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yodadolphinFirth awakens: Moray dolphins 'Yoda' and 'Zephyr' in action
date added: 2016-05-19   source:

Western Australia: Rescue mission for dolphin calf tangled in fishing line in Mandurah Estuary
date added: 2016-05-15  source:

Florida power plant kills 4,100 endangered sea turtles while red tape delays pipe grate
date added: 2016-05-15  source:

Protesters call for release of dolphins at National Aquarium in Baltimore; No 'Quality of Life'
date added: 2016-05-13  source:

Researchers trying to save vaquita stop In San Diego
date added: 2016-05-12  source:

Oregon researchers: Baby starfish making a comeback after 2-year die-off
date added: 2016-05-11  source:

Police: Dead seal ‘swung around’ at music event
date added: 2016-05-11  source:

Watch rare pink dolphins hang on in Hong Kong harbor
date added: 2016-05-11  source:

Dolphins in the desert: General manager of Arizona's new Dolphinaris responds to opposition
date added: 2016-05-10  source:

ufojelly‘UFO’ Jellyfish Spotted in Pacific Ocean: Creepy New Species Baffle Scientists
date added: 2016-05-10   source:

Death of spinner dolphin from parasite found in cats spurs concern
date added: 2016-05-09  source:

Russia's Military Just Bought Five Bottlenose Dolphins and It Won't Say Why
date added: 2016-05-03  source:

dolphinbabyExperts: Reintroduction Works; Freed Aquarium Dolphin Spotted With Baby in the Wild
date added: 2016-05-03   source:
dolphincarrySurfers carry beached dolphin family back to ocean in delicate rescue mission
date added: 2016-05-02   source:

Research: Coral promiscuity could help it survive bleaching
date added: 2016-05-02  source:

Sex in the sea: What we can learn from underwater orgies, beach sand bondage and kinky lobster courtship
date added: 2016-04-29  source:

Crafty mink steals large fish from ice fisherman in Russia
date added: 2016-04-28  source:

redseadragonRuby-red seadragon species spotted in the wild for the first time
date added: 2016-04-28   source:
dolphindogDolphin and pup stun tourists as they swim and play together in Bahamas
date added: 2016-04-28   source:

Policeman struggles to move stubborn sea lion after it waddles onto road
date added: 2016-04-28  source:

'Wicked' otter blamed for murder of black swan on the moat at Brit estate
date added: 2016-04-27  source:

Researchers: Heat the best option for treating jellyfish stings
date added: 2016-04-27  source:

Video: Unto the Shedd Aquarium a baby dolphin is born
date added: 2016-04-25  source:

For creatures of hydrothermal vents, it's an epic migration along the bottom of the sea
date added: 2016-04-20  source:

Japan: Oita ocean park to breed dolphins for aquariums
date added: 2016-04-20  source:

The great escape: Inky the octopus legs it to freedom from aquarium
date added: 2016-04-19  source:

Study: BP oil spill led to thousands of dolphin, whale deaths
date added: 2016-04-19  source:

dolphintailsaveWoman saves beached dolphin; 'We can finally save one!'
date added: 2016-04-18   source:

Head of abalone poaching syndicate gets record jail term
date added: 2016-04-17  source:

irrawaddyNew Irrawaddy dolphin calf sighted in the Mekong River
date added: 2016-04-17   source:
rightwhaledolphinRare dolphin stranding near Oregon coast: Seen once in two decades
date added: 2016-04-16   source:
kelptangleVideo: 700-pound turtle cut free from tangled kelp
date added: 2016-04-16   source:
penguinHungry penguins chase Antarctic's shifting krill
date added: 2016-04-15   source:
dolphintailFears held for Port River dolphin entangled in fishing line
date added: 2016-04-14   source:

Video shows two dolphins bow-riding in display that looked like pure joy
date added: 2016-04-14  source:

pinkraysPink rays spotted hitching a ride on the backs of stingrays
date added: 2016-04-14   source:

Spectacular drone footage shows a huge pod of dolphins off popular Sydney beach
date added: 2016-04-13  source:

California: Wayward sea lion pup found in restaurant released into the wild
date added: 2016-04-12  source:

Kiwi boaties could drive dolphins from Bay of Islands
date added: 2016-04-12  source:

California: Sea lion rescued after trying to cross highway
date added: 2016-04-10  source:

dolphinsurfDolphin pod catch waves with surfers at Western Australia's Yallingup Beach
date added: 2016-04-08   source:

Cornwall: Biggest rise in dolphin, porpoise and whale deaths 'since 2006'
date added: 2016-04-05  source:

Video: Dolphin pod gets an extra member – a dog called Fred
date added: 2016-04-03  source:

San Francisco: Seal pup found more than three miles away from bay; 'Went in the wrong direction'
date added: 2016-04-03  source:

surfingdolphinIncredible moment dolphin drops in on pro-surfer’s wave
date added: 2016-04-02   source:
snappingturtlePhotos: Massive alligator snapping turtle reportedly caught in Alabama
date added: 2016-04-01   source:

US Navy’s New Sonar Rules May Be Worse for Dolphins and Whales
date added: 2016-04-01  source:

US Navy’s New Sonar Rules May Be Worse for Dolphins and Whales
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

Octopus snatches GoPro out of Aussie diver’s hand; 'I wasn’t scared'
date added: 2016-03-28  source:

eckdolphinFlippin ‘eck: Where has Britain’s most famous dolphin gone?
date added: 2016-03-28   source:
seaquariumUpdate: Lolita's Miami Seaquarium Tank Doesn't Meet Federal Standards, Activists Argue
date added: 2016-03-28   source:

U.S. expands 'dolphin safe' tuna rules to end trade dispute
date added: 2016-03-25  source:

Rare sea otter sighting off Southern California offers hope of resurgence; 'They are so rare here'
date added: 2016-03-24  source:

Australia: Bottlenose dolphins seen playing with their food to teach young to hunt
date added: 2016-03-23  source:

A hope for Thailand's shrimp farms: A novel closed-loop design seems to be helping
date added: 2016-03-23  source:

India: Ganga river dolphin on verge of extinction
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Kiwi researcher: Fewer dolphins in set nets but population low
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Sammy the Seal’s extraordinary mealtime ritual at an Irish fish shop
date added: 2016-03-18  source:

kayakbumpHeartstopping moment 50-tonne whale surfaced under a kayak off South Africa coast
date added: 2016-03-18   source:
octobirdOctopus savagely murders unsuspecting seagull using its tentacles
date added: 2016-03-17   source:

Aussie dirt bike foursome stage unique dolphin rescue; 'I saw some bumps'
date added: 2016-03-16  source:

Rats of the sea: Aussie fishers call underwater 'firecracker' scheme to scare seals ineffective, call for cull
date added: 2016-03-16  source:

Dungeness Crab Fishing Is Even More Dangerous than Thought
date added: 2016-03-16  source:

Dolphins in Hawaii could get more protection from swimmers and tourists
date added: 2016-03-15  source:

Swan dies after woman drags it to land for photograph
date added: 2016-03-14  source:

Wanted: Spy dolphins. Russian military advertises for five 'combat sea mammals' and even lists their physical requirements
date added: 2016-03-14  source:

surfspider‘Surfing’ spider found in Queensland has terrifying set of skills
date added: 2016-03-14   source:

Kayakers rescue sea turtle trapped with fish netting around its neck
date added: 2016-03-10  source:

deepoctopusWatch an Amazing 'Ghost Octopus' Discovered in the Deep Sea
date added: 2016-03-10   source:
deaddolphinsMarine biologists in Argentina investigate 23 dead dolphins
date added: 2016-03-09   source:
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