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Giant mako shark caught off Orange County not pregnant, but full of seawater and 'marine mammal'
date added: 2013-06-13  source:

Britain's Tides Could Become An Energy Goldmine
date added: 2013-06-13  source:

Where to Swim (Safely) With Sharks
date added: 2013-06-11  source:

Lemon shark bites man in Florida Keys
date added: 2013-06-10  source:

sharktrailerGroup protests as 'record-breaking' shark caught; 'spilling their blood and guts'
date added: 2013-06-10   source:
monstermakoFisherman Catch 'World-record' Deadly Shark They Describe As '1323lbs Of Nightmare'
date added: 2013-06-10   source:

Video: Giant hooked tarpon ripped to shreds by bull sharks
date added: 2013-06-07  source:

More calls to end shark finning in Tonga
date added: 2013-06-06  source:

Colossal mako shark's death not something to cheer about
date added: 2013-06-06  source:

Kauai shark attack survivor continues to inspire others
date added: 2013-06-06  source:

Researchers: Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead; Ecotourism Netting Over $314 Million Annually
date added: 2013-06-06  source:

New Jersey shark tournament purse could go as high as $300,000
date added: 2013-06-02  source:

baskingsharkagapeBasking sharks steer clear of Scotland's cold spring waters
date added: 2013-05-31   source:

Model Exposes Cosmetics Industry's Cruel Use Of Shark Liver Oil
date added: 2013-05-31  source:

footbiteShark bit boy recounts incident to TV reporter; 'I thought I was going to die'
date added: 2013-05-30   source:

Are there too few great white sharks off California? 'the scientific community is polarized on this issue'
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

Shark Attacks Fisherman Off Gaza Coast
date added: 2013-05-30  source:

cookiecuttersharkCookiecutter: The Most Terrifying Description Of Ocean Swimming I've Ever Read
date added: 2013-05-30   source:

Researchers: Shark barrier on test trial off South Africa coast
date added: 2013-05-29  source:

Air New Zealand rethinks stance on shark fin exports
date added: 2013-05-28  source:

bullsharkFearless Diver Pictured Feeding Fish To World's Most Dangerous Shark
date added: 2013-05-28   source:

Enforcement vital to protect sharks in UAE waters
date added: 2013-05-24  source:

Diver gets rare whale shark sighting off Florida coast; 'It felt like I was dreaming, not real'
date added: 2013-05-24  source:

Boaters, swimmers warned as great white shark return to Cape Cod in larger numbers
date added: 2013-05-24  source:

Divers brush with a giant tiger shark during feeding frenzy
date added: 2013-05-23  source:

sharkwrestleVideo: Florida Lifeguard Wrestles Shark Back Into The Water
date added: 2013-05-23   source:

Is great white shark Mary Lee planning a return to Jacksonville?
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

Fiji’s Air Pacific Investigates Claims It Carries Shark Fins Into Hong Kong
date added: 2013-05-22  source:

New Zealand: Rare shark discovery the second in a week
date added: 2013-05-21  source:

sharkdiversaPictures: Shark feeding frenzy in South Africa
date added: 2013-05-20   source:
oceanicvwhitetipRare sight as pregnant oceanic whitetip shark found on Kiwi beach
date added: 2013-05-16   source:

Dead surfer on San Diego beach found with shark bites
date added: 2013-05-14  source:

Tribute paid to surfer killed by shark on Reunion Island
date added: 2013-05-13  source:

fatalattackFrench Man Killed By Shark While On Honeymoon Off Reunion Island
date added: 2013-05-13   source:

City committee floats delay in proposed Calgary shark fin ban; 'It's not something that's enforceable'
date added: 2013-05-11  source:

India: 'Very rare' whale shark pup rescued off Gujarat coast
date added: 2013-05-10  source:

floridagwsGreat white shark spotted off Florida Keys; 'We had baits in the water'
date added: 2013-05-10   source:

Newly discovered 'bubble shark' part of Philippines' rich, threatened biodiversity
date added: 2013-05-08  source:

