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Beyond shark fin soup, where else are shark products hiding?
date added: 2011-10-22  source:

Colombia Presses Costa Rica to Explain Finning Deaths of 2,000 Sharks
date added: 2011-10-22  source:

Student adjusts after shark attack; 'I wouldn't say it changed my social standing'
date added: 2011-10-20  source:

sharkVerticalDiver balances shark vertically in palm of her hand... after putting it in a trance
date added: 2011-10-19   source:

Shark Culls Urged At Busy Western Australian Beaches; 'It Can't Hurt'
date added: 2011-10-19  source:

michaelcohenBriton who lost leg to South African shark told he may never walk again
date added: 2011-10-18   source:
drguyharveysharkgirlsm'Shark Girl' and Guy Harvey painting collaboration raises $7500
date added: 2011-10-18   source:

Surfer's ride on great white shark depicted in animated video
date added: 2011-10-18  source:

First as research foundation tags basking shark in California's Monterey Bay
date added: 2011-10-17  source:

Perth shark patrol waiting on Kiwi chopper
date added: 2011-10-17  source:

New Zealand: Shark fell for the trick - hook, line, and sinker
date added: 2011-10-16  source:

Vancouver: Local chefs create shark-fin-free alternatives at Sans Fin Soup Contest
date added: 2011-10-16  source:

perthmayorPerth: Mayor calls for killer shark to be culled; 'I have no qualms about that'
date added: 2011-10-14   source:

Monster 1000-pound tiger shark caught off Aussie coast; carrying 30 pups
date added: 2011-10-14  source:

Aussie Authorities: White Shark Likely Attacked Missing Swimmer; Torn Speedos Recovered
date added: 2011-10-14  source:

Secrets of the Deep: Are 3 million gallons of oil sitting off Monterey Bay in a sunken WWII vessel?
date added: 2011-10-13  source:

Shark-infested Aussie golf course believed to be a world first
date added: 2011-10-12  source:

captainbillDoes shark conservation result in more shark attacks?
date added: 2011-10-10   source:

Aussie fishermen 'paralyzed' by great white shark sighting; 'I started to freak out a bit'
date added: 2011-10-09  source:

Canoer survives encounter with shark off Reunion Island; fifth attack of the year
date added: 2011-10-08  source:

Vast Shark Sanctuary Created in The Marshall Islands; 'Now the Biggest Place Sharks are Protected'
date added: 2011-10-07  source:

Aussie tour operator: Shark nets a menace; 'they don't moan'
date added: 2011-10-06  source:

Expert: Two shark bites near same area off Florida coast don't signal trend
date added: 2011-10-06  source:

Video: Inside a Shark Slaughterhouse in China; 'We're Licensed by the Chinese Government'
date added: 2011-10-04  source:

Leading Singaporean supermarket chain says 'no' to shark fin
date added: 2011-10-03  source:

Baby Sharks Birthed in Artificial Uterus Created By Aussie Scientists; 'Bypass The Cannibalistic Phase'
date added: 2011-10-03  source:

Doctor: South Africa Shark Victim 'Lucky To Be Alive'; Tourniquet Made From Wetsuit Stopped Blood Loss
date added: 2011-10-03  source:

Florida's Real Shark Hunter: He's Caught Nearly 100,000 Sharks and Isn't Stopping Yet
date added: 2011-10-01  source:

Great white shark rescue at Los Angeles captured on video
date added: 2011-09-29  source:

Anti-shark finning campaign uses 'plankmob' to raise awareness
date added: 2011-09-28  source:

Florida: Man spearfishing taken to hospital following shark attack
date added: 2011-09-27  source:

Australia: Gillnet fishing ban threatens shark industry
date added: 2011-09-27  source:

Dolphin deaths close Aussie shark fishery
date added: 2011-09-26  source:

Gulf of Mexico whale shark tagging expedition deemed a huge success; winter migrations 'a mystery to us'
date added: 2011-09-26  source:

Leaders From Eight Countries Launch New Shark Conservation Effort; 'It Is Necessary For Us To Work Together'
date added: 2011-09-26  source:

Rare: Great white shark breaching filmed from underwater
date added: 2011-09-24  source:

British Columbia's Spiny Dogfish Makes History as World's First 'Sustainable' Shark Fishery
date added: 2011-09-24  source:

Researcher Finds Shark Compound Squalamine Helps in Fight Against Viruses; 'We Intend to Take This Compound Into Humans'
date added: 2011-09-23  source:

Shark Science Monday: WhySharksMatter discusses social media and shark conservation
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

Hundreds of Taiwanese citizens call on Costa Rica to protect sharks; 'a horrid, extremely horrid practice'
date added: 2011-09-22  source:

pilferingbeastsSharing with sharks; New Guinea fishermen dole out snacks to the pilfering beasts
date added: 2011-09-22   source:

Shark science Monday: Jen Caselle discusses the recovery of shark populations in California
date added: 2011-09-15  source:

For Aussie Shark Attack Victim, Once Bitten is Twice Shy of Danger
date added: 2011-09-14  source:

Ancient eggs and teeth unearthed reveal fossil shark nursery; at 'one of the farthest points on land from any sea'
date added: 2011-09-11  source:

Cities can't ban shark fins, Mississauga report says; 'We ban and regulate things all the time'
date added: 2011-09-10  source:

lydiastrunkShark Survivor Lydia Strunk, 'I Saw My Leg Was Shredded'
date added: 2011-09-09   source:

Hawaii beach closed after apparent shark attack on surfer
date added: 2011-09-08  source:

Hawaiian surfer describes shark scare; 'I just heard and felt the crunch'
date added: 2011-09-08  source:

Australia: Destroy killer shark, says victim's friend; 'those big sharks are a threat to our community'
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

Shark Science Monday: Scripps' Grant Galland discusses sharks and marine protected areas
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

Yes: Are humans to blame for shark attacks?
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

South Africa: Racial Overtones In Row Over Shark Cage Diving Permits; 'White Sharks Are Not Only for Whites'
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

sharksightingUnbelievable photo of shark spotted along San Diego's coastline
date added: 2011-09-06   source:
sharkfootflShark bites another Florida surfer, second in a week
date added: 2011-09-06   source:

Shark or dolphin? Experts weigh in on the shark sightings off San Diego beaches
date added: 2011-09-05  source:

dogifishdinnerFor Dinner: New Shark Species Found in Taiwan Food Market
date added: 2011-09-05   source:

Newly renovated Monterey Bay Aquarium on the search for new great white shark to display
date added: 2011-09-04  source:

New Zealand: Anti-shark Finning Group Appalled By Find; 'There's No Animal Welfare Concerns'
date added: 2011-09-03  source:

Expert: Great White Sharks 'Could Be In British Waters'
date added: 2011-09-03  source:

sharkdeformedjawStMaartensmGroup: 'Trophy hunters' devastating sharks in St. Maarten marine park
date added: 2011-09-02   source:

Australia: Call for MP to apologize on grey nurse claims
date added: 2011-09-02  source:

Seychelles shark attack funeral: Bride's letter to her husband
date added: 2011-09-02  source:

Australia: Shark spooked locals before fatal attack; 'there's also been a croc about'
date added: 2011-09-01  source:

Malaysian state in bid to ban shark killing; 'It makes economic sense for us to protect our sharks'
date added: 2011-09-01  source:

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