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threshersharkworldrecordsmallAngler snags world-record thresher shark off Hawaii
date added: 2005-03-31   source:

Surfer Fights off Great White Shark off South Africa Coast; 'Lucky to be Alive'
date added: 2005-03-30  source:

Court rules against man whose wife lost to shark
date added: 2005-03-25  source:

Snorkeler Bitten in Half by 20-foot Great White Shark off Aussie Coast; 'He died Instantly'
date added: 2005-03-22  source:

MBA's Shark Stirs Heated Debate; Defenders Site Educational Value, Critics Decry Captivity
date added: 2005-03-22  source:

Spinal injuries, not shark, killed South Africa man
date added: 2005-03-18  source:

Shark Victim Found off South Africa Coast
date added: 2005-03-14  source:

whalesharkborneosmallTwo-ton whale shark netted off Borneo
date added: 2005-02-11   source:
LawrenceHermanbluesharksmall11-foot, 500-pound blue shark gives one man battle of a lifetime
date added: 2005-02-11   source:
baskingsharkonsalesmallBasking Shark Goes on Sale at French Hypermarket; 'We've Been Inundated with Orders'
date added: 2005-02-11   source:

Surfer killed by shark reignites net debate in Australia; 'nets... may attract sharks'
date added: 2005-02-02  source:

Expert: 'Killing sharks not the answer' for beach attacks
date added: 2005-01-09  source:

perigoVictims Look for Answers as Shark Attacks Terrorize Brazil
date added: 2004-12-29   source:

Experts: Great white sharks heading to the North Sea; 'It's feasible'
date added: 2004-12-29  source:

Shark Repellent Sales Leap After Aussie Attack
date added: 2004-12-25  source:

Marine expert: Sharks rarely hunt in pairs; 'This is a very rare event'
date added: 2004-12-22  source:

Hunt for Aussie Shark Goes Cold as Choppy Seas Hamper Patrols
date added: 2004-12-22  source:

Father of killed Aussie surfer says sea is 'shark's domain'; son 'went down fighting'
date added: 2004-12-21  source:

baybengaltigersharksmallIndian fishermen snare huge sharks; 'they were smarter than us for a few hours'
date added: 2004-12-20   source:

Great whites - the ocean's most feared predator
date added: 2004-12-20  source:

Horror as Great White Sharks Tear Aussie Surfer in Half; 'Just Boys Having a Good Time'
date added: 2004-12-18  source:

magnetichammerheadStudy: Sharks 'Magnetic,' Have 'Internal Compass'
date added: 2004-12-17   source:

Australian scientists use genetics to try to save sharks from extinction
date added: 2004-12-04  source:

Great white sharks: The misunderstood monster; 'they have an Achilles heel'
date added: 2004-12-03  source:

South Africa beach closed after 'huge and clearly visible' shark sighted
date added: 2004-11-27  source:

Florida spear fisherman in terrifying encounter with tiger shark; 'the beefiest Tiger shark I've ever seen'
date added: 2004-11-23  source:

Permanent shark watch established over South African bay after fatal attack
date added: 2004-11-23  source:

How to avoid shark attacks: common sense and home-grown technology
date added: 2004-11-20  source:

Vigilantes Threaten Action in Wake of South Africa Shark Attack; 'Broken Glass in Chickens'
date added: 2004-11-20  source:

Chumming the answer or the blame? Some say sea conditions may have drawn shark to shore
date added: 2004-11-19  source:

Cape Town Considers Shark Hunt After Swimmer is Killed; 'A Great Deal of Divided Opinion'
date added: 2004-11-19  source:

Report: Onlookers warned South African shark attack victim; 'we screamed and waved the flag'
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

Expert: Cape Town shark 'highly aroused'; attack could have been related to territorial aggression
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

Tiger Shark Caught After 'World Record' 3,100 Mile Journey; 'This is a Big Deal'
date added: 2004-11-16  source:

jpsharkpicShark victim returns to the sea to shoot TV ad; not 'afraid to go back'
date added: 2004-11-08   source:

