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gusthewonderdogGus bites off more than he can chew - a shark
date added: 2009-06-08   source:

Poll: Spaniards unwittingly eat shark meat; 'accurate labeling is essential'
date added: 2009-06-07  source:

Red Sea Diver Feeding Shark Dies From Attack; 'This Very Rarely Happens'
date added: 2009-06-06  source:

Florida fisher's killing of pregnant bull shark prompts strong public reaction
date added: 2009-06-02  source:

Restaurant Wars: Philippe bans shark fin as Nobu hedges on bluefin
date added: 2009-06-02  source:

brockcurtissharkAussie Town Turns On Shark Attack Hero; 'I Haven't Accepted Any Money'
date added: 2009-06-02   source:

Traveling daredevil sees safety in sharks; 'we all taste like chicken'
date added: 2009-05-31  source:

bullsharkpierfloridast.petersberg9-foot bull shark caught off Florida pier; 'It was either him or us'
date added: 2009-05-30   source:

'Rare' shark attack reported off Florida's gulf coast beach
date added: 2009-05-29  source:

Four angel sharks born at San Francisco aquarium; 'We're thrilled to have these rare births'
date added: 2009-05-28  source:

Great white sharks spotted off Aussie beach as whale carcass lingers
date added: 2009-05-28  source:

Aussie scientists pin whale shark conservation on new tags
date added: 2009-05-27  source:

Shark wrangler, Stuart Cove, featured on ABC's Good Morning America weekend tv shows
date added: 2009-05-26  source:

Florida county commissioner wants to take bite out of 'barbaric' shark tournament
date added: 2009-05-23  source:

MSNBC to feature Florida shark expert discussing shark repellent technology
date added: 2009-05-23  source:

Singapore Casino Considering 'Alternatives' To Whale Shark Exhibit
date added: 2009-05-21  source:

Landing 1,060-pound Hammerhead Shark Earns Florida Man Record, Revile; 'I Just Had To Do It'
date added: 2009-05-21  source:

glennorgiasbloodsharkattackAussie Shark Victim Gives Thanks For Blood; 'Without The Blood I Would Never Have Survived'
date added: 2009-05-21   source:
pettingzoosharkToronto zoo adds sharks to stingray petting zoo; 'They're not people eaters'
date added: 2009-05-19   source:
threshersharkThresher shark gaffed in Aussie harbor, chases swimmer
date added: 2009-05-18   source:

Shark-repellent metal alloys available for sale; 'able to reduce shark bycatch'
date added: 2009-05-18  source:

Sea lion has brief swim with sharks at Pittsburgh Zoo
date added: 2009-05-18  source:

baskingsharkbeachedScientists studying dead basking shark on Canadian beach; 'They's not so graceful on the beach'
date added: 2009-05-18   source:

Shark diving offered at Dubai mall; 'the highest safety standards'
date added: 2009-05-13  source:

bocagrandehammerheadsharksmAgain: Florida Fisherman Bucky Dennis Reels In 'Record' 1,000-Pound Hammerhead Shark
date added: 2009-05-11   source:

Survivor of Aussie great white shark attack speaks
date added: 2009-05-09  source:

Tagging reveals woeful tale of maimed whale shark; 'we thought he probably wouldn't survive'
date added: 2009-05-09  source:

Aussie fishermen face trial over shark kill
date added: 2009-05-08  source:

Threat Of Dogfish Sharks Unite Commercial And Recreational Fishermen From Maine To North Carolina
date added: 2009-05-08  source:

Aussie fishing bans aim to protect grey nurse shark
date added: 2009-05-06  source:

Florida sharks show traces of prescription drugs
date added: 2009-05-05  source:

mysterioussharkfishMystery shark-like fish wash up on Brit beach
date added: 2009-05-04   source:

New great white shark tagging system for Perth beaches; 'We'll be able to provide alerts'
date added: 2009-05-04  source:

New boat outfitted to search for great white sharks off Brit coast; 'I just know they are there'
date added: 2009-04-28  source:

BRUCEKLINKERNew Jersey man recounts shark attack off Florida coast; foot 'totally mangled'
date added: 2009-04-25   source:

Shark bite might cost Florida surfer 2 toes
date added: 2009-04-24  source:

Rally against shark fin trade opens in Singapore; 'when sharks die, the oceans die'
date added: 2009-04-23  source:

Shark feeding controversy causes frenzy on Hawaii; 'if you feed them, they'll come'
date added: 2009-04-15  source:

Aussie research confirms 3 times more grey nurse sharks than previously thought
date added: 2009-04-14  source:

How not to become shark food in Fiji; 'they are not the fearsome creatures of films'
date added: 2009-04-14  source:

mikerutzensharkwhispererAll About Body Language For Mike Rutzen, South Africa's Shark Whisperer
date added: 2009-04-08   source:

15-year-old boy victim of possible shark bite along Florida coast; 'no witnesses'
date added: 2009-04-07  source:

sharkrayaustraliaRare ray shark fights Aussie fishers in 45 minute test; 'it took four live baits at once'
date added: 2009-04-06   source:

Northern California surfer says he had encounter with great white shark; 'big'
date added: 2009-04-02  source:

Sharks pose Sydney food-chain puzzle; 'reports left, right and center of people seeing sharks'
date added: 2009-04-01  source:

Video: 700 Aussie swimmers safe as hungry sharks spoilt for choice
date added: 2009-03-31  source:

Review: Aussie sharks nets 'should be checked regularly'
date added: 2009-03-31  source:

Bollywood director: Getting sharks to act in movie was not easy; 'it was a risky business'
date added: 2009-03-30  source:

sharkfeedingfrenzyaustraliaShark feeding frenzy spotted off Aussie coast 'in waist deep water'
date added: 2009-03-27   source:

The great shark debate: To kill or not to kill
date added: 2009-03-25  source:

cookiecuttersharkHawaiian swimmer may be world's first live victim of a cookie cutter shark
date added: 2009-03-25   source:

Volusia County reports its first shark bite of the year
date added: 2009-03-23  source:

AidanMurrayMedleybullsharkAgain: Teen catches another big bull shark off Florida coast
date added: 2009-03-22   source:

Elephant shark genome sequence leads to discovery of color perception in deep-sea fish
date added: 2009-03-20  source:

Great white sharks: Are they becoming a scary nuisance off Southern California?
date added: 2009-03-19  source:

South Africa seizes Taiwanese shark fishing boat
date added: 2009-03-18  source:

brisbanebullsharksAussie angler: Plentiful bull sharks stalk river; 'teeming with them'
date added: 2009-03-17   source:

Hong Kong lady goes nuts when shop runs out of shark fin soup
date added: 2009-03-17  source:

Boaters befriend 18-foot great white shark off California coast; 'you could tell it was inquisitive'
date added: 2009-03-16  source:

Police: Shark may have taken missing Aussie swimmer; 'that's the worst-case scenario'
date added: 2009-03-16  source:

Aussie police shoot menacing monster 4.5m croc hanging out in neighborhood
date added: 2009-03-11  source:

WWF: Aussie shark attacks don't warrant increased cull
date added: 2009-03-09  source:

Three Louisiana fishers face fines, jail for having 85 sharks on their boat
date added: 2009-03-09  source:

Too 'bitey'? Shark scare stops Sydney Harbor swim
date added: 2009-03-08  source:

The Big Question: Are Shark Attacks On The Rise, And Can Anything Be Done About Them?
date added: 2009-03-06  source:

Boom: Sales Soar For Aussie Shark Repellant Device; 'We Cannot Keep Up With Production'
date added: 2009-03-06  source:

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