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Rod Moore walks across the bottom of Sydney Harbour in six-hour trek; 'It was like mountain climbing at times'
date added: 2018-02-05  source:

New round of excavation to begin at southwest China underwater treasure site
date added: 2018-02-02  source:

Aussie volunteers help kill 'record' 47,000 crown of thorns
date added: 2018-02-02  source:

The Little Mermaid: How one Egyptian girl became an underwater welder; 'I've always been drawn to the sea'
date added: 2018-01-30  source:

Aquamen: Meet the orthopedic surgeon who moonlights as an underwater photographer
date added: 2018-01-30  source:

US actor Will Smith goes scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef during Aussie holiday
date added: 2018-01-25  source:

Florida: Missing cave diver in Marion County found dead
date added: 2018-01-23  source:

Divers planning to rescue humpback whale trapped in fishing gear off Dorset coast
date added: 2018-01-23  source:

Cairns divers head south to control Crown-of-Thorns starfish outbreak on southern reef
date added: 2018-01-17  source:

Scientist at work: I've dived in hundreds of underwater caves hunting for new forms of life
date added: 2018-01-17  source:

Mexico: Cruise passengers 'shocked' as dive boat fills with water, sinks
date added: 2018-01-17  source:

'Safety gear is a must' diver tells after fateful rescue from sinking boat
date added: 2018-01-13  source:

Diver discovers Royal Navy submarine graveyard off Tabarka, Tunisia
date added: 2018-01-13  source:

lostringfound'Needle in haystack': Scuba divers find tourist's lost ring
date added: 2018-01-13   source:
spookyunderwaterSpooky underwater photos show the hidden shipwrecks off Devon's coast
date added: 2018-01-13   source:

Select finds from Antikythera shipwreck on display in Piraeus
date added: 2018-01-10  source:

Gone: Search suspended for missing central Florida cave diver
date added: 2018-01-07  source:

siberiandiversSiberian divers stage underwater party ahead of New Year's
date added: 2018-01-07   source:

Scuba instructor and former student marry underwater in Florida
date added: 2018-01-04  source:

weddinguwWedding goals: Couple ties knot underwater where they met four years ago
date added: 2017-12-30   source:
saturationdiverDeep-sea divers injured off Western Australia coast in high pressure incident
date added: 2017-12-30   source:

New Zealand: Stingray attack on Wairarapa's east coast, man airlifted to Wellington Hospital
date added: 2017-12-22  source:

Antique lemonade bottle eludes Aussie police divers; 'Worth to be about $800'
date added: 2017-12-22  source:

Kiwi mate tells of helping diver after deep stingray wound; 'We saw him staggering'
date added: 2017-12-22  source:

samermaidSouth African free dive champ Beth Neale a real mermaid
date added: 2017-12-22   source:
greekwreckdiverGreece: Norwegian divers discover Roman-era shipwrecks off Naxos island
date added: 2017-12-22   source:
phuketdiverThailand: Phuket divers blasted for coral damage
date added: 2017-12-17   source:

Philippines: 'Dive heroes' undertake Subic Bay cleanup
date added: 2017-12-14  source:

donkeyScuba diver discovers bizarre donkey statue in Red Sea
date added: 2017-12-12   source:

Divers attempt to rescue humpback whale caught in fishing net off the coast of Oman
date added: 2017-12-12  source:

'I'm now scuba certified': Sigourney Weaver, 68, preps for underwater motion capture role in Avatar 2
date added: 2017-12-12  source:

'Perfect storm' mystery deepens: Divers searching the hulk of trawler that sank in brutal seas find no sign of the bodies of four fishermen who went down with the ship
date added: 2017-12-09  source:

'Beyond my wildest dreams' - Diver visits sunken ship his grandfather served on during World War One
date added: 2017-12-06  source:

recorddiversAustralia: Scuba diving world record attempt on Mornington Peninsula
date added: 2017-12-04   source:

Divers find methane-eating organisms deep in flooded cave
date added: 2017-12-04  source:

lebanesediverClean-up dives, recycling: Lebanese respond to garbage crisis
date added: 2017-12-01   source:

How to experience cage diving with great white sharks off San Diego coast
date added: 2017-11-29  source:

In polar photography, a battle with fear and cold
date added: 2017-11-29  source:

Florida scuba diver finds barnacle-covered camera at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2017-11-29  source:

alexandriafindEgypt: Roman Shipwreck, Royal Discoveries Uncovered Underwater Near Alexandria
date added: 2017-11-29   source:
uwweddingEver wanted to get married underwater? Now you can
date added: 2017-11-27   source:

Body of missing scuba diver from New Jersey found 171 feet underwater in Old New York iron mine
date added: 2017-11-27  source:

uwweldingEver Wonder How Underwater Welding Is Possible? We Did Too
date added: 2017-11-27   source:

Arkansas woman works to set scuba gear world record
date added: 2017-11-24  source:

Video: Divers freeing whale sharks from fishing nets is the most beautiful thing you will see all day
date added: 2017-11-21  source:

cannonballSan Francisco shipwreck: Divers find 'cannonball clue'
date added: 2017-11-21   source:

Open Water: Two Aussie divers 'lucky to be alive' after search
date added: 2017-11-21  source:

usubBelgian divers identify sunken German WWI U-boat
date added: 2017-11-19   source:

Divers find long-forgotten shipwreck off Maine, New Hampshire coast
date added: 2017-11-19  source:

Diving Archaeologists Find Unique Lion Helmet From Punic Wars 2,300 Years Ago
date added: 2017-11-11  source:

franklinwreckParks Canada releases new images of 2017 Franklin dives in Nunavut
date added: 2017-11-06   source:

450 meters: Russia's Pacific Fleet frogmen brace for new record dives
date added: 2017-11-04  source:

A find across time: Diver uncovers long-lost Native American petroglyphs
date added: 2017-11-02  source:

Australia: Surfer bitten by shark at NSW beach
date added: 2017-11-02  source:

diverartArt of a diver: Photographer captures amusing underwater scenes, in pictures
date added: 2017-10-31   source:

No time to breathe? Then free diving might be just for you
date added: 2017-10-29  source:

Diver reflects on experiences in Niagara River
date added: 2017-10-26  source:

Diver dies after Scapa Flow accident; second fatality in less than two weeks
date added: 2017-10-22  source:

Buffalo Police confirm they have found body of missing police diver
date added: 2017-10-22  source:

Buffalo police diver disappears during training exercise in Niagara River
date added: 2017-10-19  source:

buffalodiveBuffalo's underwater recovery team: What does it do?
date added: 2017-10-19   source:

Borneo: Underwater cleanup collects 34 kgs of 'ghost nets'
date added: 2017-10-15  source:

Man dies at same dive centre where Devon woman died in 2014
date added: 2017-10-15  source:

Danish divers find severed head, other body parts of Swedish journalist Kim Wall
date added: 2017-10-13  source:

Baby Diver: Proposal to allow 10-year-olds to learn to scuba dive in Queensland
date added: 2017-10-13  source:

foundringLost your ring? Maine diver found it in Saco River
date added: 2017-10-11   source:
divewatchDoes Anyone Actually Go Diving With a Dive Watch?
date added: 2017-10-09   source:

Discover New Jersey: Divers look to ID shipwreck off Jersey Shore
date added: 2017-10-07  source:

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