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Tagged whale sharks 'surprise' scientists
date added: 2005-07-17  source:

Satellite-Tagged Great White Swims into Uncharted Waters; 'We are Fascinated'
date added: 2005-07-13  source:

Florida divers seeing more sharks than ever before; 'it's unbelievable'
date added: 2005-07-11  source:

Shark barrier seeks test beaches in Australia, South Africa, US
date added: 2005-07-08  source:

The Science of Shark Attacks: What Provokes Them, and What You Can Do To Avoid Them
date added: 2005-07-08  source:

Another Florida Tourist Bitten by Shark, Third in a Week
date added: 2005-07-05  source:

frankmundusGreat shark hunter Mundus is a Quint-essential legend
date added: 2005-07-04   source:

How to avenge a shark attack: First, find your shark
date added: 2005-07-01  source:

Expert: Shark attacks incidents are isolated, coincidental
date added: 2005-06-30  source:

Korean Shark Fishing Skipper Gets Off Lightly After Dramatic Sea Chase
date added: 2005-06-30  source:

devilsteethAuthor spends time with fearsome beasts in 'Devil's Teeth'
date added: 2005-06-27   source:

Kiwi Family Warned Twice to Leave Water Before Fatal Shark Attack; 'We Told Them Not to Swim'
date added: 2005-06-27  source:

Shark finning ban in eastern Pacific likely
date added: 2005-06-24  source:

Fisherman who dumped fish sought in Maui shark sightings
date added: 2005-06-23  source:

'Jaws' at 30: Film stoked fear, study of great white sharks
date added: 2005-06-23  source:

sharktagHawaiian scientists to track shark movement
date added: 2005-06-20   source:

Report: Britain's Sharks Moving North; Scotland Becoming 'Hotspot' as Sightings Increase 65%
date added: 2005-06-19  source:

Shark facts: Attack stats, record swims, more...
date added: 2005-06-17  source:

sharksmallFlorida Angler Snags 'Great White Shark'
date added: 2005-06-14   source:
sharkrayFirst shark ray on display in America to test the water at Oregon aquarium
date added: 2005-06-12   source:

Parents make peace with shark victim's fate
date added: 2005-06-08  source:

'Monster' shark suspected in attack spotted by fishermen; 'a massive thing'
date added: 2005-06-08  source:

Kill the killer, says grieving father; 'if we can stop it, we should'
date added: 2005-06-08  source:

Shark defenders rally to 'Jagged-Toothed One'
date added: 2005-06-08  source:

joancollinsJoan Collins turns down appearance on 'Celebrity Shark Encounters'
date added: 2005-05-25   source:

Chinese diners warned against shark fin soup
date added: 2005-05-24  source:

Officials: Sharks rescued from diners die on the way to court; 'it is inhuman'
date added: 2005-05-23  source:

makoNasty pics and story make for a great white shark hoax
date added: 2005-05-20   source:

Film rights sold for shark-dolphin tale
date added: 2005-05-15  source:

ScottHoytSurfer 'shaken up' after shark rams him on Maui; 'He had me dead to rights'
date added: 2005-05-07   source:

Brit shark attack man shows surfboard; 'I'm walking normally'
date added: 2005-05-01  source:

halfatarponFishermen tell story of the half of one they got away from a mako shark
date added: 2005-04-27   source:
SimonLetchAussie Surfer Fends off Shark; 'He was Pretty Calm About It, Very Laid Back'
date added: 2005-04-19   source:
sharksightingsFalse shark sightings on the rise in Florida; media blamed in shark reporting frenzy
date added: 2005-04-13   source:
threshersharkworldrecordsmallWorld record shark catch makes for one heck of a fish story
date added: 2005-04-09   source:

Exclusive Photos: Monterey Bay Aquarium Great White Shark's Snout Ground to a Pulp
date added: 2005-04-03  source:

threshersharkworldrecordsmallAngler snags world-record thresher shark off Hawaii
date added: 2005-03-31   source:

Surfer Fights off Great White Shark off South Africa Coast; 'Lucky to be Alive'
date added: 2005-03-30  source:

Court rules against man whose wife lost to shark
date added: 2005-03-25  source:

Snorkeler Bitten in Half by 20-foot Great White Shark off Aussie Coast; 'He died Instantly'
date added: 2005-03-22  source:

MBA's Shark Stirs Heated Debate; Defenders Site Educational Value, Critics Decry Captivity
date added: 2005-03-22  source:

Spinal injuries, not shark, killed South Africa man
date added: 2005-03-18  source:

Shark Victim Found off South Africa Coast
date added: 2005-03-14  source:

whalesharkborneosmallTwo-ton whale shark netted off Borneo
date added: 2005-02-11   source:
LawrenceHermanbluesharksmall11-foot, 500-pound blue shark gives one man battle of a lifetime
date added: 2005-02-11   source:
baskingsharkonsalesmallBasking Shark Goes on Sale at French Hypermarket; 'We've Been Inundated with Orders'
date added: 2005-02-11   source:

Surfer killed by shark reignites net debate in Australia; 'nets... may attract sharks'
date added: 2005-02-02  source:

Expert: 'Killing sharks not the answer' for beach attacks
date added: 2005-01-09  source:

perigoVictims Look for Answers as Shark Attacks Terrorize Brazil
date added: 2004-12-29   source:

Experts: Great white sharks heading to the North Sea; 'It's feasible'
date added: 2004-12-29  source:

Shark Repellent Sales Leap After Aussie Attack
date added: 2004-12-25  source:

Marine expert: Sharks rarely hunt in pairs; 'This is a very rare event'
date added: 2004-12-22  source:

Hunt for Aussie Shark Goes Cold as Choppy Seas Hamper Patrols
date added: 2004-12-22  source:

Father of killed Aussie surfer says sea is 'shark's domain'; son 'went down fighting'
date added: 2004-12-21  source:

baybengaltigersharksmallIndian fishermen snare huge sharks; 'they were smarter than us for a few hours'
date added: 2004-12-20   source:

Great whites - the ocean's most feared predator
date added: 2004-12-20  source:

Horror as Great White Sharks Tear Aussie Surfer in Half; 'Just Boys Having a Good Time'
date added: 2004-12-18  source:

magnetichammerheadStudy: Sharks 'Magnetic,' Have 'Internal Compass'
date added: 2004-12-17   source:

Australian scientists use genetics to try to save sharks from extinction
date added: 2004-12-04  source:

Great white sharks: The misunderstood monster; 'they have an Achilles heel'
date added: 2004-12-03  source:

South Africa beach closed after 'huge and clearly visible' shark sighted
date added: 2004-11-27  source:

Florida spear fisherman in terrifying encounter with tiger shark; 'the beefiest Tiger shark I've ever seen'
date added: 2004-11-23  source:

Permanent shark watch established over South African bay after fatal attack
date added: 2004-11-23  source:

How to avoid shark attacks: common sense and home-grown technology
date added: 2004-11-20  source:

Vigilantes Threaten Action in Wake of South Africa Shark Attack; 'Broken Glass in Chickens'
date added: 2004-11-20  source:

Chumming the answer or the blame? Some say sea conditions may have drawn shark to shore
date added: 2004-11-19  source:

Cape Town Considers Shark Hunt After Swimmer is Killed; 'A Great Deal of Divided Opinion'
date added: 2004-11-19  source:

Report: Onlookers warned South African shark attack victim; 'we screamed and waved the flag'
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

Expert: Cape Town shark 'highly aroused'; attack could have been related to territorial aggression
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

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