U.S. Government: Shark Fin Bans 'Significantly Undermine Conservation And Management Of Federal Shark Fisheries'
date added: 2013-05-08  source:

sharkBitefootA shark bit off Bretton Jones' foot... but it didn't stop him swimming
date added: 2013-05-07   source:
surfsharkWill nets halt South Africa's shark attacks?
date added: 2013-05-07   source:
hammerheadshark10 reasons why great and scalloped hammerhead sharks deserve endangered species protection
date added: 2013-05-06   source:

Hawaii: Boat captain fined $4,000 for negligent homicide plea in diver's death
date added: 2013-05-06  source:

Unborn sand tiger sharks cannibalize one another to become sole survivor
date added: 2013-05-05  source:

Canada: City set to repeal shark fin ban bylaw
date added: 2013-05-04  source:

Slash hits out against shark culling, says 'it ain't cool' to kill sea creatures
date added: 2013-05-03  source:

Sneaky whale shark caught trying to take a bite out of fisherman's bulging net
date added: 2013-05-03  source:

Dead 28-foot shark washes to shore on a Rhode Island beach
date added: 2013-05-02  source:

Great hammerhead shark may get more protection
date added: 2013-05-01  source:

Jaws versus bare hands -- a fish tale like no other as guys grab shark by the tail
date added: 2013-04-30  source:

yamingChina changes its tune on sharks; 'giving face'
date added: 2013-04-30   source:

Costa Rican Coast Guard nabs shark-finning boat
date added: 2013-04-29  source:

Facebook Feeding Frenzy Over 'Pathetic' Shark Story
date added: 2013-04-29  source:

handreelAussie Boy, 12, Lands 1.5m Bull Shark With Hand Reel
date added: 2013-04-28   source:

Kiwi scientists mark shark's record dive into the blue
date added: 2013-04-27  source:

Experts: Multiple Gray Nurse Shark Bites On Aussie Fisherman Likely Accidental; 'They're Fish Eaters'
date added: 2013-04-27  source:

Aussie Man Has Legs Bitten By Shark After Trying To Free It From Net
date added: 2013-04-25  source:

Boy recovering after suspected shark bite in water off Florida coast; 'He's extremely lucky'
date added: 2013-04-24  source:

Study: White sharks in Hawaiian waters migrate from eastern Pacific
date added: 2013-04-23  source:

Fatal shore: Why so many shark attacks in Western Australia?
date added: 2013-04-22  source:

Fishing boat banned from Marshalls waters for violating shark finning ban
date added: 2013-04-22  source:

Environmental group calls for Nicaragua to ban shark fishing
date added: 2013-04-22  source:

South Africa: Tourist 'Scratched' By Shark During Dive; Incident 'Blown Out Of Proportion'
date added: 2013-04-20  source:

'Shark bite capital of the world' records first bite of the year
date added: 2013-04-17  source:

twoheadedsharkPictures Of Another Two Headed Shark Surfaces
date added: 2013-04-16   source:

Monster shark tourney may go to new locale
date added: 2013-04-15  source:

Study: Great white sharks gorge on dead whale blubber
date added: 2013-04-15  source:

kayaksharkKayak angler videotapes shark breaching in attack on his catch
date added: 2013-04-15   source:

Surprise catch: Huge great white shark caught, released off Florida beach
date added: 2013-04-14  source:

South Africa: 'Curtain' shark nets go up and down daily
date added: 2013-04-13  source:

Florida: 50-yr-old bitten by shark
date added: 2013-04-11  source:

Monster Shark Tourney Head Agrees To Tone Down Rhetoric; 'Interacting With The Protestors Doesn't Make Sense'
date added: 2013-04-10  source:

Surfer's boardcam may have recorded shark attack
date added: 2013-04-08  source:

Shark Wrangler Reveals Travels, Travails Of Pregnant Great White Shark
date added: 2013-04-08  source:

Shark Dive Operator Adjusting To An 'Invisible' Shark Cage Wall; 'A Pretty Uneasy Feeling'
date added: 2013-04-07  source:

15 important shark conservation and management terms explained with memes
date added: 2013-04-06  source:

nicolemooreHow a Canadian shark attack survivor became a savior of the carnivorous fish
date added: 2013-04-04   source:
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