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Uruguay Launches 27-Vessel Fleet to Investigate 'Jumbo Squid Invasion'
date added: 2004-06-25  source:

idvseriessysUnderwater MP3 player launched; fully submersible up to 200 feet
date added: 2004-06-22   source:
surfboarduser203bIntel Commissions Wi-Fi Internet-Enabled Surfboard
date added: 2004-06-21   source:

Entire Missouri Lake Disappears Down Sinkhole; 'It's Really Creepy'
date added: 2004-06-17  source:

piranha2Scottish toddler bitten by piranha in pond while visiting Butterfly World
date added: 2004-06-15   source:

Beloved carp 'Greedy' goes missing from UK lake; 'There's so much demand for fish of this type'
date added: 2004-06-14  source:

Gun Confiscation Leads to Rise in Number of Man-Eating Crocodiles in the Solomons
date added: 2004-06-11  source:

burmesepythonHuge, freed pet pythons invade Florida Everglades; 'virtually impossible to eradicate'
date added: 2004-06-08   source:

UK Police Recover Stolen Sturgeon; 'The Fish is Now Under Police Possession'
date added: 2004-06-08  source:

Scientist: 'Atlantis' Shown in Satellite Images; 'We Have Photos Just as Plato Described'
date added: 2004-06-08  source:

'Japanese Atlantis' Discovered by Locals; 'What is Such a Thing Doing Under the Water?'
date added: 2004-05-20  source:

Mystery as Scientists Find Pavement-Like Material on Gulf of Mexico Seabed
date added: 2004-05-17  source:

Endangered Bangladesh turtles survive bizarre poisoning attack
date added: 2004-05-16  source:

Woman's suitcase recovered after 44 years underwater; 'it gave me some closure'
date added: 2004-05-14  source:

armfishUS Hunters Insist on Right to Bear Arms Against Fish; 'They Call Us Crazy'
date added: 2004-05-13   source:

Danish fishing trawler nets German submarine
date added: 2004-05-13  source:

Researcher: Male Giant Squids Injecting Each Other with Sperm; 'Group Sex' Possible
date added: 2004-05-06  source:

Brit hermit crab fitted out with glass shell; 'the glass version clearly looks more attractive'
date added: 2004-04-27  source:

surfmountainHawaiian Surfer Rides World Record 70ft wave; 'That Was a Bomb'
date added: 2004-04-21   source:

Police Foil Bank Robber's Scuba Getaway; 'No Truth to the Rumor He was Running in Flippers'
date added: 2004-04-20  source:

SquidgiganteSquid Gigante: 33-foot, 440-pound Monster Squid Caught off the Falkland Islands
date added: 2004-04-19   source:

It's Alive! Company Claims to Bring Frozen Lobsters Back to Life; 'I've Never Heard of It and I Don't Know If I Believe It'
date added: 2004-03-17  source:

Surfer Seeks Record on World's Longest Wave; 'You're Surfing Alongside Lots of Piranhas and Tree Trunks'
date added: 2004-02-25  source:

piranha203Seagull pulls piranha from the River Thames
date added: 2004-02-24   source:

Paramedics revive goldfish after car crash; 'we have to be ready to deal with all sorts of things'
date added: 2004-02-09  source:

After a week long operation, Russian army rescues kegs of beer trapped under ice
date added: 2004-01-25  source:

Russian army join search for 10 tons of beer trapped under Siberian ice
date added: 2004-01-23  source:

giantlobsterUK Angler Lands 15lb, Three-foot-long Monster Lobster
date added: 2004-01-14   source:

Warning issued as 'mysterious predator' preys on UK goldfish ponds; 'it was like a slaughterhouse'
date added: 2004-01-10  source:

Spanish police save swimming boar's bacon 3km off the Costa Brava
date added: 2003-12-14  source:

barbel203Powerful fish drags UK angler, 60, to his death; 'I've gone in'
date added: 2003-12-10   source:
octopusFisherman catches octopus in Arkansas lake
date added: 2003-12-07   source:

UK sea lion 'Phoebe' recovers after six kilos of willow leaves are removed from her stomach
date added: 2003-12-02  source:

Robo-lobsters may one day search the seafloor for pollution, mines; 'our robots are getting better'
date added: 2003-11-30  source:

Kauai dive boat incident being looked into by Coast Guard; 'no one died'
date added: 2003-11-19  source:

Australian whale researchers hunt for world's largest droppings; 'they pass food through fairly quickly'
date added: 2003-11-15  source:

Erectile tissue found in octopus fingers; 'the tip of the arm was swollen. It was distended'
date added: 2003-11-12  source:

Underwater chess world-record attempted in South Africa this weekend
date added: 2003-11-03  source:

Noah's Ark Really a Submarine? Russian Expedition Uncovers New Clues
date added: 2003-11-02  source:

CIA: robot rubber catfish developed for 'classified' mission; 'we can't talk about it'
date added: 2003-10-31  source:

Plato's Treasure Map Renews Atlantis Hunt, Focusing on Cyprus; 'This is Mere Speculation'
date added: 2003-10-30  source:

British tourist's teeth dredged from the deep by Mediterranean fisherman

Freak wind kills UK kite surfer; 'I witnessed the man hit the wall head first at incredible speed'

Man fails in bid to swim from Cyprus to Israel, in hospital with hypothermia

Woman falls off shrimp boat, swims for 13 hours to oil rig; 'I didn't want to be eaten by fishes'

Sailor 'who did not believe in wearing a life-jacket' dies minutes after being thrown into the sea

Giant sea monsters taking scientists by surprise

Scandal as Japan's goldfish netting superstar found to be using illegal dipper; 'we're truly sorry'

Conger eel fight kills UK angler; waders recovered, angler missing

Scientists: Loch Ness Monster Fossil a Hoax; 'It Was Left for Someone to Find'

Experts: Dermal Glands Prove Chilean 'Sea Monster' a Sperm Whale

**EXTRA: Sea Monster Photo Gallery**

Bishops boil holy water before riverside ceremony for fear of killing fish; 'we had to be cautious'

Panic as 'Body Parts' are Discovered at Oklahoma Lake; 'If You See Something Like That, Don't Panic'

Naked comedian escapes prosecution over shark death; promises 'not to do anything silly again'

Irish 'reality TV' ship hits rocks, sinks; contestants rescued; 'I have no idea how it happened'

Diver finds WWII torpedo in SF bay; 'it was a national security issue'

Missing Man's Body Lodged Somewhere in Manila's Waterpipes; Tap Still 'Safe and Potable'

Freak fly-away: Gale winds blow South African kite-surfer 200-300 meters inshore; hits stone wall

When Swordfish Attack: Speared Researcher's Footage Draws TV Attention; 'I Can't Deny the Market Value of This'

Canadian Woman Fined $74 for Petting Whale; 'We've Set the Bar'

Dane acquitted in goldfish blender 'art' case; judge: fish were killed 'instantly' and 'humanely'

Mysterious case of missing crew aboard Taiwanese fishing boat still a mystery; rotting fish tell no tales

Colossal squid goes on display in New Zealand

Anglers Give Up on 'Andre', Award Seal a Fishing Permit

Marlin Spears Whale Expert Near Maui; Entire Incident Videotaped

Experts Plan Mussel 'Matchmaking'; Isolated Individuals to be Put on River Bed to Encourage 'Group Sex'

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