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‘Aquatic cocaine’: Illegal trade in swim bladders of rare fish puts world’s rarest porpoise at risk of extinction
date added: 2016-01-18  source:

Amazing orca encounter footage taken by Kiwi fisherman; 'F***ing incredible'
date added: 2016-01-17  source:

Early seafarers hunted dolphins: Islanders in Panama 6,000 years ago used canoes to drive mammals onto the shore before butchering them
date added: 2016-01-14  source:

In the Wick of time: Porpoise saved in dramatic new year day rescue
date added: 2016-01-08  source:

vaquitaThe Final Countdown: Vaquita Porpoises Could Go Extinct in Two Years
date added: 2016-01-07   source:
turtleoffRare turtle from Mexico seen in Point Reyes, El Niño probably to blame
date added: 2016-01-06   source:

Hawaiian monk seal dies after swallowing fish hook
date added: 2016-01-06  source:

dolphinbonkCheeky dolphin overly friendly as he bumps his nose against girl's bottom
date added: 2015-12-26   source:
finlessporpoiseFurther success in the fight to save the finless porpoise from extinction
date added: 2015-12-23   source:

Report: Global supermarkets selling shrimp peeled by slaves; 'No way out'
date added: 2015-12-20  source:

Report: Record warmth in Arctic threatens walruses, forces fish northward
date added: 2015-12-19  source:

Video: Dolphin rescued from San Diego Bay, returned to ocean
date added: 2015-12-18  source:

casealionSea lions in trouble, again, off California coast
date added: 2015-12-17   source:

Gorgeous photo captures a penguin colony on the hunt
date added: 2015-12-16  source:

Estonian turtle robot key to finding undersea treasure, shipwrecks in Baltic waters
date added: 2015-12-15  source:

Woman's gruesome find: Albatross chokes on seal shark in Wellington
date added: 2015-12-11  source:

giantsquidFlashback Friday: Legendary giant squid recorded in rare encounter
date added: 2015-12-11   source:

Farmer: Kiwi mussel farms can co-exist with recreational fishing
date added: 2015-12-09  source:

Stealth: Cuttlefish 'Can Reduce Their Electric Fields to Avoid Detection by Sharks'
date added: 2015-12-08  source:

Short-beaked: New species of dolphin to B.C. waters shows up alive for the first time
date added: 2015-12-06  source:

In search of the vaquita marina porpoise, researchers scour Gulf of California: ‘They are there, but they’re rare’
date added: 2015-12-05  source:

pinkdolphinHong Kong's 'pink' dolphins under threat from airport and Macau bridge
date added: 2015-12-05   source:

Divers dying for abalone: Why a California delicacy has become lethal
date added: 2015-12-02  source:

Moray eel attempts 'lightning fast' ambush on fish
date added: 2015-12-01  source:

Florida: Thousands of cownose rays caught on drone video near Marco; 'I'd never seen it before'
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Oregon, Washington, California forced to put their commercial crab seasons on hold after dangerous toxins were found in the crustacean
date added: 2015-11-30  source:

Oregon, Washington, California forced to put their commercial crab seasons on hold after dangerous toxins were found in the crustacean
date added: 2015-11-29  source:

Huddling together in fear, a pod of pilot whales circle one another after dolphin hunters at Japan's infamous Taiji cove round them up for slaughter
date added: 2015-11-27  source:

leopardsealResearch highlight: Peeking into the underwater world of leopard seals
date added: 2015-11-27   source:
fsealrescueScotland: Seal pup rescued after Fraserburgh beach find
date added: 2015-11-22   source:

Scientists say a plague of sea stars is devastating Pacific coral reefs
date added: 2015-11-21  source:

The cool trick beetles use to breathe underwater like scuba divers
date added: 2015-11-20  source:

Fish hook removed from stomach of turtle dubbed Paris Hilton in 90-minute operation
date added: 2015-11-19  source:

sealdrownLending a Helpful Fin: Dolphins Assist Drowning Seal in This Breathtaking Video
date added: 2015-11-19   source:

