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Australia: Missing diver’s body found with 'shark bites' south of Perth
date added: 2014-04-04  source:

Can science stop sharks attacking humans?
date added: 2014-04-03  source:

Fear of sharks is worse than their bite - so why are we scared to get back in the water?
date added: 2014-04-03  source:

Chinese basketball star Yao Ming faced backlash over shark fin effort
date added: 2014-04-02  source:

Expert: Killer shark 'inexplicably aggressive'
date added: 2014-04-01  source:

British surfer leaps into shark-infested waters to save two drowning men
date added: 2014-04-01  source:

South Africa Port St Johns' bloody 'Jaws' death toll
date added: 2014-03-31  source:

Florida: Shark leaves 9-year-old North Palm Beach surfer with 80 stitches; 'They recover fast'
date added: 2014-03-31  source:

Kiwi expert: Why we should love ocean killer
date added: 2014-03-31  source:

No, harassing a shark for fun is not ethically equivalent to scientific research that helps conserve a species
date added: 2014-03-30  source:

Kayaker films his incredible 'South Florida sleigh ride' after he hooked a hammerhead shark that pulled him miles out to sea at 30mph
date added: 2014-03-30  source:

No discrimination: California shark fin ban upheld by federal judge
date added: 2014-03-28  source:

hammerheadbeachFlorida angler lands 14-foot hammerhead shark from beach
date added: 2014-03-28   source:
costaricacoastguardCosta Rican Coast Guard arrests boat captain for alleged shark finning
date added: 2014-03-27   source:

South Africa: Fatal shark attack at Port St Johns; 'It's Horrible'
date added: 2014-03-27  source:

surferbieFlorida kite surfer bit by shark off Delray Beach
date added: 2014-03-26   source:

Florida dive boat operators face charges of illegally feeding sharks in state waters; 'a public safety issue'
date added: 2014-03-26  source:

Could a shark-finning trial restore loophole in Costa Rica law?
date added: 2014-03-25  source:

fishschoolWhat happens when four sharks meet a giant school of fish
date added: 2014-03-24   source:

Australia: 'Shark' attack may have been mackerel
date added: 2014-03-22  source:

The science of shark control (and what it means for the Western Australia cull)
date added: 2014-03-21  source:

Aussie researcher: Despite recent deaths, attacks, encounters, shark fears 'irrational and unfounded'
date added: 2014-03-19  source:

sharkfollowVideo: This is what a shark attack looks like
date added: 2014-03-19   source:

Great white shark turns tail and heads towards Greenland
date added: 2014-03-18  source:

phuketsharkShark killed off Phuket Beach raises online ire
date added: 2014-03-18   source:

Greens: Western Australian government did not seek advice from EPA over shark cull
date added: 2014-03-18  source:

Man Versus Shark: Fisherman To Hunt Massive Man-eating Shark Heading For UK
date added: 2014-03-18  source:

ivfshark'Big leap' as Australia hatches first IVF shark
date added: 2014-03-18   source:

'More of a nibble than an attack': Aussie surfer in close shave with shark
date added: 2014-03-17  source:

Great White Shark 'Lydia' Veers Away From U.K., May Be Pregnant
date added: 2014-03-17  source:

Florida Bites Back: Restaurant to Serve Shark to Commemorate Attack
date added: 2014-03-17  source:

Pupils retrieve £3,000 shark tag in beach clean-up
date added: 2014-03-16  source:

Great white shark edges closer to Britain: Tagged fish becomes first to cross the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - and is now just 780 miles away
date added: 2014-03-15  source:

Welshman who wrestled a shark to save children on an Australian beach wins compensation for being sacked
date added: 2014-03-14  source:

Great white shark spotted just 1,000 miles off the Cornish coast - and it could arrive in 3 days
date added: 2014-03-11  source:

missnebraskaMiss Nebraska dissects a shark to promote science education
date added: 2014-03-11   source:

Great white shark makes history in epic cross-Atlantic trek
date added: 2014-03-10  source:

Sea Shepherd Australia denied injunction for sharks of WA
date added: 2014-03-09  source:

Shark riders pose threat to conservation gains made with diving ecotourism
date added: 2014-03-06  source:

Will shark attacks take a bite out of Hawaii tourism? 'People are scared of snorkeling right now'
date added: 2014-03-05  source:

A 'shark's eye' view: Scientists strap 'flight data recorders' on sharks, get interesting results
date added: 2014-03-04  source:

New Zealand: Permits to be required for shark cage tourism
date added: 2014-03-02  source:

greatWhiteriderAstonishing Images Of A Diver Swimming On Top Of Great White Sharks
date added: 2014-03-02   source:

Could sharks hold key to hurricane forecasts? tags 'provide a profile of the ocean's heat structure'
date added: 2014-02-27  source:

Kiwi surfer bears no grudge against shark
date added: 2014-02-26  source:

fakesharkmegDid Discovery Channel fake the image in its giant shark documentary?
date added: 2014-02-26   source:
rivermonstersjeremywadeRiver Monsters host Jeremy Wade attacks WA Government's shark-kill
date added: 2014-02-25   source:
sharkfinbowlHilton Worldwide to ban shark fin in all properties
date added: 2014-02-24   source:

Has Queensland really saved lives by killing thousands of sharks?
date added: 2014-02-24  source:

Philippines: Whale sharks back in Quezon waters after 20 years
date added: 2014-02-24  source:

sharktoothrudderRacing yacht's rudder bitten by shark; 'This has definitely been a first'
date added: 2014-02-20   source:

Arab nations unite to protect migratory shark species
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Report: Florida led world with 23 shark attacks in 2013; U.S. had 47 of world's 72 attacks
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Western Australian government confirms 17 tiger sharks killed, but no man-killing great whites
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Aussie Shark Cull Called Futile As Attacks Fall To 5 Year Low; 'Revenge Killings'
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Over 2,000 pounds of shark fin seized from San Francisco fish vendor
date added: 2014-02-17  source:

hugehammerheadFlorida: Huge hammerhead shark caught from the beach in Palm Beach County
date added: 2014-02-17   source:

India: 12 sharks brought for Surat aquarium die within an hour
date added: 2014-02-14  source:

Shark cull: Aussie government in 'clear breach' of international obligations
date added: 2014-02-14  source:

Shark signs posted in Waikiki after tiger shark takes diver's catch
date added: 2014-02-12  source:

Man, 28, killed by great white shark during fishing trip with friends off Australia's south coast
date added: 2014-02-12  source:

Underwater sound and lights show considered to repel sharks
date added: 2014-02-11  source:

Kiwi surfer in serious condition after mauling by shark; 'I could see a cut in his wetsuit'
date added: 2014-02-11  source:

3dsharkNo bones about it: 3D shark images
date added: 2014-02-11   source:

Western Australia shark activist's boat impounded
date added: 2014-02-10  source:

Shark's 'man-eater' image undergoes makeover; 'beautiful creatures
date added: 2014-02-10  source:

Killers on the loose: how Australia ignores science to cull vulnerable
date added: 2014-02-10  source:

Australia: Big shark 'Thrashed around' before being killed off Dunsborough; 'Distressing'
date added: 2014-02-10  source:

Shark eggs rescued from fish market grow Into pups
date added: 2014-02-08  source:

Great white shark 'Katharine' photographed off Florida coast
date added: 2014-02-07  source:

Look beyond Shark Week to find the ocean’s most fascinating life
date added: 2014-02-07  source:

sevengillsharkKiwi trio hook seven-foot sevengill shark; 'It was pretty buzzy'
date added: 2014-02-06   source:
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