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South Africa shark victim takes his first steps; 'Today he is another person'
date added: 2006-08-20  source:

South Africa Lifeguard: 'I Lured Shark Towards Me To Save My Brother'
date added: 2006-08-18  source:

New Safety Measures Promised After South Africa Shark Attack; No More Cage Diving Permits to be Issued
date added: 2006-08-18  source:

Shark Cull Called For After Lifeguard Loses Foot in Attack; 'There is No Food for the Overpopulation of Sharks'
date added: 2006-08-17  source:

porbeagleStunned Brit fisherman nets 8-foot shark; 'quite a fight'
date added: 2006-08-15   source:

NOAA settles shark case with New York fish dealer for $750,000; 'a strong message'
date added: 2006-08-15  source:

Scientists, snorkelers go crazy over whale sharks off Mexican coast
date added: 2006-08-12  source:

Exclusive! Necropsy Photos Released from World Record Pregnant Hammerhead Shark
date added: 2006-08-11  source:

Group of Divers Become First to Cage Dive with Sharks off the British Coast
date added: 2006-08-08  source:

yaomingsmNBA star Yao Ming swears off shark fin soup 'under all circumstances'
date added: 2006-08-07   source:

South Africa shark panel recommends to protect bathers, conserve great whites
date added: 2006-08-06  source:

Report: Monster shark tournament was more bark than bite; nude protestors a no-show
date added: 2006-07-30  source:

Dozen stitches after man claims shark bite off South Carolina beach
date added: 2006-07-26  source:

Manu puts sharks up for adoption after they eat his puffer fish; 'they're all gone'
date added: 2006-07-17  source:

Shark bites girl at South Carolina beach; second attack in a week, third in a month
date added: 2006-07-17  source:

sharkfootShark mauls 14-year-old off South Carolina beach
date added: 2006-07-14   source:

Brit pilot in hammerhead shark diving mission off the Cocos Islands
date added: 2006-07-13  source:

Swiss Shark Expert Dispels 'Jaws' Myth; 'We Simply Don't Know the Basic Facts'
date added: 2006-07-10  source:

The Aussie Shark Hunter, The Brit Artist, and a Nice Little Earner; 'I Keep a Spare Great White'
date added: 2006-07-05  source:

Report: World-Record Pregnant Hammerhead Caught Off Florida was Carrying World-Record 55 Pups
date added: 2006-07-04  source:

sharksubShark-Shaped Submarine Is Latest Cousteau Star Vehicle
date added: 2006-06-29   source:

Maui lifeguards save shark's life; 'A lot of people hate sharks. I like them'
date added: 2006-06-25  source:

Shark attack kills surfer in Brazil; femoral artery ruptured
date added: 2006-06-24  source:

Seychelles Tourism Industry Blasts Shark Fishers as Tourists Discover 12 Drowned Sharks
date added: 2006-06-21  source:

baskingsharkHebrides basking in shark sightings; 'strong healthy plankton blooms'
date added: 2006-06-17   source:

Hawaii biologists tune in to sharks' sixth sense; 'These aren't simple animals'
date added: 2006-06-17  source:

New land-based shark fishing association launched with emphasis on catch and release
date added: 2006-06-14  source:

Cape Town Calls for Moratorium on Shark Cage Diving, Seeks 'Irrefutable' Evidence on Safety
date added: 2006-06-12  source:

Cape Town specialists plan to prevent shark attacks
date added: 2006-06-11  source:

Hawaii freediver bitten by shark; 'It was pretty bloody. It was deep.'
date added: 2006-06-06  source:

Tassies spare the rod, see surge in grey nurse shark numbers
date added: 2006-05-31  source:

Possible World Record Great Hammerhead Shark Caught Off Florida; 14.5 feet, 1,262 lbs
date added: 2006-05-30  source:

23-year-old Brazilian surfer escapes shark attack
date added: 2006-05-23  source:

sharkmassageAussie Shark Massage Treatment A World First; 'A Radical Approach'
date added: 2006-05-22   source:
recordhammerheadsm750-lb Hammerhead Shark Caught Off Florida Coast May Be World Record
date added: 2006-05-15   source:

Shark-Saving Magnets Win $25,000 Prize in International Smart Gear Competition
date added: 2006-05-14  source:

South Africa divers angered at death of Zambezi shark 'Quasimodo'
date added: 2006-05-03  source:

