added: 2015-03-02  source:

Philippines: Dynamite fishing kills Fraser’s dolphin
date added: 2015-02-28  source:

U.S. Navy to bring mine-hunting dolphins to Hawaii
date added: 2015-02-28  source:

dolphinmouthRetool: SeaWorld Orlando ends public dolphin feedings
date added: 2015-02-27   source:

Florida investigators: Ex-Dolphins player did swim 9 miles after falling overboard
date added: 2015-02-23  source:

Survey: Evolution 'favors bigger sea creatures'
date added: 2015-02-23  source:

rubysealionMeet a newly discovered aquatic species, the ruby seadragon
date added: 2015-02-22   source:

Record Number Of Sea Lion Pup Rescues Off California Coast; Marine Mammal Center blames lack of food
date added: 2015-02-22  source:

The Paradox of the Dolphin’s Smile: How Marine Parks Capitalize on Dolphin Misery
date added: 2015-02-21  source:

penguintastePenguins ignorant of the sea's finest flavors; 'surprising and puzzling'
date added: 2015-02-20   source:

Sea lion hitches ride aboard family’s kayak
date added: 2015-02-20  source:

Australia: Baby dolphin is feared dead as toll rises to 3 in the Port River so far this year
date added: 2015-02-18  source:

Cuttlefish sex looks like twisted underwater embrace
date added: 2015-02-18  source:

deadkiwiwhaleFatal whale strandings' silver lining: Birds and marine life will get to eat them
date added: 2015-02-18   source:

South Florida turtle egg thief ordered to stay away from the beach
date added: 2015-02-17  source:

Sea lion flash mobs prey on fishermen’s catch; 'They show up fast, they’re there, and when it’s done, they’re gone'
date added: 2015-02-15  source:

sealoctopusSeal wrestles octopus in rarely captured scene in B.C. waters
date added: 2015-02-15   source:

Researchers imagine killer shrimp invasion of Great Lakes
date added: 2015-02-13  source:

A new study has found that killer shrimp could Invade the Great Lakes
date added: 2015-02-12  source:

octopuscensus1, 2, 3 octopuses: Divers conduct underwater census
date added: 2015-02-11   source:

After thriving for millions of years, Hawaiian monk seals are nearly gone. Is NOAA doing enough to save them?
date added: 2015-02-11  source:

dolphinbirthWould you let a dolphin help you give birth?
date added: 2015-02-11   source:
baloonUnderwater vehicle uses a balloon to dart like an octopus
date added: 2015-02-10   source:

Sea lion strandings approach record level in California
date added: 2015-02-10  source:

Diver captures octopus' amazing camouflage skills
date added: 2015-02-09  source:

Cannibal seals behind mystery deaths in Scotland
date added: 2015-02-09  source:

Updated: Sea lions starving again in La Jolla; Stranded marine mammal numbers double those of 2013
date added: 2015-02-08  source:

Nearly 300 manatees move into Florida's Three Sisters Springs; 'We have a record number this year'
date added: 2015-02-08  source:

Scientists alarmed by rise in dolphin strandings on Irish shores
date added: 2015-02-08  source:

Florida: Ferry operator says pelicans with gunshot wounds showing up
date added: 2015-02-08  source:

Cold suspected in deaths of 150 sea turtles found in lagoon of Mexico's Baja California Sur
date added: 2015-02-07  source:

dolphintaleFlorida Keys marine mammal facility welcomes baby dolphin
date added: 2015-02-05   source:

Felony: Miami men found with illegal loggerhead turtle tail in truck
date added: 2015-02-04  source:

pinkslugsAttack of the bright pink sea slugs! And what it says about changing oceans
date added: 2015-02-04   source:
beaverriverBorn Free: 'Mystery' beavers permitted to stay wild if disease free
date added: 2015-02-02   source:
whitedolphinmontereyPhotos: Rare white dolphin spotted swimming in Monterey Bay
date added: 2015-02-02   source:
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