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'Shell Crusher': Giant predatory shark fossil unearthed in Kansas
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

World's greatest shark dives...
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

philippinespresidentarroyoPhilippines President Arroyo to swim with whale, thresher sharks
date added: 2010-02-24   source:
greatwhitesharkmouthagapeMarine Biologist: Great White Sharks 'More Endangered Than Tigers'
date added: 2010-02-24   source:

4.3m tiger shark caught off Aussie coast; 'It's probably just passing through'
date added: 2010-02-22  source:

Is the great white shark in danger?
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

Florida bans all recreational and commercial harvesting of lemon sharks; 'susceptible to overharvest'
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

bronzewhalerKiwi divers: Kick in the head keeps shark at bay; 'It just kept swimming at us'
date added: 2010-02-20   source:

Governments agree to protect endangered sharks under UN-backed treaty; 'a decisive step forward'
date added: 2010-02-19  source:

Second of five Cape Code great white shark tag transmits tracking data
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

The Horror: Husband Watches As Wife Attacked By Shark Off Sydney Beach
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

Aussie Granny Recounts Fighting Off Attacking Shark; 'I Have To Have A New, Remodeled Bottom'
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

HIPPA trouble: Was Florida shark attack victim illegally photographed at hospital?
date added: 2010-02-16  source:

Wobbegong: Aussie Surfer's Terrifying Tale Jumps The Shark; 'The Fear Of Sharks Is Amazing'
date added: 2010-02-16  source:

Nearly 350 attend funeral for Florida shark attack victim; 'You're not supposed to die when you're 38'
date added: 2010-02-14  source:

Experts: Fear of sharks more grounded in mind than water
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Catch, release, bite: Florida fisherman learns painful lesson; 'The guy should have just cut the line instead'
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

Shark attack study announced: Politics of bite incidents under review
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

'This Was The Real Thing': Expert Says Florida Shark Attack 'Probably A Feeding Event'
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

Experts Rule Out 'Great White' In Florida Shark Attack
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

San Francisco conservation groups collaborate and hold events to save sharks
date added: 2010-02-09  source:

Reefcam captures deep-sea drama as shark stalks sea snake
date added: 2010-02-09  source:

kiwisharkgirlKiwi 'Shark girl' unfazed by media frenzy
date added: 2010-02-08   source:

Kiwis reporting more tales of shark encounters; 'what is this thing doing?'
date added: 2010-02-08  source:

Similar Kiwi shark victim advises persistence; 'get back to the beach and go swimming'
date added: 2010-02-08  source:

Fatal shark attack vaults Florida's Treasure Coast into national, world spotlight
date added: 2010-02-08  source:

Shark expert to examine victim's bite marks; tiger or bull suspected
date added: 2010-02-08  source:

Students from around Alabama watch teacher dissect shark
date added: 2010-02-06  source:

lydiawardKiwi teen bitten by shark: beast 'just defending itself'
date added: 2010-02-04   source:
DamonAshleyRamageAussie surfer's son a shark attack hero; 'This can't be happening'
date added: 2010-02-04   source:

Kiwi teen fights off shark with body board; 'that's what you're meant to do'
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

Bull shark trio tagged in Sydney waters; 'The public should not be alarmed'
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

aussiemumAussie mum recalls shark attack on surfer; 'I have never seen anything like that'
date added: 2010-02-01   source:

Video: Aussie fishermen fight off shark-stealing croc
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

Aussie cameras unravel whale sharks' secrets, boat hits
date added: 2010-01-29  source:

makosharkkayakAussie gov't: Recreational fishers will continue to be allowed to catch mako sharks
date added: 2010-01-28   source:

Study: Shark Virgin Birth Shows Offspring Can Survive Long Term; Parthenogenesis No 'Dead-end'
date added: 2010-01-28  source:

Aussie shark fishing ban bites charter operators; 'we don't rape and pillage our own waters'
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

BBC reporter shows courage by refusing to eat shark's fin at a Chinese dinner party
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

sharktagcapecodeSnowbird: Great White Shark Tagged Off Cape Cod Surfaces In Florida
date added: 2010-01-25   source:

Scot minister names named Britain's 'shark champion'
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Have We Turned Sharks Into Man Eaters: Baiting Leads To Rise In Great White Attacks
date added: 2010-01-20  source:

South Africa on alert as beaches reopen after fatal shark attack
date added: 2010-01-19  source:

Great white shark clears Aussie beach; sparse aerial patrols 'russian roulette' with swimmer's lives
date added: 2010-01-19  source:

beachclosedSouth Africa Beach Horror: 'Blood In The Water Was All I Could See'
date added: 2010-01-18   source:

Cape Town beaches closed following attack; 'There are a lot of sharks around at the moment'
date added: 2010-01-16  source:

Aussie Shark Attack Survivor: Great White Seen Off Beach For Several Days Before Attack; 'I Wouldn't Have Gone'
date added: 2010-01-14  source:

Carolina aquarium bets $75,000 spent on sharks will attract more visitors
date added: 2010-01-13  source:

aussielifeguardBull shark approaches Aussie lifeguard; 'They are out there all the time'
date added: 2010-01-13   source:

Shark tank at Underwater World Singapore is intern's 'classroom'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Grumpy shark takes double nip on Aussie girl; 'it'll be a good scar to show off'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

bethanyhamiltonsoulsurferSoul Surfer: Shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton on movie screen
date added: 2010-01-12   source:

Aussie researcher: Extinction fears for port jackson shark as ocean temps rise
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Dark stories emerge about Brisbane shark territory; 'recorded attacks going back to the 1840s'
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

baskingsharkmatingReport: Scot west coast key area for amorous basking sharks
date added: 2010-01-09   source:

Aussie fisherman investigated after illegal shark catch
date added: 2010-01-08  source:

Report: Carolina swimmer drowned, didn't die from shark bites
date added: 2010-01-08  source:

Kiwi boy plucked from water as shark cruises waves; 'It was definitely a bronze whaler'
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

Survivor: Why I fear for sharks; great white 'the best kind of shark to be attacked by'
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

snorkeltigersharkAussie snorkeler in close encounter with tiger shark; 'I just swam, I didn't look back'
date added: 2010-01-06   source:
aussesurferVeteran Aussie surfer in face-off with shark 'like a submarine'
date added: 2010-01-06   source:
gyrocopterGyro copter reveals sharks meters away from swimmers
date added: 2010-01-05   source:

China's first shark-themed restaurant opens in Xiamen
date added: 2010-01-05  source:

Humane Society of the US, retailer urge the end to East Coast commercial shark killing tournaments
date added: 2010-01-03  source:

World first as satellites to track sharks in 'real -time' along western Australian coast
date added: 2010-01-02  source:

tigersharkaustralia11 tiger sharks caught off Aussie coast; Expert: thousands cruising coastline
date added: 2010-01-01   source:

Sharks Killed for Oil Used in Swine Flu Vaccine; 'Several Very Disturbing Issues'
date added: 2010-01-01  source:

Paleontologist Launches Fossil Shark Hunt; 'What Is Primitive About Living Sharks?'
date added: 2009-12-29  source:

Aussie fisherman denies abandoning shark attack victim; 'they had done everything they could possibly do'
date added: 2009-12-27  source:

Tiger shark menaces Aussie kayak paddlers
date added: 2009-12-24  source:

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