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chainedmanateeIndonesia: Divers Shocked To Find Large Sea Animals Chained Underwater Inside Cages
date added: 2017-07-14   source:
oldbrinesWorld's 'Oldest' hippo dies at Philippine zoo
date added: 2017-07-14   source:

Researchers need your help to study dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay
date added: 2017-07-12  source:

Incredibly rare albino dolphin is filmed frolicking off the Californian coast despite fears that its striking appearance makes it a target for predators
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Massachusetts Lobsterman Catches, Releases 8-Foot Great White Shark
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Myanmar's 'sea gypsies' threatened by dynamite fishing, drugs
date added: 2017-07-06  source:

Watch: Sea turtle snacks on jellyfish tentacles
date added: 2017-06-30  source:

cuttlefishThis cuttlefish's secret trick: Pretending to be a crab
date added: 2017-06-28   source:

They're Here: Mysterious Sea Pickles Invading West Coast In Bizarre Bloom
date added: 2017-06-28  source:

Lobstermen win concession to fish in coral protection zone
date added: 2017-06-27  source:

Huge sea lion hitches ride on back of fishing boat; video
date added: 2017-06-27  source:

louielobster'Louie' lobster, 132 years old, pardoned and released
date added: 2017-06-22   source:

Last waltz looms for Myanmar's dolphins and fishermen
date added: 2017-06-21  source:

Canada: Trapped male beluga carried ashore in Bathurst and flown to Quebec
date added: 2017-06-21  source:

Hong Kong Wants a 3rd Runway. Will Its Dolphins Pay the Price?
date added: 2017-06-21  source:

'A River Below' Uncovers the Origins of Explosive Footage of a Pink Dolphin Killing in the Amazon
date added: 2017-06-21  source:

daisyVancouver Aquarium's harbour porpoise 'Daisy' dies
date added: 2017-06-20   source:

Chesapeake Bay's misguided war on the ray: Science can go wrong, sometimes with deadly consequences
date added: 2017-06-20  source:

Gray seals, once hunted, are thriving in New England
date added: 2017-06-18  source:

'The ones we named are all dead now': dolphins and fishers struggle to survive in Myanmar
date added: 2017-06-18  source:

Researchers finding more dolphins than expected in lower Chesapeake Bay
date added: 2017-06-16  source:

Video: Rare albino baby dolphin spotted in California
date added: 2017-06-16  source:

sunburnPhotographs show healing of sunburned dolphin Spirtle
date added: 2017-06-16   source:

Is it a Sindhi tradition to rape Indus blind dolphins? Shocking claim spreads on Pakistani interwebs
date added: 2017-06-16  source:

lightsaberDolphin Named After Star Wars Character Masters 'Lightsaber' Skills
date added: 2017-06-16   source:

Pressure: Navy bottlenose dolphins moved out of sight of animal activists
date added: 2017-06-14  source:

Kiwi scientists to eavesdrop on Maui dolphins for answers on their habits
date added: 2017-06-13  source:

Research: Cuttlefish pretend to be crabs to catch more fish
date added: 2017-06-13  source:

War dolphins: Navy marine mammal research program exposed...
date added: 2017-06-13  source:

Kiwis slammed again for lack of protection of Māui dolphins
date added: 2017-06-13  source:

Bad algae: Dead dolphin mystery explained by Scripps Institution of Oceanography
date added: 2017-06-12  source:

monksealResearchers mourn death of monk seal caused by fishing net
date added: 2017-06-12   source:
deaddolphinDead dolphin found on beach next to note written in sand
date added: 2017-06-12   source:

Underwater cameras let scientists dive beneath the surface with dolphins
date added: 2017-06-11  source:

The world's smallest porpoise has caused a big battle in Baja California
date added: 2017-06-11  source:

'Yup, we do have dolphins off the Oregon Coast'
date added: 2017-06-07  source:

Sea Shepherd captain offers reward to ID men who threw dead dolphin out window
date added: 2017-06-06  source:

Dam beavers: Growing population brings increase in flooding to Michigan
date added: 2017-06-05  source:

Oklahoma City Zoo celebrating World Otter Day
date added: 2017-06-05  source:

Video: Dolphins keep lifeguards company off Malibu coast
date added: 2017-06-04  source:

Lost: No evidence of foul play in mass dolphin stranding off South Africa coast
date added: 2017-06-04  source:

mauidiverEnding threats to Maui dolphins would show New Zealand keeps its promises
date added: 2017-06-04   source:

Florida: 300-pound stingray causes stir in Daytona Beach Shores; 'It started to get ugly'
date added: 2017-06-02  source:

Some dolphins are bad divers: When stressed, those that are bad at diving can die
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

OPad: Researchers create interactive touchscreen for dolphins
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

octosuffocateGiant octopus suffocates foolhardy dolphin that tried to eat it
date added: 2017-06-01   source:

Must see: Tourists swarm Canadian wharf where sea lion dragged young girl underwater
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

patchesVideo: Rare spotted dolphin 'Patches' seen off California coast
date added: 2017-05-30   source:

The Shellfish Gene:How shellfish farmers are leaning on genes to unmask the secrets of mussels, scallops, and oysters
date added: 2017-05-29  source:

endangeredCritically endangered Yangtze porpoise thrives in 2 reserves
date added: 2017-05-28   source:

There's a simple way to save the Māui dolphin – and the government is ignoring it
date added: 2017-05-25  source:

sealtrainingSeal school in session: see how sea mammals are trained
date added: 2017-05-24   source:

Geoducks: unique B.C. clams a booming business
date added: 2017-05-24  source:

Lonely British penguin looking for love on 'Plenty of Fish' dating site
date added: 2017-05-24  source:

2,000 common dolphin churn up waters of False Bay in amazing video
date added: 2017-05-22  source:

Angry otter pursues Scottish man; 'He's biting my feet'
date added: 2017-05-21  source:

jumpingdolphins100 dolphins join basking sharks off Scottish coast
date added: 2017-05-19   source:

Over: New whales, dolphins banned from Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2017-05-19  source:

chinawhiteCaught on tape: Rare Chinese white dolphin in east China
date added: 2017-05-18   source:

Indonesia 'sea monster' is finally identified
date added: 2017-05-18  source:

The last vaquita: Saving an endangered porpoise from extinction
date added: 2017-05-17  source:

Jellyfish 'mega swarm': Underwater footage from New Quay
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

Natural La Jolla: Risso's dolphins are playful pests to other cetaceans
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

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