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Expert downplays Norfolk great white shark fear
date added: 2011-03-30  source:

Fiji: Warning for divers following shark attack
date added: 2011-03-29  source:

When shark activists bite back; 'I don't think anybody cared about one dish'
date added: 2011-03-24  source:

kiwigreatwhitesharkGreat white shark tagging resumes off Kiwi coast
date added: 2011-03-24   source:

Aussie operators worried new shark movie might hurt tourism
date added: 2011-03-23  source:

baskingsharkfloridaRare sight: Basking shark off Florida coast; 'What are you doing up there?'
date added: 2011-03-23   source:
maimedwhitesharkGreat White Catastrophe? Researcher's Hooked Shark Turns Up Horribly Maimed
date added: 2011-03-23   source:

Quest for Shark Fins Brings Mexican Fishermen to 'Violating the Sovereignty' of American Waters
date added: 2011-03-20  source:

Aussie shark victim in fight to save arm; bite 'all the way to the bone'
date added: 2011-03-19  source:

Shark Bites Woman, 23, in Neck Off Aussie Coast
date added: 2011-03-19  source:

sharkjawssaleJaw-dropping! Largest prehistoric Megalodon shark jaw ever assembled up for auction
date added: 2011-03-17   source:
boardsnapShark snaps Aussie surfer's board; 'I did see a couple of eerie shadows lurking below'
date added: 2011-03-17   source:

Chinese Lawmaker Urges Shark Fin Trading Ban; 'It is Tasteless'
date added: 2011-03-15  source:

whorlsharkUnraveling the nature of the whorl-toothed shark
date added: 2011-03-14   source:

Whale sharks worse off in worst-case Ningaloo oil spill model
date added: 2011-03-10  source:

whalesharkgulfA slow-moving frenzy: Scientists ponder swarming whale sharks in waters off Mexico
date added: 2011-03-10   source:

Mexican shark attack survivor shares her story on blog
date added: 2011-03-10  source:

Japan-based conservation organization kicks off inaugural Philippine shark study tour
date added: 2011-03-09  source:

Soup without fins? Some Californians simmer; 'Times have changed'
date added: 2011-03-09  source:

International fishing fleet caught landing shark fins at Puntarenas public dock; 'the system is working'
date added: 2011-03-07  source:

Huge new marine protected area for Cocos Islands offers hope for endangered sharks and sea turtles
date added: 2011-03-07  source:

Study finds Florida beaches essentially cleaned of oil
date added: 2011-03-07  source:

Shark tracking reveals impressive feats of navigation; 'they know where they are going'
date added: 2011-03-04  source:

guyharveysharksmGuy Harvey calls for bahamas shark fishing ban 'before it is too late'
date added: 2011-03-04   source:

Scientists track great hammerhead shark migration; 'an extraordinary large movement in a short amount of time'
date added: 2011-03-02  source:

Panamanian officials find half ton of shark fin
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

With support of Guam fishermen, lawmakers pass amended shark bin ban measure; 'it's an international problem'
date added: 2011-02-28  source:

California company invents incredible anti-shark suit; 'business is good'
date added: 2011-02-28  source:

Carrie Underwood makes big screen debut in inspirational movie Soul Surfer
date added: 2011-02-28  source:

Aussie Great White Shark Killers Fined $15,000, Told to Return Head
date added: 2011-02-28  source:

swampsharkAussie fear swamp is inhabited by shark; 'the shark knows where I live'
date added: 2011-02-25   source:

Guam's fishermen support alternative shark finning bill
date added: 2011-02-23  source:

Search ends for remains of Aussie abalone diver taken by sharks
date added: 2011-02-23  source:

The phone call diver's family feared; 'He just didn't want us to worry'
date added: 2011-02-22  source:

Reunion island surfer attacked by shark, loses leg; 'sharks are unpredictable'
date added: 2011-02-22  source:

Shark attack raises safety questions for abalone industry; 'We're going to sit down and have a long, hard think'
date added: 2011-02-22  source:

sharkpictureDiving with sharks: Up close and personal; 'relax, stay still'
date added: 2011-02-22   source:
baskingsharkitalyRare baby basking shark spotted off Italian coast
date added: 2011-02-21   source:
sharkswarmVideo: Huge swarm of sharks seen off Florida coast
date added: 2011-02-21   source:

Aussie Abalone Diver Eaten by Two Great White Sharks; 'I Saw the Beast Come Up and Take Him'
date added: 2011-02-21  source:

Edward Norton lends 'full support' to California shark fin ban
date added: 2011-02-20  source:

fishheadsoupAngry Aussie fishermen: Let us eat shark; 'Nothing's coming home but head-soup'
date added: 2011-02-19   source:

New Hand: Egypt Pays $50,000 to Russian Tourist for Shark Attack
date added: 2011-02-19  source:

To serve and off-fin : Chinese-American mayoral candidate serves shark fin soup to reporters
date added: 2011-02-17  source:

40 Stitches: Aussie Tourist Tells How a Shark Went 'Bang'
date added: 2011-02-17  source:

sharkfishingShark fishing in Kesennuma, Japan - in pictures
date added: 2011-02-16   source:

Snorkeler Bitten By Shark in Western Australia
date added: 2011-02-16  source:

How a shark attack put the bite on medicine; 'They took off the tourniquet and blood pissed everywhere'
date added: 2011-02-15  source:

Shark Fishing in Japan -- A Messy, Blood-spattered Business; 'The Genocide of a Species'
date added: 2011-02-15  source:

orangediverBobble Day: Diver braves shark tank to highlight charity event
date added: 2011-02-14   source:

Aussie Expert Contradicts Claims of More Shark Attacks; 'Per Capita Decline'
date added: 2011-02-13  source:

snowsharkSnow Shark set to hit theaters; 'Frozen in the ice for thousands of years'
date added: 2011-02-12   source:

Report details shark attacks off West Coast in 2010
date added: 2011-02-12  source:

baskingturbineFilter feeding basking shark inspires more efficient hydroelectric turbine
date added: 2011-02-12   source:

Shark attack sparks woman's unique mission; 'I just need to know and understand why he's gone'
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

Shark beaches, gives birth to pups on beach; 'awesome'
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

Shark Attacks Increase Worldwide; Florida Continues Four-Year Decline; 'You Should Have More Attacks Than The Previous Year'
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

Whale sharks: Biggest fish could be even bigger with laser pointer measurements
date added: 2011-02-10  source:

Scientist: Porbeagle sharks making a comeback; 'They are just trying to get a bite to eat, the same as we are'
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

Cancun Shark Victim Recovering in Hospital; 'There Was So Much Blood in the Water'
date added: 2011-02-07  source:

Guam fishermen express anger over bill to ban shark finning; 'Fishermen are not evil'
date added: 2011-02-05  source:

Kiwis: Budget for shark net 'placebo' remains in plan
date added: 2011-02-04  source:

Love bites: Meet Jim Abernethy, the shark kiss-perer
date added: 2011-02-03  source:

Unprecedented: Canadian tourist attacked by shark in Cancun
date added: 2011-02-02  source:

jimabernethybittenShark Bit Abernathy Released From The Hospital: 'Mistook Me For A Fish'
date added: 2011-02-02   source:

Taiwan reaffirms support for shark conservation; will continue to 'promote sustainable fisheries'
date added: 2011-02-01  source:

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