South Africa shark divers at half-mast with 'pirated' flag; 'looks quite deliberate'
date added: 2006-05-02  source:

Sierra Leone angler catches 'man eating' shark responsible for four fisherman's deaths
date added: 2006-04-03  source:

Shark attacks Hawaii surfer; 'I was totally terrified and there was nothing I could do'
date added: 2006-03-28  source:

Fiji Surfer Says Shark Bite Won't Deter Career; 'I'm Sure This Would Make Him Stronger'
date added: 2006-03-22  source:

eugenieclarkCuriosity drove Eugenie Clark to become the 'Shark Lady'
date added: 2006-03-21   source:
wrathofgodwmSeoul Museum Buys Shark in Formaldehyde for $4m; 'The Wrath of God'
date added: 2006-03-21   source:

Shark Attacks Surfer off Fiji Islands; 'The Shark Kept Circling the Area'
date added: 2006-03-21  source:

South Africa swimmer in close call with great white shark; 'The whole beach was in a panic'
date added: 2006-03-13  source:

Couple spots tiger shark heading toward swimmers off Hawaii beach
date added: 2006-03-12  source:

South Africa company sees no bars to close shark encounters; 'They're curious about us'
date added: 2006-03-11  source:

mauiteensharkMaui teen, 15, recounts shark attack; 'It was real scary'
date added: 2006-03-05   source:

US Military Developing Remote-Control 'Spy' Shark with Neural Brain Implant
date added: 2006-03-05  source:

Biologist Discovers New Shark Species in the Sea of Cortez; 'Mustelus Hacat'
date added: 2006-03-05  source:

Whale shark caught off Chinese coast, sold cheap
date added: 2006-03-01  source:

Shark Suspected as Dive Gear, Partial Human Remains Found Off Maui
date added: 2006-02-27  source:

Bangkok mall attraction lets you swim with the sharks; 'the ultimate dive with the ultimate predator'
date added: 2006-02-26  source:

Seychelles bans foreign-owned vessels from shark finning
date added: 2006-02-25  source:

Report: 70% of the Oceans Shark Free; All Sharks 'within the Reach of Human Fisheries'
date added: 2006-02-25  source:

Peter Benchley: The man who loved sharks
date added: 2006-02-21  source:

kauaisharkHawaii man recalls the day a great white shark attacked him; 'It's top jaw got my back'
date added: 2006-02-20   source:

Surfer bitten as Aussie sharks in feeding frenzy
date added: 2006-02-18  source:

jawscoversmThe Man Who Scared Millions: 'Jaws' Author Peter Benchley Dead at 65
date added: 2006-02-16   source:

Crittercam tells the tale: Why do tiger sharks eat more loggerhead than green turtles
date added: 2006-02-13  source:

leopardsharksmSix men indicted for harvesting undersized leopard sharks in San Francisco Bay
date added: 2006-02-12   source:

Aussie ocean swimming race canceled after shark sighting
date added: 2006-02-09  source:

Shark sighting off Kiwi beach gets rumor mills churning; 'I think it's media hysteria'
date added: 2006-02-09  source:

Galapagos Tour Operator Banned for Two Months Following Illegal Shark Fishing
date added: 2006-02-09  source:

Shark kills US Peace Corps worker in Tonga
date added: 2006-02-08  source:

greenlandsharksmOfficials: Woman Who Caught Shark While Ice Fishing Lacked Proper Permit, Faces Fine
date added: 2006-02-08   source:

Aussie inventor claims creation of electronic shark barrier; 'It's just like a rope'
date added: 2006-02-07  source:

greenlandsharksmQuebec woman lands shark while ice fishing; 'It’s not something we see often'
date added: 2006-02-05   source:

Great white shark now a sub species, thanks to Cousteau and Tintin; 'They're very smart animals'
date added: 2006-02-02  source:

Hurricane spawns shark-mating frenzy; 'they decided to begin copulating'
date added: 2006-02-01  source:

Shark fisherman describes catching makos on the fly; 'I was totally hooked'
date added: 2006-01-30  source:

'Monster' Shark Sightings Along Kiwi Coast Could Be Same Beast
date added: 2006-01-30  source:

Rare Megamouth Shark Netted in the Philippines; Only 35th Recorded Specimen in the World
date added: 2006-01-30  source:

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