'Only a Scratch': Shark Cage Operator Comments on Bite from Baby Great White
date added: 2004-11-04  source:

davysanadaMaui shark attack victim facing long recovery; shark 'did a kind of sawing type of thing'
date added: 2004-10-22   source:

Redfish a signal to get out of water; 'Right behind the redfish was a solid wall of sharks'
date added: 2004-10-19  source:

Maui shark victim facing several surgeries; 'I kept reassuring him'
date added: 2004-10-14  source:

Great White Shark Protection Gets Teeth From International Community; 'One of the Sharks at Greatest Risk From Humans'
date added: 2004-10-14  source:

The Stand: Injured Maui Diver Fights off Tiger Shark with Spear Gun; 'I Could See Him Coming Back After Me'
date added: 2004-10-14  source:

Top South African Surfer Hospitalized After Run-In with Ragged-Tooth Shark; 'If it Had Been a Great White, I Would Have Been Torn Apart'
date added: 2004-10-13  source:

Researcher: Sharks Spooked by Hurricane, Left Estuary Before Storm Hit Land
date added: 2004-10-11  source:

Thailand refuses support for great white shark protections; adverse effects to finning industry cited
date added: 2004-10-10  source:

Cape Cod Great White Shark Lured Within 100 feet of Ocean; 'It Has a Mind of Its Own'
date added: 2004-10-05  source:

South African shark victim 'JP' back in water with bionic leg; 'I was a little nervous'
date added: 2004-10-03  source:

Activists blame soup for cutting shark populations; human fears hurting protection argument
date added: 2004-09-29  source:

Some paying for glimpse of white shark off Cape Cod; 'It was so worth it'
date added: 2004-09-28  source:

baskingsharkSurvey: Scotland top spot for basking sharks in UK; marine park urged
date added: 2004-09-16   source:

Cuddles' the furry jumping shark causing a stir; 'She seems to eat anything'
date added: 2004-09-01  source:

Study: Toxins accumulate in Arctic animals, peoples; 'These chemicals are toxic to all these species'
date added: 2004-08-31  source:

Great White Shark Terrorizing South African Fishermen; 'We Didn't Stick Around. We Were Scared'
date added: 2004-08-24  source:

Shark immune system antibodies could be used to detect human pathogens
date added: 2004-08-23  source:

Scientists: 'Dead zones' Behind Rise in Shark Attacks
date added: 2004-08-10  source:

Aussie spearfisherman bitten by shark off Brisbane coast
date added: 2004-08-09  source:

Judge: Dive Operator's 'Senseless Slaughter' of Sharks Pamphlet Criticizing Fishing Charter Company 'Lawful and Justified'
date added: 2004-08-08  source:

India launches conservation project to save the whale shark; 'Pride of Gujarat'
date added: 2004-08-05  source:

Shark Week to the Rescue: TV 'Lesson' Helped Boy Fight Off Shark, Survive; 'I've Never Been That Violent in My Life'
date added: 2004-08-05  source:

Fight or flight? New shark repellent uses chemical signals; 'They stop feeding, go into alarm mode'
date added: 2004-08-01  source:

Caution Urged on North Carolina Beach After Suspected Shark Attack on Girl; 'It Was Nothing But Raw Meat'
date added: 2004-07-30  source:

Biologist Trying to Build Remote-Controlled Frankenshark; 'What We Want To Do Is Probably OK'
date added: 2004-07-22  source:

Looks can kill for grey nurse shark; 'they're quite a harmless shark'
date added: 2004-07-21  source:

surfersharkOur fear of the lone shark; 'sharks often spit human victims out'
date added: 2004-07-15   source:

Study: Whitetip Shark Numbers Rapidly Dwindled; Species All But Disappeared from Gulf of Mexico in 50 Years
date added: 2004-07-11  source:

Concern as six basking sharks are found dead off the Cornish coast; 'highly unusual and very worrying'
date added: 2004-06-22  source:

Crittercam-clad copper shark deployed during South Africa's sardine run; 'We have some footage'
date added: 2004-06-17  source:

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