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dugongdiploUAE's 'Dugong diplomacy' helps improve fish stocks in 40 nations
date added: 2017-03-16   source:
humpbackdolphinNW Australia a hotspot for little-known dolphins
date added: 2017-03-15   source:

Mystery surrounds surge in dolphin deaths in Cornwall
date added: 2017-03-15  source:

Sri Lanka: Nine fishermen arrested for killing 12 dolphins
date added: 2017-03-15  source:

belugamouthVancouver park board debate on whales and dolphins in captivity to continue
date added: 2017-03-14   source:
orcasealVideo: Man Attempts to Rescue Seal from Hungry Killer Whale
date added: 2017-03-12   source:

Ten dolphins rescued off Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast
date added: 2017-03-10  source:

Cuttlefish brawl: When giant Australian cuttlefish convene to mate, males usually rely on visual displays to intimidate one another—but sometimes, things can get rough
date added: 2017-03-09  source:

Making a splash: Friendly dolphins play with divers in Honduras
date added: 2017-03-09  source:

Dolphins Beach Themselves At Japanese Marine Park In Disturbing Video
date added: 2017-03-09  source:

poohhandsVietnam: Divers take deep risks to catch precious cucumbers
date added: 2017-03-08   source:

Dead dolphin feared electrocuted by fisherman in China
date added: 2017-03-08  source:

flipperpoolUnique design allows people and dolphins to swim in the same pool
date added: 2017-03-08   source:

New technology could help protect the Māui dolphin
date added: 2017-03-07  source:

Dolphin spotted swimming in River Thames for only third time in nine years
date added: 2017-03-06  source:

swimmingpigBahamas' Swimming Pigs Found Dead 'After Tourists Give Them Rum'
date added: 2017-03-06   source:

Risky roundup: US Navy dolphins to help capture critically endangered Mexican porpoises; 'Only about 30 vaquita remaining'
date added: 2017-03-04  source:

Kiwi Man accused of fatally shooting young sea lion in Dunedin Harbour
date added: 2017-03-04  source:

orangeturtleRusty reptile or Clemson fan? Orange turtles show up in South Carolina
date added: 2017-03-01   source:

Fish-food addicted Elmwood Park Zoo swan sent to retirement farm
date added: 2017-03-01  source:

More Mediterranean monk seals observed on Turkish coasts
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

Scientists watching southerly migration of tropical sea slugs to chart climate change
date added: 2017-02-28  source:

lesserrayRumors of the lesser electric ray's demise have been greatly exaggerated
date added: 2017-02-27   source:

Dolphin-mounted cameras give scientists a glimpse of mammal's underwater life
date added: 2017-02-27  source:

Female fish mate 200 times but save eggs for the perfect male
date added: 2017-02-27  source:

Killing of dolphins in UK waters 'Is a massacre' warns wildlife group with 100 found dead in just six weeks
date added: 2017-02-27  source:

Decapod justice: Group launches campaign to get legal protection for crustaceans
date added: 2017-02-26  source:

Abundant fish draw 1 million penguins to Argentine peninsula
date added: 2017-02-24  source:

Hero dog saves the life of a stranded baby porpoise
date added: 2017-02-24  source:

Caller ID for Dolphins: Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies species by their calls and could help make population estimates
date added: 2017-02-22  source:

Dolphin stuns boaters with series of backflips across the water; video
date added: 2017-02-21  source:

Otter cleans up after litterbug pigs at Thailand zoo
date added: 2017-02-20  source:

surfingdolphinviralVideo of dolphins 'surfing' goes viral
date added: 2017-02-19   source:

SeaWorld administers hearing test on rescued dolphin
date added: 2017-02-19  source:

Don't Feed The Dolphins: Scientists Warn
date added: 2017-02-19  source:

Scotland: Record numbers of dolphins have been spotted in Hebridean waters
date added: 2017-02-17  source:

'We've paid to come and see this!' Protesters against keeping animals captive interrupt dolphin show at Sea World - and get a very unsympathetic response
date added: 2017-02-16  source:

freshwaterdolphinDolphin lost in freshwater dies in south China
date added: 2017-02-15   source:

The bastards: Dolphins are being packed inside tiny crates by travelling circuses
date added: 2017-02-14  source:

Endangered penguins hunting for fish in wrong place after climate change creates 'ecological trap'
date added: 2017-02-13  source:

Census: 55 Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins In Bhitarkanika, Gahirmatha
date added: 2017-02-13  source:

Elephant seal rookery found at Vandenberg, 1st in 30 years
date added: 2017-02-12  source:

Male humpbacks use a number of tactics to threaten rivals
date added: 2017-02-09  source:

Can scientists save the 'panda of the sea'?
date added: 2017-02-09  source:

sandstrikerThis Terrifying Worm Snatches Fish from the Ocean Floor
date added: 2017-02-09   source:

Kind-hearted passers-by team up to save young dolphin which got itself stranded in Cornish rock pool
date added: 2017-02-06  source:

'Intentional act': Dolphin stuck in singlet off Western Australia coast
date added: 2017-02-06  source:

Angry octopus tries to intimidate diver interrupting its morning walk
date added: 2017-02-04  source:

The Bastards: Another baby dolphin dies because of tourist selfies; 'They let him die'
date added: 2017-02-03  source:

candystripeCandy-striped hermit crab discovered in Caribbean
date added: 2017-02-01   source:

Coins, rocks found in stomachs of Sea Lion Cove animals at Fresno zoo
date added: 2017-02-01  source:

sealnapSea lion climbs atop car in Washington state, takes a nap
date added: 2017-01-31   source:

Australia: South Coast abalone and shark fin seizure worth more than $57,000
date added: 2017-01-30  source:

Hundreds Of Dolphins Are Waiting To Die Right Now In Infamous Cove
date added: 2017-01-26  source:

The other red meat: Vancouver restaurant dines out on seal meat controversy
date added: 2017-01-26  source:

'World's bravest duck' swims with Sumatran tiger at Australian zoo
date added: 2017-01-25  source:

Scientists tackle mystery of mass dolphin stranding
date added: 2017-01-24  source:

whiskersResearch: Super-sensitive seal whiskers pinpoint fish breath
date added: 2017-01-24   source:

Couple spot pair of swimming dolphins from their back garden - 15 miles away from the sea
date added: 2017-01-23  source:

Going: Myanmar's 'smiling' Irrawaddy dolphins on brink of extinction
date added: 2017-01-22  source:

What drove almost a hundred dolphins to their death off Florida? Ninety-five mammals wash up dead in mystery mass stranding in the Everglades
date added: 2017-01-22  source:

cornwaldolphindeathAlarm after ten dead dolphins are washed up on British beaches in just a few days
date added: 2017-01-19   source:

Watch him go: Wayward harbor Seal swims miles, crosses road in Delaware
date added: 2017-01-18  source:

sealUrgent air mission for Kiwi woman after sea lion bite
date added: 2017-01-17   source:

Watch: Dolphin causing a splash among nature lovers as it makes its way up River Wear
date added: 2017-01-16  source:

Mmm Mmm Good: Vancouver eatery serves up controversy with Newfoundland seal dish
date added: 2017-01-15  source:

Wounded Warriors swim with dolphins: 'They accept you for who you are'
date added: 2017-01-14  source:

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