Research: Sea Lion Flippers Could Inspire Super-Stealthy Submersibles
date added: 2015-11-17  source:

Allowing scallop dredging in 'strictly protected' dolphin reserves is madness
date added: 2015-11-14  source:

Sick: Toxin attacking Dungeness crab is also hurting sea lions off California coast
date added: 2015-11-14  source:

There’s a $200 million plan for an underwater museum, but it has a problem
date added: 2015-11-11  source:

Malaysia minister: I didn't eat turtle eggs, I only ate fish
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

bpdolphinStudy: Dolphin reproduction hurt by BP oil spill
date added: 2015-11-10   source:

Push or pull? Science was wrong on jellyfish motion
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

US probes dolphin deaths after Navy sonar use
date added: 2015-11-10  source:

Minneapolis: 3 men found with over 2K pounds of turtle meat in off season
date added: 2015-11-09  source:

stingraymodelMermaid-like models swim with stingrays: Art with a real sting in the tail
date added: 2015-11-07   source:

Snubfin dolphins spark tidal wave of support for Broome marine park plan
date added: 2015-11-06  source:

Slaughter of unique seals living in Lake Baikal
date added: 2015-11-05  source:

Dolphins suspected in whale attack off Skye
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

Rescued pregnant bottlenose dolphin returned to ocean after miscarriage
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

25 And Counting: Mexico Hails Sightings of Near-extinct Porpoise On First Day Of Research Expedition
date added: 2015-11-03  source:

fishsealeaterStudy: Seals do not compete for fishing stocks
date added: 2015-11-02   source:

First: Canadian eel tracked on 2,400-kilometre migration to Sargasso Sea
date added: 2015-11-02  source:

fursealaussieIn pictures: New Zealand fur seals back from the brink
date added: 2015-10-31   source:

Giant squid writ small: juvenile monsters of the deep captured off Japan
date added: 2015-10-29  source:

Munro the penguin, who survived epic swim, hops on scales for a fishy treat
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

Video: Two eager dogs try to keep up with family of dolphins in incredible sea swim
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

Parachuting beaver video shows Idaho's quirky 1940s wildlife management
date added: 2015-10-28  source:

Florida: Two of Sarasota Bay's oldest dolphins die
date added: 2015-10-26  source:

electriceelElectric eels actually use their zaps to track down tricky prey
date added: 2015-10-25   source:
tagged barraFlorida: Manatee found in a pipe returns to the water in Fort Lauderdale
date added: 2015-10-23   source:
duckThreatened sea duck may be reintroduced in southwest Alaska
date added: 2015-10-22   source:

California: Venomous sea snakes arrive with El Niño
date added: 2015-10-21  source:

dolphindebrisDolphin calf freed of plastic debris off Florida's west coast
date added: 2015-10-21   source:

Rare footage shows clash between bull shark and angry hippos
date added: 2015-10-21  source:

Artificial whisker reveals source of harbor seal's uncanny prey-sensing ability
date added: 2015-10-20  source:

Expedition Seeks to Count Endangered Vaquita, World's Rarest Porpoise; 'We're At The Last Battle'
date added: 2015-10-18  source:

Record Number of Green Sea Turtle Nests Across Florida
date added: 2015-10-18  source:

Whale calf tangled off Australian coast freed
date added: 2015-10-17  source:

Sea lion takes GoPro on underwater tour in Mexico
date added: 2015-10-17  source:

Florida: Lobster poaching attorney gets 'slap on the wrist'; $100 fine
date added: 2015-10-17  source:

Video: Rare giant devil rays caught on camera in the Adriatic Sea
date added: 2015-10-16  source:

Playful dolphin wows tourists by leaping an incredible 15ft out of the water after swimming up to their boat off Welsh coast
date added: 2015-10-15  source:

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