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Birth Of Captive Grey Nurse Shark Caught On Film; 'It's Nice To Have Something Positive Happen'
date added: 2009-10-02  source:

Shock and awe: Aussie Navy revises tactics to fight off great white sharks
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Queensland government: Shark nets stay despite snared whales; 'saving human lives'
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Experience: Sharks saved my life; 'My lungs were screaming for air'
date added: 2009-09-30  source:

threshersharkcornishThresher shark found on Cornish beach; 'It's in good condition physically'
date added: 2009-09-29   source:

Researchers open Baja California shark-tagging trip to the public
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

Tiger Shark Leaves Aquarium Of The Pacific; White Shark Doing Well At Monterey Bay Aquarium
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

EasternPacificBlackGhostsharksmWeird New Ghostshark Found; Male Has Retractable Sexual Appendages On The Forehead
date added: 2009-09-25   source:

Sharks 'can't eat us all' says Aussie triathlete as Sydney continues event
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Research: Bull Sharks Using Aussie Gold Coast Canals As Nurseries; 'They're Safe From Predators'
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Sharks don't scare this Massachusetts scientist
date added: 2009-09-22  source:

Sharks Swarmed On Ancient Sea Monster; 85-million-year-old Plesiosaur Bears The Marks of Great White Ancestors
date added: 2009-09-22  source:

Teenager Dies In Shark Attack Off Brazilian Coast; Officials Insist Shark Bite, Not Drowning Cause Of Death
date added: 2009-09-16  source:

Florida proposes more protection for sharks; state 'a pioneer and a leader in shark-management efforts'
date added: 2009-09-15  source:

Shark gawkers flock to Massachusetts beach to catch view of elusive great whites
date added: 2009-09-13  source:

Aussie government introduces new measures to make swimmers shark smart; 'no 100% guarantees'
date added: 2009-09-11  source:

Bull shark yields body parts of man missing off Caribbean island
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Shark group issues open letter to Discovery executives in protest of Shark Week exploitation
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Cape Cod beach town vexed by shark sightings on the last holiday weekend of summer
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Maui city council passes shark tour ban; 'We're not Oahu'
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

South African Surfer Dies After Shark Attack; Right Leg Severed Above The Knee
date added: 2009-09-03  source:

Satellite-tracked sea turtle attacked by shark, rescued; 'she wasn't swimming well - she was limping'
date added: 2009-09-02  source:

sharkeggcaseShark Born Out Of Water When Its Egg Hatched In Diver's Hands
date added: 2009-09-01   source:
nursesharkhookMagnetic hooks could save grey nurse sharks; 'not 100 per cent effective'
date added: 2009-08-31   source:

Aussie mum and son fined over shark fin haul
date added: 2009-08-30  source:

Scientists shed new light on behavior of shark 'tweens' and teenagers
date added: 2009-08-27  source:

Aussies enlist DNA database to stop shark attacks; 'our record is pretty good'
date added: 2009-08-26  source:

In The Mood: London Aquarium Turns On Romance Songs To 'Aid Shark Mating'
date added: 2009-08-25  source:

Florida shark fin dealer pleads guilty to illegally dealing fins of protected species
date added: 2009-08-24  source:

Marine biologist awarded $237,000 NOAA grant to research contentious issue of spiny dogfish stock
date added: 2009-08-24  source:

Cape Cod kayakers report shark vs seal attack
date added: 2009-08-21  source:

leapingbullsharkLeaping bull shark surprises Aussie woman; 'The reason for doing this is not often clear'
date added: 2009-08-21   source:

Shark net threatening seal seal colonies off Aussie coast
date added: 2009-08-20  source:

parishiltonstingray'Fearless' Paris Hilton swims with sharks and stingrays
date added: 2009-08-19   source:

Amazing Footage Of Great White Shark Circling Aussie Fishing Boat; 'Big, Beautiful Killing Machine'
date added: 2009-08-19  source:

Canadian sport fishing company's employee figures in shark 'beat down' video
date added: 2009-08-17  source:

NOAA scientists conduct shark survey off US East Coast; 'we still have a lot to learn'
date added: 2009-08-17  source:

longBeachtigersharkaquariumLong Beach Aquarium's tiger shark is a picky eater; 'Some days she won't eat'
date added: 2009-08-14   source:
greatwhitesharkinchonKorea warns swimmers as two great white sharks caught; 'These sharks attack humans'
date added: 2009-08-13   source:
greatwhitesharkoregoncrabGreat white shark caught off Oregon Coast seized by police
date added: 2009-08-12   source:

