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Shark Diver CEO to appear on Shark Week's 'perfect predators'; like 'old friends'
date added: 2007-07-27  source:

sharkbeachesShark Attacks: Low Fatality Rates Still Equal High Anxiety
date added: 2007-07-26   source:

Kayak fisherman escapes from shark attack off California coast; 'sending us a territorial message'
date added: 2007-07-25  source:

Brit fisherman lands 16-foot, 1000-pound thresher shark
date added: 2007-07-24  source:

International Shark Discussion Forum Takes Stance Against Discovery's Shark Week 'Monster' Marketing
date added: 2007-07-24  source:

Shark bite reported off North Carolina beach; 'mistaken identity'
date added: 2007-07-23  source:

Sharks on drugs? Study's intriguing early results point to anti-depressants in pups
date added: 2007-07-23  source:

baskingsharknetBasking shark found stranded after being caught in illegal salmon drift net
date added: 2007-07-13   source:

Shark attack survivor aims for para-olympics; 'I am among the top six in the world'
date added: 2007-07-11  source:

Whale sharks draw tourists to remote corner of Philippines
date added: 2007-07-05  source:

Researchers: Parasitic Worms Suck Toxic Metals From Sharks; 'Canary In The Coal Mine'
date added: 2007-06-28  source:

Virgin birth: Shark expert comments on parthenogenesis; 'a rare phenomenon in sharks'
date added: 2007-06-27  source:

andymurchsmShark Conspiracies: Famed shark photographer Andy Murch speaks his mind
date added: 2007-06-27   source:

Sea Shepard sting leads to seizure of over 18,000 shark fins
date added: 2007-06-25  source:

Scientists: Whale sharks cooperatively tracked through Honduras, Belize and Mexico
date added: 2007-06-21  source:

Protesters of shark hunt have new strategy: They get a bigger group
date added: 2007-06-20  source:

Biotech company wins contract to use shark antibodies to fight cancer
date added: 2007-06-19  source:

nortonwhalesharkGeorgia Aquarium: Tests Offer No Clues on Whale Shark 'Norton's' Death; 'Inappetance' Eyed
date added: 2007-06-19   source:

Florida 'catch and release' shark tournament flops with only six boats participating
date added: 2007-06-13  source:

Groups team up to launch GuadalupeFund.Org to protect great white sharks off Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
date added: 2007-06-13  source:

Trade restriction bid fails on threatened spiny dogfish, porbeagle shark
date added: 2007-06-12  source:

AlBrennekasmShark Conspiracies: Interview with lemon shark attack victim Al Brenneka
date added: 2007-06-12   source:

Federal Charges Possible As Agents Seize Delaware Fisherman's Great White Shark
date added: 2007-06-10  source:

Study: Shark cartilage no help in fighting lung cancer
date added: 2007-06-07  source:

floridabullsharkFlorida fisherman snags 9 foot, 600 lb bull shark; 'the biggest thing we've ever caught'
date added: 2007-06-07   source:

Group Sues to Protect Aussie Grey Nurse Sharks; 10% Killed in the Last 5 Years
date added: 2007-06-07  source:

Research: Sharks Use Their Nose, Special Skin To Locate Smells; 'Lateral Line' Keyed To Odor Plumes
date added: 2007-06-01  source:

Aquarium turns to music therapy improve sexlife of passionless shark
date added: 2007-05-30  source:

Angler pulls in Texas state record bull shark: 512 pounds, 9 feet long
date added: 2007-05-30  source:

Scientists Given Permission to Kill Galapagos Sharks to Protect Endangered Hawaiian Seals
date added: 2007-05-30  source:

Survey: Chinese know little about shark conservation
date added: 2007-05-29  source:

NOAA Eyes Shark Kill to Rescue Hawaiian Monk Seals; Sharks 'Not Endangered'
date added: 2007-05-27  source:

Scientist Surprised and Worried as Female Sharks Found to Reproduce Without Males; 'Parthenogenesis'
date added: 2007-05-25  source:

FDA: Shark cartilage capsules recalled over salmonella fears
date added: 2007-05-21  source:

Indian Fishermen Threaten to Kill Rare Whale Sharks Over Fuel Subsidy Flap
date added: 2007-05-20  source:

Spiny dogfish, porbeagle shark, sawfish, european eel, red and pink coral make list of species threatened by trade
date added: 2007-05-18  source:

greynursesharkaustraliaAussie's newest marine reserve safeguards grey nurse sharks
date added: 2007-05-16   source:
jimmyhallpicRenown Hawaiian shark tour operator killed in cliff jump
date added: 2007-05-15   source:

