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Egypt shark attack: Conflicting capture claims
date added: 2010-12-05  source:

Missing Brit Backpacker Believed to be Eaten By Shark Off Aussie Coast
date added: 2010-12-05  source:

Egypt: Woman bather 'attacked by shark' at popular Red Sea resort
date added: 2010-12-02  source:

Samoa man survives shark mauling; 'lucky to be alive'
date added: 2010-12-01  source:

Unprecedented Shark Conservation Action Taken By Atlantic Tuna Commission; 'Particularly Pleased'
date added: 2010-12-01  source:

whalesharkgulfGeometry and energy conservation: Whale sharks do the math to avoid that sinking feeling
date added: 2010-11-29   source:

The Secret of The Sharks' Hunting Success Revealed: It's All In The Scales
date added: 2010-11-29  source:

Brazilian divers protest against shark finning and tuna commission inaction on shark massacres
date added: 2010-11-24  source:

sharkfatalshoresSharks lurking beyond our fatal shores, but how afraid should we be? 'I'd kill all of them'
date added: 2010-11-23   source:
recordtigerMississippi angler lands state record tiger shark
date added: 2010-11-23   source:
buzzsawfish80-year-old shark sent to breeding program; 'We all feel this is good for Buzz'
date added: 2010-11-23   source:

Shark attack won't lead to new New Brunswick diving rules
date added: 2010-11-22  source:

Shark or dolphin - Aussie surfer didn't wait to find out
date added: 2010-11-21  source:

sharkplasticGreat White Shark Freed From Plastic Noose; 'I Reckon He Was Really Grateful'
date added: 2010-11-21   source:

Sharks, mantas, and turtles to be protected in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
date added: 2010-11-18  source:

The Dags of War: Basic science in the debate on shark finning
date added: 2010-11-17  source:

Shark attacks grab the headlines but what's the real risk? attacks 'vivid, it sticks in their mind'
date added: 2010-11-17  source:

sharkjawsimageAussie fisherman: Jaws blamed for image of sharks; 'sharks just mind their own business'
date added: 2010-11-16   source:
mutilatedsharkMutilated shark left to die killed with sledgehammer; 'cruel and unnecessary' act
date added: 2010-11-14   source:

Kiwis issue warning as great white shark circles boat; 'We were quite excited'
date added: 2010-11-11  source:

Expert: Cape Cod May become Shark 'Hot Spot'
date added: 2010-11-11  source:

Interview: Great white shark attack expert John McCosker
date added: 2010-11-09  source:

Cape Town Issues Shark Alert After Spate Of Great White Sightings
date added: 2010-11-07  source:

Video: Dolphin protects pup from shark attacks
date added: 2010-11-05  source:

Aussies call to ban shark fishing off jetties after 2m catch; 'A larger shark could be tempted to come'
date added: 2010-11-04  source:

'Hero' Snorkeler Pulls Shark Off Victim's Butt; 'She Started To Sink To The Bottom'
date added: 2010-11-03  source:

Shark menaces boat at site of attack; 'They were quite shaky when they saw it'
date added: 2010-11-02  source:

Officials Stunned As Philippines Villagers Feast On Rare Whale Shark
date added: 2010-11-02  source:

California man killed by shark memorialized in paddle-out; 'He would have loved what we're doing right now'
date added: 2010-11-01  source:

Divers swim freely with great white sharks -- good or bad?
date added: 2010-10-31  source:

Study: Third Of Shark And Ray Species Are Threatened; Conservation Actions Aid Vertebrates, But Not Nearly Enough
date added: 2010-10-30  source:

Shark Attack Victim's Father Speaks Out: 'Seemed Almost Fitting That The Lord Would Take Him That Way'
date added: 2010-10-29  source:

