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Biggest ever jellyfish invasion could close beaches around Plymouth
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

pakidolphinWWF: 12,000 dolphins killed every year in Pakistan
date added: 2015-06-20   source:

White Harbor Porpoise: One Of The Most Rarely Seen Animals On Earth Spotted In Baltic Sea
date added: 2015-06-19  source:

Ocean tracking advances turning whales and seals into oceanographers; 'Fabulous' scientific advances in marine tracking
date added: 2015-06-18  source:

humpbackwhaleaussieAnnual whale migration along WA coast could be in jeopardy
date added: 2015-06-18   source:
stabbedlion$2500 reward offered for information in fatal sea lion stabbing case
date added: 2015-06-18   source:

Researchers observe polar bears eating dolphins, freezing leftovers
date added: 2015-06-17  source:

Scientists In Italy Are Dosing Eels With Cocaine To Disastrous Results
date added: 2015-06-17  source:

stingraytexasTexas: Monster stingray caught off coast; 'the rod went off and holy cow'
date added: 2015-06-16   source:

28-year-old walrus 'Obie' dies at SeaWorld San Diego
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

'Dolphin frenzy' surrounds South African fishing boat
date added: 2015-06-15  source:

conesnailCone snail stings tourism worker on Whitsunday Island off north Queensland
date added: 2015-06-15   source:

NSW man admits trafficking Tasmanian abalone worth $15k
date added: 2015-06-14  source:

Florida woman claims to have video of swimmers harassing manatee; 'literally on top'
date added: 2015-06-13  source:

Oregon: Sea lions not leaving Port of Astoria anytime soon
date added: 2015-06-12  source:

mauisdolphinThe world’s smallest dolphin is about to vanish entirely
date added: 2015-06-12   source:

Canada: Revival of seal penis sales part of proposal to Fisheries Department
date added: 2015-06-12  source:

Probation: Brothers sentenced for shooting, killing dolphin with compound bow
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

Dolphin death: Probe begins, Indian government sends sea water samples for testing
date added: 2015-06-09  source:

Flipping brilliant pictures show hungry dolphins hunting tasty salmon off the coast of Scotland
date added: 2015-06-09  source:

Scientists discover 7-foot 'lobster' fossils
date added: 2015-06-09  source:

Bubba, sea lion struck by harpoon-like blade, dies at SeaWorld San Diego
date added: 2015-06-09  source:

irukandjiIrukandji jellyfish actively hunt prey researchers find; no 'defined brain'
date added: 2015-06-08   source:
dandyfishermanCanada: Senior lobsterman hauls in 'dandy' of a giant crustacean
date added: 2015-06-06   source:

Research: Pregnant pipefish fathers are not super dads
date added: 2015-06-06  source:

WATCH: Incredible journey of dolphins who were saved by wildlife charity
date added: 2015-06-05  source:

WATCH: Fishermen help dolphin rescue her child after it becomes trapped
date added: 2015-06-02  source:

Mysterious giant squid off Auckland coast stumps experts; 'Everyone's Jaws Dropped'
date added: 2015-06-02  source:

Born free: Chester the false killer whale to remain at Vancouver Aquarium after recovery
date added: 2015-06-01  source:

Warning issued after Maui's dolphin numbers drop below 50
date added: 2015-06-01  source:

Shark 'may have attacked porpoise' off Pembrokeshire coast
date added: 2015-05-31  source:

hannadolphinUpdate: Vancouver Aquarium dolphin Hana dies after surgery (with video)
date added: 2015-05-31   source:

Video shows dolphins swimming in oil spill area near Santa Barbara
date added: 2015-05-30  source:

Vancouver Aquarium dolphin Hana in critical condition after surgery; 'It is hour by hour'
date added: 2015-05-30  source:

Sea lion rescued from Santa Barbara oil spill dies at SeaWorld
date added: 2015-05-29  source:

Experts suggest guidelines for keeping dolphins safe year-round
date added: 2015-05-29  source:

Marine biologist raises questions about BP Gulf oil spill dolphin deaths study
date added: 2015-05-29  source:

Report: Dam Sea Lions Eating Double Amount Of Salmon Than than Average
date added: 2015-05-27  source:

Monk seal transported to Oahu after swallowing fish hook
date added: 2015-05-26  source:

greysealResearch: Grey seals are compromising cod stock recovery plans
date added: 2015-05-22   source:
giantcrabclawIncredibly huge brown crab saved from dinner table
date added: 2015-05-20   source:
congereelPlymouth fishermen Snag '20-foot' conger eel; 'An unusual catch for a trawler'
date added: 2015-05-20   source:
ditchmanateeDitched: Rescued manatee 'looking good' after ordeal in Florida culvert
date added: 2015-05-19   source:
bluecrawMysterious beautiful blue crayfish is new species from Indonesia
date added: 2015-05-18   source:

'The ocean is nothing to mess with': Abalone diving off Northern California coast still popular despite deadly history
date added: 2015-05-18  source:

Lobstermen design gear to both protect whales, 'get our lobstering back’
date added: 2015-05-17  source:

Seal caught on camera trying to steal fish; 'a bit unusual'
date added: 2015-05-15  source:

Japan: New license system aims to preserve eels
date added: 2015-05-15  source:

Oregon Zoo names Thelma the otter as Mother of the Year
date added: 2015-05-15  source:

California: Chlorine Attack Sickens Sea Lions
date added: 2015-05-14  source:

Alarm: More lesions, tumors showing up on dolphins in Santa Monica Bay
date added: 2015-05-13  source:

jaguarUnderwater jaguar displays uncanny aquatic abilities; 'Such elegance, such wow'
date added: 2015-05-11   source:

Another 'freak accident' at Bonneville Dam kills sea lion, marks 3rd death in days
date added: 2015-05-11  source:

Octopus leaps out of cockleshell like ‘snake in a can’ gag
date added: 2015-05-09  source:

Wayward sea lion pup found in San Francisco lost weight since release
date added: 2015-05-06  source:

Swedes enjoy rare Baltic dolphin sight; 'fascinating'
date added: 2015-05-06  source:

Twerking sea turtle named after Miley Cyrus released off Florida Keys
date added: 2015-05-06  source:

sealionfishVideo: Fisherman Dragged Underwater By Sea Lion; 'It was terrifying'
date added: 2015-05-05   source:

Killer whales filmed circling boat in tropical waters off NT coast, scientists stunned by rare sighting
date added: 2015-04-30  source:

jelyfishexchangeVancouver Aquarium casts wide net in Spain; jellyfish 'exchanges' eyed
date added: 2015-04-29   source:

South Australia: Aggressive fur seals attacking rare birds, pelicans and fishing nets
date added: 2015-04-29  source:

mobularayPhotographer encounters epic school of mobula stingrays
date added: 2015-04-28   source:

Maine lobsterman faces suspension of up to 1 year for illegal use of hundreds of traps
date added: 2015-04-28  source:

Photographer may have found how seal species captures prey
date added: 2015-04-28  source:

Vietnamese held for poaching sea cucumber
date added: 2015-04-28  source:

Scotland: Fury as seal killings are blamed on seals
date added: 2015-04-24  source:

Wanted: Four suspects steal sea lion off California beach
date added: 2015-04-24  source:

Fishermen key to saving vaquita; new measures require them to forsake drift gill nets
date added: 2015-04-23  source:

Millions of by-the-wind sailors wash ashore along West Coast
date added: 2015-04-23  source:

Scotland: Dolphins draw tourists to Aberdeen
date added: 2015-04-23  source:

crabpyramidSpider crabs build big pyramid in pre-migration act
date added: 2015-04-22   source:
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