Maui Council Votes To Preemptively Ban Shark Tourism; 'We Want To Stop It Before It Occurs'
date added: 2009-08-11  source:

Specialist analyzes psyche of a shark that ignored surfers; 'That's really typical shark behavior'
date added: 2009-08-10  source:

Shark bite victim talks about frightening attack; 'blood excites sharks'
date added: 2009-08-09  source:

Dead sharks found in trash spur questions of poaching ring; 'Someone had to see something'
date added: 2009-08-09  source:

hugochavezVenezuela's Socialist Fisheries reports 900% surge in shark landings
date added: 2009-08-09   source:

First international basking shark conference begins; 'Generally, scientists don't talk to one another '
date added: 2009-08-07  source:

Research: Sharks choose 'friends' based on genetic similarity and size
date added: 2009-08-06  source:

derekmitchellbullsharkbahamasTeen shark victim speaks from hospital; 'I didn't even know I got bitten'
date added: 2009-08-06   source:

Famed chef Alice Waters swears off shark fins; other chefs encouraged to do the same
date added: 2009-08-05  source:

zacskyringbronzewhalersharkAussie Teenager Hurled Sky High By Shark; 'It Was Like A Bronze Flash'
date added: 2009-08-04   source:

Rescuers enduring heartbreak of dolphin's shark attack death; 'He's mortally wounded'
date added: 2009-08-03  source:

baskingsharkBasking sharks visit Britain in record numbers
date added: 2009-08-03   source:

Maine shark fishing tournament announced to 'raise money for a good cause'
date added: 2009-08-01  source:

tinkerbellsharkbirthday25th Birthday Celebration For 'Tinkerbell', Britain's Oldest Captive Shark
date added: 2009-08-01   source:

Aquarium: Rescued Dolphin Fatally Attacked By Shark Hours After Release; 'It Just Happened So Fast'
date added: 2009-08-01  source:

First shark-free marina established in Massachusetts; 'We can change our fishing philosophy'
date added: 2009-07-31  source:

blacknosesharksmNOAA proposes measures to rebuild blacknose and other shark populations
date added: 2009-07-29   source:

A swim with sharks: New docu-series to follow Hawaii shark dive outfit
date added: 2009-07-29  source:

sirdavidtangsharkfinsoupFamed Brit Restaurateur Sir David Tang Selling Shark Fin Soup In Hong Kong
date added: 2009-07-29   source:

Officials Reopen Spanish Beaches As Bluefish, Not Shark, Suspected In Injury To Teen's Foot
date added: 2009-07-29  source:

Aussie shark attack victims thank blood donors; 'I very nearly died'
date added: 2009-07-28  source:

Bull shark spotted on Alabama river, 80 miles inland; 'they were here before we were'
date added: 2009-07-28  source:

greatwhitesharkflycaliforniaCalifornia fly fisher reels in great white shark; 'The grab was instantaneous'
date added: 2009-07-27   source:

'Monster Shark' tournament participation down from a year ago; 'Times are tough'
date added: 2009-07-26  source:

Anglers angry as Florida city approves ban on shark fishing at beach
date added: 2009-07-26  source:

Irish town sinks its teeth into 120kg porbeagle shark
date added: 2009-07-26  source:

Study: Big Sharks 'Functionally Extinct From The Gulf of Mexico'
date added: 2009-07-24  source:

sharkweeklesstroudsmShark Week Is Back... And Its Got Bite! Shark Week 2009 Schedule Released
date added: 2009-07-23   source:

Shark Attack Survivors Press For Shark Fishing Restrictions; 'I Must Taste Like Crap'
date added: 2009-07-21  source:

Brits in royal spat over shark fin soup; a 'clash of cultures'
date added: 2009-07-20  source:

Researchers: Shark Cage Diving Operations Off Hawaii Are Safe; 'No Increase In Shark Attacks'
date added: 2009-07-20  source:

Aquarium rescues overgrown shark from pet store; 'It's a miracle'
date added: 2009-07-16  source:

sharkattack3megalodonShark Film Has Writer Biting Mad; 'Shark Attack 3: Megalodon' Fake?
date added: 2009-07-16   source:
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