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sharkwebfeetsmFreak! Malaysian Fisherman Reels in Shark with 'Webbed Feet'
date added: 2007-03-18   source:

Chinese Lawmaker: Remove Shark Fin From Menus Before Olympic Games; Dish 'Hurts' China's Image
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Brit grandmother hooks 9ft lemon shark on Florida fishing holiday; 'I couldn't quite finish it off'
date added: 2007-03-10  source:

Cook Islands teen lucky to be alive after being attacked by tiger shark while spearfishing
date added: 2007-03-09  source:

Mexico Passes Shark Finning Ban, New Protections for Great White, Whale and Basking Sharks, Manta Rays
date added: 2007-03-07  source:

indonesiaraysm20 New Shark Species Discovered in Indonesia; 'The Largest Shark Fishery in the World'
date added: 2007-03-02   source:

Aussies add Northern river shark to threatened species list
date added: 2007-02-27  source:

Rare grey nurse shark born at Sydney aquarium; 'they look quite scary'
date added: 2007-02-24  source:

Research lifts blindfold on shark vision; 'The sandbar shark's eyes have a retinal specialization'
date added: 2007-02-23  source:

Kiwis confounded as shark found in lake 100 km inland; 'a fishy story'
date added: 2007-02-21  source:

Fish Monger's Basking Shark Drawing Crowds in France; 'We've Been Inundated with Orders'
date added: 2007-02-20  source:

Drunk Aussie Attacks and Kills Shark, Blames Vodka; 'I'm a Bit of an Idiot for Doing It'
date added: 2007-02-19  source:

Report: World Shark Attacks Rise Slightly in 2006 but Continue Long-term Dip; 'We Love Dull Years'
date added: 2007-02-16  source:

Aussies to sponsor bull shark fishing contest to cull beasts from local canals
date added: 2007-02-16  source:

leopardsharksmShark Poaching Preacher's Church to Pay Into Wildlife Fund Over Convictions
date added: 2007-02-16   source:

Aussies increase shark patrols after 'monster' shark scare
date added: 2007-02-15  source:

aussiesharkhuntersmAussie Vows to Rid Coast of Bull Sharks; 'They're Bastards. I'm Going to Eradicate Them'
date added: 2007-02-15   source:

No Bull: Shrimp Boat Sinks After Being Attacked Shark; A Bump in the Night
date added: 2007-02-08  source:

sharkrayaquariumsmAquarium Launches World's First Shark Ray Breeding Program, Adds Rare Male Shark Ray
date added: 2007-02-06   source:
sharkattackpairShark attack pair share their stories; 'my leg was gone'
date added: 2007-02-01   source:

South Africa to remove shark nets along coast in effort to reduce unnecessary deaths
date added: 2007-01-31  source:

Expert: Shark Mistook Abalone Diver for Sea; 'He's Lived to Tell the Story'
date added: 2007-01-26  source:

Questions linger in Georgia Aquarium whale shark death; remaining sharks watched closely
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Sentinel for South Africa's surfers; shark watcher in demand after attack
date added: 2007-01-15  source:

South Australia considers shark nets on popular beaches
date added: 2007-01-02  source:

Shark-attack hero sticking to shallow waters; 'I freak out every time I go into the ocean'
date added: 2007-01-01  source:

California surfer survives two separate shark attacks; 'This is serious s -- '
date added: 2006-12-30  source:

Aussie Surfers Want Shark Killed at Popular Beach
date added: 2006-12-21  source:

Close Call as California Surfer Survives Great White Shark Attack; 'The Board Took the Brunt of the Bite'
date added: 2006-12-14  source:

65 stitches as shark bites South Africa angler on the hand, thigh and calf
date added: 2006-12-13  source:

Jaws Under Ice: Mysterious Arctic Shark Found in Quebec; 'Their Eyes Swivel and Follow You'
date added: 2006-12-12  source:

Study: Fishermen Driving Great Barrier Reef Sharks to Extinction
date added: 2006-12-07  source:

How to avoid shark attacks; best thing: 'not go into the water at all'
date added: 2006-12-05  source:

South Africa 'shark whisperer' hopes new film will to change the public's perception of sharks
date added: 2006-12-05  source:

portshark2smPortuguese fishing boat nets 23-foot basking shark
date added: 2006-11-29   source:

EU announces curbs to Scottish deep sea shark fishing
date added: 2006-11-27  source:

Report: Cayman's animal welfare agency kept in dark over about captive sharks
date added: 2006-11-26  source:

World record great hammerhead shark goes on display in Florida
date added: 2006-11-22  source:

Florida fisherman penalized for shark finning; $68,000 fine, 100-day permit sanction
date added: 2006-11-21  source:

Six Sharks Die at New Cayman's Amusement Park as Life Support System Fails; 'A Strong Learning Curve'
date added: 2006-11-21  source:

Environmentalists warn of shark troubles, urge conservation, and make recommendations
date added: 2006-11-16  source:

Bull shark bites man after getting pulled by the tail; 'I got the shock of my life'
date added: 2006-11-15  source:

Swimmer off Maui Survives Shark Bite to Hand, Thigh; 'All of a Sudden It Got Him'
date added: 2006-11-15  source:

Chinese Chefs Divided Over Shark Fin Use; 'No Banquet is Complete without Shark Fin'
date added: 2006-11-14  source:

Researcher: Mexico great white sharks larger than South Africa siblings
date added: 2006-11-12  source:

Email Campaign Initiated Against China's 'Irresponsible' Over Shark Fin Marketplace
date added: 2006-11-09  source:

Panel OK's ban on shark feeding off Hawaii; recommendation likely years away from approval
date added: 2006-10-31  source:

Shark feeding for tourists blamed for rise in shark attacks along Cape Town coast
date added: 2006-10-31  source:

MissyKehoesmUnderwater Nude Model Bitten by Shark on Book Shoot; 'We Push the Envelope'
date added: 2006-10-30   source:

California Angler Snags Record 13-foot, 1,175-pound Shortfin Mako Shark; 'Chewed the Motor'
date added: 2006-10-29  source:

U.S. fishery proposes ban on shark feeding for sight-seeing, not shark fishing, in federal waters
date added: 2006-10-26  source:

AnneMcPhersonmakosmallFootless South Africa shark victim dreams of glory, gold
date added: 2006-10-25   source:

Aussies: Shark sightings at record high, and rising
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Researcher: Great white sharks travel far; California to Hawaii and back
date added: 2006-10-22  source:

The fin end of the wedge: Is is ethical to go shark diving?
date added: 2006-10-18  source:

Monterey Aquarium's Great White Shark Stirs Controversy, Attracts Crowds; 'Certain Species Don't Do Well in Captivity'
date added: 2006-10-11  source:

Report: Brit basking sharks make 'dramatic' shift to Scottish waters
date added: 2006-10-06  source:

Swimming with famous dead sharks; artist Damien Hirst replaces decaying tiger shark
date added: 2006-10-04  source:

Study: Half of World's Great White Attacks Occur in South Africa; Spear Fishermen at Greatest Risk
date added: 2006-09-28  source:

No mako: Mistaken identity means record blue shark for California angler; 'I was thrown off'
date added: 2006-09-25  source:

Florida Shark Tournament Draws Criticism After Hammerhead Mutilated, Pregnant Tiger Caught; 'Gruesome'
date added: 2006-09-25  source:

Elizabeth Taylor swims with sharks; 'most exciting thing' she has ever done
date added: 2006-09-23  source:

Shark leaves shredded shorts, deep gash to thigh on North Carolina teen surfer
date added: 2006-09-22  source:

Florida shark tournament ends as 11 killed, over 300 released; 765-pound tiger shark biggest catch
date added: 2006-09-21  source:

Cape Town Tourism Manager: Shark Attacks Good for Cage Diving, Bad for Surf Business; 'It Awakens Interest'
date added: 2006-09-21  source:

Florida diver recovers from shark bite after kiss goes wrong; lip 'put through a meat grinder'
date added: 2006-09-20  source:

Scientists: Two Sharks Among 52 New Species Found in Indonesian Waters; 'Epicenter of Marine Biodiversity'
date added: 2006-09-20  source:

Resident shark aquarium's new great white hope; 'We love our monsters'
date added: 2006-09-19  source:

After Ten Year Hiatus, Controversial Shark Fishing Tournament Returns to Florida Town; 'This is Slaughter'
date added: 2006-09-19  source:

After 10 years, shark fishing tournament returns to Florida town; 'This is a slaughter'
date added: 2006-09-18  source:

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