Gruesome discovery suggests shark attack off Aussie beach
date added: 2007-05-14  source:

German tourist bit by shark off Florida coast; 'serious but not life threatening'
date added: 2007-05-13  source:

Hawaii beach closed as shark bites snorkeler, bumps surfer
date added: 2007-05-12  source:

California woman recounts shark attack off Hawaii; 'There is a huge gash'
date added: 2007-05-12  source:

'Peter Benchley Shark Conservation' awards given out to spotlight efforts to protect sharks
date added: 2007-05-11  source:

Surfer, great white shark attack survivor drowns in Hawaii; 'The waves were small that day'
date added: 2007-05-11  source:

South African shark conservationists outraged as great whites found dead after fishing contest
date added: 2007-05-08  source:

'Five meter' shark caught by north Icelandic fishermen; 'I was not afraid at all'
date added: 2007-05-06  source:

Asian demand for shark fins threatening Colombian species; 'an extremely urgent matter'
date added: 2007-05-03  source:

Shark Conspiracies: Cover-ups, misinformation exposed in Hawaiian shark sightings and attacks
date added: 2007-05-03  source:

Aussie 'high-rise hunters' targeting bull sharks; 'There are thousands upon thousands of them'
date added: 2007-04-28  source:

baskingsharkDNA Testing Reveals Continued, Illegal Trade In Fins Of Endangered Basking Sharks
date added: 2007-04-26   source:
worldrecordmakosharkflorida2wm'World Record' 1063-pound, 12-foot 6-inch Mako Shark Hooked off Florida
date added: 2007-04-25   source:

Sharks the Witnesses for Wedding at Japanese Aquarium
date added: 2007-04-23  source:

Shark Wrangler, Stuart Cove, Featured on CNBC's TV Show 'The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch'
date added: 2007-04-23  source:

How Aussie anglers are killing the grey nurse shark
date added: 2007-04-21  source:

Researchers to set up observatory to examine changes under the Arctic ice
date added: 2007-04-21  source:

Monterey Aquarium great white shark phones home as satellite tags pops up in Cabo San Lucas
date added: 2007-04-20  source:

Passed 'record' thresher shark not quite official; 'the world record, I don't care about that stuff'
date added: 2007-04-14  source:

bluespottedstingraysmResearch: Behavior Tests Reveal Stingrays and Sharks May See in Color
date added: 2007-04-12   source:

Despite reigning at the top of their food chain, sharks are still in trouble, ecologically
date added: 2007-04-11  source:

bamboosharkpupsmResearch: Baby sharks grow slowly, open eyes and change fins early
date added: 2007-04-07   source:

Full protection for great white sharks starts today off Kiwi coast; 'no fisher will profit'
date added: 2007-04-05  source:

Cinephile report: Sharkwater directed by Rob Stewart
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Philippines Authorities: Ten Vietnamese Fishermen 'Caught in the Act' of Shark Finning off Palawan
date added: 2007-04-03  source:

Group unveils restaurants selling shark-fin soup; 'most Americans would be horrified'
date added: 2007-04-02  source:

Study: Overfishing Large Sharks Impacts Entire Marine Ecosystem, Shrinks Shellfish Population
date added: 2007-04-01  source:

blacktipsharkThree sharks die in Brit aquarium move; 'Something has clearly gone wrong'
date added: 2007-03-30   source:

Officials: Stomach Ailment Led to Death of Whale Shark 'Ralph' at Georgia Aquarium
date added: 2007-03-30  source:

Scientist: Great white sharks halting growth of imperiled California sea otters
date added: 2007-03-29  source:

sharksteaksmChinese fisherman serve up world's largest shark steak
date added: 2007-03-28   source:

Malaysian Minister: Fish Bombers More Troublesome Shark Finners off Sabah Coast; 'Endless Problems'
date added: 2007-03-28  source:

Report: Shark, lobster fishing threatening endangered Aussie sea lion population
date added: 2007-03-22  source:

Video: Dog snags angler's shark catch
date added: 2007-03-18  source:

sharkwebfeetsmFreak! Malaysian Fisherman Reels in Shark with 'Webbed Feet'
date added: 2007-03-18   source:

Chinese Lawmaker: Remove Shark Fin From Menus Before Olympic Games; Dish 'Hurts' China's Image
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Brit grandmother hooks 9ft lemon shark on Florida fishing holiday; 'I couldn't quite finish it off'
date added: 2007-03-10  source:

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