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Sea Shepherd shadows Aussie shark drum lines
date added: 2016-06-09  source:

New 'Shark Shield' device promises to keep sharks at bay
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

Expert: Expect fewer shark attacks worldwide this year
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

decapitatedsharkMiami man arrested after shark decapitated
date added: 2016-06-08   source:

Scientists Discover a Likely Hammerhead Shark Nursery in Fiji’s Rewa River
date added: 2016-06-08  source:

Kitesurfer gets heel bitten off by shark off New Caledonia
date added: 2016-06-07  source:

Off-duty paramedic saves the life of surfer, 29, after he was savaged by a huge shark at a popular Western Australian beach
date added: 2016-06-07  source:

Underwater video shows off-duty lifeguard rescuing shark trapped by fishing line
date added: 2016-06-06  source:

WATCH: Shark returns to wild after illegal capture, rescue
date added: 2016-06-06  source:

Surfer seriously injured in shark attack south of Perth
date added: 2016-06-06  source:

Swimmers flee in terror after 18ft basking shark swims towards them off a Cornish beach
date added: 2016-06-05  source:

Shark attack feared in Southern California woman's injury
date added: 2016-06-05  source:

Florida: Boy bitten by shark in 2 feet of water
date added: 2016-06-03  source:

tigersharkcatchFisherman catches a surprise: The same tiger shark he caught last year
date added: 2016-06-03   source:

Uh Oh: Once dismissed, shark attacks may hit new record in 2016
date added: 2016-06-03  source:

sharksurfercornwallIt's behind you! Terrifying giant shark swims up to Cornwall surfer
date added: 2016-06-01   source:

Banned From Some Indonesian Waters, Shark Fishers Simply Move Elsewhere
date added: 2016-06-01  source:

Save the sharks: Guy Harvey complete mural at SeaWorld
date added: 2016-05-31  source:

Texas man scuffles with shark while kayak fishing
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

Incredible moment a hungry shark hunts down a giant croc to battle over a turtle they both want for their dinner
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

Researchers working on first-of-its kind shark cam
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

Great white shark Katharine back in Florida waters
date added: 2016-05-30  source:

dolphinsdroneWatch: Shark-detecting drone above Australian beach detects... dolphins
date added: 2016-05-29   source:

Marine flaura expert says 'shark sightings' in Sydney lake were likely just dolphins
date added: 2016-05-29  source:

Giant whale shark spotted inside Cabo San Lucas marina; 'a first-time event'
date added: 2016-05-28  source:

Incredible drone footage as 70 huge tiger sharks tear apart a dead whale in crystal clear water off the Australian coast
date added: 2016-05-28  source:

Video: Amazing footage of world's second-largest fish filmed off Irish coast
date added: 2016-05-26  source:

ghostsharkDeep sea explorers spot 'ghost shark'
date added: 2016-05-26   source:

Great white sharks gather in rare appearance off beach in Monterey Bay
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

Hawaii shark study aims to understand why they bite
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

Man calmly reacts to shark swimming underneath kayak
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

entangledsharksHawaii: Shark tangled in fishing line saved by beachgoers
date added: 2016-05-25   source:

Diver swims close enough to school of huge tiger sharks to hand feed them and stroke their heads
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

Discovery’s 'Shark Week' returns for 28th season; 'Augmented reality experience' With Sharks Promised
date added: 2016-05-25  source:

VIDEO: 'Monster' 450lb shark reeled in by Bristol fishermen less than a mile from UK coastline
date added: 2016-05-24  source:

Swimmers rescue tiger shark off the shore of Oahu, Hawaii
date added: 2016-05-24  source:

Real life great white shark horror of diver who filmed most terrifying scene in Jaws
date added: 2016-05-23  source:

Great white shark appears to go after diver in alarming video
date added: 2016-05-23  source:

The jelly inside a shark's nose is more electrically sensitive than any man made material on Earth
date added: 2016-05-23  source:

Pacific angel shark documented for first time in B.C. waters
date added: 2016-05-19  source:

deadsharkheadCalifornia: Decapitated shark carcass sparks outrage, investigation
date added: 2016-05-19   source:
deadmakoFlorida man finds 11-foot-shark at beach, takes a picture
date added: 2016-05-18   source:

This Photographer Shoots Sharks to Save Them Read
date added: 2016-05-18  source:

Watch: Shark torn apart by bigger predators in unbelievable drone video
date added: 2016-05-17  source:

Florida: Woman who caught shark that died speaks out; 'she swam off'
date added: 2016-05-17  source:

sharkgirlGold Coast shark activist reveals stunning images from recent trip to the Bahamas
date added: 2016-05-13   source:

Here’s what happened to the fishing boat used in 'Jaws'
date added: 2016-05-13  source:

whalesharkchinaGentle giant attacked: Rare whale shark hunted, strung up in China
date added: 2016-05-13   source:

There she goes: Great white shark Mary Lee heading back to Jersey Shore
date added: 2016-05-12  source:

sharklegsurferSurfer insurance against shark attacks an industry first; 'Peace of Mind'
date added: 2016-05-09   source:
friendlylemonWatch: Playful lemon shark gets some love from scuba diver
date added: 2016-05-08   source:
sharklegsurferHow I survived losing my leg to a 13-foot tiger shark
date added: 2016-05-08   source:

Shark policy expert skeptical about deterrent cable for Perth beaches
date added: 2016-05-08  source:

Australia: Tiger sharks make a meal of dugong off Scarborough
date added: 2016-05-07  source:

Kiwi fisherman in hospital after shark bite; 'The guy thought it was dead'
date added: 2016-05-07  source:

sa-sharkGreat white shark repeatedly attacks diving cage in South Africa
date added: 2016-05-05   source:

For every Hong Kong wedding, 30 sharks have to die - video’s shock message
date added: 2016-05-05  source:

Mako Coaster: Guy Harvey and SeaWorld Announce Partnership On Shark-themed Infotainment
date added: 2016-05-05  source:

ropetailRoped shark a sad but common tale
date added: 2016-05-05   source:

'His whole elbow had gone into the shark's mouth': Witness describes horrific shark attack in Bali as American surfer fights for life
date added: 2016-05-03  source:

Expert expects more sharks off Northeast Florida beaches this summer; death 'rare'
date added: 2016-05-01  source:

biolumshark'Shark-eye' cam captures biofluorescence of catsharks
date added: 2016-05-01   source:

Florida teen surfer bitten twice by shark at New Smyrna Beach speaks out; 'I was freaking out'
date added: 2016-04-30  source:

Surfer films video of great white breaching in Southern California; 'Maybe we’ll go somewhere else'
date added: 2016-04-28  source:

Terrible moment great white shark launches attack on helpless baby seal
date added: 2016-04-25  source:

cookiecutterMysterious deep-sea sharks biting chunks out of migrating whales
date added: 2016-04-25   source:

Video: Great white shark spotted in the Florida Keys
date added: 2016-04-21  source:

kauisharkKauai shark survivor surfs with prosthetic leg
date added: 2016-04-21   source:
sharkcatchShark grabs fish from hook of US fishermen
date added: 2016-04-20   source:

Florida: Bull shark bites diver 2 miles offshore
date added: 2016-04-18  source:

Giant great white shark Mary Lee again off coast of Virginia
date added: 2016-04-17  source:

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