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Survey: Most major Taiwanese hotels still serve shark's fin soup
date added: 2011-06-20  source:

Florida: Catch-and-release fishing for sharks continues to grow
date added: 2011-06-19  source:

Toronto: Chinese businesses question shark fin ban; 'I don't think it's fair'
date added: 2011-06-17  source:

Hong Kong: Artist uses 'shock' tactic to turn people off shark fin soup
date added: 2011-06-17  source:

Stampede to Land 'Killer' Shark Lurking Off Cornwall Coast; 'You'd Need a Lot of Luck to Get It'
date added: 2011-06-17  source:

Whitetip, White Death: Brit Fisherman's Boat Rammed by Man-eating Shark; 'This Was an Aggressive Shark'
date added: 2011-06-16  source:

When Sharks Attack Robots: Gulf of Mexico Probe Runs Into Trouble
date added: 2011-06-16  source:

First look at Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer for Discovery's Shark Week
date added: 2011-06-15  source:

Toronto city councilors launch shark fin ban campaign; 'it's not ethical fishing'
date added: 2011-06-15  source:

Florida may ban hammerhead, tiger shark catches
date added: 2011-06-15  source:

Florida diver hospitalized after shark bite
date added: 2011-06-14  source:

Spear fisher in unconfirmed shark bite off Southern California coast; 'completely lucky'
date added: 2011-06-13  source:

Open Wide... but not TOO Wide Please: Feeding Time for Giant Whale Shark
date added: 2011-06-11  source:

Shark fishing banned in Mexican waters
date added: 2011-06-10  source:

Scientists Discover A New Tiger Shark Hunting Technique; 'Unprecedented New Insights'
date added: 2011-06-10  source:

Philippines: Butchered baby whale shark found
date added: 2011-06-09  source:

smoothhoundsharkrecordsmRecord smoothhound sharks caught off Scottish coast; 'beyond my wildest dreams'
date added: 2011-06-09   source:

Discovery Channel's Shark Week returns with Andy Samberg for 24th season
date added: 2011-06-08  source:

Guy Harvey seeds cultural change and prize money to promote catch and release shark tournaments
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Great white shark spotted off New Jersey coast
date added: 2011-06-07  source:

Shark fin ban proposed for Toronto; 'do the right thing'
date added: 2011-06-06  source:

Great White Sharks Said to be Latest Fans of Rock Band AC/DC
date added: 2011-06-06  source:

Florida divers have close encounter with shark; 'it could've been a bad day'
date added: 2011-06-03  source:

deadbaskingsharkScotland: Basking shark found dead after being caught in fishing net
date added: 2011-06-03   source:

Kiwi town rethinks shark net removal plan; 'nothing is set in stone'
date added: 2011-06-02  source:

Experts: Experts say tiger shark responsible for attack; 'this is their home, not ours'
date added: 2011-05-31  source:

First satellite transmission for South Africa bull shark; 'this species migrates across international borders'
date added: 2011-05-30  source:

Feeding on Tunny, Scientists Discover the Largest Assembly of Whale Sharks Ever Recorded
date added: 2011-05-29  source:

'It was Like Jaws': Shark-attack Grandmother Reveals How She Fought Off Maneater
date added: 2011-05-29  source:

Trip marks scientist's 1000th shark research expedition; 'the first time I was a little nervous'
date added: 2011-05-27  source:

South Africa Shark Victim's Dying Words: He Was Mistaken Target; 'The Shark Grabbed His Thigh Instead of the Fish'
date added: 2011-05-26  source:

South Africa: Spear Fisher Killed By Shark
date added: 2011-05-25  source:

10 reasons to bow down before your shark overlords
date added: 2011-05-24  source:

From Costa Rica to Nicaragua: Under the cover of darkness, foreign fleet now lands shark fins in Nicaragua
date added: 2011-05-23  source:

Proposed shark fin ban eased in California; restaurants 'grandfathered'
date added: 2011-05-23  source:

Officials 'Baffled' As Shark Found Living Undetected in Brit Aquarium For Years
date added: 2011-05-23  source:

Japan Pressures Republic of Palau to Break Conservation Deal With Sea Shepherd
date added: 2011-05-21  source:

Fishermen Quickly Butcher Whale Shark Caught In Suez Canal; 'It Didn't Put Up a Fight'
date added: 2011-05-18  source:

Sharks at risk for overfishing in the UAE; 'they just cannot stand it'
date added: 2011-05-17  source:

Shark bite survivor fights for conservation; attack 'not a pre-meditated thing'
date added: 2011-05-17  source:

Malaysian Borneo: Unfettered fishing blamed as shark numbers down 98%
date added: 2011-05-17  source:

rachaelgrahamDr. Rachel Graham Awarded For Helping to Make People Love Sharks
date added: 2011-05-17   source:

Surfer bit by shark at Florida's 'shark bite capital of the world'
date added: 2011-05-16  source:

Necropsy: Dead sharks found in San Francisco Bay were suffering from internal bleeding
date added: 2011-05-16  source:

Canadian city first in country to push shark fin ban; 'It seems such an enormous waste'
date added: 2011-05-13  source:

yaomingYao Ming stands tall in campaign against shark finning
date added: 2011-05-12   source:

Shark attacks ripping South Africa community apart; 'The lifeguards are too scared to swim in the water'
date added: 2011-05-12  source:

sharkboyCanadian boy seeks ban on sale of shark meat; 'He's very outgoing'
date added: 2011-05-12   source:

Malaysia: State's fishing ban aims to preserve the vanishing shark
date added: 2011-05-11  source:

They're back: Great white shark spotted off Martha's Vineyard; 'Everything on the fish was just gigantic'
date added: 2011-05-10  source:

Shark Men: 18-footer Is Biggest Great White Shark Caught, Released; 'He Was Just a Bad-ass'
date added: 2011-05-10  source:

Californians Express Vast Support For Proposed Shark-fin Ban
date added: 2011-05-10  source:

Kiwi shark nets' effectiveness challenged; 'It is wasteful of resources and effort'
date added: 2011-05-07  source:

juniorsharkDr. Domeier Exonerated? Full Video of Injured Shark Shows Numerous Natural Injuries
date added: 2011-05-07   source:

Mangled 3-meter tiger shark pulled from Aussie beach nets
date added: 2011-05-05  source:

Shark tourism worth US$18m annually for Pacific island nation; 'a viable economic engine'
date added: 2011-05-04  source:

Scalloped hammerheads declared overfished in U.S. Atlantic; 83% population decline
date added: 2011-05-02  source:

finnedsharksAustralia: Sharks found with fins removed; 'this just didn't seem right'
date added: 2011-04-30   source:

Shark deaths in San Francisco Bay spur search for cause
date added: 2011-04-30  source:

Scientists can track origin of shark fins using 'zip codes' in their DNA; 'can identify source populations'
date added: 2011-04-30  source:

Shark fin soup served at over 55 NYC restaurants
date added: 2011-04-29  source:

Man bitten by 12-foot bull shark at Florida beach
date added: 2011-04-29  source:

San Francisco mayor proudly eats shark fin soup, resists ban
date added: 2011-04-29  source:

San Francisco shark deaths linked to suffocation
date added: 2011-04-28  source:

makoattackmarlinRelease and Attack: Shark Chomps On Marlin, Leaves Photographer with Ringside View
date added: 2011-04-28   source:

Australia: Teenage Boy Teases Shark, Gets Bitten; 'This Will Teach People a Lesson'
date added: 2011-04-28  source:

Hammerhead shark tracked from Keys to New Jersey
date added: 2011-04-27  source:

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