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Cape Cod: Surfers face new reality as great whites become frequent visitors
date added: 2014-10-19  source:

North Carolina: Shark feeding frenzy caught on video
date added: 2014-10-17  source:

Western Australia: Men knocked into water after shark attacks inflatable kayak
date added: 2014-10-16  source:

Authorities suspect 2 women took ancient shark tooth from North Carolina museum
date added: 2014-10-16  source:

Experts warn central Florida beachgoers of high shark activity
date added: 2014-10-14  source:

Experts: Great white sharks off Cape may be expanding turf
date added: 2014-10-14  source:

gwsteacherEpic great white shark image captured by school teacher
date added: 2014-10-14   source:
babygwsBaby great white shark amazes beachgoers in Monterey
date added: 2014-10-14   source:

Katharine The Great White Shark Signals From Inside Cape Cod Bay
date added: 2014-10-14  source:

Florida: Woman bitten twice by shark off coast of Cape Canaveral
date added: 2014-10-13  source:

Frenzy: Central Coast beaches closed after multiple shark attacks
date added: 2014-10-12  source:

Brit surfer describes Kiwi shark attack ordeal
date added: 2014-10-11  source:

Australia: Response to the latest shark bite is fueled by myth and retribution
date added: 2014-10-10  source:

Australia: More sharks spotted at beach after surfer attacked
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Surfer attacked by shark at Vandenberg Air Force Base; third October attack since 2010
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Shark victim tells of 'feeding frenzy' as Western Australia cull resumes
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

It's safe to go back in the water! Sharkstopper device scares predators by making noises like a killer whale
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

Scientists explore underwater world in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; 'Undescribed species of algae, undescribed species of fishes, sponges
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

sharkwarGreat white shark plays tug of war with South African fishermen
date added: 2014-10-07   source:

Father, son team creates shark-repellent device
date added: 2014-10-06  source:

Record-breaking mako shark catch draws controversy
date added: 2014-10-06  source:

Shark Tagging Success For Aussie Scientists; 'Gold is going to come from the data'
date added: 2014-10-02  source:

Hawaii: Man who sparked outrage after catching tiger shark is arrested for theft
date added: 2014-09-30  source:

jonlauSwimming with sharks just part of research for Deakin University's Jon Lau
date added: 2014-09-30   source:
sixgillsharkCanada: Rare Sixgill sharks spotted off West Van in Howe Sound
date added: 2014-09-29   source:
sharkcanibalsWhy do shark embryos eat each other in the womb?
date added: 2014-09-29   source:

Man Versus Sea: South Africa’s Shark Spotters; 'They come to these beaches to feed'
date added: 2014-09-29  source:

Bull shark tore Aussie Lake fishermen's sea anchor 'to shreds'
date added: 2014-09-26  source:

Florida: Shark bites surfer off New Smyrna Beach
date added: 2014-09-25  source:

sharkeggPaleontologists find 310-million-year-old shark egg case
date added: 2014-09-25   source:

Fisherman films 14ft shark swimming alongside his boat sparking claims man-eater has reached Britain
date added: 2014-09-21  source:

Watch moment fisherman spots huge 'great white shark' lurking off Cornish coast
date added: 2014-09-21  source:

UN ban on shark and manta ray trade comes into force
date added: 2014-09-18  source:

bullsharkohioBull shark found In Ohio river; 'there are others'
date added: 2014-09-17   source:

Shark cull rejected by Western Australia Environmental Protection Authority
date added: 2014-09-16  source:

Scientists report world's first shark-eating semiaquatic dinosaur; 'like studying an alien from outer space'
date added: 2014-09-16  source:

Aussie shark attack rekindles memories for 1979 rescuer
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

Shark Population Expected to Nosedive in 2100; 'Ocean acidification also directly affects shark fitness and survival'
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

Australia: Shark attack claims life of lone surfer On East Coast; 'Very Serious Bite To His Leg'
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

Aussie tourists in state of shock after shark attack
date added: 2014-09-14  source:

Aussie Navy diver who came within a ‘whisker’ of death describes 2009 shark attack
date added: 2014-09-14  source:

Rising CO2 levels in ocean block sharks’ ability to smell prey
date added: 2014-09-13  source:

WWF uses Pacific 'shark gods' to raise awareness
date added: 2014-09-12  source:

Researchers explain shark's behavior in Alabama shark bite incident; 'he can't see what he's actually biting'
date added: 2014-09-12  source:

Cull or conserve: South Australia bill seeks to roll back protected areas
date added: 2014-09-11  source:

Indiana man attacks 'Shark Hunters' on NBC Sports; 'I actually thought it was a joke'
date added: 2014-09-11  source:

Study: Sharks nine times more likely to kill men than women
date added: 2014-09-11  source:

Great white shark attack petrifies Massachusetts kayakers; 'Big teeth, big eyes'
date added: 2014-09-10  source:

swedishkayakerSwedish kayaker sets fishing record with 1,247-pound shark
date added: 2014-09-09   source:
gwscatchCalifornia: Great white shark reeled in, released in Manhattan Beach
date added: 2014-09-09   source:

Sharks aren't always the top of the food chain
date added: 2014-09-09  source:

13-yr-old Florida shark attack victim recalls ordeal: 'I didn’t know it was a shark'
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

40 years later 'Jaws' still alive on Martha's Vineyard
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

Is there a whale shark hanging out in a garage near Dallas?
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

Florida: Fisherman bitten twice trying to release shark in Martin County
date added: 2014-09-07  source:

Shark bite capital of the world: 13-year-old girl bitten by shark in Florida's Volusia County
date added: 2014-09-05  source:

Aussie Scientist: Humpback Whale Population Rebound May Be Liked To Increase In Shark Attacks; Fear 'Out Of All Proportion' To Risk
date added: 2014-09-05  source:

Shark Week 2014 wrap-up: Documentary reviews, tweets, and media coverage
date added: 2014-09-04  source:

Whale sharks found off Gujarat coast no expats, they are Indian
date added: 2014-09-04  source:

bravediversharkA brush with danger: Brave diver cleans fish tank with ten sharks for company
date added: 2014-09-03   source:

Why is a shark tracker pinging 300 miles inland?
date added: 2014-09-03  source:

Do The Right Thing: Shark expert Valerie Taylor visits South Australia to campaign against changes to marine parks law
date added: 2014-09-02  source:

sharkdrawingVintage Shark Illustrations Are Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous
date added: 2014-09-01   source:

Great white shark Katharine tracked heading toward Charleston coast
date added: 2014-08-29  source:

Aussie Outrage At Shark Slaughter By Fishermen; 'It’s ignorance or they just don’t care'
date added: 2014-08-29  source:

A great white shark menaced the Massachusetts shoreline, prompting ‘Jaws’ jokes at the beach
date added: 2014-08-28  source:

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