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lolitamawToo Small, Or Not: Government Officials Are Playing Hot Potato With Lolita's Tank
date added: 2016-09-22   source:

California: Two men fined more than $120K for poaching abalone off Catalina
date added: 2016-09-21  source:

Scientists on a quest for the rare white porpoise Mini-Moby in San Francisco waters
date added: 2016-09-21  source:

germandolphinGermans flock to swim with friendly dolphin in Baltic Sea
date added: 2016-09-20   source:

Oil's not well: Something is killing dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2016-09-19  source:

What the ancient oyster knows: Scientists believe keys to conservation could be contained in ancient shells
date added: 2016-09-19  source:

Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time
date added: 2016-09-18  source:

NOAA proposes new restrictive rules for swimming with spinner dolphins in Hawaii
date added: 2016-09-16  source:

Florida: Hungry dolphins herd mullet into muddy net
date added: 2016-09-16  source:

Discovery Cove: It's a baby dolphin boom for captive moms
date added: 2016-09-16  source:

5 stranded spinner dolphins rescued in Florida Keys
date added: 2016-09-13  source:

Warning after resting Westcountry seal forced into sea by tourists
date added: 2016-09-13  source:

Protesters rally against Arizona 'swim with the dolphins' aquarium
date added: 2016-09-10  source:

Brie Larson apologizes for petting captive dolphin
date added: 2016-09-10  source:

An animal welfare organization tried to release this baby seal into the wild... but it had other ideas
date added: 2016-09-10  source:

'Extinct' sponge makes comeback in Singapore
date added: 2016-09-08  source:

Nautilus finally moves toward endangered species protection; faces devastating overharvesting for its valuable shells
date added: 2016-09-08  source:

blowholedolphinEndangered dolphin with broken blowhole learns to mouth-breathe
date added: 2016-09-06   source:
babysealionBaby sea lion dies after mysterious 2,500 mile journey
date added: 2016-09-05   source:

Sea lion’s ‘selfie stick’ takes you on underwater tour
date added: 2016-09-01  source:

mysterysealA lone baby sea lion has French Polynesia guessing
date added: 2016-09-01   source:

Four malnourished monk seals rescued from Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
date added: 2016-08-31  source:

No rest for the weary: Feds propose ban on swims with Hawaii dolphins to improve sleep
date added: 2016-08-29  source:

Video: Seal boards boat to dodge hungry orcas
date added: 2016-08-28  source:

Firecrackers latest weapon against fur seals in South Australia's Murray and Coorong fishing grounds
date added: 2016-08-28  source:

Discovery Channel To Debut Seal-Slaughter Documentary ‘Huntwatch’ On September 22; 'This is still happening'
date added: 2016-08-24  source:

abalonehuntIn California’s abalone country, the hunt continues to evolve
date added: 2016-08-23   source:
purpleoctopusIs it a Pokemon? Googly-eyed purple squid snubs submarine crew
date added: 2016-08-23   source:

Life After The Tank: Former Captive Dolphin Gives Birth in the Wild
date added: 2016-08-23  source:

Ancient dolphin fossil hidden in plain sight at Smithsonian
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

Rescuers free dolphin from 3 pounds of fishing equipment in Texas
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

Spectacular underwater video shows a dolphin giving birth before taking her calf to the surface for its first breath of fresh air
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

Now we know why dolphins are thriving again at Jersey Shore
date added: 2016-08-22  source:

Don’t fear the jellygeddon; reports of the pending jellyfish apocalypse have been greatly exaggerated
date added: 2016-08-17  source:

Pregnant dolphins sing their names to their babies in the womb; 'signature whistle'
date added: 2016-08-16  source:

ISnag: Dolphin at SeaWorld snatches iPad out of woman’s hands
date added: 2016-08-16  source:

Massachusetts: Rescue workers save 10 dolphins stranded in Barnstable
date added: 2016-08-15  source:

deaddolphinmalaysiaMalaysia: Dead dolphin may have choked on rubbish
date added: 2016-08-15   source:

He didn't make it: Dolphin passes away after desperate bid to save it on Brean beach
date added: 2016-08-14  source:

Rare dolphin sighting between Denmark and Sweden
date added: 2016-08-12  source:

Couple survive ocean ordeal after whale bumped them overboard
date added: 2016-08-11  source:

Video: Dolphin swims up and splashes Morro Bay surfer
date added: 2016-08-11  source:

humpbackwaveThe incredible moment a whale waves at a diver in a 'majestic' underwater encounter
date added: 2016-08-10   source:

Charleston's dolphins serve to point out possible pollutants
date added: 2016-08-09  source:

Crews relocating half a million mussels to make way for new I-74 Bridge
date added: 2016-08-08  source:

Rescuers save dying dolphin on a stretcher pulled by a jetski
date added: 2016-08-08  source:

kongdolphin.pngHong Kong bridge project wiping out dolphins
date added: 2016-08-08   source:

Stingrays on stinging spree in Southern California
date added: 2016-08-02  source:

Mexico's gillnet ban becomes permanent to save near-extinct vaquita porpoises
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

crochetedUnderwater ecosystems come to life in crocheted coral reefs
date added: 2016-07-29   source:

Florida: Coast Guard rescues dolphin after it leaps into boat
date added: 2016-07-29  source:

Mystery as bodies of seventy whales wash up on a remote beach in Chile
date added: 2016-07-26  source:

Dolphin with sunburn spotted doing well a month after rescue
date added: 2016-07-26  source:

Coast guard called to rescue dolphin found in helpless predicament
date added: 2016-07-26  source:

Sea slug tissue used to create ‘biohybrid’ robot that could crawl, search underwater
date added: 2016-07-24  source:

2 Massachusetts beaches evacuated after lobsterman spots great white shark
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

Watch dolphin feast on school of redfish
date added: 2016-07-19  source:

Researchers collect seal scat to study decline of fish
date added: 2016-07-18  source:

squidoctopusScientist with 35 years’ experience never encountered octopus squid before
date added: 2016-07-18   source:

Kiwi gov't doing 'minimum' to save Maui dolphins
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

Leopard seal vs. leopard seal—underwater food fight
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

NOAA authorizes Oregon to continue killing sea lions to save endangered fish
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

rescuediverDiver's heartbreaking video of 'last moments' before dramatic sea rescue
date added: 2016-07-12   source:

Exposed: how big energy firms scuppered protection for porpoises in Scotland
date added: 2016-07-10  source:

First dolphin to be rescued, rehabilitated, and released back into the wild in Louisiana is doing well
date added: 2016-07-10  source:

sealdiverWatch video: Seal swims up to a man – This is what happened next!
date added: 2016-07-08   source:

Seal pup euthanized after being carried from beach in shopping bag
date added: 2016-07-08  source:

Like feeding dolphins? Stop. You’re teaching them to beg. And maybe killing them
date added: 2016-07-07  source:

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