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mauidiverEnding threats to Maui dolphins would show New Zealand keeps its promises
date added: 2017-06-04   source:

Florida: 300-pound stingray causes stir in Daytona Beach Shores; 'It started to get ugly'
date added: 2017-06-02  source:

Some dolphins are bad divers: When stressed, those that are bad at diving can die
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

OPad: Researchers create interactive touchscreen for dolphins
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

octosuffocateGiant octopus suffocates foolhardy dolphin that tried to eat it
date added: 2017-06-01   source:

Must see: Tourists swarm Canadian wharf where sea lion dragged young girl underwater
date added: 2017-06-01  source:

patchesVideo: Rare spotted dolphin 'Patches' seen off California coast
date added: 2017-05-30   source:

The Shellfish Gene:How shellfish farmers are leaning on genes to unmask the secrets of mussels, scallops, and oysters
date added: 2017-05-29  source:

endangeredCritically endangered Yangtze porpoise thrives in 2 reserves
date added: 2017-05-28   source:

There's a simple way to save the Māui dolphin – and the government is ignoring it
date added: 2017-05-25  source:

sealtrainingSeal school in session: see how sea mammals are trained
date added: 2017-05-24   source:

Geoducks: unique B.C. clams a booming business
date added: 2017-05-24  source:

Lonely British penguin looking for love on 'Plenty of Fish' dating site
date added: 2017-05-24  source:

2,000 common dolphin churn up waters of False Bay in amazing video
date added: 2017-05-22  source:

Angry otter pursues Scottish man; 'He's biting my feet'
date added: 2017-05-21  source:

jumpingdolphins100 dolphins join basking sharks off Scottish coast
date added: 2017-05-19   source:

Over: New whales, dolphins banned from Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2017-05-19  source:

chinawhiteCaught on tape: Rare Chinese white dolphin in east China
date added: 2017-05-18   source:

Indonesia 'sea monster' is finally identified
date added: 2017-05-18  source:

The last vaquita: Saving an endangered porpoise from extinction
date added: 2017-05-17  source:

Jellyfish 'mega swarm': Underwater footage from New Quay
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

Natural La Jolla: Risso's dolphins are playful pests to other cetaceans
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

spurtleNew image of Moray Firth's sunburned dolphin Spirtle
date added: 2017-05-16   source:

SeaWorld dolphin's surprise pregnancy shows animal birth-control limits
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

How To Fix a Jellyfish Sting Pack tweezers and vinegar in your beach bag— and forget what you've heard about the pee cure.
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

Marineland: Europe's largest Marine park says whale and dolphin breeding ban 'will harm animals'
date added: 2017-05-16  source:

Moment rarely caught on video: Orcas close in seal for feeding time
date added: 2017-05-15  source:

orphanAlaska has more orphaned otters than the world's zoos have room for
date added: 2017-05-15   source:

New Zealand: White dolphin photographed near Awaroa Bay
date added: 2017-05-15  source:

Police officer rescues dolphin stranded in low-tide on Gold Coast beach
date added: 2017-05-15  source:

2 dolphins appear to try to help 3rd found dead in Charleston harbor
date added: 2017-05-15  source:

Eel hunts and then gobbles up unsuspecting puffer fish in merciless attack
date added: 2017-05-13  source:

babyswimmerMom and baby freedive with dolphins – is footage beautiful or alarming?
date added: 2017-05-11   source:

France bans breeding of killer whales and dolphins in captivity
date added: 2017-05-10  source:

Dolphins' immune systems are failing due to polluted oceans; 'chronically activated'
date added: 2017-05-10  source:

deafsealSeals 'deafened by underwater noise' in shipping lanes
date added: 2017-05-09   source:

Fin-tastic fun: Talented Dolphin plays catch with an excited little boy
date added: 2017-05-09  source:

Sea lion task force: No idea if killing individual sea lions has reduced overall salmon predation
date added: 2017-05-09  source:

thameswhaleRiver Thames visitor: Is it a dolphin, a porpoise or something else?
date added: 2017-05-08   source:

Navy dolphins train in Key West to find mines
date added: 2017-05-08  source:

dogdolphinswim'It's gone viral': Mandurah pooch filmed swimming with dolphins
date added: 2017-05-06   source:

Grayfish: Video exposes Navy dolphin care on San Diego Bay; 'That's not living. That's dying'
date added: 2017-05-04  source:

sealionmealSea lions jump on boat to demand fish in Mexico
date added: 2017-05-02   source:
dolphinswimSwedish startup uses AI to figure out what dolphins talk about
date added: 2017-05-02   source:

Cage them: Expert says only captivity will save the vaquita
date added: 2017-05-01  source:

Vancouver Aquarium wants you to help save its rescue program
date added: 2017-04-30  source:

Study: Whale and boat collisions may be more common
date added: 2017-04-27  source:

pinkdolphinWhen in the Amazon, please do not punch the dolphins
date added: 2017-04-25   source:

Sri Lanka: Body of dolphin found with rear fins cut off
date added: 2017-04-25  source:

dolphinpusIncredible moment an octopus clings to a dolphin to escape from being eaten
date added: 2017-04-24   source:
vaquitaDocumentary looks at efforts to save Mexico's vaquita
date added: 2017-04-24   source:
dolphinbirthdayShedd Aquarium's 1-year-old dolphin gets checkup, birthday 'cake'
date added: 2017-04-23   source:
ottertrapIt's actually legal for people to trap and drown otters underwater
date added: 2017-04-21   source:
fisheatingsealHawaii: Relocated monk seal returns to Lihi Canal to feed on reef fish, scraps
date added: 2017-04-19   source:

Navy dolphin euthanized at San Diego SPAWAR facility; 'Old Age'
date added: 2017-04-18  source:

Canada: Seal feeding banned at Fisherman's Wharf
date added: 2017-04-17  source:

snowcrabSvalbard's snow crabs: a pincered proxy for Arctic oil
date added: 2017-04-17   source:

Aussie dolphin park sued over animal cruelty allegations; 'The dolphins... are not all happy'
date added: 2017-04-16  source:

Phil, the wayward seal, rescued from mud 12 miles inland
date added: 2017-04-16  source:

Why did the stranded baby dolphin have to die?
date added: 2017-04-14  source:

militarydolphinsAnimal Heroes book extract: The incredible feats of military dolphins
date added: 2017-04-14   source:

The secret lives of mermaids: swimming in a tail is much harder than you think
date added: 2017-04-13  source:

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