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motounderwaterCan you run a motorcycle underwater?
date added: 2020-10-15   source:

Watch: Chennai man breaks world record of solving most Rubik's cubes underwater
date added: 2020-08-12  source:

The day a sea monster 'half-mermaid half-whale' washed up on Porthleven beach
date added: 2020-07-22  source:

'Loch Ness monster' spotted again in tourist's photo of 'big fish'
date added: 2020-07-06  source:

South Africa: NSPCA probes 'barbaric' videos of live frogs, fish being eaten in 'lockdown challenge'
date added: 2020-04-26  source:

Cops arrest 'Thai Ted Bundy' after finding hundreds of human bones in his pond
date added: 2020-03-21  source:

flatRunner finds mysterious 'flat nosed' creature washed up on beach
date added: 2020-02-29   source:
uwyogaswimmerFreediver seeks underwater yoga record
date added: 2020-02-13   source:
otterInfra-red footage reveals an otter frolicking in garden pond after Koi Carp owners
date added: 2020-01-12   source:
mermanWestern Australia mermaids welcome male addition to their underwater world
date added: 2019-12-13   source:

Fat cat: Morbidly obese feline protests underwater treadmill workout in video
date added: 2019-11-06  source:

bubblesmanateeReport: Beloved Blue Spring manatee found dead
date added: 2019-07-13   source:
crownofthornsMysterious dead thing with 'boney structures' found on Outer Banks. What is it?
date added: 2019-06-22   source:

Ireland: Bangor's mystery underwater lights causing ripples about alien invasion
date added: 2019-03-11  source:

blacklagoonPhotos: 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' actress dies
date added: 2019-02-21   source:
uwcarJackass: Car literally filled with water drives through bottle shop
date added: 2019-01-31   source:
ferrariWild Thing: Florida man drives Ferrari off dock, into water on purpose
date added: 2019-01-11   source:

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle: 'Aquaman' director explains how he handled underwater talking
date added: 2018-12-18  source:

New Zealand fisherman pulls 18-month-old baby from sea alive in 'freakish miracle'
date added: 2018-11-13  source:

Watch man fish huge snake out of toilet, set it free
date added: 2018-10-30  source:

nudesharkswimMan who allegedly swam naked among sharks at Ripley's Aquarium arrested
date added: 2018-10-25   source:

Underwater treadmill helping overweight cat shed pounds
date added: 2018-09-21  source:

chinastingrayChina: Fish dies, man lives after stingray sticks it into tourist's crotch
date added: 2018-09-14   source:
wetboxDevolution: I can't stop watching these disgusting 'wet unboxing' videos
date added: 2018-09-03   source:

Turkish man seeks world record in underwater weightlifting
date added: 2018-08-10  source:

deputysnakeSouth Texas deputy retrieves snake that emerged from toilet
date added: 2018-06-22   source:
fishbirdIs this a fish with a bird's head or a bird with a fish's body?
date added: 2018-06-19   source:
jellynudiVideo: Bizarre sea creature nets prey by stretching its jelly head
date added: 2018-05-09   source:

Chilling discovery as 27 pairs of severed human hands mysteriously wash up on an ice-covered island in Russia
date added: 2018-03-16  source:

Mysterious white sea blob floating in Pacific baffles science boffins
date added: 2018-02-28  source:

uwbenchDmitry Klokov bench presses 508lb... underwater
date added: 2018-01-17   source:
mermaidAlways wanted to be a mermaid? Florida's Weeki Wachee auditions set for Jan. 13
date added: 2018-01-04   source:
sharkroofHouse with shark on roof may become protected landmark
date added: 2017-12-27   source:

Dog 'breathes underwater' in footage of Russian experiment: Scientists claim animals can survive for 30 minutes on liquid oxygen
date added: 2017-12-27  source:

Halloween: 400-pound headless tuna found in the woods of Massachusetts fishing town
date added: 2017-11-06  source:

Glasgow: Musicians perform underwater as part of Sonica festival
date added: 2017-10-31  source:

Dover sole 'jumps' down angler's throat; 'most bizarre'
date added: 2017-10-17  source:

slipwayYoung daredevils use dam slipway as 'waterslide'
date added: 2017-10-11   source:
mermaiddogThat viral 'mermaid dog' video was too good to be true
date added: 2017-10-05   source:
fishfallingFish fall from sky with rain in northern Mexico
date added: 2017-10-03   source:
demonfishGruesome, fanged 'demon fish' washes up on Texas beach, sparking mystery
date added: 2017-09-19   source:

Mysterious 8-legged object off to stay underwater for now; diver set to inspect legs; 'we need to tread carefully'
date added: 2017-08-20  source:

mysteryobjectConnecticut: Experts puzzled over mysterious metal-and-concrete object just offshore
date added: 2017-08-17   source:

Could a Kiwi finally find the Loch Ness Monster?
date added: 2017-08-17  source:

Toxicant-triggered anxiety: Juvenile fish exposed to a common environmental toxicant show signs of anxiety
date added: 2017-05-04  source:

danishbandThis Danish band performs while submerged in water tanks, like fish in an aquarium
date added: 2017-04-30   source:

Beijing woman dreams to be lifelong mermaid
date added: 2017-03-23  source:

mermaidweddingThis Couple Had A Real-Life Mermaid Wedding; 'I think every woman has a dream'
date added: 2017-03-15   source:

Study: Noisy tests offshore possibly scaring fish away from reefs
date added: 2017-02-06  source:

Gigantic alien-like creature found in Gulf of Mexico – would this put you off swimming?
date added: 2017-01-13  source:

lochnessMost convincing picture of the Loch Ness monster ever taken?
date added: 2016-09-26   source:

Russian shoots man to death mistaking him for big fish
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

Skeletal remains of Loch Ness Monster ‘wash ashore,’ have Scots buzzing
date added: 2016-07-05  source:

Why don't we have more great sea monster movies?
date added: 2016-06-30  source:

carpcatchbaitFishermen use their dead friend as bait to reel in monster catch 'in his honor'
date added: 2016-05-03   source:

Loch Thames Monster: Mysterious 'Nessie' creature filmed in London again
date added: 2016-04-16  source:

What it's like fishing with 'River Monsters' host Jeremy Wade
date added: 2016-04-14  source:

Has the secret of the Bermuda Triangle finally been discovered? Scientists find giant craters underwater which may explain how ships disappear without a trace
date added: 2016-03-19  source:

mermaidgirlWoman makes her living as a real life mermaid
date added: 2016-02-28   source:
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