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Angler snares 'record' tiger shark in Western Australian waters; 'lots of scientific data'
date added: 2008-08-09  source:

Scientists track mysterious sevengill sharks; 'reputation of being snippy and snappy'
date added: 2008-08-08  source:

No bull: 'Planted' shark found in Alabama lake was Atlantic sharpnose
date added: 2008-08-01  source:

Shark gutting lures 'Dirty Jobs' TV crew; 'It's a misconception that sharks are dangerous'
date added: 2008-07-31  source:

A new way to prevent shark attacks; 'Turn that thing on!'
date added: 2008-07-30  source:

Brits call on volunteers for shark spotting; 'yes, it is very interesting'
date added: 2008-07-30  source:

Top shark scientist awarded Gilchrist Medal for contribution to marine science in South Africa
date added: 2008-07-29  source:

MadelineSinsleysharkbitecarolina Young girl's foot bitten by shark off Carolina coast
date added: 2008-07-29   source:

Taiwan's National Palace museum urged to drop shark fin soup from menu
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Tagging sharks in Georges Bank breeding ground 'exciting exercise' for marine biologist
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Shark Conspiracies: The most shocking, educational and revealing moments of Shark Conspiracies
date added: 2008-07-24  source:

Colorado student's fatal shark attack story in Tonga to air during 'Shark Week'
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Rare porbeagle shark spotted off Wales; 'Wow, that isn't basking shark'
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Aussie biologist: Satellite tracking technology to shed light on tiger shark behavior
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Unusual number of sharks reported off Taiwan's east coast
date added: 2008-07-21  source:

Indian fishermen net 10-ton 'white' shark; 'It is not edible'
date added: 2008-07-18  source:

Third time a charm? Aquarium cages another great white shark off California coast
date added: 2008-07-15  source:

newsmyrnabeachsharkjumpWave-jumping shark caught in photos at Florida beach
date added: 2008-07-14   source:

Aussie locals skeptical of great white shark in lake claim; 'would stick out like dog's balls'
date added: 2008-07-14  source:

sharkaustraliapoolShark Found Swimming In Aussie Beachside Pool; 'A Very High Tide'
date added: 2008-07-14   source:

Shark feeding frenzy captured on video; whale carcass off Hawaii coast attracts crowd
date added: 2008-07-13  source:

australiatigersharkbeach4 meter tiger shark caught off Aussie beach; 'It'd be over 250kg'
date added: 2008-07-12   source:
whitewhaleaustraliaArgh! Another White Whale Spotted Off Aussie Coast; 'Just Something Else'
date added: 2008-07-12   source:

Aussie Police Issue Warning As Seven-Meter Great White Shark Reported In Coastal Lake
date added: 2008-07-12  source:

Conservationists applaud Aussie shark fisherman's suspension; 'a clear signal'
date added: 2008-07-09  source:

Aussie shark attack hero gets bravery award; 'she battled the sharks'
date added: 2008-07-08  source:

In Mediterranean, the predator is the hunted; 'a very dangerous place for a shark'
date added: 2008-07-04  source:

Boat passengers witness shark attack; 'It was a quite a bloody mess'
date added: 2008-07-03  source:

Decision time nears for aquarium as baby great white shark held in pen off California coast
date added: 2008-07-03  source:

Aussie Environmental Minister Urged To End Sharkfin Exports
date added: 2008-07-03  source:

Monterey Bay Aquarium scientists put a shark in a pen off California coast
date added: 2008-07-02  source:

Shark bite fears for roped up whale off Aussie coast; 'The whale is vulnerable'
date added: 2008-06-30  source:

Discovery announces dates for 2008 Shark Week; Mythbusters, Survivorman, Dirty Jobs, mysterious shark coast
date added: 2008-06-27  source:

Canadian's 1,082-pound, 11-foot mako shark one of the largest ever caught; 'this sucker's big'
date added: 2008-06-25  source:

Aussie scientists to harness disease-fight proteins from shark blood; 'Sharks can be our friends'
date added: 2008-06-24  source:

whalesharkResearchers: 'World first' as scientists reveal whale shark diving behavior; 'double life'
date added: 2008-06-21   source:
KuroshioSeaWorld's largest fish tank in Japan so big it can hold four whale sharks
date added: 2008-06-21   source:

Shark Conspiracies: Cover-ups, misinformation exposed in recent shark attacks around the world
date added: 2008-06-18  source:

Tag reveals the secret of Brit basking sharks' long winter breaks
date added: 2008-06-18  source:

Great white shark attacks seal -- not human -- off California coast
date added: 2008-06-17  source:

'Great white shark' washes ashore in the Bahamas; officials concerned as locals eat it
date added: 2008-06-16  source:

sharkhuggerShark Huggers: Tourists Can't Wait To Get Next To Them -- Even If They Are Eating Machines
date added: 2008-06-13   source:

Study: Mediterranean Shark Population Declined Over 97% In 200 Years; 'This Raises A Red Flag'
date added: 2008-06-12  source:

Mexico To Track Sharks Using Sonar In Bid to Prevent More Attacks
date added: 2008-06-10  source:

Dirty water sparks shark warning along Aussie coast
date added: 2008-06-07  source:

Cartoonist urges kids to win protections for feared but at-risk sharks
date added: 2008-06-07  source:

Mexico To Tag Sharks After Deadly Attacks; 'We Need To Get To The Why'
date added: 2008-06-06  source:

Official: Boy likely bitten by shark off North Carolina coast
date added: 2008-06-06  source:

Thief nabs great white shark jaws from Aussie museum
date added: 2008-06-06  source:

Great white lies about great white sharks; mosquitoes, bees, dogs, snakes... deadlier
date added: 2008-06-04  source:

Word to the wise: Big Whitey is out there, and he's more hungry than ever
date added: 2008-06-04  source:

sharksnoutProvoked by humans, have sharks gone crazy?
date added: 2008-06-04   source:
georgeburgessinternationalsharkattackfilesmFlorida Shark Expert Summoned To Mexico After Third Attack In Four Weeks
date added: 2008-06-04   source:
bethanyhamiltonShark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton launches 'one-armed' lip balm
date added: 2008-06-03   source:

Sydney chef: Shark fin soup should be banned from Aussie restaurants
date added: 2008-06-03  source:

Forget Jaws, Now it's . . . Brains! Experts Say Great White Sharks Are Socially Sophisticated And Smart
date added: 2008-06-03  source:

Mexican marines guard beaches after shark attacks
date added: 2008-05-28  source:

Another Surfer Killed By Shark Off Mexico's Pacific Coast; 'Osvaldo Went Under'
date added: 2008-05-26  source:

Report: Over 50% of Oceanic Shark Species Threatened With Extinction
date added: 2008-05-25  source:

sharkvscrocaustraliasmPictures Reveal Shark vs. Crocodile Battle Off Aussie Coast; 'We Heard Some Splashing'
date added: 2008-05-25   source:

Florida shark attacks likely to rise as fishing quotas cut, number of sharks increases
date added: 2008-05-22  source:

What to say when your child says 'If I enter the water, the sharks will eat me!'
date added: 2008-05-21  source:

Shark researcher: Great white sharks 'go out of their way to avoid people'
date added: 2008-05-20  source:

Marine Biologists: 'Cage Diving Doesn't Make Sharks Aggressive'
date added: 2008-05-20  source:

Fijian night diver killed by shark attack
date added: 2008-05-19  source:

Shark Conspiracies: Latest shark attack news and conspiracies examined
date added: 2008-05-17  source:

Aussie Mother of Three 'Dives Straight In' to Stop Great White Shark Attack
date added: 2008-05-13  source:

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