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Is South Africa in for a shark boom? 'sightings vary each year and from area to area'
date added: 2009-02-05  source:

Researchers: Largest bull shark known to science found in South Africa river; 'most incredible experience of my life'
date added: 2009-02-02  source:

StevenFogartyAussie shark victim scarred, but he's not scared; 'It could have been worse'
date added: 2009-01-30   source:

Shark yarns make me yawn; 'as predatory as a newborn ladybug'
date added: 2009-01-29  source:

greatwhitesharkgulfofmexicoGreat white sharks in the Gulf of Mexico? Don't be too surprised
date added: 2009-01-28   source:

Official: Despite string of accidents, recent shark deaths won't effect Indianapolis zoo's accreditation
date added: 2009-01-25  source:

15 sharks die at Indianapolis zoo; animals overexposed to ozone
date added: 2009-01-23  source:

surferridesharkHoax? Surfer filmed riding a hooked shark
date added: 2009-01-22   source:

Aussie shark attack victim: Leave shark alone; 'it's not really it's fault'
date added: 2009-01-21  source:

How to avoid, or survive, a shark attack
date added: 2009-01-21  source:

baskingsharkagapemouthMini-sub to probe behavior of basking sharks; 'We are close to losing them'
date added: 2009-01-21   source:
australiasharkattackduskywhalerExpert: Dusky whaler behind Aussie shark attack
date added: 2009-01-20   source:
pregnantsharkAussie Fisherman Tries To Save Stranded Pregnant Shark
date added: 2009-01-20   source:

Oldest shark braincase shakes up vertebrate evolution
date added: 2009-01-19  source:

Aussie Scientists: Shark Nets 'Provides An Illusion Of Absolute Protection That Isn't There'
date added: 2009-01-19  source:

What to do if a shark attacks you...
date added: 2009-01-18  source:

Shark Attacks Surfer In The Galapagos Islands; Foot, Hand Severely Injured
date added: 2009-01-18  source:

Sharks won't deter Aussie triathletes ... maybe; 'we wouldn't put them at risk'
date added: 2009-01-17  source:

Report: Seafood Poachers Regularly Eaten By Sharks Off South Africa Coast; 'Mistaken For A Seal'
date added: 2009-01-17  source:

U.S. Pacific Coast Shark Attack Statistics For 2008 Released; Reported Attacks Up Dramatically In New Century
date added: 2009-01-17  source:

Doctors: Aussie shark attack surfer lucky; 'he obviously didn't taste nice'
date added: 2009-01-16  source:

Bahamas marina first to go 'shark free'
date added: 2009-01-15  source:

Surfer saw splashing before shark bite; 'there were a number of dolphins close to the group'
date added: 2009-01-15  source:

Fight back: Sharks bite off more than they can chew when it comes to Australians; 'like hitting a brick wall''
date added: 2009-01-15  source:

Aussie Shark Expert: Overfishing Linked To Increased Shark Sightings; 'It's Certainly A Theory'
date added: 2009-01-13  source:

200 witnesses as Kiwi museum carves up great white shark; stomach contents eyed
date added: 2009-01-12  source:

AustraliasharkattackbrianguestService held for missing shark victim; 'He was a man of the sea'
date added: 2009-01-09   source:

Four Malaysian whale shark fishermen could escape with warning; 'not caught intentionally'
date added: 2009-01-09  source:

sharkeatsfishShark 'as long as a station wagon' grabs share of Kiwi fishermen's fish supper
date added: 2009-01-09   source:

Kiwis to offer public viewing of great white shark necropsy
date added: 2009-01-08  source:

Aussie swimmers flee as sharks come for an afternoon of fishing
date added: 2009-01-08  source:

Aussie lifesavers playing down shark fears
date added: 2009-01-08  source:

Aussie Fisheries Minister 'Disgusted' By Beach Shark Slaughter; 'Wanton waste'
date added: 2009-01-08  source:

Video: 5m great white shark stalks Aussie kayakers
date added: 2009-01-03  source:

Aussie Shark Net Proponents: Beach Swimmers Courting Death With Net Removed
date added: 2009-01-03  source:

Shark Horror Off Aussie Coast: Snorkeler Dead, Kayakers Menaced; 'The Shark Was Pretty Hungry'
date added: 2008-12-31  source:

China's Largest Shopping Sites, Alibaba And Taobao, To Ban Shark Fin Sales, Fight Illegal Wildlife Crime
date added: 2008-12-28  source:

Underwater World Singapore successfully breeds leopard sharks
date added: 2008-12-23  source:

12-foot, 653-pound hammerhead shark caught off Florida coast
date added: 2008-12-22  source:

whalesharkdiverMarkGambaWhale shark photo snags first prize in international photo contest
date added: 2008-12-19   source:

Aussie fisherman menaced by great white shark; 'had hold of the sea anchor'
date added: 2008-12-18  source:

Anderson Cooper's shark stunt journalism; 'porn for paranoiacs'
date added: 2008-12-17  source:

Catch a great white shark from the beach? Only in Australia
date added: 2008-12-17  source:

Conservation Groups Calls For Worldwide Ban On Sharkfin Soup
date added: 2008-12-16  source:

sharknet-deathShark fins for soup? Unfortunately, if you want them, they're easy to buy
date added: 2008-12-15   source:

Hooked shark turns on teen angler; not a 'normal type of shark attack'
date added: 2008-12-15  source:

Planet in Peril: Shark fin soup alters an ecosystem
date added: 2008-12-13  source:

giantmakosharknewzealand'Rare opportunity' as Kiwis offer open viewing of mako shark dissection
date added: 2008-12-13   source:
illegalsharkfinaustraliaAussie fisheries agents seize 4 tons of illegal sharks, carcasses
date added: 2008-12-12   source:

Boat That Inspired 'Jaws' To Go On The Auction Block; 'A Great Collector‚€™s Item'
date added: 2008-12-12  source:

Oregon expert tries to solve salmon shark deaths; 'All of it's probably connected'
date added: 2008-12-09  source:

Aussie aerial shark patrols cut back; swimmers 'unprotected' for first time in a decade
date added: 2008-12-08  source:

How to measure a great white shark's bite; 'It's not an incredible Pac-Man that bites everything'
date added: 2008-12-05  source:

NOAA institutes new rules to protect great white sharks from tourists
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

Group: Blue sharks facing challenges, 'extreme fishing pressures'
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

Aussies Intercept Fishing Boat With 4 Tons Of Illegal Shark Fins
date added: 2008-12-03  source:

greatwhitesharkcarolinabeachMystery as body of 13-foot great white shark discovered on Carolina beach
date added: 2008-12-01   source:
sandtigersharkgeorgiaaquariumsmNew sand tiger sharks debut at Georgia Aquarium; 'scary-looking, yet docile species'
date added: 2008-11-30   source:

Chumming for great white sharks outlawed off California coast
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

Cage diving: A day as shark bait; 'Why were we doing this?'
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

sharkfinbaliSad Shark's Tale: Shocking Images Show Scale Of Fin Trade
date added: 2008-11-20   source:
tigersharkhawaiiPhotos: Shark attacks turtle off Hawaii coast
date added: 2008-11-19   source:

Fishermen block Costa Rican port to protest new law banning shark finning
date added: 2008-11-19  source:

greatwhitesharkcageTracked From Above, Great White Sharks Are Moving In Less Mysterious Ways
date added: 2008-11-19   source:

A fishy tale: Whale shark satellite tag tracked to inland village
date added: 2008-11-17  source:

Shark kills one, 18 missing as boat swamped by high waves off Taiwan
date added: 2008-11-14  source:

Over 25% of shark and ray species in the northeast Atlantic are threatened with being wiped out
date added: 2008-11-13  source:

Monterey Bay Aquarium great white shark sheds tag prematurely, presumed alive and well
date added: 2008-11-08  source:

DNA fingerprinting method may thwart false labeling of shark meat
date added: 2008-11-07  source:

Report: Illegal Shark Fishing Compounds Global Shortfall As Asian Market Fuels Demand
date added: 2008-11-07  source:

Kiwis search for data-carrying great white shark tag
date added: 2008-11-06  source:

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