Huge fish, tiny food: How do they do it? New study reveals unique feeding mechanisms in whale sharks
date added: 2010-10-28  source:

sharkschoolShark snap wins image of the year
date added: 2010-10-28   source:
greatwhitesharkteethQueensland fisheries: Monster shark returns; 'it's a plus-5m great white'
date added: 2010-10-27   source:

South Africa tourism operators educating people about great white sharks; 'they're not there to harm us whatsoever'
date added: 2010-10-26  source:

Shark attack victim had 'the sweetest heart,' mom says
date added: 2010-10-26  source:

GreatwhitesharkattacksurferboardcaliforniasmSurfer Fatally Attacked By Shark Off California Coast; Bled To Death After Leg Bitten Off
date added: 2010-10-26   source:
toothygrinThe ultimate underwater snap! Shark flashes a grin for the camera
date added: 2010-10-25   source:

Aussie crabbers have jaws-dropping close encounter with shark
date added: 2010-10-21  source:

Florida Shark Numbers Declining, Fishermen Feel Endangered; 'Everything's So Regulated Now'
date added: 2010-10-21  source:

Bull shark attacks Aussie surfer; 'I guess the conditions weren't the best'
date added: 2010-10-19  source:

Experience: A great white shark ate my leg; 'everything below my knee was in the shark's mouth'
date added: 2010-10-19  source:

Hawaiian judge rejects move to dismiss shark feeding charge
date added: 2010-10-18  source:

Shark Smell Myth Found Fishy: No Better Than Other Fish At Sniffing Blood In The Water
date added: 2010-10-18  source:

'Record' As Ragged Tooth Shark Recaptured After Being Tagged In 1990
date added: 2010-10-14  source:

Aussies Plan To Tag 3,000 Sharks In Fishery Study
date added: 2010-10-13  source:

sealgreenlanddeathVicious shark suspected in 'seal ripper' mystery; 'They're biting seals'
date added: 2010-10-10   source:
greatwhitejawsKiwi scientists examine dead great white shark
date added: 2010-10-08   source:

Woman injured after shark attack in the Bahamas; 'the shark bit down a couple of times and let go'
date added: 2010-10-06  source:

Surfer reports great white shark attack off the Oregon coast; board hit at 'full attack speed'
date added: 2010-10-06  source:

Aussie scientists report continued success in 'artificial uterus' shark breeding program
date added: 2010-10-05  source:

Activists: Shark cage divers changing the way changing the way great whites view humans
date added: 2010-10-05  source:

Shark bites Cape Town surfer; 'three deep lacerations'
date added: 2010-10-05  source:

Student swims with whale sharks, finds possible career; 'so excited I kept choking on water'
date added: 2010-10-05  source:

SHARKpearl'Shark Tooth' Pearl A Rare Find
date added: 2010-10-03   source:

U.S. Senate deadlocked over shark finning bill 'proffered for special interest groups'
date added: 2010-10-02  source:

sharkfinarabiaDwindling Shark Population Causing Mayhem In Arabian Gulf Food Chain
date added: 2010-10-02   source:

Great whites still off Cape Cod, but not for long; 'in shallow water'
date added: 2010-09-30  source:

sharkbitedeadExperts narrow down shark that bit teen: A black tip or spinner
date added: 2010-09-30   source:

Aussie court fines Indonesian man over shark fin haul
date added: 2010-09-30  source:

Virginia teen talks about shark attack; 'there is something out here with us'
date added: 2010-09-28  source:

Whale Sharks Killed, Displaced by Gulf Oil? 'We Have No Idea How Many Animals Have Been Impacted'
date added: 2010-09-28  source:

Calls to close the loopholes in EU ban on shark 'finning'
date added: 2010-09-26  source:

greatwhitesharkCan a creative kayak paint job prevent shark attacks?
date added: 2010-09-25   source:

Surprise as 30 sharks hatch at Brit aquarium
date added: 2010-09-25  source:

China's Shark Fishing: Unmonitored, Unregulated, Unmanaged, And Unsustainable
date added: 2010-09-25  source:

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