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New Zealand: Close encounter as sharks circle lensmen
date added: 2013-02-17  source:

whalesharkpicTourists’ Photos Could Help Scientists Understand Whale Sharks
date added: 2013-02-16   source:

Australia: Shark fishing changes help sea lions
date added: 2013-02-15  source:

Report: 'Human-Causative Factors' Blamed As Number Of Shark Attacks Hit 12-Yr High
date added: 2013-02-15  source:

sharkbiteteenFlorida: Teen recovering from shark bite
date added: 2013-02-14   source:

Aussie ocean swimmer: Shark sightings nothing to fear
date added: 2013-02-13  source:

Hong Kong brides say 'I don't' to shark fin soup
date added: 2013-02-11  source:

South Africa: First As Man Convicted Of Killing Great White Shark
date added: 2013-02-11  source:

Scot university to research using shark immune systems to develop drugs
date added: 2013-02-10  source:

pakistanwhaleFirst as Pakistan preserves 40-foot, 30-ton whale shark
date added: 2013-02-08   source:

Bacteria in sharks' mouths almost as scary as teeth
date added: 2013-02-07  source:

Official: Shark killing for fins still legal in Fiji
date added: 2013-02-06  source:

Tapeworm eggs discovered in 270 million year old fossil shark feces
date added: 2013-02-04  source:

greathammerheadIn Pictures: Tracking hammerheads off The Bahamas
date added: 2013-02-04   source:

Real-life 'Jaws' spotted off Hamptons; just hanging out
date added: 2013-02-04  source:

sharkman'Sharkman' Mike Rutzen badly injured in car crash
date added: 2013-02-04   source:

South Africa: Cape Town 'Read To Go' With Shark Net Protections; 'Its Always The Environment That Loses'
date added: 2013-02-04  source:

sharkfinsoupbowlDespite Strong Efforts, Shark Fin Still King In China
date added: 2013-02-02   source:

Bite Back: New Study Calls For Society To Change The Way We Refer To Shark Behavior; No 'Attacks'
date added: 2013-02-02  source:

indianwhaleImage: Greed, negligence causes death of Whale Shark near Chennai
date added: 2013-02-01   source:

Rogue 5m-long Great White Shark Attacks Boat Off Victoria's Coast; 'It Grabbed Hold Of The Motor'
date added: 2013-02-01  source:

Great white mysteries unraveled; 'What we don’t know is where the males go'
date added: 2013-01-31  source:

Caught and dragged to death: A whale shark tale
date added: 2013-01-30  source:

US Backs Adding Teeth To Global Shark Protection
date added: 2013-01-30  source:

fakesharkHow to tell if a 'shark in flooded city streets after a storm' photo is a fake in 5 easy steps
date added: 2013-01-26   source:
cookiecutterPics: Tiny cookiecutter shark not afraid to munch on great white
date added: 2013-01-25   source:
nakedenviroNaked Environmentalist Takes An Underwater Stand For Shark Awareness
date added: 2013-01-25   source:

Donsal, Philippines: Up close to whale sharks
date added: 2013-01-24  source:

Australia: Bull shark inside swimming enclosure
date added: 2013-01-24  source:

Pics: Tiny cookiecutter shark not afraid to munch on great white
date added: 2013-01-23  source:

Kiwi diver nurses smallest bite from biggest shark
date added: 2013-01-23  source:

Hawaii: Surfer Bitten By 'Monster' Tiger Shark
date added: 2013-01-22  source:

China: Guangdong to reward whistle-blowers for fake shark fin
date added: 2013-01-19  source:

shoppingcenterKiev: Protesters Rally Over Shopping Center's Suffering Shark In Small Tank
date added: 2013-01-19   source:

Philippines Governor Blasts Town's Whale Shark 'Eco-terrorism'
date added: 2013-01-19  source:

kookkreyolaAn interview with Kool Kid Kreyola of 'Me and My Shark Fin'
date added: 2013-01-18   source:

Fiji: Fish nets killed baby sharks
date added: 2013-01-18  source:

Protest over shark kept in Kiev shopping center
date added: 2013-01-17  source:

Legless soldier gets in water with great white shark
date added: 2013-01-16  source:

CCTV Report Exposes Restaurants Serving Fake, Poisonous 'Shark Fin' Soup; 'Fair World After All'
date added: 2013-01-16  source:

Did great white bite croc's head off?
date added: 2013-01-15  source:

Researchers: Unborn sharks freeze to avoid predators
date added: 2013-01-15  source:

Sea Shepherd investigation uncovers porbeagle vote rigging within CITES
date added: 2013-01-15  source:

Protection of great white sharks debated; population 'dangerously low'
date added: 2013-01-13  source:

Research: Baby sharks can sense danger, even before they’re born
date added: 2013-01-13  source:

Kiwi scientists amazed at mako shark travel pattern
date added: 2013-01-10  source:

hammerheadAussie diver describes lucky escape after shark bite
date added: 2013-01-10   source:

Scientists: 'Cape Cod great whites' show up off Florida coast
date added: 2013-01-10  source:

South Australia: Shark Sightings On Par With Previous Years But Use Of Social Media Creating Fear
date added: 2013-01-10  source:

wrongspotAussie surfer glad luck turned his way; 'wrong spot at the wrong time'
date added: 2013-01-09   source:

The ten best and worst events in shark fisheries management of 2012
date added: 2013-01-09  source:

Large tiger shark creates tense moments for divers at Tiger Beach
date added: 2013-01-08  source:

Toronto council pondering whether fighting for shark fin ban is worth it
date added: 2013-01-08  source:

Research: Donegal shark travels 3,000 miles to coast of Africa
date added: 2013-01-08  source:

baskingsharkagapeBanba The Basking Shark's Amazing 3,000-mile Journey Leaves Experts Open-mouthed
date added: 2013-01-08   source:

Backlash forces shark fin traders onto Hong Kong rooftops
date added: 2013-01-07  source:

Shark Alert! Thousands Of Swimmers Flee Water In 'Scene Straight Out Of Jaws'
date added: 2013-01-07  source:

sharkeatsharkPhoto Reveals Shark Eat Shark World
date added: 2013-01-05   source:

Australia: Shark bites board, closes beach
date added: 2013-01-04  source:

South Africa: Victim's Body Needed To Identify Shark That Attacked Him
date added: 2013-01-04  source:

Australia: Surfer Fights Shark, Loses Finger In Attack
date added: 2013-01-03  source:

13 wrong things about sharks that conservation advocates should stop saying in 2013
date added: 2013-01-02  source:

Kiwi fishermen have great white encounter while reeling in catch
date added: 2012-12-31  source:

tigersharkhawaiiScientist: What I've learned about tiger sharks in Hawaii
date added: 2012-12-29   source:
blimpfishingShark caught from blimp might have been catch of the century
date added: 2012-12-28   source:

Australia: Brit surfer fights off tiger shark with his board
date added: 2012-12-28  source:

Malaysian minister: Hard for all states to ban shark hunting
date added: 2012-12-27  source:

Shark Tank Terror! Giant Aquarium Explodes In China Sending Predators, Fish And Huge Shards Of Glass Into Crowd
date added: 2012-12-27  source:

How you can track great white sharks on your phone
date added: 2012-12-25  source:

Ban on chum recommended to prevent shark attacks in central Florida
date added: 2012-12-21  source:

Nearly 3 years after fatal shark attack, victim's mother recalls passion for wind, water
date added: 2012-12-20  source:

Jet-skis to deter sharks at Western Australia beaches; 'hopefully people will be safe this year'
date added: 2012-12-20  source:

Cook Islands' Shark Sanctuary Creates World's Largest; 'This Is Hopeful News For The World's Sharks'
date added: 2012-12-19  source:

Video shows 'prank' as surfer is pushed into the water right in front of a shark
date added: 2012-12-18  source:

sharkpondAussie town considers 'salt water ponds' to combat shark menace
date added: 2012-12-17   source:

Local researcher tracking monster great white shark
date added: 2012-12-17  source:

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